Archive | March 5, 2016

The Secret Service Is Now Putting Glenn Beck Under Serious Investigation For Threatening To Stab Donald Trump To Death

By Theodore Shoebat The Secret Service is now investigating Glenn Beck for threatening to stab Donald Trump to death, according to a report: Conservative radio host Glenn Beck is under investigation after a comment he made on his radio show when talking about GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Beck says his comment was not directed towards […]

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Muslims Slaughter 4,028 Christians And Attack 198 Churches, In Just A Short Amount Of Time

By Theodore Shoebat  Islamic terrorists in Nigeria, in the year 2015 along, killed 4,028 and attacked 198 churches, according to one report: In 2015, Open Doors recorded 4,028 killings and 198 church attacks. In 2014, there were 2,484 killings and 108 churches attacked. To better show how the violence is affecting the country, Open Doors […]

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Muslims Attack Nuns, They Ambush Four Nuns And Kill Them All

By Theodore Shoebat   Muslims in Yemen attacked a Catholic missionary charity center, killing four nuns and slaughtering thirteen more people. According to one report: Seventeen people, including four Catholic nuns, were killed in Aden on Friday morning when armed men attacked a care home for the elderly run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. […]

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Marco Rubio Supports Islamic Terrorists And Will Only Help Advance The Satanic Agenda Of Islam

By Theodore Shoebat Marco Rubio supported Islamic rebels in Libya and even met with them, and this photo proves it: Marco Rubio is a part of the current Republican elitist cult, which has helped advance the Satanic agenda of Islam, by taking out Saddam and supporting the arming of rebels in Syria, Iraq and Libya. […]

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