Hundreds Of Christians Form A Huge Militia And Are Now About To Attack ISIS And They Will Continue To Attack ISIS Until They Retake Their Homes And Towns And Until They Retake The Whole City Of Mosul

By Theodore Shoebat

Christian militia that is now rising in Iraq to attack ISIS, all wearing wooden crosses.

Christian militia that is now rising in Iraq to attack ISIS, all wearing wooden crosses.

A large and valiant militia, consisting of hundreds of Christians, has been formed to fight against the Islamic persecution and invasion of Christian lands in Iraq. They number in the dozens, they adorn themselves with crosses hanging from their necks, they have denied the self, they are filled with contrition, they are ready to fight the enemies of God, their hearts are prepared to endure holy war, their minds are set on the precepts of Heaven, their very beings are taken by the Word of God, “piercing even to the division of soul and spirit” (Hebrews 4:12). They call themselves the “Ketaeb Babylon.”

According to another Ketaeb Babylon commander, there are “hundreds of Christian fighters located now in various areas of Salaheddin… in addition to others responsible for protecting churches in Baghdad province.” As hundreds have already been recruited, the numbers of volunteers to “fight the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization” is continuing, he said.

They hang around their necks wooden crosses, just as the Crusaders of old did when — in the old relic of Christendom — the Christians placed the Cross on their chests and on their shoulders, beautifully manifesting the words of Christ: “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” (Mark 8:34)

They are training to retake their homes that were captured by ISIS in areas in like Mosul which was captured last year. When the heretic Muslims overtook Christian neighborhood and areas, they were given the choice to convert, leave, pay the tax, or die. Most of them fled, but some wanted to fight back, and these are the men who are determined to take up the whip and the Cross, to strike the thieves of lives and those who prey upon souls, and drive them away from the holy Temple of God, that is, the Body of Christ, “the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you” (1 Corinthians 6:19). In fact, the majority of the “Ketaeb Babylon” unit are from Mosul.

The militia trains in a military base near the Baghdad airport, and some Muslims are actually training them on how to use the AK-47, and how to utilize basic combat maneuvers. But this does not mean that they forget Christianity, for as they present themselves in their military parades, they cry out to the mother of our Hope, chanting Ya Mariam (Oh, Mary!).

Now, why would they do this? The wife of Ahasuerus, Esther, commanded the death of Haman, Jael, the mother of Barak, “blessed be she in her tent” (Judges 5:24), struck the head of Sisera with a nail, and Deborah exhorted Barak to fight the enemies of God, and Mary, whose Seed — Jesus Christ — shall bruise the head of the old serpent (Genesis 3:15), and whose image was hoisted above the ship in the Battle of Lepanto, when the Christians crushed the Muslims, told our Lord, “They have no wine.” (John 2:3)

And as Christ transformed the water to wine, ocean of peoples who are His enemies “shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation” and they shall be thrown “into the great winepress of the wrath of God.” (Revelation 14:19-20)

So as Mary was the one who requested more wine, so shall she be with Christ in the day when He makes the oceans of His enemies into blood. For the Scripture says, “the Lord my God will come, And all the saints with You.” (Zechariah 14:5) And the Apostle speaks of “the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints.” (1 Thessalonians 3:13). Would not Mary be among the saints, and would she not — by her very actions and Faith — have a great position amongst the saints, having gathered so many treasures in Heaven? So then these Christian militants, as the Christian warriors of old, express their honor towards Mary, the mother of our Salvation.

One of the Christian soldiers, 17-year-old Chaldean Christian Frank Samir, made it every clear that this battle against the Muslim terrorists is a holy war:

We heard that the Christians had an opportunity for jihad (holy war), and we all came and volunteered… Our children are dying; our Christian families were displaced. How do we ourselves accept that people say the Christians are not fighting? On the contrary, we want to fight everywhere

Notice how they use the word “jihad.” Now, this does not mean that the Christians took a Muslim word, or that they adopted the Islamic concept of holy war. No. It is only another indication that the Muslims took the idea of holy war from Christianity, and applied it to themselves. The original jihad (or the idea of holy war or struggle against the enemies of God) was a Christian concept. Islam, being a Christian heresy, took this concept and gave it an Arabic word, and advanced their own heresy through the use of holy war. Christianity has holy war, but it is for righteousness. Islam has holy war, but it is for evil.

Fares Issa, aged 38, said:

I did not hesitate to volunteer with my brothers to fight Daesh (ISIS) …I will continue fighting (them) until the liberation of Mosul and their expulsion from all the areas of Iraq

In their training center the Christians display a large Cross, and alongside the Cross are the words: “God is greatest” and “There is no god but God.”

There are nine training courses, and each course is two weeks. Rayan al-Kaldani, the secretary general of Ketaeb Babylon, said:

The main aim of forming our forces is the liberation of Mosu… We took part in the operations to liberate the city of Tikrit and other operations, including Baiji, in Salaheddin province

According to Kaldani, the Christian soldiers are under the command of Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis, who is amongst the top commanders in the “Popular Mobilisation” forces, which consists mainly of Shiite fighters.

One commander who calls himself Hajji Ali, a leader of one of the Shiite units said that the training “focuses on close-quarters combat, unconventional warfare and war inside the cities. …Their eyes are on Mosul and the areas occupied by Daesh”.

The volunteers say Mosul is the main goal, but their fight is not limited to that city.
Mosul “is our first aim,” said 16-year-old Raymoun Salwan, who was displaced from the city.
But “I will continue to fight terrorism wherever it goes in Iraq and every place,” he said.

We have to prepare our minds and intellect for this spiritual war that we are in. This is why I made a 2-disk DVD series on teaching the warring spirit of the Christian Faith.




  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Excellent, our prayers and support with you. Go for it!

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Extract from the above article………….. “Notice how they use the word “jihad.” Now, this does not mean that the
    Christians took a Muslim word, or that they adopted the Islamic concept
    of holy war. No. It is only another indication that the Muslims took the
    idea of holy war from Christianity, and applied it to themselves. The
    original jihad (or the idea of holy war or struggle against the enemies
    of God) was a Christian concept. Islam, being a Christian heresy, took
    this concept and gave it an Arabic word, and advanced their own heresy
    through the use of holy war. Christianity has holy war, but it is for
    righteousness. Islam has holy war, but it is for evil.” —————->-EXACTLY! SPOT ON!

  • susan

    Ted, is your book, when it is published, going to include prayers for victory against God’s enemies? I hope so.

  • Kamau41

    God Bless these valiant Christian soldiers. I also love the fact these men are carrying their crosses around their necks and cry out to Mary, THE MOTHER OF OUR SAVIOUR, before going out to do battle against our enemies.

  • Jeff Benton

    I don’t know how to say this except to let it fly…

    If we don’t do this very same thing right here in America, we shall surely pay with not just our own lives, but the lives of our families and friends in Christ…

    We need to step right into our churches, get with those we know best, and ask for all able bodied men and women that we know and trust to start meeting once a week minimum to prepare for operations against the anti-christ…

    We need to do this quietly, for I Guarantee you there are those who would show up that would be plants for the opposing force…

    We need to get together with 5 or 6 people we have known for years and start preparations… let it grow bigger later, but only with those folks you know love God and hate the evil being done not just to our nation, but to us…

    I promise you a few 5 or 6 man (and woman) teams can do much…

    You need to do this NOW!!! So when the time comes for you to go get your pastor, priest, or even lay members or family out of jail OR WORSE you will have the means to do so…

    It is coming, and it is coming fast…
    Mark my words folks…

    If you don’t, let me tell you just one, JUST ONE, of the horrors you will soon face….

    Your kids and grandkids, the innocent ones in school… They will be prime MEAT for the gay and lesbian TEACHERS who will have formed large polygamous families of their gay buddies…

    I don’t think I need to describe to you the horror and soul breaking things they will do to OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!

    You better mark my friggin words and mark em hard…
    Just as it was in the days of Noah…
    The unspeakable horrors that were happening then are already starting to happen in other countries in the middle east… It will soon be upon us… And much much worse than you have seen so far is right on the horizon…

    Better form up some groups people…

    What are you going to do when 50 people rush your house in a crazed frenzy???
    What are you going to do when your little grandkids are forced into classes with gay and lesbian teachers who only have one foul thing on their dirty minds???
    What are you going to do when your friends and loved ones are taken by force??


    And One More Thing…

    Mark My Words… And Mark em Hard…

  • Jeff Benton

    Let me add this… We are not the only ones fed up… Regular peeps every where are fed up with the domestic threats in our government… Watch this till the end… He says it like it is…
    Form those groups my peeps!

    • Catbr

      Couldn’t watch it but I’m sure it’s right on.

  • Lennart Lundve

    Interesting, they might be the direct jews from a really blessed bloodline. In that case, the Bible has many stories how a few hundred take down as many as needed, without losing one soldier..

  • knight

    Reason to deport the Muslims as these soldiers make a stand and fight not like the chicken livered yellow bellied Muslims who just want to invade countries as part of their lie. In truth Muslims should be made to stay and fight or die.

  • Tom_mcewen

    I hope we have courage and not PC when we fight. May God in his mercy make us fight.

  • Catbr

    I hope and pray that these heroes are victorious in their battle and blow the terrorists all to smithereans.

  • Sister E

    May the Lord strengthen these soldiers. May their number increase. Its high time to defend the defenceless Christians; its time to rescue them from the jaws of the enemy so that they can build back their livelihoods, take back the lands the muslims confiscated from them. Enough is enough!

  • Charles L. D. Charles

    you have a point… but I guess sometimes you have to take up arms or christians themselves would get eradicated

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Yes, we have read our bibles, unlike you HINDU nutcases and it is very clear, you come to rape our wives or kill our children, we won’t put samosas into your mouth and kiss your cheeks.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Says who? You ? Who is a true Christian or a false Christian leave that on the day of judgement to be decided, there is only one Judge, Christ. That is sufficient.

    Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted ALL judgment to the Son – John 5:22

    Until then, if your Mullahs or Gay bosses and Hindu extremist Shakha RSS chiefs tell you to pick up weapons against our families and children, then we are ready and lock and loaded.

  • susanjmaki

    You are wrong there. We are allowed to defend ourselves. These men have all been displaced by attacks already.

  • Jeff Benton

    Takes about 3 or 4 thousand bucks for a one way ride with others I believe…
    Probably need about 7 to 10 grand I imagine if you want to stay for a while…
    It will most likely be a one way ride anyway… I wouldnt worry too much about getting back… Let God handle that… You will need skills to use to earn your keep while there…
    God Bless…

  • passionflower3


  • Andy Holland

    Oh Lord save thy people and bless thy inheritance, and to the faithful people grant victory over the Barbarians, and by the power of thy cross, protect all those who follow thee. Amen

  • Andy Holland

    Hold on there. He told them to do that in ordered that the Scripture might be fulfilled and He would be numbered among the transgressors:

    “And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing. Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.”

  • Jeff Benton

    You are quite mistaken…
    According to your logic, it would be quite alright to throw ones life away, even by suicide…
    If you have the opportunity to fight against those trying to kill you and you don’t do anything but peacefully let them kill you, that is suicide…
    You have no right to do that with the body Jesus Christ gave you…
    But you know this and still you tell folks to just die without a fight… I think you are just evil…
    Of course I may be wrong, you could just be misguided… But I doubt that…
    I think you are evil and working for satan by trying to convince the saints to just give up and let the anti-christ forces kill them…
    Do you think dead bodies will be working miracles and preaching the good news to folks that are lost??? No… You know they wont… Thats why you are trying to convince folks to lay down and die without a fight…
    Yeppers… You are pure evil…
    Yeppers, I know the voice of Jesus Christ… And it is NOT in you or your words…

  • Jeff Benton

    No… I mean quietly round up some close friends in person… But you knew that… Gee… I wonder who would even want to group up with someone like you who is such an obvious a$$…

    Maybe your only an online a$$ and not a full time one?? NAh, I doubt that…

  • Jeff Benton

    So which is it??? Am I an alarmist or is there a need for action??? Do you double talk all the time or was today just a bad day for ya???

    So you were looking to push some buttons, and I have obliged you by typing a few letters…
    Your move buddy…

  • Bryan Du Vall


  • Bryan Du Vall

    Many people make the mistake of reading what the Bible says in Exodus 20:13,
    “You shall not kill,” and then seeking to apply this command to war.
    However, the Hebrew word literally means “the intentional, premeditated
    killing of another person with malice; murder.” God often ordered the
    Israelites to go to war with other nations (1 Samuel 15:3; Joshua 4:13). God ordered the death penalty for numerous crimes (Exodus 21:12, 15; 22:19; Leviticus 20:11). So, God is not against killing
    in all circumstances, but only murder. War is never a good thing, but
    sometimes it is a necessary thing. In a world filled with sinful people (Romans 3:10-18), war is inevitable. Sometimes the only way to keep sinful people from doing great harm to the innocent is by going to war.

    In the Old Testament, God ordered the Israelites to “take vengeance on the Midianites for the Israelites” (Numbers 31:2). Deuteronomy 20:16-17
    declares, “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is
    giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.
    Completely destroy them…as the LORD your God has commanded you.” Also, 1 Samuel 15:18
    says, “Go and completely destroy those wicked people, the Amalekites;
    make war on them until you have wiped them out.” Obviously God is not
    against all war. Jesus is always in perfect agreement with the Father (John 10:30), so we cannot argue that war was only God’s will in the Old Testament. God does not change (Malachi 3:6; James 1:17).

    Jesus’ second coming will be exceedingly violent. Revelation 19:11-21
    describes the ultimate war with Christ, the conquering commander who
    judges and makes war “with justice” (v. 11). It’s going to be bloody (v.
    13) and gory. The birds will eat the flesh of all those who oppose Him
    (v. 17-18). He has no compassion upon His enemies, whom He will conquer
    completely and consign to a “fiery lake of burning sulfur” (v. 20).

    It is an error to say that God never supports a war. Jesus is not a
    pacifist. In a world filled with evil people, sometimes war is necessary
    to prevent even greater evil. If Hitler had not been defeated by World
    War II, how many more millions would have been killed? If the American
    Civil War had not been fought, how much longer would African-Americans
    have had to suffer as slaves?

    Read more:

  • Julie

    What about Constantine’s dream to put the cross on his soldiers’ shields…the first to beat the Roman Emperor…have you ever studied the plight of any slave who is now owned by ancient Rome?

  • Julie

    You are reading the Bible without the Church…without people…without history of Christians.

    It is akin to being like the Lone Ranger and a stand alone bible book…never intended that way.

    If so, Christianity would have died out a long time ago with its complete disintegration into thousands of sects all intolerant of each other.

  • Julie

    Fact is Christians were very small in number and if they had worshipped openly, they would have all been killed.

    Those Christians who were zealots and knocked down pagan statues…were not considered by the Church as martyrs but as committing suicide.

  • Julie

    Bluenoser….so what kind of Christian are you????

    ‘He Ecclesia Katholika’ was the name given to Christianity by St. Ignatius of Antioch going to his martyrdom in 107 AD. Katholika is Greek for Universal Christian Church, the name for the Christian Church.

    By 100 AD, the books of Scripture had been assembled following the Septuagint tradition of interpretation that Christ, the apostles and St. Paul referred to that anticipated the Messiah as we know him….vs the Mazoretic text interpretation put together by Jewish rabbis 200 years after Christ’s death that did not accept Christ…the one that Martin Luther, your founding father of personal interpretation referred to making his own bible.

    Likewise, the liturgy — the Mass, its parts, tone and spirit was set up, the episcopal model of church leadership — having a bishop appointed first by the apostles…the laying of hands down to today…and the foundation of the Creed…all set up by 100 AD…and continued to this very day in the Catholic/Orthodox Churches and to a certain degree the Anglican and Lutheran churches.

  • Julie

    Christ said there is no greater love than laying down one’s life for one’s brother.

    Nutcases? What makes you the expert?

  • Julie

    Trini….what makes you say such ignorant things? Do you know that the USA has some of the most bigoted anti Catholic sects in the world…and it is based on falsehoods and no sense of history? You are into some cult…I would take an exit out QUICK.

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      Julie I pray daily for our persecuted Catholic and Orthodox Christians who are persecuted daily in the Bible belt of the USA in particular, which is why William Donohoe’s Catholic League had to be established, to protect the civil rights of Catholics unfairly being abused and treated as being unChristian… I have been called all sorts of ungodly names by Bible-only Christians, I have to still show charity, but I’m not going to accept them blaspheming Our Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, whom they blasphemously call a sinner, God have mercy on these unrepentant Protestant sect followers who’ve been brainwashed into hating Catholics and Orthodox…they are also quite uninformed about the Orthodox and just treat them as though they are Catholics, but yes, they are closest to the Catholics and so the same treatment as the Apostolic Churches clearly worship Christ and His Church in fullness and Truth..God bless you for speaking up about the Truth of Christianity and Jesus’s Church and the Apostolic Churches in the face of the persecution by fellow Christians, which is nothing but scandalous. Of course, not all Bible-only, sect members are like this, but many are sadly.
      I wonder how these “Christians” feel about all the Jade Helm plans and Muslim immigrants Obama will be sending into the Bible belt, perhaps (maybe, but not sure), these “Christians” will open their eyes and realize Catholics (and Orthodox) ARE Christians..,

      • Julie

        Your last statement really resonates with me…I don’t try to spend too much time with them as before…encourage them to get out of those cults. The area of the Idaho Panhandle has KKK types up there…and they are very anti Catholic and anti non white….so some times I think the government is doing the placement on purpose….

  • Jeff Benton

    Well little buddy, Disqus will not let my reply to ya through… I tried twice to post it, both of em are pending…
    But no worries… I answered you here —->

    Disqus will not keep the truth of what I say, and the error of your teaching, from coming to light…
    Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      Jeff, I obviously agree entirely with your refutation of Dragoro’s post and I looked at your blog.. I think because you used the word “scr*wed” or “scr*wing” it has been moderated/ blocked.. you need to put an asterisk or dash like I did.

      I wish I could just use hom*sexuality without using gay, as that latter word is less truthful, annoying we can’t use these normal words, even H*ll and [email protected]… try changing the scr*wed bit..

      • Jeff Benton

        Thanks… Didnt think about that one… Disqus really needs a list with every single moderated word posted right on their homepage so we will all know about each and every one…

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You are completely ignorant of the Church – who/what is your false source for ‘Constantine was the very first pope’ – Lorraine Boettner? Peter was the first Pope, which means Father over the House (Isaiah 22), followed by Linus, Anicletus, Clement, Evaristus… get a life and get real history, not garbage.

  • Julie

    Actually Christianity is the authentic source of Christianity. Mohammed drew on the Jewish books and Catholic practices…desert fathers and monasteries today pray 7 times a day…the Liturgy of the Hours…It seems the aspects of Islam appear to reflect one’s geographic region.

    Authentic Christianity is transcendant and universal…Christ came for all mankind.

    Forgiveness is the greatest psychiatric, emotional, and physical remedy for sickness of the body, soul, and mind.

    Of course ancient peoples knew Christ died on the Cross..simply because they were closest to the event.

    I can now see all the more why Christ is the Lamb of God…the Innocent Lamb of God to atone for all the blood shed in sin and hatred…the work of the devil in our souls.

    There is this on going obsession with blood letting and slaughter in the Middle East going back to the ancients. All this blood…

    It is Christ Who is the Atonement for sin….and that is the focus of authentic Christian worship…to atone for mankind’s sins…through Christ Who stands on the altar ministering to us His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, wounded but triumphant.

    Mohammed contradicts Christ so many times. True prophecy is continuous, the same…and for the same purpose: That God loves us…that to come to us…He had to come down to our level as True God and True Man to redeem and save us…Love.

    Christ is the fulfillment of Atonement as the Messiah, the fulfillment of all Prophets, and of all Kings..

    Christ is King of the Universe. It is through the Living Word of God, Christ, that the universe was made, and Islam states that as well….thus Christ and Muhammed are on two different intelligence and form.

  • wildoutlaw4440

    your an idiot dragoro a dumbass

  • Jeff Benton

    What happened to all the Scripture you so desperately wanted to use??? Didnt you find anything in the Bible to refute my points??? or did you realize you were wrong and decide to attack my character, just like all the rest of the socialist loons…

    Yeppers… I cold busted your lie right out of the water…
    And you know it…

  • Jeff Benton

    Well little buddy, I know for a fact that I am evil… Just as every human being that ever lived was and is, except for Jesus Christ… The difference is this, I am evil as Abel was evil… I am not evil as Cain was evil… There is a difference… and it is Biblical…
    So after you realize that you have put on your holier than thou routine once again, and lowered yourself to my level with your righteous post, I may be willing to speak more civilly with you…

    It is late, and I have to go to sleep… I was supposed to be in bed 10 minutes ago, but I saw this…
    Just know that I did get just mad enough at your words to go on the attack to defend the teachings of Jesus Christ, and I will be back tomorrow to see if you want to discuss the error of your false doctrine anymore…

  • Julie LaBrecque

    “The God of peace will quickly crush Satan under YOUR feet.” Romans 16:20

  • Julie LaBrecque

    The Church is the pillar and bulwark of Truth Tim 3:15

  • Julie LaBrecque

    This ‘Holy Spirit’ teaching has evolved into 40,000 different denominations, all with different doctrines and beliefs. Think you’ve got a problem.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You should try getting the Martian back into your TV.

  • Jeff Benton

    You are welcome my friend… sorry for coming across so harsh also 🙂 🙂 🙂