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Muslims Slaughter Forty Christians, Christians Carry Up Their Arms And Fight In Battle Against The Muslim Murderers

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim Kurds, all members of the terrorist YPG, murdered forty Christians by attacking three restaurants in the Assyrian Christian neighborhood of Al-Wusta in Qamishli in Iraq. This story goes to show you: the Kurds are not the friends of the Christians! The Christians responded with valor and not timidity. Christian militiamen established […]

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GERMANY: Muslim invaders are defecating and ejaculating in the pool as well as sexually harassing German girls

By BI: Now that a German swimming pool has been forced to lift its ban on Muslim male migrants, according to Bäder GmbH (Baths Inc.), Muslims have been masturbating and defecating into the water, and are sexually harassing and groping women in the Sauna, while trying to storm the women’s changing rooms. Other reports claim Muslim migrants […]

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What would the Russians do to smoke out a Muslim terrorist who barricaded himself in his house?

By BI: Hint…You can bet they would do something the Obama Regime would never allow. After learning that there was a Muslim terrorist in their midst, the Russian special forces decided to root out the problem. When he barricaded himself inside a home, the Russians didn’t leave a stone unturned to get him.

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Obama Pays Ransom to Iran for Falsely Imprisoned Americans, i.e HOSTAGES

source Israeli National News Ari Yashar – Israel National News Republicans demand an inquiry as Iran reveals US taxpayer fund transfer was ‘in return’ for prisoner release, and came on the same day. In the wake of a prisoner swap between the US and Iran on Sunday, that took place the same day America gave […]

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GERMANY: Swimming pool forced to lift ban on Muslim male migrant rapists just 24 hours after four children were molested by Muslim migrants

By BI: The swimming pool in Bornheim, Germany made headlines worldwide last week when it banned Muslim migrant males from entering, but just days later they have buckled under pressure from bleeding heart leftists to lift the ban. Breitbart  The decision to re-admit migrants from a nearby camp comes despite reports of incidents across the country, including one […]

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Now that the capital of Britain has been officially dubbed “Londonistan,” can a Muslim mayor be far behind?

By BI: Sooner than you think if the Labour (far left) Party has anything to do with it. Labour has chosen Sadiq Khan as its candidate for Mayor of Londonistan in 2016 – a Muslim career politician with strong sympathies for Islamic radicals and extremists.

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HALAL BACKLASH: Danish town makes serving pork mandatory in schools and public institutions

By BI: Muslim immigrants living in the West have been relentless in their campaigns to make Christian-majority schools and businesses sharia-compliant by insisting on the removal of all pork products from school menus and company cafeterias, claiming that Muslim not only are forbidden from eating pork, they can’t even be in the same room where others […]

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