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Two Lesbians Adopt Five Year Old Boy, Tie Him Up, Tape His Eyes With Tape, Beat Him With Hammer And Kick Him In The Genitals Until He Bleeds And Has Two Seizures

By Theodore Shoebat Two lesbians took a five year old boy that they were suppose to take care of, tied him him, taped his eyes with tape, beat him with a hammer and kicked him in the groin until he bled and had two seizures. This is the result of homosexuality. Here is the video […]

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Muslim Man Enters Starbucks And Blows Himself Up, The People Run Outside, Two Muslim Gunmen Open Fire On Them And Murder One Canadian Man. The Muslims Then Open Fire On Police Officers. The Officers Fight Back And Kill All Of The Muslim Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat   Muslims in Jakarta, Indonesia, attacked a Starbucks and police officers, killing two people and injuring others. One Muslim man entered a Starbucks and blew himself up. When the people ran outside, Muslim gunmen were waiting for them and opened fire, killing one Canadian man and severely injuring a Dutch man. The […]

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Kurdish Soldiers Open Fire On Christian Fighters, A Shootout Commences And Both Kurds And Christians Are Killed

By Theodore Shoebat Kurdish soldiers opened fire on Christian fighters, commencing a shootout in which both Kurds and Christians were killed. The story proves one thing: the Kurds are not our friends and are not the defenders of Christians at all. According to the report: Several people have been killed in a clash between Assyrian […]

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MUST SEE! Despite mass sexual attacks and violence by a growing army of Muslim invaders, Europe continues to welcome thousands of them everyday

By BI: European leftists, including women, advocate for open borders, elimination of national identities, and support for unemployable, uneducated, Muslim economic parasites infiltrating their countries by the millions. In short, the Muslim colonization of Europe is being facilitated and funded by the very people who are being colonized (against their will).

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The Entire Situation With El Chapo Is A Major Government Coverup, The US Government Was About To Kill El Chapo But Obama Called It Off, And Wanted To Allow El Chapo To Continue His Drug Operations

By Theodore Shoebat The entire situation with El Chapo’s capture is a government setup done by Mexico, with the US government taking part as well. This is what we learn from Jorge Vasquez Valencia, the official spokesperson for the militia, Las Autodefensas, who have been fighting the cartels since 2013. This is the third time […]

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