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The motherlode of dumb deals has just been reached between the EU and Turkey

By BI: The European Union sealed a controversial deal with Turkey on Friday intended to halt illegal migration flows to Europe in return for $3 billion in financial aid and political rewards for Ankara. But not only will it NOT halt the Muslim illegal migration flow, it will give 78 million Turkish Muslims visa-free entry into […]

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SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME in Michigan courtroom as Muslim defense attorney slugs a police officer

By BI: MICHIGANISTAN; In a wild turn of events at 39th District Court, a Muslim defense attorney punched a Roseville police officer. According to police, Nijad Mehanna was in court representing a person charged in a drug case. He had “words” with the officer in charge of the case over his access to a co-defendant of Mehanna’s client. […]

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Have you heard about Senator Ted Cruz’s teddy bear problem?

By BI: How can anyone trust Republican candidate Senator Ted Cruz’s position on the border and illegal immigration after you hear this? In the summer of 2014, when thousands of illegal aliens were rushing the Southern border, Ted Cruz accompanied Glenn Beck to the border with a large convoy of tractor trailers loaded with teddy […]

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FIRE HIM! Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s most trusted advisor makes a sick joke about the Muslim terrorist stabbing attack on two Canadian soldiers this week

By BI: This past Monday, a Muslim terrorist stabbed two uniformed soldiers at a Canadian Forces recruiting office in Toronto. On Monday night, hours after the stabbing was public, Gerald Butts retweeted a cartoon with the joke:  “People are losing the spirit of the Ides of March. It’s not just about stabbing. It’s about coming together to stab in […]

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MASSACHUSETTS: Terror-linked Muslim group wants a Medford police officer fired for his Facebook post about “peace with Islam”

By BI: The Medford police officer isn’t apologizing for the post, just that it seems to have offended the perpetually offended muslims. CAIR has demanded the officer be reprimanded, soon they will file a lawsuit. WCVB  A Medford Police officer faces potential discipline for sharing a graphic on Facebook that incites violence against Muslims, Wicked Local reported. Medford Police […]

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Muslims Put Their Children On Railroad Tracks On Greek-Macedonian And Demand They Open The Borders, Call Europeans “Racists”

It always amazes me how Muslims claim moral high ground when they are the ones not only invading a society and robbing it of its wealth, but to do so while at the same time placing their own children in mortal danger to serve their own ends. From Russia Today: Asylum seekers stuck in a […]

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Muslim “Refugees” In Germany Loot Clothing Container Intended For The Homeless And Needy

According to an article (which has been since removed) about this video, each Muslim “refugee” costs nearly a half-million Euros to care for in state benefits. What do they do to repay the German government? They rob donations intended for those who most need them. Look at these men. They are well-dressed, healthy, and have no […]

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Remember That Video Of The Liberal Do-Gooder Who Got Robbed By Muslim “Refugees?” Here’s The Part Of The Clip You Didn’t See

Last week we put up a clip of a liberal do-gooder having a total melt down after the refugees she tried to help robbed her phone, money, and credit cards in broad daylight. That clip gets even better because right before her melt-down, she was making a donation to a “refugee” shelter when the Muslim […]

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