VIDEO: ISIS Invades Afghanistan, Takes A Multitude Of Men And Blows Them Up To Pieces, In Order To Express Apocalyptic Desire To Invade Jerusalem

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By Walid Shoebat

To ISIS, the way to win is to establish themselves in Afghanistan since in Muslim Prophecy,  the battle for Jerusalem stems from Khorasan (Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan …) with Muslims carrying the black flags. This is the spark to all Muslims that they must join the Jihad for Jerusalem.

Yesterday, ISIS did that and has released a new video showing how they exported their terror agenda all the way to Afghanistan as an initiation by ISIS to declare that Afghanistan (Islamic Khorasan) is now in the fold of ISIS. In this video, ten prisoners accused of collaborating with Pakistan’s ISI against ISIS, kneel over explosives, then detonated shattering them into pieces where ISIS tracks the flying fleshly debris  on film.

The issue of ISIS showing this footage in Afghanistan is serious to prove that they have control in Taliban infested Afghanistan.

The issue of Afghanistan is the struggle between two Caliphs competing for recognition: Mullah Omar (Mullā Muḥammad ‘Umar Mujáhid is the supreme commander and the spiritual leader of the Taliban) and Caliph Baghdadi of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

This footage being the initiation of Afghanistan as a protectorate by ISIS came amid unrest and confusion over who will succeed Mullah Omar as leader of the Taliban and ISIS is the group that stands to win especially that Mullah Omar is thought to be dead.

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The turmoil in the Taliban began when 11 days ago Omar was declared long hidden from the public eye and was presumed dead. Soon after the announcement, a statement on the Taliban’s website designated Omar’s deputy, Mullah Mohammad Akhtar Mansoor, as its new leader. But that succession has since been contested, including by members of Omar’s family.

With Omar gone there is no obvious challenger except Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s ISIS, and the Taliban’s repeated rebukes of its rival have lost their authority.

This is a win for ISIS and a loss for its other major rival al-Qaida. In September 2014, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaida, renewed his bayah (allegiance) to Omar, implying that if anyone should be caliph of the Islamic world, it should be the Taliban leader, not Baghdadi. Now with the coverup of Omar’s death, Zawahiri’s credibility is now shattered since he was embarrassingly uninformed about a man he pledged allegiance to, or implicit in the lies. predicted this outcome last month in our report There Is A War Between ISIS And The Taliban. ISIS Is Winning And Is Quickly Advancing Into Nuclear Pakistan And Troubled Afghanistan. In the report, and contrary to analysts predictions that a showdown between ISIS and Taliban was imminent, we wrote:

Some western media says that the Taliban declared war on ISIS, after the Afghan Taliban fearing ISIS popularity, had branded ISIS’ self-declared caliphate as “illegitimate” and refused to declare allegiance to its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Fact is, it was ISIS that declared war on the Taliban and is expanding into Afghanistan and Pakistan in lightening speed.

ISIS even anointed a former Taliban leader, known as Hafiz Saeed Khan (aka Mulla Saeed Orakzai), as their new overload in southern Asia and the sub-continent called ISIS Khorasan, an offshoot of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s militant group which now spans Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh, as well as some parts of Central Asia. The installation of Saeed, a former Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), automatically makes him one of the most powerful warlords in the Middle East. All this adds to the Black Flags prophecy from Khorasan. Westerners need to take heed to these very serious developments which we predict they will not until its too late.

Even Time Magazine recognizes what we have been warning about for years: “The word Khorasan sheds important light on the grandiose, even apocalyptic vision that drives many Sunni radicals”.

“The hadith says … ‘If you see the black banners coming from Khurasan, join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice; no power will be able to stop them.’”

“And they will finally reach Baitul Maqdis [Jerusalem], where they will erect their flags”.

The key for ISIS is to begging showing their flags in Afghanistan (Khorasan) and this initiates a spark for Islamists to joint them for Jerusalem and the battle of Armageddon.

While many think that Pakistan will not stand by seeing ISIS expansion, truth is that Pakistan’s military establishment is the most terrorist friendly entity in the world and considers terrorist groups like ISIS as strategic assets for proxy wars in India and Afghanistan. Currently the ongoing sectarian violence in Pakistan’s Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces offer greater opportunities for ISIS to operate in Pakistan.

The presence of ISIS is now 100% confirmed by the Pakistani government with allegiance of Taliban groups to it is truly a disturbing news and is likely to have serious consequences for a country that is already in turmoil due to incompetent governance, economic crises and political tension. However, this is not the sole reason behind ISIS desire to start operations in Pakistan.

To title ISIS as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is a myth and the name will soon get a facelift. ISIS is all across the Muslim world magnetizing a litany of major terrorist organizations to give the Bay’at (allegiance) and join under ISIS: Jund al-Khilafah(Soldiers of the Caliphate, In North Africa), Ansar al-Shariah (Libya), portions of the Taliban (Pakistan), The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (Pakistan’s North Waziristan), Al-Tawhid ​Battalion (Pakistan, Afghanistan), many from Al-Nusra (Lebanon) and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen), Ansar al-Tawhid in the Land of Hind (India), Anṣār Bayt al-Maqdis (Sinai) and Jund al-Khilafah (Egypt).

And if you think the situation in Iraq and Syria is bad think Pakistan where 98% of Pakistanis support Jihad and they have no problems with all the blood and gore that ISIS does.

There is little time left and the situation for Christians in Pakistan will be dire for Rescue Christians to move as fast as possible to rescue enslaved Christians. One can imagine when ISIS rules regions in north Pakistan, Christian persecution will be unlike anything we have ever seen.


  • Eric Mueller

    Do you all not understand? We are not doing enough to stop this evil and this world has become wicked. Since we do nothing and muslims keep killing, Gays keep corrupting, I am crying out for God’s justice and judgement. A comet hitting the planet, in my humble opinion would be the most appropriate judgement for everyone.

    As kerrigan skelly has mentioned people are loving their sin and I am sick of it.

  • Behnam

    Their mahdi, the antichrist, is supposed to be among those with the black flags from khorasan right?

    • LJW

      Yes, I believe so.

  • Trevor

    The question of course is how will the Turkic-Iran alliance defeat ISIS in order to fulfill Daniel 8 and Revelation 13.

    The way I look at ISIS- they operate lot like a mafia with a godfather who calls the shot and send his trusted lieutenants to carry out his directive to the foot soldiers. Of course I didn’t come with this conclusion since Rod Kennedy is the one who told me about it.

    It is getting interesting now. ISIS is expanding eastward into Pakistan and eventually they will encroach India. The question next is – will the western provinces of China join force with the Turkic Xinghurs declaring alliegance to Isis before turning it to Turkey?

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    The large 1.1 million strong Indian army and the Hindu extremists who bash up Christians in India, can make themselves useful now by going to Afghanistan and stopping them.

    • LJW

      Hindu extremists fighting ISIS or Satan fighting Satan, works for me! Maybe that we take the Hindu extremists eyes off the Christians for a while. I can not remember what percentage of the population of India is Christian, but I am sure many are in the Indian military. Let us hope they send many ISIS to Paradise, where they long to be!

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Yes, there are a few Christians in the Indian army, but the top brass are mostly Hindu, and now a days getting infiltrated with Hindu nationalist ideology. We can ask the Lord in prayer to pit the Hindus against the ISIS, as the Lord can divide the camp of the wicked and pit them against one another. Hindu extremists fighting Muslim extremists is a welcome move by Christians. This theater is close to India, so it is a matter of concern. Pakistan is a total failure as a state. It will be soon overrun.

        • LJW

          I do not know why, but I never considered the Muslims trying to conquer India. The Hindus won’t stand for it and India’s population is massive. Now that you mention it, India must be preparing for the worse, if it comes their way. I can not remember if the Bible says anything concerning India. I guess I had better check this out, thank you.

  • Jeff Benton

    I hope every one in America is actually watching these vids all the way through… You need to know your fate if you surrender or give up…
    Everyone also needs to get their hineys over to LiveLeak and watch the battles…

    Everyone needs to study their tactics… Find those Memri and LiveLeak vids and watch em…
    Watch for how they shoot from one position, and lob explosives from 20 to 50 feet to the left or right of their firing positions… And many more little things like I just described that may give you an edge in a fight…
    There are about a gazillion vids where you can see many different tactics used by ISIS…
    Watch them all… And pay attention to the little details…

    If you think this wont be happening very soon in the USA you are out of your mind…
    They will be employing hit and run tactics here…
    Get up to speed folks…
    God bless us all in the coming battles…

    • I put them rather on my FB-account otherwise I scare my visitors… and FB have plenty of space… it is more likely a rubbish bin 😉

    • OrthodoxKGC2015

      Watching their videos is the small element that has convinced me in my heart that we are dealing with the future regime of Antichrist, when we see the Caliphate of Al-Baghdadi, even though he may or may not be Antichrist himself.

      God bless,


  • Soon and very soon we’ll fly away to third heaven… Yahooo!!

  • Tom_mcewen

    What more do you want Obama said they are bad and not Islamic. He is working on hope and change with the supreme court DHS, to bring us the liberal utopia, it looks like Stalin’ and Mao’s vision with the bad parts fixed he said

  • LJW

    Thank you, very much! I read and will read next. This is very interesting information!

  • Eric Mueller

    I have my moments where I am just sick and tired of all the evil taking place with no human justice or judgement and a couple days ago I was like that.

    I am in the middle of studying the Book of Jeremiah but I can jump forward here in the Bible.

    I posted this in another article about a month or so ago so you might have missed it. Pleas pay close attention at the minute 40 second mark. That sure sounds like a comet to me. The only question is when?