Hundreds Of Documents Have Been Seized And They Reveal That Turkey Is Most definitely Working With ISIS In Killing Christians

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

Hundreds of documents have been seized and they reveal that Turkey most definitely has been working with ISIS in killing Christians. According to the report:

A senior Western official claimed that information gathered at the compound of Abu Sayyaf, the individual responsible for oil smuggling operations on behalf of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who was killed in a US commando operation a few months ago, points to high-level contacts between Turkish officials and leading ISIL members, the Guardian newspaper in the UK has recently reported.

While they had given voice to some resentment and mild criticism of Turkey’s much-questioned approach against ISIL, until very recently, Western officials had refrained from directly criticizing Turkish decision makers. The recent revelation appears to be the first public criticism of Turkey’s approach and could complicate Ankara’s relations with its Western allies.

Turkey, which entered the fray against ISIL after two years of reluctance to take an active part in the international coalition against the militant group, had faced charges of ignoring, if not openly facilitating, militants’ border crossings to join ISIL in Syria. Ankara’s refutations of such accusations seemingly fall short of convincing its Western allies, and the Guardian report will likely fuel underlying questions about ISIL’s links with Turkey.

“In the wake of the raid that killed Abu Sayyaf, suspicions of an undeclared alliance have hardened,” the Guardian report said.

One senior Western official familiar with the intelligence found at the compound told the Guardian that “direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking Isis [ISIL] members was now ‘undeniable.'”

The Guardian report continues: “‘There are hundreds of flash drives and documents that were seized there,’ the official told the Observer. ‘They are being analyzed at the moment, but the links are already so clear that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara.'”

With Turkey now striking ISIL targets in Syria after a bomb attack suspected to have been carried out by a militant killed 32 in the southern Turkish town of Suruç near the Syrian border and the killing of a soldier on the border, Ankara may have earned loud praise and strong support among its Western allies.

But questions and charges of tacit cooperation with the militant group over the past two years will, especially after the discovery of new information at Abu Sayyaf’s compound, overshadow today’s efforts and haunt Ankara’s ties with the West in years to come.

Turkey’s plan to invade its neighboring country of Syria was uncovered last year when a secret recording leaked of the highest officials discussing a plan to launch a military aggression on Syria by using the armed terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The launched invasion resulted on aggression against the Armenian city of Kessab in which 80 Armenians were massacred as a result.

The recording shows that Erdogan’s government was orchestrating an unprecedented military aggression against Syria since last Saturday when Turkish tanks and artillery shelled the Syrian lands to provide a cover for armed terrorist groups to enter Syria from Turkey which the recordings prove beyond doubt.

Erdoğan’s government was planning a false flag attack to be executed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) against the tomb of Suleiman Shah in Syria to justify the intervention of the Turkish army in Syria, therefore making an excuse to spark a war.

Suleiman Shah was the grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, was buried in Aleppo. His grave was relocated in 1973, but it remains a Turkish extraterritorial enclave in Syria.

The recording in Turkish is here (see the transcript below):

An anonymous YouTube account presents the recording as being of intelligence chief Hakan Fidan discussing with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu, and Deputy Chief of Staff Yasar Guler and other officials a possible military operation against Syria and, if needed, creating a trumped-up excuse to do so, in coordination between Turkish intelligence and terrorist groups operative in Syria. had reported from the ground on March 22, and prior to the attacks, that terrorist groups were training in Orpha, Ghazi Antab and Antioch for such operation:

Sister Hatune tells the story of 19 year old Muhammad A. who decided to defect after seeing his mate blow himself up in a suicide operation in Hidaya Hotel in Qamishlo on March 11, 2014 which killed 3 Christians amongst others. Muhammad, who was designated to be the third to detonate lost hope that a martyr could be with virgins after seeing that the body of his previous suicide martyr colleague did not have his genital parts due to the explosion. … He told Hatune of the training centers in Orfa, Ghazi Antab and Antakia (Antioch) set up by the Turkish government for more terrorists to be sent to Syria.

Turkey is not really fighting ISIS, regardless of anyone says. ISIS is the face of terrorism, and Turkey is the one pulling the strings, only acting as though they are fighting terrorism. ‘


  • knight

    Off Topic – Sweden

    Horrified the news does not always get out from countries.

    Sweden has has 13 explosive devices go off sine New Year, and 4 grenades in last week.

    Even one guys comment so wrong that Muhammad’s child bride was 12. They need help to learn.

  • knight

    Time to share this speech around and show the deceit and lies.

  • Trevor

    Well, crap.

    I did some online search in hope find a legal ground for NATO to expel Turkey from it’s membership, and found nothing.

    This site pretty much answer it – – so any hopes that NATO find it within themselves to do the right thing by kicking Turkey out pretty much evaporated.

    Only if a country as powerful as America or Britain would push for Turkey to leave, but I’m not counting on that.

    Screw you, Turkey. Screw you.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Can NATO be dissolved – then countries, sans Turkey, re-assemble together under a different banner?

      • Trevor

        Only by voluntary withdrawal, which is highly unlikely.

        Turkey have done it. They have made it impossible for the West to divorce itself from Turkey. Because America invoked the rarely used Article V of the charter, Turkey have a precedent to go by. I was skimming a research paper which said that Article V was not developed with international terrorism in mind. It seem to me that America managed to exploit the unused Article to justify going to Afghanistan and then Iraq.

        The West needs to get right with God, and it is up to us to keep kicking the door open for a revival.

        • Grandmere

          I will put hooks in your jaws to draw you in. Paraphrase.

          • Trevor

            Ezekiel 38. Hmm. It’s possible it includes NATO, but I am not convinced.

          • Grandmere

            Neither am I. Like you, I just keep turning this stuff over in my mind.

          • Trevor

            I know. I keep thinking that with Turkey dependency on Russia’s gas and oil along with recently signing a deal with Iran to use their oil as well, I can see in the future Russia turning off the tap to spite Turkey. In turn, Turkey looks south toward Israel and its recent discovery of the largest natural gas reserve, and invade it. I do think that fresh water access would be crucial as well.

          • LJW

            Because Daniel is past and future and prophecy is layered, Turkey, the goat will break the two horned ram, Iran. Iran will be powerless against Turkey and Turkey will have all the oil they can handle. They will be swimming in it. Iran is taking the oil as it sweeps through each country and selling it on the black market right now, all Turkey has to do is take it away from Iran. See Daniel chapter 8.

          • Trevor

            That’s a pretty good thought right there.

            For the time being, Iran is the one flexing muscles, but they will be broken by Turkey, as you said.

          • Kamau41

            Same here. It is a lot to chew on.

  • Julie

    Aren’t the FreeMasons rebuilding a site some where in Syria that was destroyed by ISIS…and doesn’t FreeMasonry use Turkish symbols of the hat and sword?….

    • Trevor

      You must be thinking of The Shriners.

      • Julie

        I visited the ‘Nile Temple’ where I used to live…and all the past presidents..wore those hats…I thought it was freemasonry.

        • Trevor
          • Julie

            Thanks….However, I won’t forget the look of doom and appearance…not saying they were…the appearance of alcoholism….on the faces of their leaders…they had their pictures align the walls.

            I also looked up the one on the Knights of Columbus…and was surprised how much they laid down their life for the Church in Mexico in the 1920’s…how evangelicals are advised not to join….they couldn’t because they are not Catholic…Its works are transparent to the world…very brave men…

            Where I live…they have pancake breakfast once a month. They work to promote Our Lady of Guadalupe and the rosary to fight abortion.

            My former pastor in Seattle had his grade school….every so often we had 6th grade sponsor pancake breakfast. I got indigestion a few times but said nothing.

            So finally one day after Sunday Mass Fr encouraged us to attend,…and to bring Pepto Bismo and some aspirin….

            Told this story to the Knights and said afterwards I didn’t need any.

          • Trevor

            I am interested in the Knights of Columbus. I was looking into them and was impressed at their programs to support poverty and their insurance as well. Just wished they wouldn’t limit membership to just Catholics but to people like myself who are honestly seeking to serve the Lord.

          • Julie

            They are the guys that do alot of the work….great fraternity. I would like my sons to join but they are part of the 90% that fell away…but like I told them…what if Momtalk is right?!

            May be they could explain to you how we worship….and just attend?

            Our parish has adopted this fellow who is severe alcholic…lived in tents by the train tracks….we have cold winter shelter…you can smell him a mile a way…he is coming into the Church…I saw him last week at daily Mass…and he is shining with Christ’s light…so happy and now folks have him in new clothes as well…we give him freebie pancakes….yummy.

          • Trevor

            I did attend one Mass at a local Roman Catholic Church, and enjoyed it myself. The thing is…I need a sign language interpreter to help me understand because I don’t want to depend on my wife for that.

          • Julie

            We have a woman coming into serve our youth who does know sign.

            Well…I could teach here somewhere….

          • Julie

            Tom Nash, ‘Biblical Roots of the Mass’, Fr Jeremy Driscoll,
            ‘What Happens at Mass?’…also look up Shane Shaetzel…who has alot of answers by questions from Evangelicals on the Catholic Church. I know them from other formation and he answers questions correctly and in spirit of the Church.

            ‘Supper of the Lamb’…Dr Scott Hahn…is excellent, former Protestant and had alot of issues with the Church but very scholarly…when he went to Catholic Church Mass…he sat in back…and understood so much already…shocked…had to go back for more….and more….found out the Church was right on justification…alot of issues that are of non issues to me..go over my head.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            You can buy a Roman Missal. Did the parish not provide a Missalette? They are usually at the entrance to the church or in the pews.

          • Trevor

            Had to look up what a Missal was. That is helpful but I still need an interpreter to hear what the priest preach about.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            I hadn’t thought of that part – that does present a problem.

          • Julie

            Yes…Dr Hahn….’The Lamb’s Supper’…on Amazon.

          • Julie

            Trevor…yes agree with Julie…a missalette…but I am continuing to think…and Dr Scot Hahn’s, ‘The Lamb’s Supper’…I get the words changed around…would be your best bet…fast moving, to the point…it is as if he is talking to you and sharing his life’s discovery.

  • Julie

    Sweden has the highest rape crimes and next is Lesotho….came out today in news….

  • I wonder…did Turkey know these documents were seized, and fear that they would soon be publicized?

    • Grandmere

      I don’t think they care. Their army is larger than any NATO country in Europe. Only the US has larger, but Obama is working furiously to make it smaller. That would leave Turkey with the largest force in NATO with no way to kick them out.

      • True mom…but I was looking at it as a possible motive that explains Turkey’s dramatic change of heart to start bombing ISIS and Kurdish targets. Is this all just a media stunt to pull the wool back over the eyes of the international community.

        • Grandmere

          I believe it is.

  • Trevor

    Turkey blaming the world for humanitarian crisis because it ignored Assad and ISIS was the creation as a result, per Turkey’s PM.


  • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

    Right; but please refrain from using “Isil”. The L = “Levant” – the entire Eastern Mediterranean Coast, from Turkey to Egypt. In other words, ISIS’s claim to Eretz Israel! – Delegitimizing the very Existence of Israel. Every time an Obamanoid official uses it, it is taken as CONCEDING this claim to ISIS!
    I write a letter of protest almost every time I hear one of those Obo-robots use that acronym.