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EASTER MASSACRE IN PAKISTAN: At least 65 dead and 300 injured after a Taliban suicide bomber targeted Christians celebrating Easter in a park

By BI: The blast happened in the parking area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore, near the children’s swings, and most of the victims were women and children. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the attack, adding: ‘The target was Christians.’ UK Daily Mail  Authorities have so far confirmed the deaths of 65 […]

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The End Of ISIS IS Near As Russia’s Christian Putin Punches Muslim Erdogan By Completely Defeating ISIS And Throwing Islam Out From Palmyra

  By Walid Shoebat Is the defeat of ISIS in Palmyra the beginning of the end? Will ISIS attacks increase in Europe? The loss of Palmyra represents one of the biggest setbacks for ISIS since it declared a caliphate in 2014 across large parts of Syria and Iraq. In the Middle East we call it the “Battle […]

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BY BI: So, whose idea was it to pile up all the black garbage bags in front of the Easter Bunny at Rockefeller Center in NYC? BUYER BEWARE: That yummy bunny your child is about to bite into might be a sharia-compliant, terrorism-funding, ‘halal’ Cadbury Easter bunny. Special Edition Easter eggs just for Muslims:  

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STOCKHOLM SYNDROME ON STEROIDS! Swedish women don Islamic headgear to show solidarity with Muslims following deadly Muslim terror attacks in Brussels

By BI: Braindead Swedish women are showing their support for the most misogynistic culture on earth by taking selfies in hijabs after the Brussels bombings. From the hijabuppropet via Gateway Pundit website: The violence against Muslim women has increased, and this is extremely worrying. Their basic rights are not being respected, their civil rights are being respected. And we need […]

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HOUSTON: Muslim Dairy Queen owner puts up signs comparing Hindus to monkeys

By BI: Gee, I thought Muslims only compared Jews to monkeys? The Hindu community is calling on a Muslim Dairy Queen franchise owner to remove signs from his Houston-area business that compare Hindus to monkeys. FOX News  Mohammad Dar, a 65-year-old Muslim and U.S. citizen from Pakistan, claims he is not prejudiced for installing the signs — […]

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