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Comedian reacts to TWITTER backlash for his epic Tweet on the Garland, Texas Muslim terrorist attack

By Bi: Just hours after the Islamic terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, left two Muslim jihadists dead, a conservative comedian, Evan Sayet, absolutely nailed it with this joke on twitter: My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front. — Evan Sayet (@EvanSayet) May 4, 2015 But leftist […]

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SHARIA-COMPLIANT British Labour party separates men and women at election meeting in Birmingham

By BI: Labour faces a sexism row after it defended the decision to segregate Muslim men and women at a party rally at an Islamic centre. Senior Labour party figures spoke at the event, even though men and women had to sit on opposite sides of the room. UK Daily Mail  Critics called the decision ‘sickening’ and claimed […]

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Muslim Nations Will Always Try To Ruin Christian Nations But Christendom Has God On Their Side And Will Always Win In The End

By Walid Shoebat Muslim Turkey always meddles with Christian Armenia and Christian Greece. When it comes to Armenia’s nuclear energy, Erdogan’s Islamist government has suddenly turned western liberal, objecting that Armenia’s advance into  nuclear energy is ‘bad for the environment’. When Turkey says it has a “zero conflict policy,” in reality, this means, zero conflict with […]

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Antichrist Turkey Advancing Its Laser Guided Weapons In Preparation For Armageddon And A War With The West

By Walid Shoebat If science fiction uses laser beams, handheld ray guns and spaceship-mounted turbo-lasers, such futuristic weapon of choice is not only going to be definite but blasts of energy from laser weapons has become a reality. And these days the Antichrist of Turkey has set in motion plans to get the ball rolling: Turkey wants to go laser. […]

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China Declares War On Islam: Prayer In Mosques Is Outlawed And All Muslim Shopkeepers Must Sell Alcohol Or Face Prosecution

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat Before a Muslim community gets into Jihad mode, the first thing they do is call on all Muslims to repent from alcohol, pork and tobacco. It is this spark which begins the process rolling, as small groups of Muslims begin to push that agenda on Muslim communities by using peer-pressure. When this happens, […]

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Muslim Teenager Declares That Islam Is A False Religion And That Christ Is The Only Way To Obtain Salvation, His Father Throws Him Out Of The House And Says, ‘If You Wish To Live, Renounce Christ,’ But The Christian Says: “There Is No Turning Back.”

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim teenager in Sudan has declared that Islam is a false religion and that Christ is the only way to obtain salvation, by rejecting Islam and accepting Christ as his Lord and Saviour. His father threw him out of the house and told him that if he wanted to spare his […]

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ISIS Releases This Statement: ‘We Will Attack Texas Again, We Will Kill Christians, And The Attack Will Be Far Worse’

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS recently released a statement boasting themselves of the attack in Garland, TX, stating their desire to kill Christians in America, and that the next attack will “be harsher and worse”. In the statement, released on Al Bayan radio, ISIS declared: We say to the defenders of the cross, the U.S., that […]

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Hindus Come To A Village, Brutally And Violently Attack All Of The Christians, And Now The Village Is Completely Absent Of All Christians

By Theodore Shoebat A Hindu mob in India went into the village of Amtola and after making a vicious and brutal attack on the Christians there, the village is now completely absent of all Christians. According to the report: Church members have fled a village in northeast India after a vicious attack that seriously injured […]

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