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The Muslims are coming…The Muslims are coming…and coming…and coming…lock up your children

By BI: Is this the kind of ‘successful’ Muslim assimilation into European society Angela Merkel is talking about?Merkel used to say “multiculturalism was a failure.” I guess she’s changed her mind now that she has welcomed more than a million new Muslim invaders into Germany just in 2015, with promises of 500,000+ more Muslims every year.

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GERMANY: SHOCKING EYEWITNESS REPORTS about media cover-up of Muslim attacks on police, women, and revelers in Cologne on New Year’s Eve

By BI: “These Muslim migrants that we welcomed just 3 months ago with teddy bears and water bottles at the Munich Station, started shooting at the Cologne Cathedral and at police,” according to an eyewitness, who said women were coming into the hotel there to escape being attacked by these Muslims. Some of the female victims […]

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Ever wonder why Muslim women wearing head-to-toe abayas (Islamic garb) seem to waddle when they walk, especially in stores?

By BI: That’s because they are probably carrying items they have just shoplifted. Muslim women are known to  have special slings wrapped around their waists attached to a large cloth between their legs where they can store their stash.  Great for stealing all kinds of small electronics goods, jewelry, and groceries. Check it out: You’d be […]

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In South Carolina, CNN can’t find one Trump supporter who disagrees that there should be a temporary ban on all Muslim immigration

By BI: Try as she might, this CNN Obama water carrier also can’t convince anyone that the vetting process for Muslims entering the U.S. is vigorous and comprehensive. According to Pew Research, among others, there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population. Most recently, a poll from the Center for Security […]

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SYRIAN MUSLIM polygamist ‘asylum seeker’ explains how he lied to European authorities to bring in his 4 wives

By BI: He called the extra wives “his girlfriends” and said “all the children were his,” so the stupid Euroleftists let him and his herd of breeding cows in. After all, Muslim supremacists think they are above ‘man-made’ law. Apparently, the EU agrees and will be supporting them for the rest of their lives on state […]

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