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Christian Aid Organizations Are Converting Yezidis To Jesus But Yezidi Politicians Are Up In Arms Since They Prefer That They Worship The DEVIL Instead

By Walid And Theodore Shoebat While Christian aid workers rescue Yezidis from ISIS who kidnap them, rape them and force convert them to Islam, Yezidi politicians are up in arms. Why? They are upset that these Christian aid organizations are  converting Yezidis to Christianity. Kurdish Yezidi parliamentarian Vian Dakhil has warned that some Christian aid organizations […]

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ted potential brains

Muslims Take Twenty Innocent People And Shoot Them All To Death In Mass Execution

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Syria, all members of the Al-Nusra jihadist gang, overtook twenty innocent people and shot them all to death in a mass execution, simply because the victims were of the Druze faith. According to the report: At least 20 Druze villagers have been shot dead by the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in […]

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ISIS terrorist chiseling cross from old church in Mosul, Iraq

Muslims Invade One Of The Largest Christian Churches In Iraq, Destroy It And Are Now Making It Into A Mosque

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS just invaded one of the largest Christian churches in Iraq, in the city of Mosul. They sacked the church and are now making it into a mosque. According to the report: One of Mosul’s largest Christian churches is being destroyed and turned into a mosque for Islamic State jihadists. The Islamic […]

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Kenyan Woman saved from Slavery in Saudi Arabia with the help of Rescue Christians.

The Persecution of Christians and other non-Muslim maid servants in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States is enormous with an estimated 1.8 million women in bondage. Many are abused sexually, some even eaten, as well as whipped, burned at the mercy of their slave masters. Here is very disturbing example of an Ethiopian women […]

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saeed copy

Muslims Take Saeed Abedini And Brutally Beat Him, They Then Tell Him: ‘The Only Way To Escape This Pain, Is To Deny Christ.’

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in an Iranian prison took Saeed Abedini and brutally beat him, leaving his eyes both black and blue. To the Muslims who are beating him, the only way Saeed can escape the pain is to deny Christ. The Muslims who did this were cell mates at the prison he is currently […]

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