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Berlin Has Fallen: German Capitol Is Now In Complete Control Of Muslim Gangs, Run By Clan And Tribal Warfare

A bombshell report that reveals Merkel has done in a few short years what it took the Americans, British, and Soviets Five years to do- take over the German capitol. This time his happened without a shot and by foreign, third world Muslims. Why? Because Merkel gave it away with her “refugee” invasion plan. From Breitbart: Investigators […]

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First It Was Sausages: Now Merkel Kowtows To Sharia Law And Bans “Sexy Women In Advertising” Because It Might Be “Offensive” To Muslims

Some people are calling it “political correctness gone mad.” Others are calling it liberalism. Some are calling it Merkel’s socialist roots coming out again. I agree with all of those, but I’ll add one more thing that summarizes it all- this is Merkel’s forced Islamization of German society. Now the law that Merkel & Co. […]

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Makes A Fool Out Of Himself Dressing Up Like A Sikh And Making Groveling “Apology” For “Canadian Racist” Incident That Happened Over 102 Years Ago

Just when I though PM Trudeau could not make me more disgusted with him then I already am, he goes and does this: This incident he is referring to was called the Komagata Maru incident, and liberals have been using it to “justify” mass illegal immigration to Canada and their claims of “racism” in Canada. […]

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Wow! Danish Government Starts Rounding Up Hundreds Of “Refugee” Supporters And Prosecuting Them Alongside Muslims For Human Trafficking And Are Calling For Outright Rejection Of Muslims In Danish Society

Finally, it looks like the Danes, who are known for being very liberal, are actually waking up and taking action against the Muslims. We know these people should never have been allowed to come, and that we have to stand up against them, and so on, but it takes critical mass to force changes that will get rid […]

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While The UK Government Helps Millions Of Illegal Muslims Invade Britain, They Are At The Same Time Expelling An Australian Gaelic Family From Scotland For “Illegal Immigration”

While the traitorous UK government is allowing for the unchecked flow of illegal “migrants” from the third world, the majority of the Muslims who hate European people and Christianity, into the British Isles, they have turned their backs on their own people. The case in point- the Brain family. The Brains are Austrians of Scottish […]

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POPE FRANCIS will make a trip to the formerly lovely Greek island of Lesbos where the Muslim invasion has all but killed its main industry – tourism

By BI: The purpose of the Pope’s trip is to encourage Greece to accommodate even more Muslim invaders who have essentially scared away the tourists and hurt businesses whose livelihood depends on the tourist trade. I wonder if they will apprise him of the soaring crime, riots, rape, and vandalism, which have accompanied these so-called […]

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ILLINOIS: Do Christians in Wheaton not realize they are enabling their own eventual demise by celebrating the replacement of a church with a mosque?

By BI: A mosque recently took over a former church building on the northeast side of Wheaton, becoming what is believed to be the city’s first Jihad Indoctrination Institution. In late August, the Islamic Center of Wheaton bought and moved into the 26,193-square-foot former First Assembly of God Church at 900 E. Geneva Road. Christian pastor in […]

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So how many Muslim welfare families did the Obama Regime settle in your state just during 2015?

By BI: Of nearly 77,000 Muslim freeloaders dumped in America by Obama in 2015, more than 90% of recent Middle Eastern/North African refugees are on Food Stamps and almost 70% are receiving Cash Welfare. Middle Eastern Muslim refugees are using welfare assistance at an even higher level than all other legal immigrants. (Photos below show typical Muslim migrant […]

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