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Russian Government Wants To Establish A New Law: If You Are Involved In Islamic Terrorism You Will Be Automatically Put To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A prominent member of the Russian parliament is currently drafting a new law that would automatically put people found guilty of being involved in terrorism to death. According to one Russian report: MP Nikolay Nosov, representing populist nationalist party LDPR, promises to draft a bill that, if passed, will reinstate the death […]

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In Six Months Erdogan Plans To Erect A Temple For Allah In Turkey Which Is An EXACT Replica Of The Temple Mount In Jerusalem With Exact Dimensions Size And Shape

BEHOLD the new temple for Allah in the Turkish city of Zonguldak. A grand plan to build a replica as a temple for Allah looking like the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is underway. It is scheduled to be built in the main square downtown in the next six months. The way Yeni Safaq, the main Erdogan […]

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The Government Of Belgium Knowingly Left Their Borders Open And Allowed The Muslim Terrorists Who Killed Over Thirty People To Enter Belgium

By Theodore Shoebat It is now being revealed that the government of Belgium knowingly left their borders open, even after repeated warnings that their borders had leaks through which Muslim terrorists could enter. Thus, the government of Belgium allowed the terrorists who killed over thirty people into their country. According to one report: Two days […]

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Donald Trump: “Europe and the U.S. must immediately stop taking in people from Syria. This will be the destruction of civilization as we know it!”

Donald Trump just said four hours ago on his Twitter page:   Trump is correct, the border must be secured to prevent evil and violent terrorists from entering. By terrorists I do not just mean Islamic terrorists, but narco occultist Mexican cartel forces. I just did a very in depth article on Mexico and the […]

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OH, NOES! Emory University little flowers are “scared and in pain” after someone put TRUMP 2016 graffiti around the campus

By BI: Officials at the Atlanta college, which has an enrollment of more than 14,000, were forced to act after the little crybabies claimed their ‘safe space’ was violated when the messages of ‘hate’ appeared on sidewalks and buildings. UK Daily Mail One student even said she ‘feared for her life’ as she thought a ‘KKK rally’ […]

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YEMEN: Fears grow for priest abducted by (Islamic State) ISIS terrorists who allegedly are threatening to crucify him on Good Friday

By BI: Father Tom Uzhunnalil was seized when four armed Islamic State militants stormed an old people’s home in Aden in Yemen on March 4, killing 16, including 4 nuns. Sickening reports suggest he likely will be tortured and crucified in celebration of Good Friday. UK Mirror  No group has come forward to claim responsibility for […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Goes Into Village And Orders All Of The Christians To Leave, When The Christians Refuse The Cartel Takes A Fourteen Year Old Boy And Cuts Out His Heart While He Is Still Alive, They Then Present The Heart To Everyone In The Village And Declare That If The Christians Do Not Leave They Will Take Every Woman In The Village And Behead Them All. This Very Cartel Is Now In The United States

By Theodore Shoebat  The Mexican drug cartel in the state of Guerrero entered a village — consisting of Catholic Christians — and ordered everyone to leave. When the local people refused the cartel took a fourteen year old boy, and before the entire village ritually cut out the heart  and presented the heart to everyone […]

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OH, HERE WE GO! “Je suis Brussels” and the requisite sidewalk memorials to the victims of the latest Muslim terrorist attack

By BI: Yes, that’s all it takes. Put a  flower on the sidewalk, light a candle, leave a teddy bear, and suddenly everybody feels better again…until the next terrorist attack. I call it crap. Forget the damn flowers and “Je Suis Whatever” signs, start demanding that your governments stop taking in Muslim freeloaders and jihadists posing […]

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BELGIUM: Teacher gets visit from police after Tweeting that Muslim students were celebrating the Brussels attack

By BI: On the same morning that the attacks unfolded, Ivar Mol tweeted (translation), “How do you remember lesson if there in your class is applauded by Muslim children?” The tweet was accompanied by the hashtags #aanslagen and #zaventem, a reference to the suicide bomb attack at Brussels airport. Infowars  Mol later told RTL, “I heard messages […]

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