AFGHANISTAN: Islamic State (ISIS) is already running jihad training schools for toddlers and teens

By BI: According to Barack Hussein Obama, ISIS has been contained. Contained in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now Europe.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group in Afghanistan are training children as young as 3-year-old as they are looking to expand their foothold in the country. The harrowing fact regarding the use of kids as new recruits in Afghanistan has been revealed in a news documentary series which aired by PBS this week.


The “Frontline” Documentary has been prepared by Najibullah Quraishi, the journalist behind “ISIS in Afghanistan”. He has returned with footage of militants training children as young as 3 in the terror tactics used by the group.

An ISIS commander invites PBS reporter to meet two Afghan teenagers who are being groomed to become suicide bombers. At 13 and 17, they know how to detonate explosives and will soon become martyrs.

  • Jeff Benton

    See that boy rocking from side to side while looking down, the whole time the other boy is still and looking with a carefully concealed rage at the world???
    ( I say carefully concealed, because what some may think is a rage at westerners and even what these boys consider to be apostate muslims is actually a rage at the entire world and everyone in it)

    Both those boys have most likely been raped and/or beaten at very young ages… Possibly from birth…
    Regardless of what or how, deep trauma has impacted both of them from a very very young age…
    The confusion and willingness to die that fills them is real… They have no reason to continue living and no way to process any sane thought patterns that may possibly try to sneak into their minds from time to time…

    It would take years and much heartache to undo what has been done to them… And without Gods help, even that would be impossible…

  • The mainstream media should have been showing that video to American citizens right after BHO publicly mocked opponents of the Syrian Refugee Resettlement program for being “afraid” of refugee children and women coming into the United States. The point is that while young kids in our country are busily distracted with video games, texting, Facebook, etc., the young Islamic children, whether from ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc., are being indoctrinated in weapons handling and to hate America and western civilizations. ISIS leaders would gladly instruct children and women how to carry out a surprise attack against Americans whenever they can and at the opportune time.
    Yes, even refugee kids and young women can be a potential threat at any shopping mall, sporting event, concert, school dance, cafeteria, etc. The terror and hatred against Americans is going to be carried out by indoctrinated and devout Muslims of ANY AGE.
    Of course, they would be dressed casually and perhaps with back packs to avoid being suspected until they are ready to carry out their “mission” for Islam.

  • Zuzana

    The video has been disabled.

    • Jeff Benton

      Still working here in America on the east coast…

      • Zuzana

        I am now in Europe and I get a msg for the second video that it is not available in Slovakia. I will try again in the Canada.

  • Zuzana

    I am now traveling in Slovakia and I get a msg for the second video that it is not available. I will try again in the Canada.

  • richinnameonly

    And in the U.S. recently it was discovered that a public school teacher had his students sing a Muslim “fight song”.