What the media didn’t tell you about Arabic-speaking Muslim student who got kicked off Southwest Airlines

By BI: The mainstream media went ballistic after learning that an Iraqi student was removed from a flight after an alleged ‘Islamophobic’ woman reported him because she heard him speaking Arabic. Left wing pundits and Muslim advocacy groups demanded to know why “speaking Arabic” is a reason to remove someone from a plane and were calling for boycotts of Southwest Airlines.

What the media conveniently left out is that the (see-something-say-something) woman is a native Arabic speaker and said he was talking about terror group ISIS.

LawNewz  The media were in a tizzy after Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, a 26-year-old student at the University of California, Berkeley, said he was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for speaking in Arabic during a phone conversation with his uncle prior to takeoff.

Makhzoomi told the Post that he called his uncle, who lives in Baghdad, after boarding a Southwest Airlines flight in Los Angeles earlier this month. He says the two had a conversation in Arabic about an event Makhzoomi attended the night before.

Makhzoomi says he received strange looks from a woman who then got up and he believes reported him to the flight crew.  The next thing he knew, Makhzoomi says he was escorted off the plane and eventually taken into an interrogation room where he was questioned by the FBI before ultimately being released.

Gee, I wonder who staged this photo for him?

Gee, I wonder who staged this photo for him?

Well, on Tueday, on Happening Now on Fox News, guest host Heather Nauert provided some important additional details about the story that somehow did not make it into the Washington Post profile on Monday.

According to the Happening Now report, the woman who allegedly reported Makhzoomi to the airline crew was actually an Arabic speaker herself.  This woman reportedly said that she overheard Makhzoomi mention ISIS and possibly another terror group during his phone conversation and that is why she alerted the airline crew.

Perhaps that explains why Makhzoomi has reportedly turned down offers from multiple lawyers to file a lawsuit against the airline. For the record, both lawyers who appeared in the legal segment on Happening Now where this report was discussed both agreed that under these circumstances, Makhzoomi likely does not have a valid claim against the airline.


  • Grandmere

    Thanks for giving us “the rest of the story”. Mainstream media will not be telling people this.

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    What if he was an Arab Christian?

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      Is that what he’s saying? That he’s an Arab Christian?

    • Flame blue

      Why would an Arab Christian talk about Islamophobia? Islamophobia is supposed to be about Islam, nothing to do with Christianity.


      Well, hey, do YOU know something We don’t know?? Are YOU saying that it’s possible he was an Arab Christian because you can prove it??!!

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    No, no. We can’t leave them alone. They breed so fast and do a lot of damage to the land and wildlife. They are a big problem in the South. They must constantly be culled. The good thing is, they are edible.

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        No, Muslims are definately not edible. I can’t stomach them.

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    Let the truth be told. Thank you for reporting the full story, unlike the western media, which NEVER does.

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    Yes, like Abdul says, enough is enough. It’s too bad they weren’t in mid flight when they told him to step off the plane.

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      What a wonderful vision that conjures up!

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    Perhaps we can condition them to run towards the sound of the “call to prayer” – purely in the name of science, of course – and sharing our pork loving culture with our new neighbors.

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      Yes, purely in the name of science. Of course. 😀

  • Seriously

    He’s glad it happened. Now he can sue. That’s what they do. They do/say something that could be perceived as suspicious. Then when we act on it, they sue. After the political correctness that helped San Bernardino attacks, he should be prevented from suing.

  • Sarado Katoliko

    Now that’s bringing the truth back to the news. One can make use of technology we always carry around to record their conversation, if the situation permits, and have it interpreted later by someone who understands the language. A stolen snapshot of the suspect carefully done would be helpful to the authorities. The community should help clean their own neighborhood of these filth. The Irish statesman Edmund Burke stated that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

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    I meant everything up to the last 2 sentences sounded like the comment was about muslims.