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NOW CENSORED! Islamic State (ISIS) releases video showing exploding Eiffel Tower with threats to the West and Chrisitianity

By BI: A new video posted online by ISIS shows the Eiffel Tower exploding and crashing to the ground in stylized, video game animation. The video begins with a river of blood pooling and dripping off a wooden table filled with stacks of American money, guns, knives and bullets. PJ Media  The video is entitled “A message to […]

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The Governor Of North Carolina Makes Homosexuals Very Furious, And Makes Law That Prevents Christian Businesses From Being Sued For Refusing To Make Transgender Bathrooms. Now Apple, The NBA And Several Other Major Companies Are Trying To Force The Governor To Shutdown The Law

By Theodore Shoebat The governor of North Carolina just made homosexuals throughout the country extremely furious by signing a law that will prevent Christian businesses from being sued for refusing to make ‘transgender’ bathrooms. Now the NBA, Apple and other major industries, are putting pressure on the governor to shut down the law. I did […]

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President Obama Next Week Will Open The Largest American Mosque In The World Built Here In The U.S. He Will Be Accompanied By Antichrist Erdogan of Turkey And Together Will Enjoy The Sounds Of Allahu-Akbar

By Walid Shoebat America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet). The $100 million mega mosque in Lanham, Maryland, will soon be open for Muslim worshipers in the Washington, DC area, as their link shows: “Turkey’s President […]

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The DNA Of One Of The Muslims Involved In The Attack In Brussels Was Also Found In The Same Exact Site Of The Paris Attack

  The DNA of one of the Muslims involved in the attack in Brussels was also found in the site of the Paris attack, showing that the two attacks are interlinked, and that the terrorist was given leeway to roam free around Europe. The story further reveals the complacency of European nations in enabling terrorist […]

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SAY WHAT? Pope Francis kisses the feet of filthy North African Muslim invaders

By BI: What is wrong with this South American socialist? Doesn’t he know that these Muslims would just as soon cut his throat if they had the chance? And will rape as many little Christian girls as they can? How many of these Muslim so-called refugees are you putting up in the Vatican, Frank…you know, the Vatican […]

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Donald Trump’s ‘Vicious Snake’ story put to film goes viral in Europe

By BI: What you’ll see in this video will not be new to Shoebat readers, but it’s nice to know it is lighting a fire under all the self-righteous, liberal, ‘Refugees Welcome’ self-hating Christians in Europe who have been orchestrating and forcing their citizens to fund their own destruction.

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