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The Muslim Caliph Has Been Hit By US Strikes And Is Now A Cripple

When it comes to Caliph al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS, it is not the first time that someone cried “they got him”, but Iraq’s government and other sources including the Guardian are convinced that far from leading his men in battle, Baghdadi now lies critically wounded and receiving constant care. It appears that a US air […]

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Muslim Woman Doctor Advertises To Give Her Body In Return For Chopped Off Heads

A Yemeni pediatric female doctor from the University of San’a Yemen announced that she is ready to be taken as a bride and made her announcement public. Her request for dowry is something that is difficult to believe in the West, unless of course, one reads their Bible to understand that in the Middle East, there […]

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Nigeria’s Military Defeats Muslim Terrorist Boko Haram And Rescues Hundreds Of Women

Nigeria’s military  rescued 234 more girls and women out of the estimated 2000 girls from a Boko Haram stronghold in a forest in the northeast part of the country, it announced on social media Saturday. The kidnapping Boko Haram does in not only for sexual slavery, but indoctrination of these girls into becoming Islamic jihadists. […]

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What Every Christian Needs To Know About Islam

Islam and the Islamic Notion of Revelation By: Raymond Taouk  Today we are living in a time in which we are living in a time in which we are beginning to witness the revival of Islam. This is something that  Hiliare belloc the great English Historian of the 20th Century had prophetically states in his […]

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UK: Cornwall school makes field trip to mosque MANDATORY for Christian students

By BI: After publicly humiliating children who didn’t want to go on a trip to visit a mosque, the governors of a small rural school in Cornwall have reacted to concerned parents fears of violence and indoctrination of their children by mosque leaders, not to mention all the worldwide negative news coverage of it, by making […]

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