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OOPS! Two months ago, the City of Brussels made a TV commercial pooh-poohing the fast-spreading ‘rumor’ that Brussels is unsafe because of Muslim terrorists

By BI: In the wake of Tuesday’s deadly Islamic terrorist attack that killed at least 34 people, Brussels officials may regret an advertising campaign that began in January 2016, ridiculing the idea the city was a center of Islamic radicalism. Daily Caller   VisitBrussels, the city’s tourism department, crafted the #CallBrussels campaign in an effort to disassociate the city with […]

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Imagine what the Israelis could do if they didn’t have to spend a third of their annual budget on defense

By BI: Israel is one of the smallest countries on earth, yet is always one of the first to respond when disaster hits anywhere in the world. Whether in Japan, Pakistan, Turkey, Kenya, Indonesia, Phillipines, Nepal, to name a few, Israel transports complete hospital facilities staffed with doctors and nurses to help the injured dying […]

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ARIZONA: Black police officer tells what it’s really like to attend a Donald Trump rally

By BI: FYI: Tucson police officer Brandon Tatum is not a Trump supporter. Yet he went to the rally simply as an observer to see if what the media is saying is true. Too bad the Mainstream Media, not even FOX, will put this police officer on the air. BizPac  In a video posted on social media, officer […]

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BREAKING: 400 More ISIS Terrorist Infiltrated Europe. Trump Was Right. Learn Why It Is Impossible To Stop The Bombings Unless We Ban Muslim Immigration Completely

PARIS — Security officials have told The Associated Press that the Islamic State group has trained at least 400 attackers and sent them into Europe for terror attacks. This is huge. The bombing story in Brussels is nothing. It is simply one classic story for hundreds more to come. The two of the suicide bombers who targeted […]

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Muslims Go To Christian Man And Stab Him To Death, They Then Send Out This Message To All Christians: Let The Killing Of This Man Be A Warning For All Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Bangladesh stabbed a Christian man to death. After the murder, ISIS claimed responsibility for the murder and declared that the killing was a warning to all Christians. According to one report: Islamic State claimed responsibility for stabbing a Christian to death in Bangladesh as a “lesson to others”, an online […]

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The Hero Of Belgium Sends His Support To The White Knight Donald Trump Promising To Unite Europe And To Fight The Muslim Savages

By Walid Shoebat Here is someone who gets it in Brussels and he loves Donald Trump (not Shmooz Cruz). Mischaël Modrikamen became the vocal defender of Europe and a critic of Islam in Belgium. And he isn’t putting up with seeing his nation go down into the pit (especially after the latest terror attacks) without a fight. […]

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After The Attack In Brussels, Donald Trump Says: “Frankly, we’re having problems with the Muslims … We have to look at the mosques and study what’s going on. There is a sick problem going on. …We should be vigilant at our borders.”

By Theodore Shoebat  In response to the Brussels attack, Donald Trump just said: “Frankly, we’re having problems with the Muslims … We have to look at the mosques and study what’s going on. There is a sick problem going on. …We should be vigilant at our borders.” As we read in one report: Republican presidential front-runner […]

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