• Eric Mueller

    Attacking women? He deserves death.

    • Higlac

      Agreed – but please remember how their IDOL Mohammed spoke of women as a “necessary evil”, devaluing and despising them at every last possible opportunity!!!

      If ever artificial conception and incubation becomes a reality where women would no longer become necessary, Moslems wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate ALL of them from the face of the earth!!!!

      [As to this current incident: it would have been more than appropriate and right for somebody to shoot or knife that Moslem thug dead ON THE SPOT!!!!!]

  • richinnameonly

    This is the real pollution of the earth.

  • Dan Knight

    Well, when are the Swedes going to expel these pigs?

    • Higlac

      Only when they overthrow their crypto-COMMUNIST government, put those politicians on trial (together with all the other élitists and “intellectual” TRAITORS), convict and EXECUTE them as the TRAITORS and SEDITIONISTS they are!!!! [And this applies THROUGHOUT the entire West…]

      [I was horrified to read just a couple of days ago that 90% of academic faculty are Marxists – fancy having to get rid of that many professors, lecturers, teachers, instructors, tutors, &c. Time to go back to home-schooling…]

  • Higlac

    WHO would be imprisoned if they helped the women? The bystanders??

    [As long as they didn’t attack the Moslem assailant, I would be most surprised if they would then have to face Swedish “justice”…]

  • Wilma Mills

    No, not saying it’s valid, just probably what would happen the way things are now.