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Muslims Enter Christian Church In Europe And Urinate Inside Of It In Order To Express Their Hatred For Christ. Police Enter The Church And Just Watch And Do Nothing

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim Albanians in the Eastern European area of Kosovo entered an Orthodox Church in Pristina and urinated inside of it. This was done, no doubt, to express their hatred for Christ. Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Branimir Stojanovic condemned this evil and blasphemous act, saying that “Urinating in a sanctuary is shameful, uncivilized, […]

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GERMANY: Cologne store completely sold out of pepper spray products from women fearing more sexual attacks by Muslim invaders

By BI: Since New Year’s Eve, when several hundred German women were sexually assaulted by Muslims in Cologne, there has been an enormous rise in the demand for self-defense products, as women react to the mass assaults and increasing threats of more with the fast-rising flood of Muslim invaders.

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When the phone rings at 3AM to report the latest Muslim terrorist attack, whom do you want to answer it?

By BI: This is supposed to be an attack ad from Hillary Clinton against Republicans, but it ends up being very good for Republicans instead. (Remember it was Hillary Clinton campaigning against Barack Obama when SHE asked about taking the 3AM phone call)

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CANADA: Two Muslim terrorists charged with attempted murder after opening fire on nightclub in Calgary

Yet most of the mainstream media in Canada are all but ignoring this story while giving THREE days of headline coverage to a couple of Muslim migrants who allegedly were attacked with pepper spray. Calgary Herald  Police have charged both Mohamed Elmi, 31, and Mohamed Salad, 29, with attempted murder in relation to the shooting. They […]

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“There are (or soon will be) 50 million Muslims in Europe, 80% of whom are unemployed and live their whole lives on state-sponsored welfare”

By BI: Swedish-Algerian TV host, Yahya Abu Zakariya, goes on a tirade against how Muslims are beggars and depraved welfare whores who are bleeding sympathetic Western governments dry…while condemning Western culture and values. Tax money paid by European people is handed by the governments to Muslims to buy food and homes. Most Muslims in the West […]

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Pakistan Fears Iran Will Wipe Mecca Off The Face Of The Map Threatens Iran “We Will Wipe Iran Off The Map”. Saudi Arabia Is Concerned From Iran’s Threat On Mecca

By Walid Shoebat “Saudi Arabia has collapsed and has been isolated. It has shown its true nature and has joined the club of wickedness and brutality,” Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, senior cleric and Friday prayers leader, charged. Meanwhile, in the Sunni nation of Pakistan, the chief of the army announced that any threat to the […]

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The Islamic Agenda Is No Different And Just As Dangerous As The Homosexual Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat The sodomite agenda, or the religion of sodomism, is no different than the Islamic supremacist ideology. New research confirms what we have been saying for years: homosexuality is an intricate part of the Islamic social contract. Recently the media has been speaking about how ISIS threw a 15 year old boy off […]

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