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Muslims Make This Declaration Against Russia: “Allah has given us this iron missile, and we will use it against the apostate Putin and his dogs of accomplices”

ISIS made this declaration against Russia: “Allah has given us this iron missile, and we will use it against the apostate Putin and his dogs of accomplices”. According to one report: Islamist group Islamic State (ISIS) has threatened “Putin the apostate” with an imminent attack on Russian soil in a new propaganda video. Since Russia […]

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Donald Trump Is Going To Dominate Florida

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump is going to dominate Florida, according to the latest polls. Here is a video in which I predict that Trump will win Florida, alongside Ohio: According to a CNN poll, Trump is leading in both Florida and Ohio: Donald Trump is leading two of his Republican presidential rivals in their […]

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Democrats In Missouri Want To Force Christian Businesses To Submit To The Homosexual Agenda, Republicans Pass Bill That Will Protect Christians From Homosexual Tyranny

By Theodore Shoebat Democrats in Missouri want to force Christian business to submit to the homosexual agenda and have been trying to prevent from being passed that would protect Christian business from being forced to participate in demonic sodomite rituals that they call weddings, and other evil practices that they devise. Republicans fought back and […]

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TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME? Psychologists and massage therapists are reporting surge in ‘Trump anxiety’ among clients

By BI: Adding to the catalogue of anxieties her patients explore during therapy — marriage, children, and careers — psychologist Alison Howard is now listening to a new source of stress: the political rise of Donald Trump. Washington Post  In recent days, at least two patients have invoked the Republican front-runner, including one who talked at […]

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House Republicans gave Paul Ryan a standing ovation after he funds visas for 300,000 MORE MUSLIM MIGRANTS

By BI: You probably never heard about this but in December, House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) successfully pushed through Congress his $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that will also fund visas for nearly 300,000 more Muslim migrants over the next 12 months. Breitbart  The omnibus bill also funded sanctuary cities, illegal alien tax credits, and changed federal law to allow […]

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Every Single Day Christians Are Being Attacked By Hindus, The Media Is Not Reporting This, Hinduism Is Just As Demonic And Evil As Islam

By Theodore Shoebat Every single day Christians are being attacked by Hindus. The media is not reporting this. Hinduism is just as demonic and dangerous as Islam. According to one report: India’s Christians continue to face hate and intolerance, International Christian Concern (ICC). ICC reports 25 Hindu Radicals attacked and vandalized a Pentecostal church in […]

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Did you know that 77 Walmart stores in 11 states are now sharia-compliant?

By BI: CRESCENT (barbarically slaughtered) HALAL MEATS are now being sold in Walmart stores in 77 locations in 11 states across America. Crescent Foods  the nations’ leading provider of Premium Halal Chicken is now supplying their quality products to 62 new Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market locations across the country in addition to the existing 15 they have been […]

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Muslim Man Declares That Islam Is A False Religion, The Muslims Arrest Him And Take Him To An Interrogation Room, And Ask Him Why He Rejects Islam, He Tells Them: “Jesus Healed Me.” The Muslims Sentence Him To One Year In Prison

By Theodore Shoebat  A man in Iran rejected Islam and was arrested and brought to interrogation. When the interrogators asked him why he left Islam he stated: “Jesus healed me.” He was sentenced to one year in prison. According to the report: Just last month, an appelate court issued a verdict against four house church […]

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If you’ve always wanted to visit Sweden, it’s probably too late

By BI: By 2045, Swedes will be a minority population in Sweden…replaced by Muslim migrants who bring rape, violence and a welfare-dependent population who refuse to assimilate. But don’t blame the Muslims. Parallel societies are supported by Swedish liberals who not only don’t encourage Muslim migrants to integrate, they reject the idea that ‘Swedish’ is […]

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SEND THIS TO DONALD TRUMP! Hillary Clinton praising Democrat Senator Robert Byrd who had been a KKK leader

By BI: If Hillary persists in accusing Donald Trump of not denouncing David Duke, Trump should ask her why she gave her undying support to a Democrat Senator who was a leader in the KKK for many years. Before he became a Democrat Senator in the late 1950’s, Robert Byrd organized the Sophia, West Virginia […]

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British school accuses 8-year-old student of being a potential terrorist after he said he wants to fight Muslim terrorists

By BI: A school called in social services after an eight-year-old boy told a teacher he wanted to ‘fight terrorists’ after watching a news report on the Syrian refugee crisis. Teachers referred Rhys Atkinson to Wirral Council’s children’s safeguarding hub over fears he could be ‘radicalixed’ and turn into a terrorist. UK Daily Mail Rhys, a pupil at […]

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Trump Is Triumphant And Nothing Can Now Stop The Trump Train To Run Over Hillary Clinton

By Walid Shoebat As we have seen this Tuesday, the Trump train cannot be stopped. Donald Trump rebounded to sweep three out of four Republican contests. Trump topped Ted Cruz and his other GOP rivals in Michigan, Hawaii and Mississippi, according to exit polls on Tuesday. As it seems, the naysayers and the analysts were wrong. […]

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