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Mexican Gangsters Enter Home And Open Fire And Slaughter Four People

Mexican gangsters entered a home and opened fire, killing four people. According to one Mexican report, the attack left four people dead and injured were reported after being attacked and killed in Morelia, but the causes of the attack or the identity of the criminals are known. The murder occurred on Thursday. It is known that a […]

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Did you know that 51,395 Muslim invaders posing as refugees have poured into Germany in just the first two weeks of 2016?

By BI: Exactly 51,395 Muslim illegal aliens – 3,600 per day – from North Africa and the Middle East, most of whom are not even from Syria or war-torn countries, have been swarming into Germany in the first two weeks of 2016 alone —figures so high that large numbers of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own party have […]

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Why is the Swedish government training Muslim invaders, posing as ‘refugees,’ to be snipers?

By BI: SWEDEN is funding a sniper training course for recently-arrived Third World Muslim invaders as part of their “integration program”—despite the ever-growing Muslim migrant terrorist attacks and mass rapes across Europe. New Observer  The almost unbelievable plunge into insanity—started two years ago—was reported in a positive pro-refugee light—by the Allehanda newspaper in Sweden, under the title “Fired up […]

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After Bavarian governor sends busload of Muslim illegal aliens to Angela Merkel’s office, Merkel sends them right back to Bavaria

By BI: The busload of Muslim invaders sent on a seven-hour journey to Angela Merkel‘s office by a Bavarian governor in protest over the influx of refugees have been sent straight back to him. ORIGINAL STORY: germany-you-take-them-no-you-take-them-oh-yeah-take-this UK Daily Mail The Syrians were put on a coach yesterday in the southeastern town of Landshut and transported 340 miles to the German capital […]

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Muslims In Iran Are Right Now Discussing How The Iranian Government Is Going To Destroy Saudi Arabia

“The rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran has quickly ballooned into the worst conflict in decades between the two countries” says one news source adding “The back-and-forth escalation quickly turned the simmering tension into an overt struggle for power in the Middle East.” And while in the west is already seeing a cold-war brewing between […]

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While the American president uses tax dollars to rebuild mosques overseas, the Egyptian president vows to rebuild churches in Egypt destroyed by jihadists

By BI: At Christmas mass, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi asked Christians to ‘please accept our apologies’ for their persecution and pledged to have every single church fixed within one year. In 2013, after the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, Time Magazine designated Al-Sisi the ‘most important man in the world.’ Clarion Project  […]

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Mexican Cartel Takes Four Christians As They Are Driving To A Wedding, Pulls Them Aside And Slaughters All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat This is just another day in Mexico. 4 people were slaughtered in Mexico as they were driving to a wedding. Since Mexico is almost 100% Catholic, I will say that the victims were almost definitely Christian people. The sixteen people were driving to a wedding in Arcelia, in the state of Guerrero, […]

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