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Muslim Man In Minneapolis Grabs Ten Year Old Girl In Elevator, Takes Her To A Hallway And Rapes Her

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim in Minneapolis named Ahmed Hersi grabbed a ten year old in an elevator, took her to a hallway and then raped her. Here is the photo of this repulsive heretic:   According to a report: A Minneapolis man has been charged after police say he raped a 10-year-old girl in […]

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SWEDEN: ‘Teenage’ Muslim migrant stabs Swedish refugee center worker to death

By BI: A young Muslim asylum seeker allegedly stabbed and killed a female employee of the refugee centre for unaccompanied minors where he was staying in western Sweden, police said. The 22-year-old victim was rushed to a nearby hospital but died of her wounds, police said. The Rakyat Post  Police would not comment on the identity or nationality […]

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The Mexican Drug Cartel Is Kidnapping Thousands Of Innocent People, They Open Up Their Bodies, Rip Out Their Organs And Sell Them, They Are Also Cannibalizing The Organs In Satanic Rituals And Selling Each Body For $100,000 Each

By Theodore Shoebat Thousands of people in Mexico have been kidnapped and their organs removed for the purpose of selling them or using them in satanic and cannibalistic rituals. This has been occurring in Mexico and is still happening as we speak. It is a holocaust that is going underreported, and hence we are writing […]

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MORE MUSLIM ANIMAL ABUSE: Killing a donkey for fun (Viewer discretion advised)

By BI: Arab Muslims push a poor donkey over a cliff and laugh hysterically about it. Youtube removed the video, but you can see it HERE MORE EXAMPLES OF MUSLIM ANIMAL ABUSE: more-muslim-animal-abuse-setting-a-donkey-on-fire-for-fun arab-muslim-kids-burn-a-puppy-to-death-for-fun sweden-four-tunisian-muslim-savages-behead-and-skin-a-cat-and-brag-about-it-on-facebook-and-twitter lebanese-man-tries-to-microwave-cat dog-lovers-advised-to-skip-this-one france-muslim-savage-in-marseilles-films-himself-hurling-a-little-cat-against-the-wall-of-a-building uk-muslim-thug-cuts-off-his-puppys-ear-after-a-fight-with-his-girlfriend uk-muslim-beats-the-crap-out-of-his-sweet-labrador-puppy-viewer-discretion-advised horses-fighting-to-the-death-in-a-muslim-festival-tradition bear-bating-more-animal-cruelty-in-the-muslim-world what-is-it-about-muslims-and-donkeys-and-where-are-the-animal-rights-groups iran-to-increase-business-at-the-zoo-live-donkeys-are-fed-to-the-lions-every-thursday wild-bill-for-america-dead-dog-jihad-coming-soon-to-america sweden-muslim-savages-brutally-beat-87-year-old-woman-trying-to-stop-them-from-abusing-a-puppy europe-muslims-declare-jihad-on-all-dogs the-depravity-and-inhumane-behavior-toward-animals-exhibited-by-muslims-is-staggering morocco-look-what-happens-when-muslim-scum-start-throwing-rocks-and-bottles-at-two-german-shepherds-out-walking-with-their-owner iran-is-locking-up-peoples-pet-dogs-because-they-were-walking-them-in-public maryland-muslim-man-charged-with-killing-his-stepdaughters-dog-and-threatening-to-kill-her

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SWEDEN: While homeless Swedish Christian citizens freeze to death in the streets, African Muslim refugees get free fully-furnished apartments

By BI: The King of Sweden is even considering allowing Muslim invaders posing as refugees to stay in his unused palaces as the country has run out of available housing options for the illegal aliens. Speisa  The European ”humanitarian superpower” Sweden does its very best to please Muslim asylum seekers, by providing them with both food, clothing […]

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Bible Prophecy, The New Testament And The Oldest Church Records Reveal The Catholic Eucharist Will Eventually Convert All Protestants To Catholicism

By Walid Shoebat Never before did I understand certain biblical prophecies regarding Communion until I left Protestantism and participated in the Catholic Communion. It is only then did I begin to see how God prophesied on the risen Christ in the Eucharist. Something happens when we confess our sins to a priest and get absolution and then by faith […]

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Mexican Cartel Agents Take Six Men, Cut Them To Pieces And Keep Their Body Parts In Bags

By Theodore Shoebat Heathen drug cartel agents dismembered six men in the state of Guerrero in Mexico. The dismembered body parts were found in black bags. Police moved the bags to a medical examiner. Here are the photos for you to see what is really happening in Mexico:   CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED […]

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HORRIFIC! Saudi Muslims using metal bars to beat two terrified camels (Viewer discretion advised)

By BI: Shocking footage shows the camels covered in blood and groaning as they are repeatedly hit on the face and neck. This is not rare footage. Muslims seem to take joy in hurting animals. UK Daily Mail  Workers in Saudi Arabia have been caught torturing camels with metal bars moments before they were due to […]

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UK: Watch the ferocious hatred spewed at ‘Britain First’ activists when they carry Christian crosses in the heavily Muslim area of Luton

By BI: Bury Park in Luton is a notorious NO-GO zone, stinking with Islamic hate preachers, ISIS followers, and terrorists. Pity the poor Christians who still live in the area. There are several neighborhoods in and around London just like this.

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FRANCE: What do you get when you’re stupid enough to stage a ‘pro-Muslim invader’ rally in Calais?

By BI: A gun pointed at you, from one of the outraged residents in Calais, which is under constant siege by thousands of dangerous Muslim illegal aliens camping out in Calais, demanding to be sent to the UK where the welfare benefits are better. It appears that most of the demonstrators were Muslims, legal and otherwise, […]

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STUNNING! Tajikistan, a 98% Muslim country, cracks down on Islam in a massive government effort to drive out devotion to Allah and the jihad

By BI: A country that is struggling to rein in their growing Muslim population has recently implemented some mandatory changes to crack down on Islamic terror and devout jihad in a way that some might find “extreme,” but in a way that should be followed by the rest of the world. MadWorldNews  Since the 1994 election of […]

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CENSORED BY FACEBOOK FOR “HATE SPEECH” – 16-year-old German girl’s lament about the Muslim invasion

By BI: 16-year-old German girl Bibi Wilhailm blames Angela Merkel for flooding Germany with Muslims who terrorize, rape, and sexually assault children as young as 3 years old and women as old as 75; with Muslims who express deep hatred for Germans; with Muslims who make it dangerous for girls to go shopping alone; with Muslims […]

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