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Homosexuals Tell Christian Bakers To Make Them A Cake, The Christians Refuse, The Homosexuals Then Tell The Christians: We Will Burn Your House Down, We Will Take Your Son And Sodomize Him

By Theodore Shoebat Homosexuals in Texas requested a cake for their “wedding” from a Christian bakery. When the bakers refused, they began to receive death threats from homosexuals. As one report documents: A Christian couple in Texas with devout religious beliefs who own a bakery and refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex […]

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Mormon leader In Texas Sexually Molests Seven Boys, He Has The Boys Strip Naked And Has Them Crawl On The Floor. The Mormon Cult Is So Demonic And Yet So Many Evangelical Are Getting In Bed With Mormonism

By Theodore Shoebat A Mormon leader in Texas named Jared Anderson sexually molested numerous boys and had them commit obscene and perverted acts on each other, and sexually molested them as well. The acts are extremely diabolical, so horrendous I don’t even want to write them down (or even talk about them). The Mormon cult […]

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Man In Washington Takes Dog And Rapes It, He Then Hangs The Dog From A Tree And Strangle It To Death

A perverted man in Washington raped a dog and hung it from a tree, leaving it to strangle to death. According to a local report: The Humane Society is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of whomever raped and killed a dog in Thurston County, Washington. According to a press release, […]

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Leaked Video Shows: Muslim Man Murders His Own Wife And Then Commits Suicide By Slitting His Own Throat

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Indonesia murdered his own wife before slitting his own throat in another case of demonic self-destructive behavior. Islam is of the antichrist, it is demonic and satanic religion that hates humanity, and those who are under the control of the devil, will always end up in self-destructive behavior. […]

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