Archive | March 7, 2016

American Forces Make A Huge Blood Bath And Slaughter 150 Muslim Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat American forces slaughtered 150 Muslim terrorists in Somalia, according to one report: More than 150 al-Shabaab fighters were killed as they stood in formation at a graduation ceremony, a U.S. official said Monday. The strike, which used manned and unmanned aircraft, targeted a terrorist training camp in Raso, Somalia. Raso is located […]

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IDAHO Republicans’ first legislation of 2016 would ban sharia law

By BI: Rep. Eric Redman, (R-Post Falls), introduced his first bill on Wednesday: A measure seeking to ban recognition of Sharia, or Islamic, law in Idaho courts, despite the fact that Idaho could lose $46 million in (Obama) government funding because of it. Idaho Spokesman  Redman distributed stacks of handouts to the Idaho House Ways and […]

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AWESOME! Illinois patriot under fire for Muslim reality yard art

By BI: An East Peoria, Illinois man’s yard is at the center of a racial (What ‘race’ is Islam?) controversy. The silhouette cutouts at Dennis Murdy’s home show a hunter pointing a shotgun at a person wearing an Islamic-looking rag on his head, while surrendering. WDTN  Murdy claims he’s expressing his freedom of speech. “The Muslims and […]

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Angela Merkel has granted visa-free status to 80 million Muslims, many of them Syrian jihadists, from Turkey

By BI: EUROPE is facing a mass migration timebomb with a visa-free travel deal for Turkish citizens set to unleash an “unstoppable influx” on the continent, a top German politician has warned. There are more than a million Syrians now in Turkey, waiting to cross the border into Europe. UK Express   Officials in Brussels offered Turkey […]

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