VIDEO: Muslims Take Four Innocent People, Tie Them By Their Arms And Legs, And Slowly Cook Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

Muslims in Iraq — all members of ISIS — took four innocent men, tied them by their arms and legs and slowly cooked them to death. Here is the video:

These victims, each one is a human being, made in the image of God; each one was raised up for so many years, and think within your own mind, all those years their parents took care of them, only to be murdered by the cruel slaves of the demons.

Muslims have burned Christians to death. Remember what happened in Pakistan, in which a Christian couple was cooked to death in a giant brick oven.

Sunni Masih, another Christian man in Pakistan, was burned to to death as well. Our rescue team, Rescue Christians, tried to save him and had him put in the hospital, and after so many days of fighting, he gave up the ghost.

A Christian man named Arif Yousaf Masih was arrested in Pakistan and put through horrific torture. They beat his hands until his fingers became swollen and they beat him over his head. The officer in charge, Rana Gulzar, told the Christian man to convert to Islam, and Arif said:

I have faith on my Lord Jesus and I will never change my faith. I will never be Muslim!

Arif also said:

My life is for Jesus, if they kill me and cut me into pieces even then my life is only for Jesus.

This is the sublime faith of the saints! This is the faith that wins victories, that conquers the sword, and places the marks of Christ on the body, that brings one to the Cross of the Holy One! Our organization, Rescue Christians, thanks to your charitable donations, rescued Arif and his wife. We did a short documentary on Arif, his rescue and his story:

The Pakistani government is on the side of the Muslims, and does not help the Christians. Nor is it taking any significant measures to end this persecution. Pakistan is suffering much destruction from heavy flooding. The government of Pakistan is offering help to its citizens who have become homeless because of the floods, but only to the Muslim ones, not to the Christians. Thousands of homes were destroyed by flooding this summer in the Kasur region of Pakistan, and some of those homes belonged to more than 60 Christian families. The Muslim victims of the flood were given temporary shelter, purified water and food by the Pakistani government and Muslim charities, but the Christians were given nothing.Wilson Chowdhry, president of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

It is not unusual for the government to overlook helping the Christian communities.

Not only this; it gets worse. Muslims charities are offering help to the Christians but give them conditions that they must fulfill before receiving aid: they must convert to Islam, or remain homeless. If they don’t want to convert, the Christians were told: “Become our bonded servants.”

Some of the Christians accepted the offer, as Chowdhry said, “several families have already now signed contracts, which have now made them slaves for their Muslim landlords.”

Not only is the Pakistani government allowing this exploitation, they are also aiding Islamic jihadists and terrorists. The Pakistani government seems to be facilitating the establishment of the terrorist group, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ). The leader of the group, Ahmed Ludhianvi, and other leaders of the group, are even receiving protection from the police.

The same police system is torturing Christians and trying to force to convert them to Islam. In Pakistan, the whole system is against the Christians. We cannot rely on the government to help them, not the Pakistani nor the American. It is the Church’s duty to help her persecuted brethren. Please help us save more Christians like Arif. Please make a donation to help rescue Christian lives.




  • Eric Mueller

    Think they will talk about this on Faux news or any other news station? I doubt it. If they do it will only be a 5 minute talking point and then time to move on.

    It was only four souls who were burned to death. Oh well. (That was sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell.)

    Anyway, these three Bible verses are so powerful to me, especially in today’s society, I will re-post them here in case anyone missed them in the other article:

    “2 How long, O LORD, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, “Violence!” but you do not save?
    3 Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do you tolerate wrong? Destruction and violence are before me; there is strife, and conflict abounds.

    4 Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted.”

    • Trevor

      Psalms 94 with same question and then answer.

      94 O Lord, God of ]vengeance,
      God of vengeance, shine forth!
      2 Rise up, O Judge of the earth,
      Render recompense to the proud.
      3 How long shall the wicked, O Lord,
      How long shall the wicked exult?
      4 They pour forth words, they speak arrogantly;
      All who do wickedness vaunt themselves.
      5 They crush Your people, O Lord,
      And afflict Your heritage.
      6 They slay the widow and the [d]stranger
      And murder the orphans.
      7 They have said, “The Lord does not see,
      Nor does the God of Jacob pay heed.”

      8 Pay heed, you senseless among the people;
      And when will you understand, stupid ones?
      9 He who planted the ear, does He not hear?
      He who formed the eye, does He not see?
      10 He who chastens the nations, will He not rebuke,
      Even He who teaches man knowledge?
      11 The Lord knows the thoughts of man,
      That they are a mere breath.

      12 Blessed is the man whom You chasten, O Lord,
      And whom You teach out of Your law;
      13 That You may grant him relief from the days of adversity,
      Until a pit is dug for the wicked.
      14 For the Lord will not abandon His people,
      Nor will He forsake His inheritance.
      15 For judgment will again be righteous,
      And all the upright in heart will follow it.
      16 Who will stand up for me against evildoers?
      Who will take his stand for me against those who do wickedness?

      17 If the Lord had not been my help,
      My soul would soon have dwelt in the abode of silence.
      18 If I should say, “My foot has slipped,”
      Your lovingkindness, O Lord, will hold me up.
      19 When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,
      Your consolations delight my soul.
      20 Can a throne of destruction be allied with You,
      One which devises mischief by decree?
      21 They band themselves together against the life of the righteous
      And condemn the innocent to death.
      22 But the Lord has been my stronghold,
      And my God the rock of my refuge.
      23 He has brought back their wickedness upon them
      And will destroy them in their evil;
      The Lord our God will destroy them.

      Deuteronomy 32:35-43 is also prophetic for our times:

      ‘Vengeance is Mine, and retribution,
      In due time their foot will slip;
      For the day of their calamity is near,
      And the impending things are hastening upon them.’
      36 “For the Lord will vindicate His people,
      And will have compassion on His servants,
      When He sees that their strength is gone,
      And there is none remaining, bond or free.
      37 “And He will say, ‘Where are their gods,
      The rock in which they sought refuge?
      38 ‘Who ate the fat of their sacrifices,
      And drank the wine of their drink offering?
      Let them rise up and help you,
      Let them be your hiding place!
      39 ‘See now that I, I am He,
      And there is no god besides Me;
      It is I who put to death and give life.
      I have wounded and it is I who heal,
      And there is no one who can deliver from My hand.
      40 ‘Indeed, I lift up My hand to heaven,
      And say, as I live forever,
      41 If I sharpen My flashing sword,
      And My hand takes hold on justice,
      I will render vengeance on My adversaries,
      And I will repay those who hate Me.
      42 ‘I will make My arrows drunk with blood,
      And My sword will devour flesh,
      With the blood of the slain and the captives,
      From the long-haired leaders of the enemy.’
      43 “Rejoice, O nations, with His people;
      For He will avenge the blood of His servants,
      And will render vengeance on His adversaries,
      And will atone for His land and His people.”

      In other words, God is already seeing all of this, and in His time, not ours, He will act, as we will see being fulfilled by the vision of Christ riding a white horse to execute judgements on His enemies. In the meantime, we are exhorted to have patience of past saints, longing to see one of the two things: His Glorious Appearance (not a rapture) or to welcome death knowing that we will obtain a much better resurrection.

      • Marcos Filipe Guerra

        “They band themselves together against the life of the righteous
        And condemn the innocent to death.”

        There’s terrorism and abortion right there. Also appeasers of muslim terrorists.

        “If I sharpen My flashing sword, And My hand takes hold on justice,
        I will render vengeance on My adversaries, And I will repay those who hate Me. I will make My arrows drunk with blood, And My sword will devour flesh, With the blood of the slain and the captives, From the long-haired leaders of the enemy. Rejoice, O nations, with His people;For He will avenge the blood of His servants, And will render vengeance on His adversaries, And will atone for His land and His people.”

        Yes! Maranathá! Even so, come, Lord Jesus, and humble the lofty!

        “For the day of the LORD of hosts {shall be} upon every {one that is} proud and lofty, and upon every {one that is} lifted up; and he shall be brought low”

        Isaiah 2:12

        “For in my jealousy {and} in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel;
        So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that {are} upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground. {steep…: or, towers, or, stairs}”

        Ezequiel 38:19,20

        • Trevor

          That last passage…compare it to the vision of Christ returning riding a white horse. 🙂

          • Marcos Filipe Guerra

            Oh yeah…the fowls are there, the fire of His wrath is there, all the chunky parts of the Bible that makes men shake to death are there. The heathen do good to fear the Lord, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I yearn BADLY for that day when I’m united with my Lord.

            When I talk to liberal non believers and they ask if there’s violence in the Bible, I tell them “yes”. “How’s that?” Well, plainly there’s no especific violence ordained for us to do before Christ comes, but it’s when He comes back to judge the earth. “See, I knew there’s violence in the Bible.” To wich I reply: Don’t you want justice served? Will God delay His justice forever? Doesn’t God has the only and utmost RIGHT to judge the wicked by righteous hands? Don’t you want EVIL gone from this world? To wich their eyes look down and it’s almost as if they said “yes, we want that.” but they don’t, because it’s painful to admit that there WILL be terrible judgement. To ease them about that I say that this event will be obvious and notorious. I mean, won’t you notice if Jesus comes in glory with his angels and chosen to aid the innocent, protect the just and RULE FOREVER?! Come on…one of them told me he wanted to watch “The passion of Christ” by Mel Gibson. In my heart I rejoiced and said: “Go for it. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s very true.”

          • Trevor

            It’s difficult for people to understand that as much as God is loving, and He is love, He has limit. The Flood proved that. God didn’t just decide to flood the world nilly-willy, He had a specific reason for doing so, and provided the answer as to why in the Genesis’ narrative.

            It’s why I often turn to Jeremiah 9:23-24 to see that God basically summarized Himself in that passage.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Those who burned them will face a fire of eternal death which will utterly consume them but which will never end, forever.

    I have no hesitation in saying that this will be one of the joys of the Saints, the consolation of the countless victims, that the scales will be totally balanced.

    • ChiRho

      There is nothing wrong with True justice.

      • OrthodoxKGC2015

        No, not at all my friend. It’s the weak and nominal Christians who cringe at the idea of any kind of holy satisfaction in seeing justice done eternally. They take isolated Biblical phrases like ‘God does not rejoice in the death of the wicked’ and do not look at everything else.

        • ChiRho

          I dont know how anyone can know of these kinds of things and not wish for justice.

  • DeusLoVult

    A worse fate, than the Jordanian pilot. Not much to say here. I am not surprised. Just…..let’s kill them all and be done with it. Use napalm.

    • Lenn

      But do you know that Obama is protecting ISIS? They know about the camps, where they are located, yet don’t bomb’em!! Shame on Obama! Shame! Shame! Shame!

      • DeusLoVult

        Thanks. I think I read I’ve read that before maybe….can’t remember…maybe it was just something similar. It’s not surprising either way. Obama doesn’t wish the destruction of ISIS, they’ve been very useful agents in propagating his agenda.

  • Catbr

    Why do they have to video this and display it on the internet? Are they trying to show how horrifying they are to instill fear in viewers of this staged despicable torture? To me it’s a display of the utmost cruelty which will bring out wrath in most people.

    • OrthodoxKGC2015

      To me it shows that the Kingdom of Satan is in fact quite united, as Our Lord implied. Instilling terror for the Islamic State and the worldwide media enabling it shows that essential unity.

      However, for the Christian, it is a preparation for what may come; torture, death, martyrdom. Read what happened to the Early Martyrs, their glorious deaths. And examples from 2nd Macabees, from the 7 sons faithful to God of one wise and faithful mother, the ways in which they died. How will I compare if this is the way I die? I don’t know, but I pray. And, I pray for the chance to go fighting like St. Samson in the OT, taking them to judgement directly with the jawbone of an Donkey or something.

      God Bless,


    • Tom_mcewen

      Perhaps we will rise to the courage of rats who will at least fight if cornered.

    • richinnameonly

      Terror = fear. They want to kill us and want us to be afraid.

  • Unimaginable cruelty. They make the NAZIs (somehow) look humane.

    • Sheila Jo

      They rank with the Nazis, never will either of these demonic cults have humane in the same sentence.

  • Tom_mcewen

    This is becoming the Time Machine, where the enemy is the man eating Morlocks and we weak willed Western citizens playing the Eloi the chosen food source.

    • Ignacio

      Matthew 10:16
      Behold, I send you out as sheep amidst the wolves, so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    Christ in Heaven…..I”ve just known that there’s a palestinian embassy being built here in Brazil. Oh, dear. And the Olympics are coming next year. Talk about stupidity on the part of Lula and Dilma. Former president and current. Hopefuly not for long.

  • susan

    Such cowards they are. Look at them with their veils. We know their identities yet they prefer to hide their shame like their women.

  • Sheila Jo

    Demons of satan, this is not religion, this is for satan and his right hand muhammad (sp ?) DEMONS !!

  • Lenn

    ISIS are Coward demons! They would run screaming home to their momma, if the peshmergas ran after them!! Get rid of them, Obama! Or tell the truth: That you want to make the Caliphate a reality! There should never, never have been a person with your background in the White House! Biggest mistake in US history – you!

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Right….They follow their doctrines because they honestly believe they come from God, these so-called ‘extremist Muslims’, and you blame those who call attention to these facts.

    You sir are the one who I say ‘BS’ to.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    1. Muslim isn’t a race, but a religion.

    2. People around the world wear ‘American’-style clothing and gear

    3. Israel and the entire Muslim world has a diverse ethno-racial makeup-I’ve seen Israelis and Muslims and Arabs, etc… Look like Swedes and look like Hottentots too.

    • ChiRho

      Also IS has taken TONS of the USA’s gear provided for the “anti-Assad not too jihadi jihadi.”

      • OrthodoxKGC2015

        Very true. And some Iraqi Army ‘never used, dropped once’ type of equipment. Hard to fight somebody if you are at heart better than half in agreement with them to begin with.

        • ChiRho

          You got it.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    If there were no God, you would not have a moral standard within your own conscience by which to judge these monsters as having committed an evil act. God will have vengence, and He will have mercy. To believe you must have trust, and do not judge the Lord Our God. God is merciful and loves Mankind, and the Free Will He gives us to love Him and each other can be terribly abused.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Thank you Muhammad for that brilliant assertion. Lying for Jihad propaganda?

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    I know Muslims too-if they became ‘born-again Muslims’, and started acting like Muhammad himself did, what can you or I say? Do you know one Billion Muslims? How ‘Muslim’ are the Muslims you know? Do they tell you what’s in their hearts, or do they decide tactically to tell you what you want to hear? Anecdotes prove nothing rationally. If done true to the spirit of Islam, one can kill, rape, torture, and plunder for the sake of Allah, and it isn’t something AGAINST Islam, it is something positively encouraged.

    And I’m giving you the benefit of a doubt, that you aren’t Muslim yourself and playing a game.

  • mspip

    it could be that God has stopped protecting the USA. used to listen to the watchman report and it was quite clear that americans are in for a lot of trouble in near future. have we perhaps done something that displeases him?? or several somethings…..

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Now you’re being disingenuous. Nobody is talking about a ‘group of people’ as such, people being people worldwide, but rather those people who are activated by the Islamic religious revival to carry out acts like Jihad, perfectly consistent with Islamic religious doctrine itself. If Muslims are so against the alleged ‘abuse’ of their religion by ‘extremists’, then they would shut these people down, but they don’t because they believe that these people are real and genuine Muslims, more real and genuine Muslim than they are, they admire them, or at least do not get in their way. And I assure you, as always ‘moderate’ Muslims will always seek the benefits of the conquests their more fervent brothers give them, and share in the spoils.

  • Jeff Benton

    Remember this when these animals come for you…

    • Catbr

      They better not. But they are everywhere now melding in with the general public showing everyone how peaceful they are, that is until there are more of them. If the day ever comes when their imams in the mosques commands them to strike at the people of the book, they most certainly would in most cases.

  • ChiRho

    Let’s just decide anything uncomfortable isn’t real.

    So the Hollywood that loves Islam and hates Christianity is now making propaganda films that support Islam to the Jihadis, but also make it look bad non-muslims, and also isn’t real so noone was actually hurt so we don’t have to care?

    Your conspiracies have conspiracies.

  • Trevor

    Yes. Some stories from the Philippines who are fighting Islamic insurgents makes the hair stand on its end.

  • ChiRho

    God exists, you just aren’t in heaven.
    We have free will here on Earth. How else will God know who truly loves Him and who doesn’t without free will and time to display what our will is?
    Free will can be greatly abused though, and this torturously mad event is a perfect example. Don’t blame God for the evil of men.

  • ChiRho

    Probably just muslims who weren’t muslim enough. Either way, they were falsely accused or exaggerated against, I assure you. The point is even non Christians were made in God’s image and do not deserve this. How much worse to know that for certain Christians are being persecuted similarly and need our help?

  • ChiRho

    Cause it’s the Joooooooooooooooooooose!

  • ChiRho

    When you are hanging from a spit set on broil, you can tell your captors that you don’t condone hatred.

    Before you join in the chorus of Mainstream Media big mouths you would do well to do some research. And getting your facts from an imam would be a poor choice. Look up true history, there’s tons of it out there. The history of Islam is hatred.

  • Jeff Benton

    These animals are already here…
    They are already hitting in different areas on unsuspecting peeps…
    This site is loaded with hundreds of examples…
    There are thousands more all over the net about muslim violence here in America…
    If peeps are waiting, I hope it is because they are already geared up and armed to the teeth…

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Don’t be judgemental willie. If i’m serious about fighting Islam, I have to help educate people first. But also, when it comes down to planning anything more than education, I sure as heck aren’t going to violate the first rule of operational security and tell the bad guys all I’m doing or not doing and when and where i’m doing or not doing it.

    But the first thing I want to do besides educate people and prayer, is ensuring that better people are elected politically in America. I am not a believer in a Republic anymore, but I can at least help ensure, with my fellow voters, that the worst of the Candidates isn’t elected.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Because they are two families and not twenty in your neighborhood, is why they are very peaceful people.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    If Muslims actually follow Islam in any major degree, they are by definition bad people. As for following the ‘Scofield Bible? Heck no.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    No, I was just making a distinction based on sin, not on affiliation, if you get my drift. Obviously, Islam isn’t going to do a genuinely ‘good person’ born into it any good, and as time goes on it will be harder and harder for such people to have even a slight shred of conscience.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Are you Muslim by any chance?

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Yeah, they have a long record of both. Vlad ‘the Impaler’ was just getting back at the Muslim Turks at their own game.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I see that Obama’s buddies……his Religion of Peace JV Team are at it again! Obama is unavailable for comment! He is busy on the golf course or at a fund raiser!

  • Trevor

    Thank you, I think.

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    What do you do? I read some of your comments, and it seems by those that you know what everyone do to stop this, of course, because you are omnipresent aren’t you? I believe that everyone here do what they can do to stop or ease the conditions of some persecuted christians. I don’t have a nuke to throw in ISIS headquarters, that’s for sure.

  • ChiRho

    I already know what jihad is and isnt, and I’ll pass on taking some lying imam’s word for it.

  • ChiRho

    The chorus of mainstream media big mouths are definitely not echoing my beliefs. They call Muhammad “Prophet,” and right after terrorists commit murder in his name no less. That is far from perspective.

  • Trevor

    I pray often to have the same courage Stephen, my favorite Bible hero, had when he stared down the Pharisees and proclaimed the truth to them. His martyrdom made it possible for Saul to be converted to Christianity.

  • It already is coming to our door. Progressives in the US want to enforce their version of ideological law on Christian citizens. Isn’t really any different than what the Muslims are doing in their countries.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Your attitude and language you use show me that there probably isn’t much I could say to change your already decided mind and heart. You just want someone to confirm your own bias and I don’t play those games. You want proof of God’s Mercy? Be merciful, for starters, then you might begin to see. And regard the Sacrifice for you on the Cross of God Himself, Jesus Christ.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015


    Sell that load of garbage story somewhere else, follower of Muhammad the Pedophile.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Whatever man, nobody is as foolish as people like you who believe Something magically came from Nothing by Itself, and that life is nothing more than a meaningless parenthesis between Nothing and Nothing. If Atheism were true, you’d have no more reason to spout of anything at all in comparison to anything else; what morality you still possess comes from a residue of Christian sensibility.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    I don’t like Democracy either; it makes your ilk coming to our lands possible.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Totally ignorant.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    We shall see, on the Day, who is right and who is wrong, and that will be the end of the matter.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    No, not at all. NSDAP was explicitly Antichistian, and Hitler wanted to destroy Christianity after the war.

  • Bake my damned gaycake!
    Any other stupid questions?

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    I see that you are pretty full of yourself, so i’ll leave you back to your solipsistic fantasy.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    As I said, we shall see; and I shall pray for you, for God is merciful and your zeal is calling for a cause more deserving.

  • Yes, God said BANG and there it was.

  • susan

    From above and beneath the earth. Genesis 7:11-12

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Actually, it pretty much does. We live in the ‘best of all possible worlds’, because an infinitely wise and all powerful and all good God, made the calculation that free will, both His and that of His creatures, was worth the cost of some of those creatures abusing their free will by essentially choosing nullity, which is what ‘evil’ is, the privation of what is essentially a good thing by choosing it badly by excess or defect. In other words, evil is a irrational and illogical choice.

    Is a teacher wrong if after making all rational efforts to teach a calculation, the student willfully chooses a wrong answer out of spite? No. And so neither is God, Who has written the right answers in the human heart, where it can never be fully eradicated.

    If you choose to say otherwise, you lie to yourself and others, because you choose to deny God in a vain attempt to silence your own conscience for the wrong things you have done. But God is merciful and loves mankind, and calls all to repentance.

  • susan

    Lol. Did you read it? It came from above and below. From space actually! :). And do you know exactly how much water there is underground? This is where wisdom helps. Just because we can’t see “how” something occurs doesn’t mean it didn’t.

  • IndependentDEvoter

    So they can kill all of us Infidels. Don’t you read their press releases?

  • Your religions sucks. You think you are better than everyone else

  • Slanderer, we were at the frontline against U.S. meddling in Iraq, Libya and Egypt BEFORE and AFTER the invasions. Go get yourself an education of whom we are than come and comment you dumb twit happy meal with a few french fires missing.

  • So fighting drugs does not encompass fighting the drug pusher, the drug ideology and the drug user?

  • The first Atheist trait is coming out: Slander.

    I did NOT delete your comment. It simply had to go through the moderator because there are many atheist homosexuals who post really nasty stuff, but I doubt that you will apologize for your misjudgment.

  • I predicted correctly.You didn’t. You assumed and were wrong by alleging I deleted your lousy comment calling me “coward” and you now resort to the typical sophist style argumentation to get yourself off the hook. Typical sophist. Now bugger off, scram, go read a fiction book …

  • If you have something to refute about what we wrote regarding the Bible being “fiction” have at it. Until then bugger off.

  • crimsons

    This is clearly not real.

  • Todd Perry

    Sounds like the Saudi government, turkey government and their allies as well as they to do not protect Christians and also rape, torture and murder them as well and they want to attack Syria and remove Assad who protects and allows Christians to live in peace in his country.