Hindu Man Takes An Innocent Person And Slices His Tongue Off. Major Hindu Organization Declares That Anyone Who Insults The Hindu Gods Will Have Their Tongues Chopped Off

By Theodore Shoebat

A Hindu man an India sliced off the tongue of one of his poor workers. A major Hindu organization is now saying that they will slice the tongues off anyone who insults the Hindu god. Here is the report:

An employer cut his workers tongue off to avoid having to pay him. Hindu nationalist leader: “We will not tolerate the insult of intellectuals, rather we will forcibly silence them”. The President of the Global Council of Indian Christians: “Threats of Hindutva violence led to 2008 pogroms in Orissa and Karnataka.”

Lucknow (AsiaNews) – He had asked to be paid for the work he had done, but his employer first had him beaten and then cut off his tongue. This was what happened to Tufani Musahar, Indian laborer residing in the village of Gariyaon, in the district of Jaunpur (in the central state of Uttar Pradesh).

The man, an educated tribal even if he belongs to Masahar [a community poorest outcast in the country, known as “mouses” – Ed], has tried several times to file a complaint, but the police refused to register the case of violence.

Not only that, but a leading Hindu nationalist has threatened to cut the tongues of two writers, guilty of “insulting” the Hindu deity Rama and Krishna. Speaking about these cases to AsiaNews, Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), harshly condemns these statements which are “threatening social peace, harmony and the coexistence of religions.”

The case worker beaten and then mutilated dates back to September 5th, but it was only made public yesterday thanks to the complaint of the activist Shruti Nagvanshi, who has demanded the intervention of the India’s Human Rights Commission.

Tufani, carrying out some building work in the house of Santosh Shukla worth 900 rupees (about 12 EUR), asked to be paid. The two began to argue, which led to the exchange of blows until the employer took out a knife and cut out his tongue at the laborer, helped by accomplices.

The man then fainted and, after waking up, went at the local police station. “But the police refused several times to register the case – says the activist – and accuse him of lying. Since he has not been subjected to medical tests, they argue that the cut may have been caused by an accident”.

Swami Siddalinga also spoke of cutting out tongues yesterday at a conference in Kalburgi (in northern Karnataka) noting that Hindus are very resentful of comments made by professors KS Bhagwan and Chandrashekhar Patil on epic poems from Hindu mythology, the “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata.” Recently, professor Bhagwan told Indian TV that the gods Rama and Krishna are not to be worshiped because they do not support human rights. His remarks sparked the fury of the Hindus, so much so that the guru yesterday threatened: “The epics are considered sacred texts by millions of Hindus. People will not tolerate disparaging remarks about the character of Ramayana, who is the object of worship. Indeed, we should cut out the tongue of writers if they do not stop insulting Hindu gods”.




  • Trevor

    Well…since there are, what, 200 million gods in Hinduism, they don’t hold a candle to Jesus, nor are they even worthy to light one, for they are all made of woods, stones, and are dumb and mute.

    • Indian Christian Crusader

      Yes, but there are also evil spirits that are active, there is a spirit behind some of these idols that has the power to do evil and influence thoughts and action of those who pray to it.

      • Catbr

        I don’t believe in that sort of thing. Sounds like voodoo.

        • Indian Christian Crusader

          You don’t believe, cos you have not encountered it. Simple as that. Evil spirits are worshiped in India as “gods”. Even Voodoism and witchcraft has demonic powers. Just as there is a God, there is also a devil. The best thing the devil wants, is for people not to believe in his existance.

          • Catbr

            This is very true. The devil doesn’t want people to believe in him. It gives him more power. I suppose you’re right about me not encountering it. But believe me I do believe in the darkness of evil and demons. And people in India praying to these evil gods are giving their souls over to it. So I won’t be going over there to encounter their evil gods any time soon or playing around with voodoo. lol.

  • Rjk

    I don’t know what it is about these kind of people that do these horrible acts to other people nor can I explain their rationale. They seem to be missing something in their minds that keeps them from logic, common sense, etc. They worship idols, animals and whatever else they find. It’s seem as though Satan has completely blocked their minds from total reality and not one bit of light is shining in.

    • dovari

      India is in utter darkness. You visit Hyderabad in Telangana State during Ganesha festivals, you will realize the depth of darkness it is in. They worship the idol for about 9 days and then they throw it in one of dirtiest lakes in the world. That’s how they actually treat their own gods, not to talk about their own fellow countrymen.

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        The bible says those who pray to idols, become like them. Even the Hindu gods treat each other like trash in their mythology. What they worship, they become. When they worship snakes, they think and behave like snakes. When they worship an elephant, they think and behave like an elephant trampling on everyone else. When they worship a monkey, they think and behave like a monkey , cunning and thieving. When they worship a cow, they will think and behave like a cow with an indifferent attitude to things in life. The condition of our country is so, purely because of Hinduism. There was a time when the Indian subcontinent was called a paradise, when a peaceful form of Buddhism and Jainism were the dominant religions that focused more on morality and values. Now, the entire place has gone to dogs thanks to the Brahmins who cut/copy/pasted from other religions and created this heinous puppet worship and deceived others. Every Hindu is a convert today from the peaceful non-violent religion of Jainism in exchange for goodies offered by Brahmins. Truth hurts the Hindus badly. The only reason India is secular, is thanks to the British rule and its laws that we inherited and Ambedkar, the Buddhist convert who framed the Indian constitution. Even its “secularism” is only on piece of paper in many parts of the country, especially north India.

        • dovari

          Absolutely. 100%.

      • Catbr


  • Indian Christian Crusader

    This is what they threatened my father with all throughout his life, to cut his tongue and to burn him alive. His own family members threatened to burn him alive. Coming from north Indian tribe, Hindus of north India are very clear, they hate converts. My dad suffered throughout his life, and even bore injuries on his body after converting. Thankfully, my mother (christian family already) and her family looked after him well. Even today, I face threats, saying, “Your father was born Hindu, so you should be a Hindu”. I reply back saying, “According to your filthy Hindu logic, if your father was a robber, you should also be a robber”. Clever how they use “ancestry” tricks, because ancestral demons operate in them under ancestral curses. Unlike most fraudulent Pentecostals, I (a member of Church of north India/Anglican) don’t believe in using magic tricks to “convert” Hindus, I want these morons to acknowledge THEIR TRUE ROOTS from Noah and his 3 sons, THANK THE SUPREME God who saved Noah through the ark, AND come to Christ by understanding the character of Christ. Their filthy notion of pantheistic “brahman supreme being” is not the same as the God who is DISTINCT AND SEPARATE from his Creation. Unless the Hindu understands it, there is no point in converting him. Any Pentecostal pastor can show magic tricks, and draw Hindus, who love mysticism themselves, I focus more on Christ and the richness of the Christian faith. I am a big fan of Orthodox Christianity as being a good teacher to faith in India, sadly “some” of our South Indian orthodox Christian brethren have betrayed us, by remaining silent for 2000 years since St Thomas and not spreading the orthodox church beyond Kerala. Orthodox Christianity must be strengthened across India as a true visible example of Christianity and moderate churches such as Anglican church/Methodists/Catholics all should work together. I am personally sick of Hindu terrorism and Pentecostal mania.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    I hope the Hindus and Muslims will turn against each other into a major war and get rid of each other and do this world a favor, two of the most filthiest religions of Satan. May God divide the camp of His enemies and pit them against each other as He has done so many times in the Bible.

    • Paladin

      Here what I learned from “real” history, prior to the Colonization of India by the British Empire, Hinduism was a very frightening religion to behold, infact if you looked at Indiana Jones 2, it was like looking into the past which instead of just Kali but all of their major gods are like that.
      Indiana Jones 2 was criticized by the Hindus for its “hitting to close at home” interpretation of Hindus, inthat movie case Kali worshippers.
      From human sacrifice ( babies and girls ), temple prostitutes/wives ( which one can sleep to attain a goddess power), self mutilation, incest, cannibalism, holy cow d*ng, and every perversion under the sun exist during the pre Colonization era. During that time there are mass conversion of Indians from Hinduism to Islam and Catholicism, because of the hardship and insanity that Hinduism put on its people.
      When the Brits came and colonized India, the rate of conversion and social unrest in provinces/states that has Hinduism increases tenfold, especially after the Brits outlawed many of the crazy insane practices.
      This forced the Hindu elites from the upper castes to redefined their teachings and interpretation of their scriptures and religious practices.
      Overnight, the teachings of Motherhood and familial importance are introduced to counter Catholicism, The Importance of their 3 main gods to counter Christianity, The sexual yoga was put in front instead of self denial to prevent youngsters convert to Islam, and many other so called “abolitions” of the old teachings, just so that they can maintain their hold on the Indian populace and prevent the Brits, the Catholics and the Muslims to ideologically wipe out Hinduism.
      Hinduism today cannot be compared to the horror of the pre Colonized India. Its still very bad and very evil, but the old ways are worse.

      Hope this helps. GOD bless you. Amen.

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        It was worse in the past yes, before the modern legal code introduced by the Britishers came. Philosophers like Buddha and Jain teachers of the Jain religion tried to bring some sanity, but they failed under the mafia onslaught of the Brahmins and their mafia gods. Some parts of the country still remain badly affected.

    • dovari

      But intriguingly enough, when it comes to Christians they become united. A Christian is their common enemy in India.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    RSS-BJP mafiadom is spreading, look on the internet daily and see the venomous hatred of the Hinduva “educated” middle class brigade.

  • Indian Christian Crusader


  • Diana

    Pure satanic lunacy.

  • Delta Rain

    Hindu Voodoo….

  • susan

    How dreadful!

  • dovari

    That’s because they worship idols which have eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear, mouth but cannot speak, hands but cannot work, legs but cannot walk. Those who worship them are like them.
    That’s the reason for darkness in India.