Archive | March 4, 2016

Spanish Police Forces Find 20,000 Military Uniforms That Belong To ISIS And Other Major Islamic Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat  Spanish police forces caught 20,000 military uniforms and they belonged to ISIS and other terrorists who belong to the jihadist organization, Al-Nusra. Many of these uniforms were intercepted from a port in Valencia. According to a report:   Authorities in Spain have seized 20,000 uniforms and supplies “able to equip an army” […]

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Newt Gingrich Reveals: The Reason Why The Republican Party Is Attacking Donald Trump Because He Has Not Gone Through Certain Initiation Rites And Is Not A Member Of The Secret Society

By Theodore Shoebat I was watching the news last night and Newt Gingrich was being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, and in the middle of the discussion Newt revealed something quite interesting: the reason why the Republican Party hates trump is because he has not gone through the “initiation rites” and is not a member of […]

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Why Trump Has God’s Blessings While The GOP Elites Has God’s Curses

By Walid Shoebat I look up “Trump” this morning on Google news to only find the strangest headlines which are not worth a click. Try it and go through the headlines yourself from top to bottom. The first one from NBC says “Donald Trump Makes His Penis a Campaign Issue During …” Didn’t we say last night that this […]

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The Debate And The Attacks By Losers Against Donald Trump Pissed Off Millions Of Americans And Sealed The Deal To Vote TRUMP

By Walid Shoebat As you watched the debate, the repeat of ‘attack Trump’ from all sides, it will make no difference on the outcome, attacking Trump will reveal, he is well equipped, and no matter what they hail on him, he is the unshakable White-Night who will win even more delegates in the next weeks […]

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