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Muslim Man Drives Up To Christian Girl And Tells Her To Get In. The Christian Girl Refuses, The Muslim Crashes His Car Into Her And Crushes Her Skull, Killing Her

By Theodore Shoebat Four Muslim men in Pakistan drove up to three Christian girls, Kiran, 17; Shamroza, 18; and Sumble, 20, and asked them to get in. They refused. The Muslims were so enraged that they ran their car right into them, crushing the skull and killing one of them. According to one Pakistani report: […]

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Man In Florida Converts To Islam, Pledges Allegiance To ISIS, And Wants To Dress As A Clown, Go To His Job With A Shotgun And Murder Everyone In The Room

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Florida named Enrique Dominguez converted to Islam, pledged allegiance to ISIS, and then planned a massacre in which he would enter his workplace and slaughter everyone in the room. According to one report: A Kendall man pledged “allegiance to Allah” and vowed to dress like the comic-book villain Joker […]

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Christianity Is Not A Weak And Empty Religion, Christianity Is Warfare Against Evil And Victory Over The Forces Of Darkness

By Theodore Shoebat Christianity is not a weak and empty religion, Christianity is warfare against evil. This is what I talked about with the undefeated UFC champion, Bas Rutten, and you can watch it here: ARE YOU TIRED OF OVERLY COMPLICATED WORKOUTS? GET THE BAS RUTTEN WORKOUT CD SET. ITS VERY AFFORDABLE AND SUPERIOR TO […]

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