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In The Same City Justice Scalia Was Found Dead, Major Drug Cartel Operation Takes Place, A Cartel Agent Tries To Get Through The Border, Officers Stop The Car And Find An Arsenal Of Rocket Launchers, Assault Rifles And Bullet Proof Vests. The Officers Confiscate The Vehicle, And Then Thirty Vehicles Come In And Rescue The Cartel Agent. Major Scandal And Conspiracy Is Everywhere

By Theodore Shoebat A major conspiracy is taking place between Mexico and the US. Just recently, a cartel agent was in Presidio, TX, the same town where Scalia was found dead, and he had in his vehicle an arsenal of rocket launchers, assault rifles and bullet proof vests, a Mexican source reveals. He was stopped […]

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Beware Of The Coming Chrislam: How To Prevent Falling Into The Abomination Of Desolation Where Christians Will Eat Islamic Halal Food And Consume Muslim Communion Instead Of Christian Communion And How To Prevent Yourself From Taking The Mark Of Islam On The Arm Or Forehead

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat sunday special) This is a crucial study. As you sit for your Sabbath rest, I pray everyone to diligently learn what we have prepared here, for this time is near. In prayer and sackcloth, I implore everyone who loves Christ: Prepare thy temple for the ultimate test where you will be refined as Gold is refined: through […]

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