Archive | March 29, 2016

World War Three Is Coming, War Between Christians And Muslims Is Inevitable, And Christendom Will Rise Again To Fight And Destroy The Enemies Of God

By Theodore Shoebat Christendom is in the state of abandonment, forgotten and rejected as it lies in deep slumber, but it is soon to reawaken. Enemies that we now consider allies are again reviving themselves to their old powers and empires. Turkey is working effortlessly to revive its Islamic Ottoman Empire and making its Islamist […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Strips Man Naked, Hangs Him Upside, Saws His Genitals Off And Then Slits His Throat

A Mexican drug cartel stripped a man naked, hung him upside down, sawed his genitals off and then slit his throat. This type of killing is commonplace in how cartels deal with enemies in Mexico, and much of this brutality is part of narco occult religion. Here to talk about narco occult violence with us […]

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Terrorists From Syria Following Sharia Islam Are Carrying Out Plans To Poison The Water In The U.S.

By Walid Shoebat No, we are not discussing Chlorine and industrial fluoride as thyroid disrupters. We are talking about  terrorists striking at water systems which is a real threat. Indeed, there is a long history of such attacks. Water infrastructure can be targeted directly or water can be contaminated through the introduction of poison or disease-causing agents. The […]

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