BOMBSHELL: There Are Massacres Of Christians Happening Right Now That Is Worse Than What ISIS Is Doing And Is Carried Out By Psuedo-Christian Cults

By Walid Shoebat

The love of death is becoming popular globally as the world plunges into darkness getting closer to the tribulations. To say that the love of death is primarily ISIS and Islam is a myth. The reality is that there are several death cults manifesting in pseudo-Christian churches which are cropping up luring millions in San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, New Orleans, Miami and other U.S. cities running from Central America, Mexico and to the U.S. The phenomenon is currently plunging Mexico back to the Mesoamerican Olmec and Aztec times including their infamous reputation practicing bloodthirsty human sacrifices by decapitation, skinning people alive before their hearts are removed and their bodies dismembered.

Victims of the terrorist cartels in Mexico

The ritual sacrifices is even much worse from what westerners see in ISIS yet is gaining much less attention. In Mexico for example, the ritualistic killings are not only being carried out under the label of satanism. Under the guise of being Catholic we have the Santa Muerte cult and under the guise of being Protestant we have the Los Temmplarios (The Templars) who are pseudo-Evangelical biblical gymnasts that manipulate the Holy Scriptures.

Both are converting multitudes into their death cults. The agendas of these pseudo-Christian cults remain conspicuous since the world thinks the killings are simply drug related. To say that drug cartels are all about drugs is the myth that is covering up the reality of the dark spiritual side; the narcoculto (narco-cult) that is converting Christians to slaughter Christians. Like ISIS these have theology, salvation ideology of self-sacrifice component of the holy warriorspilling of blood as martyrs, rules, code of ethics, religious books, rituals … And like Muhammad began his mission in Mecca, it all started when such cults  provided representation for the poor taking over all functions formerly administered by society.

Reality has not caught up with us; Muslim terrorists are major drug cartels but we speak of their cult more than their drugs, where in Mexico we speak of their drugs and we forget their cult. For Americans, such cults should be more concerning than ISIS; these are not in far-flung death squads in Iraq and Syria, they are next door and are already beginning to mushroom in the U.S.

According to the FBI, these cults have already been exported to the United States from Mexico. The common denominator of such cults is that they are all designed to revive Aztec style ritual sacrifices.

The Tribulation period as it seems, will be a revival of Lucifer’s past dominions centered in reviving the  Ottomans (which encompasses over a billion Muslims), the revival of nature worship and paganism which encompasses liberal environmentalist in the Western societies of Europe and the U.S., Buddhism which is being revived in the Japanese cult of “Showa martyrs” … and the list goes on.

But what is hitting the Americas in addition to the cult of environmentalism is the narcoculto (narco cult). From amongst the psuedo-Catholic side, we have Las Zetas and the worship of the unsanctioned quasi-Catholic saint Santa Muerte; a syncretism between indigenous Mesoamerican and Spanish Catholic beliefs and practices with 10 to 12 million adherents between the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. The FBI warns:

For U.S. law enforcement agencies, the rise of a criminalized and dark variant of Santa Muerte worship holds many negative implications. Of greatest concern, the inspired and ritualistic killings associated with this cult could cross the border and take place in the United States … Santa Muerte ideology has developed in Mexico for approximately a half century and has spread into the United States and Central America.


Churches for Santa Muerte have cropped up in San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Miami and New Orleans, as well as other heavily populated areas that draw in migrant workers. At present there are 15 religious groups in Los Angeles alone dedicated to her worship and not just by Latinos. Increasingly larger numbers have began to show up at pseudo-religious ceremonies as the worship of the celebrated folk Saint continues to spread inside the United States. Each and every day millions of people pray to her, asking for her assistance in both worldly and spiritual matters.

And from the Protestant side, there is the cult of the La Familia Michoacana with its offshoot Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templars). The FBI summarizes:

evidence suggests that the numbers of defections to the cults that worship a perverted Christian god (e.g., La Familia Michoacana and Los Caballeros Templarios) and the various unsanctioned saints (e.g., Jesús Malverde, Juan Soldado, and Santa Muerte) have grown for years … La Familia Michoacana (LFM), one of the dominant cartels in Mexico … is an evangelical-criminal organization based on a bizarre fusion of Christian teachings, the writings of [American Evangelical] John Eldredge (Wild at Heart et al.), and the teachings of the original La Familia leadership.


The pseudo-Evangelical cult La Familia Michoacana with Evangelical setting hands lifted and the emblem of the dove. In the doctrinal, the punch is introduced stating that the duty of every Knight Templar is “love and selfless service to all mankind,” on the understanding that “there is a God, a servant life (sic) for Him, an eternal truth and purpose of serving God and neighbor (sic) “. The Templar forces to serve the Order as a service to God without expecting any reward, “except to know that this honor to the Order by his devotion”. In their definitions, he said that all members of the Order “must fight against materialism, injustice. But then there is the cyanid the use of lethal force is required authorization of the board. As in medieval chivalry, Michoacan Templars say they have a duty to administer justice, but warns that none of them “must kill for money,” but point out that “when this decision is made, should be investigated and if there is good … sufficient reasons, yes proceed. “

Eldredge was a member of the staff at Focus on the Family for 12 years. Los Caballeros Templarios used his teachings using Evangelical methods with Catholic history from when The Knights Templars (aka Knighthood of the Temple of Solomon) supposedly became a military-religious order reviving the Papacy‘s mid-12th to late-13th century in the Holy Land claiming that these were not known only for their piety but for their bloodlust in battle against the infidel Muslims who occupied the holy land. By using American Evangelical John Eldredge’s book, Wild at Heart, which manipulates scriptures claiming that God intended Adam to have animalistic instincts (more on that later) and the result can be seen from this following example La Familia Michoacana conducts ritual beheadings:


While Santa Muerte has been there for over five decades, a narco-criminal variant has since emerged that has elevated Santa Muerte into similar ways as it was in Mesoamerican cults with a dark and vengeful deity in her own right. This variant of Santa Muerte has nothing even remotely to do with Catholicism and is rapidly gaining adherents. As FBI expert, Robert J. Bunker puts it “rather than [offering Santa Muerte] plates of food, beer, and tobacco, in some instances, the heads of victims (and presumably their souls) have served as offerings to invoke powerful petitions for divine intervention.” 

The religious/spiritual (narcocultos) aspect is rapidly spreading, especially amongst the young and more worshipers are continuing to gravitate to the harsher aspects of the faith.

The entire Mexican society has unraveled and gone to war with itself. The bonds and relationships that held that society together are fraying, unraveling where traditional Mexican values compete with the cults in a brutal contest over the hearts, minds, and souls‘ of its citizens in a street-by-street, block-by-block, and city-by-city war and now the entire social and political organization of Mexico is crumbling.

A flower bouquet lies over a banner that reads "90,000 deaths. More than 27,000 missing. Where are they?" during the second anniversary of the "Peace with Justice and Dignity" movement in Mexico City March 28, 2013. Activists, friends and relatives of missing persons gathered at the Estela de Luz monument to commemorate the second anniversary of the "Peace with Justice and Dignity" movement,local media reported. The movement was started by Mexican poet Javier Sicilia following the death of his son Juan Francisco and six of his friends in the city of Cuernavaca on March 2011 and has given a voice to thousands of Mexicans suffering the chaos of the drug war. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo (MEXICO - Tags: CIVIL UNREST CRIME LAW) - RTXY1J4

A flower bouquet lies over a banner that reads “90,000 deaths. More than 27,000 missing. Where are they?” during the second anniversary of the “Peace with Justice and Dignity” movement in Mexico City March 28, 2013. Activists, friends and relatives of missing persons gathered at the Estela de Luz monument to commemorate the second anniversary of the “Peace with Justice and Dignity” movement,local media reported. The movement was started by Mexican poet Javier Sicilia following the death of his son Juan Francisco and six of his friends in the city of Cuernavaca on March 2011 and has given a voice to thousands of Mexicans suffering the chaos of the drug war. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo (MEXICO – Tags: CIVIL UNREST CRIME LAW) – RTXY1J4


Out of hundreds of examples on the sadistic nature of these death cults, in Tepito, it was discovered that a drug lord was holding annual human sacrifices of virgins and newborns in return for the Saint bestowing magical powers on him. Recently, a mass grave was unearthed in the drug crime embattled northern state of Sinaloa. All 50 bodies were marked with symbols and adornments depicting Santa Muerte. Although venerated alongside Jesús Malverde, the “Saint of Drug Traffickers” whose following is strong in his hometown of Sinaloa, the force of Santa Muerte is much more dominant. Altars with images of Santa Muerte have begun to crop up routinely raided drug houses in both Mexico and the United States, as immigrants bring their practices with them.

In Mexico, these cults focus on robbing farms, resources by evacuating through mass-killing the poor Catholic populations and taking over entire districts. But this is met with resistance. As a result, the Autodefensas (popular self-defense) was formed and armed the poor indigenous people that are kicking out the drug cartels in the states of Guerrero and Michoacán. According to university studies in Arizona, “in these places, cartels bribe elected officials, police, and military and the community suffers. Taking up arms, communities are now determining their own lives in their ancestors’ territory.”

From the spiritual side, the key resistance in preventing such falling away is to instill into the faithful that the devil (as a biblical gymnast does) uses religion including even the Bible itself. The first uttering from  the devil to Jesus was when he tempted Christ by quoting Scripture from the old testament Psalm 91:11 as explained in Matthew 4:6:

“If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written [in Psalm 119]: “‘He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.'”

The devil, by using Scripture itself, wanted Christ to unintentionally commit suicide by adding what was not in the text “throw yourself down”. Proverbs 8:32-36 warns: “all they that hate me love death”. The faithful need to beware that millions roam roundabout claiming to be Christian when in reality they are nothing more than biblical gymnasts who articulately downplay evil condemning legitimate self-defense and even promoting evil: “while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13).

Deception could either be intentional or unintentional, yet it matters not, since both are identified as deceivers according to scripture, and all claiming faithful need to examine continually their own hearts (Psalm 26:2, Psalm 129:23).

Many biblical gymnasts even brutalize, torture, and kill others and use Scriptures to rationalize their activities. According to the FBI, to these, “religion is necessary to offer solace for their activity,” not via mainstream Christianity, but by use of Scripture manipulation they create the cults of death.

As Christians, we are not to stand idle in aiding the victims and exposing the culprits. Psalm 109 describes the “wicked” as ones who “remembered not to shew mercy, but persecuted the poor and needy man“.

When the “poor” are harassed and killed, according to Scriptures, these are also considered “persecuted” in God’s eyes.

While persecution for our “faith” is definitely the ultimate persecution, Christ clarifies this point:

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Christ does not say blessed are those who are persecuted for their faith but blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness.

One can have a faith, even express it, yet when able to confront evil and oppression, standing idle makes such faith in itself very evil for it misrepresents Christ and promotes cowardice which scripture  abundantly makes clear that the coward does not inherit the Kingdom:

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”(Revelation 21:8)

To say that persecution is only when someone expresses their faith is in fact evil. The Jews during Nazi Germany without expressing their faith were persecuted for simply being who they are, Jews, and not for being Christians.

Dare anyone deny the holocaust as not persecution? Muslims kill Christians for not being able to pay  Jizzya and had they paid they would live. This is not “killing for their faith,” yet we rightfully still qualify it as “persecution of Christians”. The  Japanese annihilated millions of people in China, many of the victims were Christians. They never said “we are killing you for your faith,” they just killed them.

Yet despite all this, in an unsolicited message from VOM (Voice of the Martyrs) chapter in Pueblo Nuevo Mexico, they warned us about our writings exclaiming that our claim of persecution in Mexico is false and that “persecution” is only defined as such when violence is portrayed for the “faith”:

“we (Voice of the Martyrs Mexico) and Open Doors do classify persecution by armed groups against believers when they are targeted for living or sharing their faith.”

The chastisement was attempting to undermine us for speaking out and aiding the poor in Mexico who are standing up to the drug cartel condemning the poor Mexican farmers who take up arms to defend themselves. VOM Mexico was agitated since Rescue Christians has been helping the widows and establishing a soup kitchen for orphans whose fathers were innocent farmers who were robbed off their fields where many were beheaded and their heads (in an ISIS style) were dropped at the doorsteps of their families in Apatzingán, Michoacan in Mexico. The victims who were massacred from amongst the poor were in the hundreds of thousands. The holocaust in  Mexico is faced by collective denial from fear of the cartels, and VOM says that such holocaust is not classified as persecution since “They are not persecuted for being Christians” to even adding “The information about stolen bodies and body parts are rumors or urban legend”.

Many are the fools who think that the evil cartel have no spiritual motives. Fact is, the drug epidemic in Mexico, which was mostly a mafia business in the past, was revolutionized into a major psuedo-Christian cult in Apatzingán (where Rescue Christians have been active aiding widows and victims), by one named Nazario Moreno González who was converted in California and returned to Mexico to become a missionary and a biblical gymnast. González even had twelve apostles. And like ISIS and the Taliban, they can sell drugs but are prohibited to use it. They also knew how to manipulate Scriptures for the cause:

During his time in the United States. In Apatzingán, Moreno González preached to the poor and always carried a bible with himUnlike other traditional drug trafficking organizations in Mexico, his organization also operated like a religious cult, where its own members were given “bibles” with sayings and conduct guidelines. Moreno González reportedly carried out several philanthropic deeds to help the marginalized in Michoacán. Such deeds helped him craft an image of protector, saint, and Christ-like messianic figure among the poor, and gave La Familia Michoacana a level of influence among some natives.

The cult soon began to convert Catholics by the droves into its pseudo-Christian posse and were ordered to study the Bible, even as they gun down police, dismember people, while becoming the main pseudo-Christian fundamentalist narco-gang based in the torrid Tierra Caliente region of western Michoacan state.

And just like ISIS, they began lopping off enemies’ heads and limbs, and massacring police and soldiers. Nazario Moreno has written his own theological manifesto for his 1,500 minions and even held prayer meetings before doing their grisly work.

It was one of the bravest women in Mexico’s history, a Catholic named María Santos Gorrostieta of Michoacán, who finally confronted these Bible-gymnasts. In spite of three failed assassination attempts by this cult, during her tenure as mayor, Gorrostieta continued to be outspoken.


María Santos Gorrostieta

After three attacks in which Gorrostieta Salazar was injured and her husband murdered, she finally was kidnapped and assassinated by this cult on 15 November 2012. She said her Catholic faith influenced her approach to her duties as a politician. She has been described as a “heroine of the 21st century” for her opposition to Mexico’s drug cults and for refusing to take bribes.


The martyred María Santos Gorrostieta

So according to Mexico’s Voice of the Martyrs representative, Gorrostieta was not “persecuted” since persecution is only defined as “for their faith” even adding that drug dealers in Mexico are primarily “Catholic” (see full message below). According to VOM’s reasoning, Gorrostieta was not “persecuted” and righteousness is not key to inheriting “the kingdom of heaven” if one is Catholic.

This is far from Richard Wurmbrand’s message who founded the organization Voice of the Martyrs as evidence revealsWurmbrand cooperated with the Catholic bishop Fulton Sheen to expose persecution. Here he adds, that besides the suffering Christians who are persecuted, that there were “Jews who are persecuted” and even “Muslims” (see starting at 8:40):

Indeed. In Israel, there were Muslims who risked their own lives to save Jews in the Hebron Massacre:  “435 Jews who survived were hidden by local Arab families”. Jews like Wurmbrand in the Hebron massacre lived because Muslims who were righteous did what was right despite Muhammad’s instructions on killing Jews. To God labels are not everything for He examines the hearts of men.

Even more ironically amazing, the Protestant Anglican cleric, Wurmbrand, after having left us to be with the Lord, his family are still being persecuted in the U.S. by none other than the Voice of the Martyrs itself. Michael Wurmbrand explains how he suffered for righteousness’ sake as Christ did and was even thrown out of his own temple named after his father:

I was dismissed from a building named Richard Wurmbrand, my father, Center, having inside a museum on my parents displaying the Bible of my mother obtained from me ALSO with plain false promises.


Michael Wurmbrand


Michael Wurmbrand (child) and his parents, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand

As to why this brave Wurmbrand was persecuted, he explains that it was for attempting to expose the pedophilia at VOM:

the mission Voice of the Martyrs of Bartlesville (VOM), Oklahoma, USA and its international affiliates, continue to use Richard Wurmbrand, Sabina Wurmbrand, my parents’ persona, pictures, writings and books, my persona also to obtain your donations! Tom White, the past Voice of the Martyrs Chairman for more than 20-years, committed suicide in April, 2012, only two to three hours after an accusation of child molestation (pedophilia) of a 10-years old girl was formally filed by her parents with the local police

His story even gets worse. His multi-million dollar family’s entire ministry was taken over by a pedophile and another who was a ‘money cartel’ and biblical gymnast named Stephen Lindquist through sheer trickery. He tells his story from a lonely website:

“A repeated offender 3rd degree felon, who as of 2013 was STILL UNDER A-10-YEARS CONVICTION SENTENCE AS AN EMBEZZLER was named the Voice of the Martyrs Vice President [Stephen Lindquist]. Tens of thousands of dollars out of your contributions for supposed missionary work were extended as a loan to him to pay back some of what he stole and eventually escape parole supervision.” (Caps his)

When Wurmband Jr. confronted the outfit to expose the pedophilia, he was thrown out of the temple and received the typical biblical gymnast responses that we usually get on

“Do not cast the first stone,” “king Solomon made mistakes ,” “we might also sin” or “promise to keep correspondence private only” displayed the hypocrisy to protect the flow of donations  rather than any interest in protecting possible children victims! Some answers were outright sarcastic, as if my requesting a proper  investigation regarding suspected pedophilia among  “Christian missionaries” would be some joke.”

Wurmbrand explains his entire heartache from his lonely website:

VOM published even how within months of our arrival in the United States, from 1967 on, I worked together with my parents Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, to start what is now Voice of the Martyrs. Recently released documents from the archives of the Romanian secret police prove the communists had issued an order to kill our entire family.  See: We started what is now Voice of the Martyrs under a communist sentence of death. When I was only a child, the communists forcefully took away my parents to  communist prisons. I suffered plenty. My parents died with a good name. I do not want to allow VOM use my parents good name, to raise money under false pretenses. I wrote the VOM directors: “If you enjoy, for motivations of your own, to wallow in the mire of suspected pedophilia go ahead …. If you do not want to accept an independent investigation and complete transparency of your dealings, I begged you do not use my father’ long years of suffering in communist prisons and the intense suffering of his whole family to raise money from naive donors ….”  I was written by VOM, when asking help for formerly persecuted Christians under communism, now in their 90s, “we are technically out of money!…there will be NO check requests approved for anything other than absolutely essential…” only to find out later that $9.5 million were available not for mission work, but for construction work in Oklahoma (see above link.) Christian parents please protect your children! Consider how grave it is to allow your children to trust and be reached by a missionary organization having had a case of suspected pedophilia and a suicide because of it in its midst, and then terminating me, its founder so as not to have to respond to a request for an independent investigation of possible sexual child molestation.

When I first was told about Wurmbarnd Jr., it was through one VOM activist, the Rick Warren loving photo opportunist you see below, Calvary Chapel pastor Wes Denham who had slandered Wurmbrand telling me he defected from the ways of his father. Denham, as his bio reveals, was mentored by and traveled extensively with Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.


Wes Denham standing on the far right with Rick Warren

But we are to e careful of slander. As I study the man, he is a chip of the old block: his father Richard Wurmbrand. To be a Christian it is as Wurmbrand Jr. says:

“[John the Baptist] put his life at risk to denounce the sin of Herod, the ruler of the day”. 

And so did Wurmbrand Jr. who lost it all because he exposed VOM’s coverups. The very “voice” of the persecuted has become the very persecutor. Herod could care less about John’s preaching or his faith. He killed him because John exposed Herod’s immorality.

Wurmbrand’s story adds up. VOM’s own Tax records proves the case how “STEPHEN LINDQUIST” (see mugshot below) taking personal loans from the charity. As it seems VOM was hijacked by an embezzler and another who was a pedophile.  If one examines VOM’s Tax Returns and sees 1.00 hour of service a week for regular board members and 40.00 hours of ‘service’ by only the two corrupt officers, it becomes obvious: the fox entered the henhouse.

lind mug shot copy


The millions that Christians donated to Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) as Wurmbrand explains ended up to building real estate: a mega structure worth $28 million dollars. Anyone with a persecution case can call VOM and ask for help, and they will see for themselves how fast they are turned away.

Most do not understand that none-profit organizations are a mega magnet for embezzlers. Rescue Christians had dealt with several who attempted to infiltrate the organization like Alan Goetsch who turned out to be an impostor with a criminal record.

Similarly was the story of the Barnabas Fund which was ran by Patrick Sookhdeo who was an outspoken spokesman for persecuted Christian minorities around the world. Sookhdeo called me years ago asking to hire me on the condition I stop my own activism and only represent his. Thankfully I turned down the offer. I was never for sale no matter what the price was. Last year he was found guilty by a jury at Swindon Crown Court on the charge of sexual assault and two further charges of intimidating witnesses.

It was our own experience with these organizations that finally sparked our mission after contacting them to help rescue the Christian slaves in Pakistan. These told us that their policies is not to move Christians from danger zones. We finally did it through the help of mostly simple donors, godly Evangelicals and non-Evangelicals and now thousands have been snatched from brick kilns, moved to safety and given normal work and freedom to worship Christ the Lord.

I have seen this all throughout my youth in Israel. Most do not understand, victims, refugees, persecution and such is a sight for sore-eyes and is also a mega-money maker for the U.N, UNRWA and the Palestinian  money cartel. The Palestinian refugee situation was never resolved for that purpose. Even when Palestinian refugees become millionaires, they still keep their refugee status to make a political argument and raise funds for corrupt institutions and organizations. This is a fact. The end of refugees and persecution means the end of the money-cartel, yet most who donate out of the goodness of their hearts are unaware.

Anyone can search VOM and see its all about prayer, sending Bibles, blankets, action packs and you can be active by writing letters, inundating Christians who are imprisoned, supposedly to give them comfort. It all sounds and feels good. When it comes to Christians in prison, Rescue Christians hires lawyers to help free Christians from prison and they do not solicit for ‘letters’.

I recall when I saw the pallet of letters in the Benny Hinn show which on one occasion I refused to lay my hand on the pallet loaded with letters from poor suffering folks begging for a miracle from Benny. While the camera was rolling on the pallet for Benny to pray, Benny seeing only my hands not touching the letters,  he grabbed my hands and pushed them on the pallet, my hands simply bounced away. I refuse to pray on letters and offer nothing for the suffering.

The problem with such show is that a drowning man first needs a lifejacket or a floating tube, then we can give him a Bible and a blanket. Imagine the man on his way to Jericho and the Samaritan, instead of covering the man’s nakedness and healing his wounds and taking him to the inn, would throw him a Bible.

Utter hypocrisy. Ask any NGO in Pakistan if Christians are short of Bibles. The money cartels know the western mindset and promotes accordingly.

Corruption is growing and stinking till high heaven. Today, the quagmire we call “church” can be broken into several compartments. On the one hand you have the “do not cast the first stone” crowd. These are well-acustomed to instantly throw biblical verses as evidence for their actionless faith.

These same folks would even condemn Richard Wurmand’s efforts saying:

“If a Catholic is being abused he has to know he isn’t being persecuted for Jesus! A Catholic doesn’t even have a saving faith! Consider his soul lest he die in his sins and you be called to task by Jesus for not telling him the truth!”

Even if this were true, the Samaritan were theologically confused on many scriptural points, yet Jesus elevated him over the theologically correct Pharisee for his act of righteousness.

The biggest lie the biblical gymnast follows is that the Church is divided into two spheres; one that is labeled as “false” since it believes that we are “saved by works” (which they say you need to avoid at all costs) and the other is the true church which believes that we are “saved by faith alone” (which you need to follow).

The same premise, sadly, is used for evaluating persecution.

If we follow such premise, who is then left to help besides “missionaries” who are ‘persecuted’  because they are being resisted from conversion by the Copts, Ethiopian, Chaldean, Byzantine, Eastern Orthodox; Russian, Estonian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Cypriot, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Moldavian, Ukranian … All these who suffered the yoke of Communism, Islam or Nazism are now to be ‘converted’ since these are “not saved” regardless of their faith in Christ like Gorrostieta. After all,  Gorrostieta, like Wurmbrand “believed in salvation by works”.

All this, while no one can find a statement of faith from either sphere that defines “salvation is by works and not by faith/grace”.

Fact is, this other sphere that is the subject of conversion says that they are “saved by grace alone” instead of “by faith alone”.

My act of faith is in itself an act of works since any mental process that results from my regeneration is in itself a work. So for this reason, the Bible was meticulous stating we are saved by God’s mercy and grace alone as Ephesians 2:8 so clearly states:

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God

This grace is always dropped from the equation by many lazy biblical gymnasts. And it is not only Christ Who endures such slander, removing the word “grace,” they even slander His own mother, Mary, they make it as if she was a ballet dancer who was simply “full of grace” (Luke 1:28).

Such are the wicked slanderers. When a Muslim slanders, we say “what do you expect, he’s Muslim” but when these slander, it’s much more potent and more difficult to expose. These are keen on how to use biblical verses, as the narco cultist, Nazario Moreno González did, using his Bible better than a gymnast uses his trampoline.


There are millions upon millions who use their Bible as a trampoline; jumping up and down, roundabout, doing summersaults, spins … and are quite artistic at the circus. But in the end they trip and fall off the trampoline. The Bible, besides being a blessing, is also a curse; it is a blessing for everyone who simply follows what it simply says and it is a curse for anyone who reads into it as Lucifer did at the temptation what it does not say.

This was rather a very sad message, especially that I nearly gave my life for the Voice of the Martyrs the first year I became Christian having been influenced by its founder Richard Wurmband who was a great inspiration for me. Wurmbrand was far from this message we got from VOM. Contrary to VOM’s claim, the drug cult, sparked by a religious figure González, has “altars with photos and figurines of the trafficker” that have “been found in two communities of Apatzingan, with prayers referring to him as ‘Saint Nazario.'”

Gonzalez’s twelve apostles, for example, Jose Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias ‘El Chango’ (the monkey) trained “recruits to the Familia” who “reportedly had to study El Chango‘s teachings, which include interpretations of Biblical stories, as an initiation ritual.”

While VOM denies the drug cartels ritualistic killings calling it “urban legend”, they make themselves better experts than the FBI which reports the cartel’s motto similar to ISIS’s Nashids.

Bloodbaptized—in a shroud of human skin;
Raise your wings—as we celebrate the dead;
Sacrifice—in the honour of your wealth;

Reward us now—in triumph we behead.


Skinning the head is the trademark aspect of Narcoculto ritualistic sacrifices

Wearing the skin was distinctly a Mesoamerican practice. This is not Islam, this is the cult of the Narco-cartel which has much similarities with Islam. According to the study by the University of Arizona, the poor Mexican farmers and the autodefensas are correct in their self-defense and struggle. They, having the signature of true saints, they are persecuted and slandered:

In the room at University of Arizona, Sedillo clarified: “the mainstream media and the official line claim the self-defense patrols are composed of marauding militias. Not true. Comunitarios is what the people in this part of the state call the self-defense groups in order to clarify their relationship to the community. They are from the community and are therefore comunitarios (communitarians).”

Many communities are returning to traditional ways of governing themselves while also adopting new methods. Both include consensus decision-making and participatory democracy in the form of assemblies. These assemblies decide what is to be done. So the armed groups do not act without the consent of the community, but are accountable to the assemblies.

This is far from VOM’s description of the Autodefensas describing them as the Colombian FARC as VOM described “autodefense groups which relates to the same development in Colombia of FARC, paramilitaries and govt army.”

The Autodefensas who are Catholic peasants are far from this false  definition. FARC is “an army of peasant Marxist–Leninists with a political platform of agrarianism and anti-imperialism. The operations of the FARC–EP are funded by kidnap and ransom; illegal mining; extortion and/or taxation of various forms of economic activity; and the taxation, production, and distribution of illegal drugs.”

VOM switched everything adding slander, making the righteous unrighteous while undermining the guilty party’s unrighteousness. Wouldn’t any American do the same assuming Obama created chaos in supporting Muslim and cartel immigration into the heartland?

Undermining the Autodefensas and covering up for the Templars has its embarrassing reasons. The cult of the Los Temmplarios reportedly “took its inspiration from an odd source: the book ‘Wild at Heart’ by American evangelical author John Eldredge of the Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Ransomed Heart Ministries. A Mexican government profile said Moreno ‘erected himself as the ‘Messiah,’ using the Bible to profess to poor people and obtain their loyalty.” The book was even received favorably by several Evangelical pastors including the famed Chuck Swindoll who called it “the best, most insightful book I have read in at least the last five years”. After all, Eldredge was a “focus on the family” man and was a known Evangelical author.

John Eldredge

John Eldredge

Eldredge considers his book to be direct, personal communications from God. “This is what I heard,” Eldredge writes. “You are Henry V after Agincourt … the man in the arena, whose face is covered with blood and sweat and dust, who strove valiantly … a great warrior … yes, even Maximus.”

The ‘Maximus’ gladiator killing machine was ideal for the Templars. Eldredge portrays God as one who loves wildness as an animal. He argues that the fierceness of certain animals (killer whales, bull mousses, white sharks) and the untamed nature of certain parts of creation (the woods at night, the Great Barrier Reef) reflect the fierceness and untamed nature of God (p.29).

Eldredge contends that the wildness of creation is God’s way of: “…letting us know he rather prefers adventure, danger, risk, the element of surprise” (p.30). All this is done by doing summersaults using biblical verses.  According to Eldredge, Genesis 2, Adam was created before the garden was planted. (Genesis 2:7,8) Eldredge implies that God erred and that the placement of man in the garden is less than ideal, and somehow contrary to man’s true nature. “Only afterward is he brought to Eden. And ever since then boys have never been at home indoors, and men have had an insatiable longing to explore.” (p.4) Apparently, even God does not really understand the wildness of man’s heart; He forces man into the garden and quells his God-given desire to explore.

Eldredge’s book was a mandatory read for all members of the Templar drug cult. Eldredge’s response to all this was no admission of any error saying that his book will have a positive impact. “At first, I was really mad that they hijacked my book for their purposes,” he said. “But on second thought . . . maybe it will touch the hearts of the people who use [it].”

“touching hearts” or “Jesus centered” are typical slogans these days used by the unwitty who is void of substance and plays on emotions. The evil substance that is ignored, is that if man is turned into his animal instincts, then like a predator, he will kill, disembowel, dismember and even cannibalize his other human beings. It is the theology of Eldridge that inspired the cartel of Morena, the most vicious cartel in man’s history which brought Mexico back to its dark days when Aztecs adhered to the ways of the panther, the hawks and the eagles. Likewise, what ruined Mexico were these biblical gymnasts that converted simpletons into Aztec predators butchering thousands. It all started with biblical gymnasts who came to the sheep with a Bible in hand. Jesus forewarned prophesying to the letter the cause of Mexico’s chaos:

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

As for me, this song is my destiny and my soul is prepared. How about yours:



Full Message From VOM:

I am in Mexico working persecuted church. Mexico is nominally Catholic but not by commitment or lifestyle. Most drug cartel members are Catholic background, and oriented. It doesnt affect their participation in the cartels. In Mexico Catholics are called Catholics, not Christians, and the Cristians are all the rest: Protestants. Many Mexicans live in a drug cartel environment with limitations of one kind or another, some areas are controlled by cartels that are more barbaric , like the Zetas. Michoacan where Jorge is from has a number of autodefense groups which relates to the same development in Colombia of FARC, paramilitaries and govt army. Paramilitaries or autodefense also cause major problems in their regions and with the passage of time its hard to determine the good from the bad guys. The govt is hunting down the autodefense groups because they want them to disarm. However it is true that disarming leaves these people open to vengeance attacks like what happened several days ago here. This is not persecution of Christian believers per se, They are not persecuted for being Christians, while there are numerous cases of religious persecution, that is typically Catholic driven against Protestant believers, something that makes almost everyone uncomfortable. However we (Voice of the Martyrs Mexico) and Open Doors do classify persecution by armed groups of believers when they are targeted for living or sharing their faith. Mexican nominal Catholics dont fall in this category, they would have to be preaching or ministering in their faith to reach or rehabilitate others through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jorge gives a real picture of life in Cartel controlled areas of Mexico… and the fact that Mexican politicians are part and parcel of the problem. The information about stolen bodies and body parts are rumors or urban legned, They have appeared around the country for years but with… somebody saw such a thing, with dates, and data changed depending where it was being spread. We document all our information and the trouble spots in Mexico and around Latin America. There are horrendous things happening here, but not to people in general because of their faith, which is more cultural than real. Because of that, Mexico is gow it is. Preaching a Gospel that has the power to transform lives, is what is needed here. For more reliable and direct information: [email protected].