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GIVE’EM HELL, Judge Jeanine

By BI: FOX News host Jeanine Pirro blasts the dhmmi Mayor of Philadelphia for trying to appease Muslims by lying to the American public, pretending that the Muslim would-be assassin of a police officer who “did it for Allah and ISIS” had nothing to do with Islam. Judge Jeanine is the best FOX commentator for exposing […]

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OKLAHOMA: Muslim beheader of Christian grandmother to stand trial for 1st-degree murder, but no hate-crime/terrorism charges

By BI: MUSLIM CONVERT, Alton Nolen (who goes by the Muslim name Ja’keem Yisrael) charged with beheading a fellow co-worker, 54-year-old Christian grandmother Colleen Hufford, and trying to behead a second woman (see video below) at Oklahoma food plant will stand trial for first-degree murder as well as assault and battery with a deadly weapon charges…but no […]

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“Beautiful breasts.” “I want to have sex with you.” “I want to kill you.”

By BI: These are considered the essential German phrases Muslim male invaders (the vast majority of so-called “refugees”) need to learn upon arrival in Germany. UK Express  Just TWO Muslim men (out of reported 1,000) have been arrested in connection with the Cologne sex attacks after over 100 women reported being assaulted on New Year’s Eve. Police have […]

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OBAMA REGIME COVER UP: 113 more Muslim immigrants to the US have been implicated in terrorist plots against the U.S. just since 2014

By BI: Following the discovery of a Muslim terrorist cell in Texas operated by an Iraqi who entered the U.S. as a refugee,  it has been revealed that an additional 41 individuals who have been implicated in terrorist plots in the U.S. since 2014, bringing the total number of Muslim terrorists discovered in that time to 113. Washington Free […]

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HURRY! Sign up by Jan. 15th, and Milan will pay you to host Muslim ‘refugeehadis’ in your home…Christian families with blonde-haired daughters get preference

By BI: The second-biggest Italian city is offering a monthly payment of 350 euros ($376) to every resident willing to host a refugee, or an asylum seeker, in their home. The city of Milan announced with a post on its Facebook page that soon local residents will be paid for giving shelter to one or more Muslim […]

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NEW YORK CITY: What they won’t tell you about the rising rape rates of female passengers by taxi drivers

By BI: It’s nearly impossible to get actual numbers, but conservative estimates report that at least 50% and upwards of 90% of NYC cab drivers are from South Asian or Middle Eastern countries, the majority of whom are Muslims. So it’s no surprise that the incidents of rapes of female passengers by cab drivers are […]

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GERMANY: “I am Syrian (Muslim), you have to treat me kindly (when I rape your girls and beat up your boys) because Mrs. Merkel has invited me”

By BI: A leaked secret report by a senior Cologne police official has revealed that the Muslim invader violence over New Year’s Eve was far more serious than even initially reported—and that it definitely involved “Muslim refugees” who boasted that they had been “invited by Mrs. Merkel” to come to Germany. New Observer  The report, published in […]

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Hundreds Of Thousands Of Christians Are Being Persecuted All Over The World, And So Many Evil People Who Call Themselves ‘Christians’ Are Abusing And Taking Advantage Of Them

By Walid Shoebat The most important question of aiding suffering Christians is this; why do you seek to help Christians, is it for Christ’s glory or yours? I am reminded of a great scene from the movie Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade where stubborn Kazim from the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword tells Indiana: “Ask […]

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Google Proves Widespread Muslim Pedophilia- A Exclusive

Afghan Muslim pedophile with his “bacha bazi” boy, or “toy boy.” Such children are sexually abused in horrendous ways beginning at a very young age. It is no secret that wherever Muslims go massive sexual abuse follows, and especially with homosexuality and pedophilia. While there are homosexuals and pedophiles in every culture in the world, […]

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