Archive | January 18, 2016

ISIS Makes Horrific Attack, Slaughters And Kidnaps Hundreds

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS committed a horrific attack in the Syrian city of Deir al-Zour, slaughtering and kidnapping hundreds. According to Ahuva Balofsky: The Islamic State (ISIS) attacked strategic points in the Syrian city of Deir al-Zour Saturday, reportedly killing and kidnapping hundreds of residents said to be supportive of the government. As news of […]

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Beautiful 10-year-old Iraqi Christian girl gave us all a lesson in the power of forgiveness

By BI: Myriam has lost everything because of ISIS but doesn’t hate them. She says “God loves us and wouldn’t let ISIS kill us.” Let’s hope her rose-colored view of the world is not shattered by ISIS making her into a sex slave. When interviewed recently by Sat 7 reporter Essam Nagy, Myriam shared her heart about […]

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HUH? After Muslims rape German women in Cologne and blow up Germans in Istanbul, German TV station adds Islamic crescent and star symbol to its logo?

BY BI: German Television station Tele5 has changed its logo to a German flag emblazoned with the Islamic star and crescent, just weeks after the New Year’s Eve Muslim migrant sex attacks in Cologne and Muslim terrorist attack in Istanbul. Breitbart   Tele5 justified the move on Twitter this afternoon, saying that it was a symbol “expressing our sympathy […]

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#HateFreeTulsa Peace Rally otherwise known as “Ignorant bleeding heart leftists supporting Muslims who behead Christians in Oklahoma”

By BI: In partnership with The Peace Project and designated terrorist group CAIR, two young Muslims Ishak Hossain and Farah Naqvi organized this event and actually found about 2 dozen uninformed and naive young people to participate in this non-event which focused on amplifying the voices of the Tulsa community against Islamophobia, ‘racism’ and xenophobia. (What […]

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