Archive | January 20, 2016

Erdogan To Take Control Of The Islamic United Nations Setting The Islamic Caliphate Within His Site And “By Peace” He Is Deceiving Egypt While Planning To Destroy Many

By Walid Shoebat What Caliph Al-Baghdadi wanted to gain through terrorism, Erdogan of Turkey was able to gain ‘by peace’ where he is “deceiving many”. Erdogan in two months will lead the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (O.I.C) considered to be the Muslim ‘U.N’ coming second to the United Nations in size and global power. But thats not […]

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SHEESH! Somewhere in IslamoEU or IslamoUK, 11 cops are intimidated by one young Muslim invader wielding what appears to be a knife

By BI: It isn’t clear what the charging perp is waving around, but it is shiny and looks like a knife. The police seem to be armed with billy clubs (most cops in the UK and other parts of Europe don’t carry guns) but back away from the running man when he approaches them. Remember, […]

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HOUSTON: Islamic State (ISIS)-linked Muslim terrorist suspect’s child bride says her husband is “innocent” and he “loves America!”

By BI: Houston terror suspect Omar Al-Hardan believes her husband is innocent. Al-Hardan is accused of providing support to the terror group ISIS.  “I’m so bad. I’m sick. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat because my husband is in jail,” 18-year-old Al Kokiss said. “I need my husband here with me. I can’t.” KHOU  Al Hardan […]

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ISRAEL: Jewish mother of six savagely slaughtered in front of her children by an Arab Muslim terrorist

By BI: Dafna Meir, 39,  was at home with three of her six children  in the Judean town of Otniel, located in the Hebron hills, when an Arab Muslim man got into her home. Meir struggled with the terrorist in the entrance way in an attempt to keep him away from her children, during which she suffered […]

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