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The Government Of Sweden Will Be Departing 80,000 Muslims, And Now Finland Is Going To Be Departing 20,000 Muslim Refugees

By Theodore Shoebat Both the governments of Sweden and Finland will be deporting tens of thousands of Islamic refugees, with the Swedes driving out 80,000 and the Fins 20,000. According to a report: One day after Sweden disclosed plans to deport up to 80,000 migrants, a senior official said Finland expects to expel nearly 20,000 […]

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Look what happens when fed-up Swedes give an affluent Swedish community a taste of the kind of ‘Muslim multiculturalism’ they otherwise would never see

By BI: Ordinary Swedes drive a van into an affluent neighborhood and blast the loud and offensive Muslim Call to Prayer at 6:00 AM, forcing the rich to be confronted with one of the horrors of mass Muslim migration that hard-working Swedish citizens have to endure. These are the wealthy Swedes who voted for politicians that […]

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TENNESSEE: New Legislation being introduced will shut down rampant Islamic indoctrination of non-Muslim students in American public schools

By BI: A bill has been introduced in the Tennessee Legislature which will end indoctrination of non-Muslim students with Islam in public school classrooms. Not widely known, ‘Common Core’ programs, funded by the oil-rich Arab state of Qatar, put great emphasis on teaching about Islam while ignoring all the other religions. House Bill 1418 provides that […]

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In Hillary Clinton’s favorite “moderate” Muslim country, Indonesia, the most barbaric form of sharia law is applied to both Muslims and non-Muslims

By BI: Canings, forced limb amputations, stonings, and even harsher punishments, especially against women, are now the law of the land in Aceh. This video from 2011, shows Indonesian Muslims beating to death members of the minority Ahmadiyya Muslim sect because they don’t believe in violence, which is a major part of the quran. Police did […]

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