Is This New Alliance Between Russia, Turkey And Iran The Gog And Magog Alliance?


By Walid Shoebat

Looking at the post Turkey coup, analysts think that Turkey’s fork on the road has only two options: The first, is Turkey’s attempt to ally with Russia for joint management in the region. We all have seen Erdogan and Putin finally shake hands. The second, is to return to its prior alliance with the United States.

Both assumptions ignore the most crucial factor, in any axis of evil, what play the most factor is one thing: ideology.

Erdogan’s handshake with Putin (who many view as an expanding Gog) was necessary for both parties survival. Putin has few allies. Turkey is seeking to carryout 1) military self-reliant policy which makes it completely independent militarily on Russia and the U.S. 2) Turkey is currently carrying out the process of institutional reconstruction, especially in its military, in order to have such control.

Both processes will take some time. Therefore, we must not rush to draw conclusions. Turkey still needs Russia before it accomplishes its first goal.

Why many think that Turkey must be under Russia or the U.S., is old and outmoded. Erdogan is not happy to be led by Russia. He wants complete independence from both the U.S. and Russia. Turkey wants to be a self-sustaining superpower in seven years by 2023.

The desert Arabs who have a long history with Turkey seem to know better Erdogan’s mentality than the West. Ahmed Al-Jarallah, Editor-in-Chief of the Arab Times says that:

“IMMEDIATELY after the Turkish government foiled a coup attempt last month, the ‘sheikhs’ of dreams from the Arab’s ‘Brotherhood’ started claiming that they saw Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a dream exuding an aura close to sainthood.”

This is an aura of “Mahdism” that Erdogan is gaining. In fact, yesterday Erdogan on the Turkish Hurriet Daily News said: “we no longer can act like we did before coup attempt”. Erdogan after July 15th failed coup is driving the gravy train and is basically announcing: “next stop is the Caliphate Royal Palace”.

cs copy

Therefore, unless Protestant U.S. and Orthodox Russia begin to believe in Caliphate and Mahdism, this fusion between Turkey and Russia is bound for a collision.

This new Erdoganism is why Erdogan kept a tally of which countries ‘condemned the coup attempt,’ ‘which kept silent,’ and ‘which waited to see which side prevailed first’ and then ‘condemned’.

Unlike Ankara’s Western allies, Iran for example, did not wait for the coup’s failure to speak up. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif voiced support for the government in Twitter messages in the early hours of the unrest. In a subsequent phone call, President Hassan Rouhani told Erdogan the coup attempt was “a test to identify your domestic and foreign friends and enemies.”

In contrast, Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, Turkey’s ally in Syria, congratulated Erdogan for suppressing the attempt, but only after it failed.

And by this, Saudi Arabia signed its own death-sentence.

To add more to the tightening noose around the Saudi kingdom’s neck, sources close to Iran are zestfully reporting claims that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were involved in the coup attempt, in an apparent hope this might encourage Ankara to change its axis.

And that it did. Turkey moved quickly to shake hands with Putin and Iran. Such a move by Erdogan will force the West to reconsider its options on Turkey. This new emerging prospect of a Turkish-Iranian-Russian axis is pressuring the U.S. to mend fences with Ankara.

And they succeeded. Vice-President Joe Biden is going to undertake a high-stakes mission to Turkey on August 24. This will be the first visit by an American dignitary after the failed Turkish coup of July 15.

So is this Turkish-Russian new ties make a strong case that Russia is this Gog since it is allying with Turkey?

If that is so, what then must one say regarding the Saudi-Israeli regional axis? Could we argue that the nation that founded Islam is in bed with Israel or that Israel is in bed with the founders of Allah and Jihad?

Saudi Arabia and Israel are theologically enemies and are opposite of each other.

How then will such a Turkish-Russian alliance workout, especially that this Gog invasion of Israel (so they claim) is a Russian-Islamic alliance? Are these proposing a “Christian-Orthodox-Islamic Alliance”?

There is no such alliance in Scripture.

The Saudi-Israeli axis is simply what Scripture says it is in Ezekiel 38. That is “Sheba and Dedan” is standing on the sidelines condemning the Turkey/Iran invasion of Israel “have you came to take booty”. Scripture says nothing more. Just as Russia will never have a true alliance with Turkey, Saudi Arabia will never have a true alliance with Israel.

So why is Saudi Arabia and much of the Arab Gulf (Sheba and Dedan) left out of the prophetic equation?

The answer is very simple. Saudi Arabia knows that Turkey’s ally, Iran, is about to have it for lunch after it has Israel for breakfast. This is especially true since Saudi Arabia did not rise up to be counted as anti-coup only after the coup failed.

Therefore, the alliance, according to Apocalypse 13’s narrative is a Turkish-Persian alliance (Leopard-Bear).

The Ezekiel 38 program is on course, Gog is a leader from Turkey who unites with Persia (Iran), re-conquered Libya and Egypt. We say Egypt because it is clear that there is a league (Ezekiel 30:8). Most students isolate Ezekiel 38 ignoring that the whole theme of Ezekiel’s prophecy stems from Ezekiel 28 to Ezekiel 39. All this needs to be viewed in whole and with much detailed scrutiny. Unfortunately, these do not like to read the entire context and seem to be satisfied to only reading one chapter, Ezekiel 38 and in fact focus on one word “Rosh” as if this was “Russia”.

In our view, ahistoricals should have no voice in the Prophecy circles. Russia and Turkey are two rivals who have warred against each other from time immemorial. For anyone who still doubts us that Putin can never be Gog, please read our 6 part series [here].

For Iran, strong ties with its neighbors Russia and Turkey is significant now, especially when we have a Saudi-Israeli regional axis. Therefore, in order to contain this new axis we see Turkey and Iran uniting exactly as we have been predicting. Iran is nervous, especially that there is uncertainty about the implementation of the nuclear deal under a new American president.

What we should focus more on is not Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s visit to St. Petersburg on August 9, but the unscheduled one-day trip to Ankara by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on August 12. This visit have phenomenally transformed Middle East’s power dynamic.

During that visit, Tehran shared valuable intelligence with the Turkish authorities regarding an imminent military coup on July 15. This factor alone seems destined to work wonders for the Turkish-Iranian ties.

Cavusoglu of Turkey said: “The security and stability of Iran is Turkey’s security and stability, and we believe this is the case with Iran, too.”

This is a blow for Saudi Arabia and it is reading the writing on the wall: “Mene Mene tekel upharsin” (the Persians are coming).

While many believe that Iran and Turkey are at odd when it comes to Syria, they forget that both nations main goal is not whether Bashar remains in power or not, but to prevent the emergence of a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria. A grand Kurdistan will carve major territory from Turkey and Iran.

Kurdistan are the ancient Medes and they do not play a role in the construction of this re-arising beast.

When examining the biblical narrative, always keep in mind (never forget this), the “bear” as Daniel said “arises on one side”. It will be only Persia’s side of the ancient Medo-Persian bear that will arise without its ancient other side: Media (Kurdistan). This is clear.

Arabs on the street and the tweet see the writing on the wall.  Below, one Arab tweets “Erdogan’s dream to lead the Muslim world will never come to pass unless he first destroys Saudi Arabia. This is why he made an alliance with the Maggi”. In the Middle East, they still use the old terminologies. The Maggi is a nickname for the Shiite Persians (Iran).

Another, Abdul-Hak Sadek tweets: “The vision of the Muslim Brotherhood and their head, Erdogan, agrees with Iran’s vision and Assad’s vision and the Syrian opposition.”

The biblical expressions still reside in the deserts of Arabia. Even the U.S. is beginning to see what lays on the horizon. Ankara’s “Incirlik card” is slowly losing leverage amid US efforts to reduce reliance on the southern Turkey base. Washington is already using a base in neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan. Also, a Kurdish source told an Iraqi news agency July 18 that the United States has plans to set up five more bases in the region under an unconfirmed military deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government earlier this month.

Regardless, nothing will stop Erdogan’s train. Failed coup or how the West views Erdogan’s machiavellian rule … none of this makes a single difference when it comes to Turkey’s goal, that is, to first establish false peace by using democracy, gain strength, then get off at the next stop: The Caliphate Royal Palace.


Why Turkey will re-clash with Russia is simple. Turkey besides gaining Iran it will seek its historic allies in the Caucasus’s northern regions. But the Kremlin too also has a similar desire to expand in the Caucasus. This desire, that Russia wants to dominate the Black Sea is not in Turkey’s strategic interest. Therefore, the two at some point will collide.

Turkey’s own desire to expand its influence among the Turkic peoples that inhabit the central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan poses a significant challenge to Russia’s desire to maintain its influence in that region. Russia also wants to exert a degree of control over the regions hydrocarbon wealth and especially the pipelines that move it to markets in Europe.

Currently Turkey has only two choices when it comes to Iran; to continue its historic competition with Iran for influence in the Middle East or to unite with it and divide the whole kitten-kapoodle. The latter, to undo Sykes-Picot is the desire of all Islamists be it Iran or Turkey, yet this is not what Russia (a nation that played in creating it) wants.

These days, even the liberal Huffington Post realizes that Turkey is “a country that looks more and more like a caliphate with a powerful sultan…”:

hp copy

Yet these fail to look at the Scriptures, until of course, Islam becomes such a menace that will cause everyone, east (Russia) and West (Europe and the U.S.) to reconsider and eventually repent.


  • Walid, what is more amazing is how pro-Erdogan paper, Yeni Safak, has used, in his column, four times “resurrection.” I wrote about it yesterday in a blog post.

    And today, the Jerusalem Post left a very interesting nugget about Israel, Jordan, and the Temple Mount. The minister made dropped a bomb, “We will not be ruled by Mecca rules.”

    In the Hurriyet Daily News column, I read it this morning as well, it rose my eyebrow. I believe that Turkey will be moved to rage because they will perceive that Russia is breaking a promise to Turkey, as Daniel was told, “News from the North and the East will trouble him,” when Russia comes with tanks and fleet of warships to rain down fire on “those who dwell in the coast lands of Magog.”

    Things are beginning to move at a steady clip. I get the feeling Turkey knows who is going to win America’s presidency and as a result are moving to be closer to be with Russia. It’s as if they fear Mr. Trump.

    • Eric

      Trevor, I agree. Turkey seems to fear Trump, and for good reason. Naturally, with Trump’s foreign policy moving to a pro-Russia stance, and secondly, strenghnening our ties with China, Britain, and the rest of Europe, Turkey and Iran would have very good reason to fear what is coming.

      And with Trump’s Isolationist policy, I suspect he knows we need strong allies, and that most certainly includes Russia and China. America will fortify our existing alliances with many of our old European allies–Britain, France, Italy–and we will meanwhile, I predict, distance ourselves from Germany, Turkey, Iran, and Japan. Also, I have no doubt that we will strengthen our ties to Israle as well, which will no doubt infuriate the growing Turkey-Iran partnership.

      Turkey will soon have Europe–Kittim–The US–Strongest of Fortresses–Russia–The North–and China–The East–all coming upon it. We can safely say that we shall soon have a roasted turkey.

      • That will be a Thanksgiving feast worthy of the Lamb!

        • Eric

          Indeed Trevor! It’s be the best Thanksgiving ever!

      • Kamau41

        Things are unfolding steadily. Trump’s isolationist policy will work and be beneficial in the long run for America. Turkey will eventually be roasted!!

        • Eric


  • James

    This is very confusing about Russia. We have been told that Russia would be against Turkey as in the visions of St Paisios and Blessed Joseph of Vatopaidi, unless Putin is just playing Erdogan for the time being.

    • Owen Schumacher

      “By peace [he] shall destroy many” (Daniel 8:25), James. The Antichrist is a clever politician and a schemer. Russia, and many other nations, will be fooled—if only for a time.

    • St. Paisios was very specific. He said, “For a time, the Turks will think they are winning, but it will be their ultimate demise.” This is exactly what we see happening…Turkey thinks they are winning but are deceiving themselves.

      • James

        That’s true, he did say the Turks would think their winning first (though it seems like they’ve been winning for too long as it is)
        It’s a shame for anywhere to have to be nuked, (I assume that’s what’s happening to Constantinople as only the Hagia Sophia is meant to survive).

        If only they could just become Christian, but at the end of the day they are the descendants of the Huns and Mongols so its in their nature to be what they are. At least some Turks are going to convert and become Catholics, we’ve been told by St Louis de Montfort that this will be happening through the grace of the Blessed Virgin in the end times. The Turks are brainwashed (like all Muslims) and hopefully through all our prayers, the greatest possible number of them may yet be saved.

        • St. Pasios did say that 1/3 will be killed, 1/3 will go deep inside Turkey, and 1/3 will convert to Christianity.

          It’s as if the Battle of Lepanto is shaping up all over again.

          • James

            That’s true and as you say it’s very much like a re-run of the Battle of Lepanto with the Turks coming by sea once more to invade Europe.

            That’s what St John Bosco had a prophetic vision of, with the Christians triumphant again through the grace of the Blessed Virgin.

            I think the Turks who will be converting may only be the ones who went to Europe. “The southern Slavs will form
            a great Catholic Empire and drive out of Europe the Turks
            (Mohammedans), who will withdraw to North Africa and
            subsequently embrace the Catholic faith.” Brother Louis Rocco(19th Century)

            “Then will the people of the half-moon of the tribe of Agar overrun many nations towards midnight and commit many atrocities. They will stay three years destroying everything. Yet, in the third year, will one of the unconquerable Eagles who reigns over the enlightened nation between the Rhine and the North sea, with a great army meet them by the mouth of the River Rhine and, in a fearful battle, almost entirely annihilate them.” Monk Hilarion (15th Century) So from Germany at least a remnant of them will remain alive who can become converts.

          • A Holy League will be formed once more one day. In the meanwhile we must be patient.

  • filomena seiffert

    China is mad at USA and is offering support to Russia which, I think, will cut down the bullying USA is doing to Russia and China. USA needs to repent and keep its boundaries and stop to want dominion over the whole earth. I do think USA could be the last beast because it is the country which has the power described in Revelation, EYES everywhere; on the front, back, sides, head etc. Who spy in every nation and people trough air, land, water? it has a web and can spy on every person? The nations which do not accept to be dominated by it can not survive. See Iran, N. Korea, Venezuela and others. Who has started all invasions or provoked false flags to enter in wars? Who is reviving the first beast of islam? All the incursions of USA in the muslim nations caused them to arise against Christianity and became very radicalized. It is not about the Apocalipse but it is a very interesting prophecy made a Serbian, his name is Mitar Tabich. Just type his name and various site will show.

    • rodolfo

      does it mean that america accepted the key and opened the abyss?

      • filomena seiffert

        It means the world may be granted more time before extinction

  • Doc

    I wonder what the timeline is? Will this alliance fracture pretty quickly or could we see Turkey and Russia be best buddies for a couple of decades before it comes apart?

    • Owen Schumacher

      Erdoğan has that magical milestone of 2023 in his head, so by that time Turkey may have already backstabbed Russia. Erdoğan seems to be going pretty fast, and when he finally gets his ducks in a row and declares himself Caliph, I can’t imagine Russia being friendly with that kind of Turkey for very long.

  • Julie


    Still jealous Russia has essentially one Christian faith to give it the liberty to gaze at church steeples…..looks old, though….during Soviet Union….and the churches then were museums?

  • richinnameonly

    One can see on-going wrestling for power and influence between Russia and Turkey over the area around the Caucasus. If Putin had an ambition for, or faith in, a warm relationship with Erdogan, he wouldn’t have annexed Crimea. I think Erdogan is well on track for his 2023 time schedule.

    • Owen Schumacher

      As they say, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Putin’s moves of reconciliation toward Erdoğan may be merely pragmatic.

  • AnthonyM

    The US should be worried about Russia and Turkey getting back together, and shutting out the US. It seems the US expects the rest of the world to follow its lead. But that time is gone. Other nations have their own agendas.

    • World opinion of America are at an all time low. An isolationist policy by Trump would be the best course of action for America.

  • The dinosaurs who insist Russia is Gog are probably salivating at the moment. This temporary relationship between Russia and Turkey is not a new love. As Walid points out, their ideology is totally opposed. Besides controlling oil to Europe, Russia is being encircled by Nato. He is trying to prevent a nuclear war. Turkey is a Nato member. So to form an alliance with them now would weaken Nato to a degree. It would also add leverage for Putin in dealing with Europe who rely on Russian energy so they don’t freeze in winter.
    I think if Trump is elected Nato could be in trouble also but nuclear war, getting nearer would be stopped. This is going to be a bizarre election. Something is seriously wrong with Clinton’s health. I think she is not going to continue. Why they are holding her up at this late date is confusing. I think we might see an effort by Obama to stay. But he won’t beat Trump in a fair election, so I still think there will not be one. I hope I’m wrong on that. I also won’t be moving to or visiting Arabia, Iran or Turkey. I think I could live in Russia. But I will probably stay here in the woods in Haliburton Highlands.

    • Michael Lochmoeller

      It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Obama declared that both Trump and Hillary are unfit to be president, Trump because of his “temperment” and Hillary because of her poor physical health. And he might use that as an excuse to stay in power. I could be wrong, just saying that NOTHING would surprise me…

    • racarrera

      These are simple people. They know nothing about history. This is why i like this place so much. People actually think here, and can grasp concepts like history and philosophy and process these things.

    • Now there is someone who I know read the article and adds to it a few more nuggets.

  • rodolfo

    wow! a covenant with many to be broken. thank you Mr. Walid. the puzzle coming together piece by piece. only in

  • Owen Schumacher

    “By peace [he] shall destroy many” (Daniel 8:25). So, Erdoğan is going to pull the wool over the U.S., Europe, and Russia’s eyes, huh? That sounds about right, since Hitler (a decent Antichrist in his own right) essentially gamed Europe and Russia in a similar way. (Erdoğan has pulled many a page from Hitler’s playbook already. Why not copy the false peace, right?)

    As always, thanks for keeping us posted, Walid! Seeing all these events and alliances slowly come into focus is an interesting exercise. Here’s to the sheep! And may the goats—if they choose to remain unrepentant—be damned.

  • David W

    The recent Saudi bombing of a Yemeni hospital is another outrage among the Shiites. A lot of hatred against the House of Saud is rising…

    And while many conservatives are frantically predicting an Iranian nuke attack on Tel Aviv, Walid is one of the few to see the upcoming celebrity roast in Mecca. Fox and CBN will be left behind…

    • Dr T

      He had also interpreted that Israel will deflect the nuke onto the Saudis.

    • Owen Schumacher

      Definitely, trouble is brewing for Saudi Arabia. David, did you hear Trump’s recent speech about his military and foreign policy strategies? ( Trump made it very clear that America’s allies under a Trump presidency would be a non-Muslim Brotherhood Egypt and Saudi Arabia, both of which are the bane to militant, Caliphate-minded Islam.

      By specifically preferring these resented nations as allies, in contrast to Obama sucking up to Iran and Turkey, Trump will help create the atmosphere for Iran and Turkey to further intertwine strategically and ideologically. Erdoğan wants a Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt, and I’m sure he also wouldn’t mind some long-delayed revenge on what T.E. Lawrence and the Arabs did to the Ottomans a century ago. Iran, likewise, wants comeuppance for Saudi Arabia, which it has long seen as a hypocrite unworthy of its claims to Islamic history. The bottom line is Trump and the foreign policy he’s recently outlined will likely serve as a wedge to further pry Egypt-Arabia and Iran-Turkey into separate, opposing camps.

  • lunareclips

    I don’t know which is worse. The left and progressives destroying the USA or this news.

    • richinnameonly

      I think the left and progressives agenda, including inviting the spread of Islam, world wide is worse. There’s bound to be a break between Russia and Turkey at some time, but the lefties will fight to the bitter end.

  • James

    St Paisios was very dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and I’m quite sure that he and Blessed Joseph did receive a personal insight into these future events.
    I’m quite sure in the fullness of time the lion, bear, leopard attributes will probably become clearer to us.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Erdogan may think Putin is looking at him with love and impatience but Putin is actually looking through him at Hagia Sophia and the Second Rome the beloved of Orthodoxy who lies is in hateful chains. They are two wolves sharing the hunt, but the Alfa male wil alwaysl eat first. The only question remains who is the actual Alfa male.

  • Alert! Just read an article regarding Obama and his friend, the mayor of London. They are working on killing free speech on the internet. The Muslim Brotherhood strikes again.
    >Sadiq and Obama made a joint statement about the “online abuse” of Muslim Ideals: “By establishing this new standard we are working to combat the hate crime against all Muslims so that we can all live peacefully together. The actual legislative code that is now being revamped was originally passed in 2003. Section 127 of the Commucations Act of 2003 was originally intended to protect people from serious crimes being committed online. Well, now it looks like Obama will be expanding it with a new piece of executive legislation. And, because it is determined by a committee, he can actually get away with doing this.

    Already there are two men undergoing investigation for “spreading the hate of Muslims.” James McConnel and Stephen Birrells are being sentenced and prosecuted for expressing their views that run contrary to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

  • “This is silly. Russia IS part of the Ezekiel 38-39 alliance.”

    Here you go again making one line comments as if it is TRUTH but it takes a wise counsel and much work to debunk it.

    The error in equating Magog with Russia can be easily discovered once we read the claims: they always stretch historyto encompass the desired geographic location. This is found in every anti-Russia prophecy material that espouses to use history.

    To show the errors requires a book on its own, but perhaps one example will suffice; the departed prophecy author Grant Jeffrey quotes reputable historian Rawlinson, Jeffrey says, “The areas… that were ruled by the Scythians are located south of Russia and in the southern republics of the Commonwealth of Independent states (the former USSR).” (Grant Jeffrey, Final Warning, p. 123) Although Jeffrey correctly quotes Rawlinson to only have a false conclusion while he ignored that Rawlinson is speaking of “southern” Russia, which today are all Islamic.

    While Rawlinson identifies Meshech with Moschi, he outrightly rejects the idea that Moschi is Moscow:

    Some have found in the Moshci the founders of Moscow, the ancestors of the present Muscovites. But this identification has no historical or ethnological basis, resting wholly on the similarity of the names. (Rawlinson, The Origin of Nations, p. 179, f)

    So is Glorious Cause a better historian than Rawlinson? Rawlinson is a formidable historian. He is not some commenter who jots a line after reading silly works by some pastor.

    They then love to reference formidable historians like Josephus, Philo, Hippolytus of Rome, Pliny the Elder, Maimonides, and Hesiod the father of Greek didactic poetry, but these either simply point to the Scythians as Magog or point to southern Russia and Asia Minor (Turkey).

    But when we examine some of the greatest biblical reference manuals, like the Macmillan Bible Atlas, Oxford Bible Atlas,The Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands, The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary, the IVP Bible Background Commentary, The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary, The Catholic Encyclopedia and The Matthew Henry Complete Commentary; they all locate Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Gomer and Beth Togarmah in Asia Minor or in the landmass between ancient Armenia and Media (1)—in short, the Republics south of Russia and north of Israel, comprised of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkestan, Chechnya, etc. but all these are all Muslim nations.

    The Bible then sets the record straight when we examine Ezekiel 30 comparing it to Ezekiel 38, we find “Cush,” “Put,” and “Lydia”. Lydia is not Russia but Turkey, which is the same as Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Togormah, and Gomer in Ezekiel 38.

    It is the Bible itself that set the record straight. It is Islam that is slaughtering the saints, which is why we are in a detrimental situation, in which we must strive to help deliver our brethren.

    Some even try to stretch it by other means so they say that because the passage points to the “farthest north,” as referring to Russia. But the word “farthest” is not to be found in the Bible which states “north quarters” (v.6) and “north parts” (v.15) in which is the north sides. It is possible this refers to Antichrist who rules that region (Isaiah 14:13).

    Gog, as the Bible mandates, is of the land of Magog, a very specific place, and he is the ruler, “chief prince” of his domain called “Meshech and Tubal” which are the ancient Moschi/Mushki and Tubalu/Tibareni peoples who dwelled in the area around, primarily south of, the Black and Caspian Seas in Ezekiel’s day. All these are given for locators to pin point the area and are not intended to lead us on a stretch as to where we follow all genealogical migrations. It is actually far simpler than some make it.

    The error of the “Magog is Russia” theory arose from the Scofield Study Bible, which identifies Mesheck and Tubal with the modern Russian cities of Moscow and Tobolsk later to be popularized by Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth. The only basis for this interpretation is the somewhat similar sound of the two words; thus, Meshech sounds like Moscow, and Tubal sounds like Tobolsk.

    However, one cannot simply take a word from an ancient Semitic language (in this case, Hebrew) and find a correlation to a modern name from a drastically different language (in this case an early form of Scandinavian) simply because the two words “sound the same.” While this may be convincing to some for the sole reason of phonetics, it is very irresponsible hermeneutics and is not supported by history.

    But perhaps the greatest twist in most of the works we see circulating the sphere of prophecy is that the battle in Ezekiel 38 is not a battle that erupts prior to Armageddon as is commonly claimed but is Armageddon.

    The Siege of Malta of 1565, in which Christians defeated the Turks
    The Siege of Malta of 1565, in which Christians defeated the Turks
    Why do they insist that it erupts before Armageddon? The answer is simple; Islam as this unfolding prophecy according to the buffs, is concerned would someday partner with Russia’s evil Gog (Ezekiel 38) and would simply be aprelude or else how will we usher in the real threat, Europe(the Beast) headed by a European Antichrist.

    This is the main problem that many prophecy teachers in the West teach that the invading coalition of nationsdescribed in Ezekiel 38-39 is not the army of Antichrist, but of another army entirely different, led by some other evil world leader who is destroyed prior to Christ’s coming todefeat Antichrist.

    But this is pure gymnastics since they cannot overlook that Ezekiel 38-39, which clearly describes a Muslim coalition of nations does not support their European Antichrist paradigm. For this reason they are forced to find a way to divorce the entire battle of Gog and Magog from the main excitement they sold when the European Union began when Greece joined as the tenth nation. This theory fell apart when over twenty nations joined this union. The only backup they use to create their paradigm is that Daniel 9 alludes to a European coalition since the Romans—and by extention—Europeans are who destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem.

    But even such references support my view, a close examination of Daniel 9, where the Bible says that it would be the “people of the prince to come” (v.26) are the people of the Antichrist who would destroy the Jewish Temple. In other words, the ethnic peoples of whom the future Antichrist would be the leader would destroy the Jewish Temple, which was fulfilled in 70 A.D.

    But when we examine real history, we find out that the primary group that carried out this destruction was the tenth legion of the Roman army (Legion X Fretensis), which was stationed in Antioch. Antioch was also the area fromwhich the tenth legion drew most of its recruits of theseethnic peoples.

    These soldiers were primarily Syrians and Arabs. Today, Antioch is located within the borders of Turkey, on the southeastern corner of Turkey near Syria. As such, this is yet another nail in their coffin and a witness to the notion that the Antichrist would come from the region of modern Turkey and not Europe. Daniel 9 is also supportedby Daniel 11, where Antichrist was prefigured by Antiochus IV Epiphanies, the “King of the North” or the ruler of the Seleucid Division of the Greek Empire which covered a large portion of modern Turkey.

    Zechariah 9 clearly lists Yavan/Ionia (Turkey) as the primary player in the Last-Days attack against Israel. Many will have missed this prophecy due to translation: “I will rouse your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece (Yavan, Ionia).”

    Ionia is in Turkey.

    The key aspect of this passage is that “Jehovah will appear over them”.

    It also seems that Turkey will face Russia: “But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many … yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.” (Daniel 11:44-45)

    North of Turkey would be most likely Russia. History will repeat itself and it will be the Russo-Turkish Wars all over again. The result is as the Bible declares; “yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him. (v. 45)” The end of Turkey is likely being at the hands of Russia (north) and other allies (Ezekiel 28:7-8).