No You Dumbbell. Nazis Were NOT Right Wing Evangelicals; Hitler Was NOT A Roman Catholic; God Did NOT Destroy Sodom And Gomorrah For Simply Being Uncharitable But Because They Were Homosexuals


By Walid And Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

To say that cowards show no courage is a myth. Cowards always show courage, but only when exposing the dead Hitler, while always complimenting the living Hitler, and at the same time labeling the ones who don’t by yelling “HITLER“!

Today such cowards are advancing at an alarming rate. This is becoming very noticed these days especially when one hears daily repetitions like; Nazis were right wing evangelicals; Hitler was a Roman Catholic; God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, not for being gay, but for being uncharitable and that Jesus was gay who had homosexual relations with John.

And while these feel they are winning the war of ideas, we have news for them; thousands of years worth of history reveals that such cowards only rise like Hitler did and always end up like Hitler in the dustbin of history. So for now, faggots rejoice.


If Hitler was Christian, why is it that factually, we can never find Hitler defending any Christian values. Take marriage for example, making marriage to solely be between a man and a woman, did Hitler support it? True history can never be revised; Hitler actually hated marriage regarding it as “a thing against nature.”(1)

The standard of what takes real courage today is exposing homosexuality. This is a rising and a living Hitler that so few want to speak out against. Cowards always say that Hitler’s henchmen where Christian. Lets see if this is true as we site real historians while faggots can’t..

Ernst Roehm, the man most responsible for the rise of Nazism, indeed of Hitler himself (2) was the leader of a Nazi terrorist paramilitary organization called the SA Brownshirts.  There number was no chicken feed. Over two million strong, these were a cesspool of thugs and sexual deviants who regularly met and were formed at the Bratwurstglockl, a gay bar in Munich, “to plan and strategize. These were the men who orchestrated the Nazi campaign of intimidation and terror. All of them [two million] were homosexual”. (3)

These were no Sabbath observant or Sunday school regulars. One of the Brownshirts hymnals and a favorite was, “Storm Trooper Comrades, hang the Jews and put the priests against the wall.”(4)

Historian H.R. Knickerbocker writes:

“Roehm, as the head of 2,500,000 Storm Troops, had surrounded himself with a staff of perverts. His chiefs were almost without exception homosexuals. Indeed, unless a Storm Troop officer were homosexual, he had no chance of advancement.”(5)

Homosexuals are known to infiltrate every aspect of society from religious (as we see in the Vatican), military (as we see in the U.S. military) and law (as we see in all the cases suing bakers and such). Like Muslims and every other tyranny they are keen on how to hone in to change society from within.

The well-known Elie Weisel was sent to Auschwitz, where he discovered that the head of his camp section “loved children,” and observed that “there was a considerable traffic in young children among homosexuals there.”(6)

A Nazi administrator named Max Bielas had:

“a harem of little Jewish boys. He liked them young, no older than seventeen. He had a kind of parody of the shepherds of Arcadia, their role was to take care of the camp flock of geese. They were dressed like little princes… Bielas had a little barracks built for them that looked like a doll’s house… Bielas sought in Treblinka only the satisfaction of his homosexual instincts.” (7)


This homosexual sadism was so severe that even if “the camp doctor happened to pass by after a mass whipping, and knew that a certain type of homosexual Scharfurhrer [Platoon Leader] and SS officer stood at a certain gate, he arranged a little special [whipping] entertainment for them, which he called a medical examination”.(8)

Their SS scout leaders molested even Hitler youths. Himmler finally took a hard line against the molestation (9) not because the Nazis were anti-homosexuality and pedophilia, but in order to cover up the extent of sexual perversion in the party, and the extensive documentation about the rampant sexual deviance of numerous Nazi leaders.

With advancing the homosexual agenda today in the U.S. military, we find the homosexual rape phenomenon growing in all U.S. military branches where the Pentagon reports not just a handful of victims, but in the thousands.

The preeminence of homosexuals in the rise of German Nazism is no historical anomaly:

not ten percent of the men who, in 1933, took the fate of Germany into their hands, were sexually normal.” (10)

When the Nazis destroyed the Sex Research Institute, which was a major organization of the German homosexual movement, Ludwig Lenz, the assistant director of the Institute, stated that the Nazis destroyed the Institute because they:

knew too much. It would be against medical principles to provide a list of the Nazi leaders and their perversions [but] Our knowledge of such intimate secrets regarding members of the Nazi Party and other documentary material – we possessed about forty thousand confessions and biographical letters – was the cause of the complete and utter destruction of the Institute”. (11)

Imagine, 40,000 confessions!

Most of Hitler’s closest aides were homosexuals or sexual deviants. This circle included not only Roehm but the Hitler Youth leader, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Economics, Hermann Goering, who is not officially known to have been homosexual but is known to have liked to dress in drag, paint his nails and put rouge on his cheeks. (12)


Nazis who loved war and homosexuality were no glitch, even when compared to all warlike nations in history. Historian Eva Cantarella stated:

“the most warlike nations have been those who were most addicted to the love of male youths.”

One can find this from pagan Greece, pagan Rome to every Muslim Caliphate.

Cantarella writes:

“military homosexuality has been detected in the Azande of Africa and in the Amazon basin of South America.”

“Greek homosexuality had its origins in warrior life. The Thebans and Spartans were said to have taken their male lovers with them as comrades and sex partners.”

Muslim Saudi writer Dr. Zuhair Mohammed Jamil Kutby who laments:

“The Arab Nation and through its scholars, jurists and intellectuals, think of the Muslim world as one of the best nations. They say it is a nation like no other in the universe. But the fact is that it went through periods of physical and moral degeneration that even history is embarrassed of.”

“When we come back to read some pages of our history—not the history written by the western orientalist lest we claim they are antagonistic. We find that our Arab history is full of conflict, crowded with a culture of lying and exposed by sexual and moral deviation… is it not considered wrong and shameful the spread of corruption and sexual deviation in the corridors and palaces during [Muslim] Arab rule?”

In Japan, “the sons of Samurai families were urged to form homosexual alliances with warriors.” Historian Max Gallow records how the Nazis clearly fell into a “homosexual warrior cult category.” He describes how “S .A. leaders hired a homosexual pimp by the name of Peter Granninger, and paid him 200 marks a month to procure young attractive boys from the Hitler Youth to become participants in S.A. orgies.”(13)

Homosexuals should love Nazism. Delving into the “organic” in Nazism also involves delving into nature-centered paganism with the “effort to revive the Greek ideal of pedagogic pederasty in the movement of ‘Wandering Youth’ [Wan- dervögel]… Ultimately, Hitler used and transformed the movement… expanding and building upon its romanticism as a basis for the Nazi Party”.(14)

Wandervögel youths were indoctrinated with Greek paganism and taught to reject the Christian values of their parents (mostly Catholics and Lutherans).

The Wandervögel was affiliated with the popular magazine Der Eigene. Virulently anti-Semitic and nationalistic, the journal was dedicated to those who “thirst for a revival of Greek times and Hellenic standards of beauty after centuries of Christian barbarism.”(15)

The Wandervögel was a boy’s only group and envisioned a world of male purity free from Christianity.


In reality, Nazism is reviving at an alarming rate, perhaps not with the same superiority complex of the so-called Arian heritage, but with the same moral values indeed where homosexuals believe that they too are a “superior race”.

A known theorist of homoeroticism was Hans Bluher, who in his book Der Wandervögel als erotisches phanomen (The German Wandervögel movement as an erotic phenomenon) asserted that homosexuality was the bond that gave the movement cohesion and contributed to its success.

According to Bluher, the youth movement was secretly governed by erotic relations between the adolescents and the team leaders. Bluher made homosexuality a symbol of adolescent revolt against bourgeoisie family morals. (16)

Bluher favored a purification of German society under the guidance of elitist, all-male brotherhoods whose members would be bonded to one another by homoeroticism and charismatic leadership. (17) Hitler read Bluher’s book The Role of Eroticism and “recognized that something of the kind [homo erotic male heroism] must exist.” (18) Bluher wrote:

“Hitler was very well acquainted with my books, of course, and he knew that this movement was a male movement founded on the same basic forces as the Wandervögel.” (19)

Cowards never compare the almost forgotten history of Nazi homosexual misogyny with their attempts to change western society. Yet at the same time these cowards never ceased to have courage to arraign the Bible for racism, accusing Catholics and Protestants of a history of gender inequality.

But what they accuse Christians of is what they are guilty of themselves. These always hail the same figures the Nazis hailed like Margaret Sanger, a champion for abortion and an anti-Semite who collaborated with the Nazi party for the extermination of the unborn who were deemed inferior in her eyes.


But as usual, they argue the same way evolutionists do with Darwin, that “one must not throw out the baby with the bathwater”.

The only problem is that this “baby” is always the hidden cobra. Today we can see the future with the aid of history – university students immersing their minds into Nietzsche, Hesse, Goethe, and other writers whose ideas came from the pit of the abyss. The Wandervögel was just that – teenagers engaging their minds with the works of these writers, and with these young free thinkers, the Wandervögel evolved into the Hitler youth. Nazism was not a Christian crusade – it was as we see growing rapidly today: a revolution against God.

Other types of a lesser-degree cowards are people who expose Islam (since ISIS is so far away) and refuse to show, that what drives Islam, is a hidden liberal and homosexual agenda. Instead (like Robert Spencer) they say that Islam “persecutes homosexuals” when truth is, Islam is filled with pedophilia and transvestites.

Regardless of elitist disagreements, systems like Nazi Germany had similarities with Communist Russia and even Islam’s Andalusian era – all of which have much in common with leftist utopian aspirations. The only difference between these is that the Andalusian era was gold-plated by some western historians – as Bernard Lewis stated – as a result of sympathy by [coward] Jews towards Islam and not the reality of accurate history. The rest of it falls within the wisdom that History, as it has been said, is the propaganda of the victorious party.

Cowards have no confessions. Ever wonder why Islam has made no confessions for anything beginning from its advent through the subsequent empires of the Umayyads, Abbasids, the Fatimids, the Mughals, the Safavids, and Ottomans with a sinless record that virtually had no massacres, pillages, rape, plunder and extortion through Jizzieh and Dhimmi humiliation?

It would be accurate to say that within all of mankind’s history, Islam by far stands so unique that about it, the following could be said: “by peace he will destroy many” (Daniel 8:25). After all, we hear the repeated mantra from time immemorial by millions of cowards that Islam is a peaceful religion.

True history reveals that what people endured under Nazism was similar to what Christians endured under Islam and are enduring under the rising homosexual tyranny. Hitler banned religious charity and forced clergy to be put on government salary, placing clergy under government control. Regarding these laws, Hitler said that the church:

“will betray their God to us. They will betray anything for the sake of their miserable little jobs and incomes.” (20)

Echoing atheists, Hitler said that it is “not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the churches. The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death… The dogma of Christianity gets worn away before the advances of science.” (21)

Ever wonder why liberals paint Christians as ‘backwards’ and themselves as ‘scientific’ and like the Nazis always use pseudo-science to claim that homosexuality is genetic and like the Nazis they claim to have a superior gene?


Fact is, cowards rarely use real history or factual science. They use politics. They use sales. They know that to advance, it is not about fact, but all about propaganda and the slow arm-twisting of the opposition. You become “homophobic” “hate-filled” and “racist” as if being Naziphobic was bad. It took much death-toll for Europe to finally realize that Churchill, the Naziphobe was right, just as Noah was right and the entire earth drowned in water and error.

Hitler saw the churches as nothing more than a political advantage, “a political power; he denied the reality of religion and faith…On the other hand, political power for him won ‘the luster of religious mastery.’”

“The religious sensibility of Hitler and his followers was channeled into political hopes; Germany’s renewal became the National Socialist creed. In this way, political faith replaced religious faith, National Socialism became ever more a replacement for religion, and the party a substitute for the church.” (22)

So under all of this deception and tyranny, and just as we see today with homosexuality, few stood against the Third Reich – not by atheists or pacifists but by Christians.

The true Christians of Germany had to rise up against the Nazi regime. They were not neutral cowards nor did they attempt (as we see today) to build bridges, but they began a huge crusade against Hitler and his henchmen. One of those crusaders was Clemens August von Galen, bishop of St Lambert’s Church in Münster. In a sermon in Xanten Cathedral, preached in the spring of 1936, Bishop Clemens August accused the National Socialist regime of discriminating against Christians because of their faith, of throwing them into prison and even killing them.

This is why, when homosexuals comment to every article we write, it is almost 99% given, the first thing they write is that we “should be locked up”.


Bishop Clemens August described Germany as having “new graves which contain the ashes of those upon whom the German people look as martyrs.” This sermon echoed far beyond the frontiers of Germany. Already at that time, Bishop Clemens August was prepared for the possibility that even he might be deprived of his liberty and hindered in the execution of his Episcopal office. (23)

Clemens August was Catholic. There is much paranoia about Catholics; many evangelicals erroneously accuse the Catholic Church of being the Harlot of Babylon. Leftists accuse them of being sexists who prohibit condoms and birth control. Bishop Clemens August belonged to those bishops whom Pope Pius XI in January 1937 invited to Rome in order to discuss the situation in Germany and to prepare the encyclical letter With Burning Anxiety, which taxed and accused the National Socialist regime before the world public. Together with the other bishops, Bishop Clemens August, in several pastoral letters, stood up against the racial doctrine of the Nazis. In the Fulda conference of bishops he was one of those who demanded that a determined stand be made against National Socialism. Doing so in public was of utmost importance. In 1941, when the Third Reich had reached its height of power, the state authorities began to confiscate convents and monasteries and to expel the religious. (24)

Christians in the West seem to always be fighting evil wherever they are. In the West they fight against stem cell research, Planned Parenthood, and gun control which Hitler did unto Germany, passing the Nazi Weapons Act in 1938 which made all German citizens “who wished to purchase firearms had to register with the Nazi officials and have a background check.” (25)

To strip people from arms is only done for one reason: the ultimate mass extermination of helpless and defenseless people.

Nazis are closer to liberals and homosexuals and are in fact no different. The only difference between the liberals in the U.S. and the Nazis of Germany is that liberals today do not have the full control of the government.

Bishop Galen spoke on the Nazi persecution of Christians, mentioning the name

“of a Protestant minister who served Germany in the first world war as a German officer and submarine commander, who later worked as a Protestant clergyman in Münster and for some years now has been deprived of his liberty, is well known to you, and we all have the greatest respect for this noble German’s courage and steadfastness in professing his faith. From this example you will see, my Christians, that I am not talking about a matter of purely Catholic concern but about a matter of Christian concern, indeed of general human and national concern.” (26)

While leftists like Wells, Shaw and Bertrand Russell were championing eugenics and birth control, Bishop Galen was taking a stance against the Nazi atrocities:

“If it is once admitted that men have the right to kill ‘unproductive’ fellow-men even though it is at present applied only to poor and defenseless mentally ill patients then the way is open for the murder of all unproductive men and women: the incurably ill, the handicapped who are unable to work, those disabled in industry or war. The way is open, indeed, for the murder of all of us when we become old and infirm and therefore unproductive.” (27)

Despite what atheists say, that ‘morality doesn’t come from the Bible but human goodness’, Galen’s passionate sermons against the Nazis were Biblically inspired, preaching:

“‘Thou shalt not kill!’ This commandment from God, who alone has power to decide on life or death, was written in the hearts of men from the beginning, long before God gave the children of Israel on Mount Sinai his moral code in those lapidary sentences inscribed on stone which are recorded for us in Holy Scripture and which as children we learned by heart in the catechism.” (28)

It was Galen’s sermons that encouraged the founding of the infamous non-violent resistance group The White Rose, by Hans and Sophie Scholl. Hans was inspired by one of Galen’s sermons condemning Hitler’s euthanasia program. Galen’s protest encouraged Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell to publish their own anti-Nazi literature. The two wrote the first four leaflets of the White Rose. In May of 1942, Hans Scholl’s sister, Sophie, discovered the secret activities of her brother, and confronted him about the serious risks he was taking. In spite of these dangers, she realized there was no turning back when she told Hans and his friends to “be performers of the word” and “not just listeners.” She would now join them as an active co-conspirator. (29)


It is on such martyrs that we raise our children. Today the warriors who combat homosexuality are but dwindling to a handful. But Godly battles are only won in the end, never at the beginning. True Christians are the only ones keen to understanding the world’s reversalist mentality and how cowards reverse the natural order which was ordained by God. In their fourth leaflet, Hans and Sophie Scholl express the Christian struggle throughout the ages. It expresses the essence and reality of evil’s existence that we see current today arising in the liberal western mentality at a furiously accelerating rate:

“[Every] word that comes from Hitler’s mouth is a lie. When he says peace, he means war, and when he blasphemously uses the name of the Almighty, he means the power of evil, the fallen angel, Satan. His mouth is the foul-smelling maw of Hell, and his might is at bottom accursed. True, we must consider the struggle against the National Socialist state with rational means; but whoever today still doubts the reality, the existence of demonic powers, has failed by a wide margin to understand the metaphysical background of this war. Behind the concrete, the visible events, behind all objective, logical considerations, we find the irrational element: the struggle against the demon, against the servants of the Antichrist. Everywhere and at all times demons have been lurking in the dark, waiting for the moment when man is weak; when of his own volition he leaves his place in the order of Creation as founded for him by God in freedom; when he yields to the force of evil, separates himself from the powers of a higher order; and, after voluntarily taking the first step, he is driven on to the next and the next at a furiously accelerating rate. Everywhere and at all times of greatest trial men have appeared, prophets and saints who cherished their freedom, who preached the One God and who with His help brought the people to a reversal of their downward course. Man is free, to be sure, but without the true God he is defenseless against the principle of evil. He is like a rudderless ship, at the mercy of the storm, an infant without his mother, a cloud dissolving into thin air. I ask you, you as a Christian wrestling for the preservation of your greatest treasure, whether you hesitate, whether you incline toward intrigue, calculation, or procrastination in the hope that someone else will raise his arm in your defense? Has God not given you the strength, the will to fight? We must attack evil where it is strongest, and it is strongest in the power of Hitler. So I returned, and considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors was power; but they had no comforter. Wherefore I praised the dead which are already dead more than the living which are yet alive.” (30)

The White Rose was no Bertrand Russell, who wrote the book Why I Am Not a Christian. He was the atheist and pacifist coward who with cowardly-courage said:

“from India to Spain, the brilliant civilization of Islam flourished. What was lost to Christendom at this time was not lost to civilization, but quite the contrary…” (31)

What can we learn today from the White Rose? Today, it is not courageous to look into the past to write against and fight dead Nazis. Anyone could write against these and get away with it, but what of writing against the living Nazis of our time – Islamic fundamentalists and the rising homosexual movement who want to reverse the natural order here were we live in the U.S.?

But what good are a couple of leaflets? As writer Pierre Van Paassen wrote just before his death:

“A small flame can set an immense heap of wood on fire, and the most worthwhile things in life and in history have always come from exceedingly small minorities.” (32)

As I always say: one man can make all the difference, Noah in the end was right and everyone on earth died because they were wrong. One man can be right and the rest of mankind wrong. Must people continue in error, only to find out when it’s too late?

Sophie and Hans Scholl, along with others, became that small flame and they were willing to give their lives for it. Hans and Sophie Scholl and other White Rose members were later captured by the Gestapo and beheaded under the Nazi “People’s Court.” Sophie’s last words before her martyrdom were:

“How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause. Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go, but what does my death matter, if through us thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action?”(33)

If you are willing to have the courage of John the Baptist, you have to expect to die like him. Being ‘neutral,’ ‘in the middle,’ ‘balanced with the world,’ avoiding being called an ‘extremist phobic divisive bigot’ are never the traits of noble causes.

The Myth of Nazi Christianity

Progressive Revisionists have created the idea that Nazism was a Nationalist Christian movement when in reality it was a cesspool of a concoction of Hinduism mixed with Norse mythology and socialism.

Attempts like this avoid relevant literature, especially if they provide evidence contrary to their central thesis. Such were the writings of Richard Steigmann-Gall who argues in his study on the Holy Reich that the battles waged against Germany’s enemies constituted a war in the name of Christianity. It is necessary to note the essential fact that National Socialism, above all, waged a war in the name of the ‘Aryan-Germanic race’, and preached a new and predominantly non-Christian faith, but not Christianity, the ‘old faith’.(34)

Revisionists work from the premise that Nazis were Christians, avoiding the reality, that the use of “Christian” is a classic case of stolen identity, in order to argue that the Holocaust was a church con- spiracy and that pedophilia amongst the Catholic clergy is but managed by God and the Pope himself in his headquarters from the Vatican. While the Vatican has fallen away, history can never find any evidence to accuse the Vatican with instituting homosexuality and pedophilia. Indeed, today we live in the most dangerous era in history where mothership has sunk into the depths of the pit. At least during Nazism, the church was still steering and active in combating and ramming such evils with much force. Tell me who is your favorite pope, and if he most respected and popular, I will tell you where you stand.


God is no respecter of persons, be it catholic pope or protestant popular theologian. In 1932 a movement called the “German Christians” emerged in order to replace the traditional Christian church and force it to submit under the control of Nazi policy. They wanted all churches to abandon the Old Testament and to accept “Positive Christianity” – a belief that Jesus Christ was an Aryan revolutionist socialist, who fought against the Jewish establishment to only later become a martyr on the cross. This is what I learned growing under Palestinian Islam and the pseudo-Christian cult of Palestinian socialism. I later became Christian where I was continually told that God is done with the Old Testament where not much applies from it anymore except ten-commandments and end-times prophecy. Of course, tithing remains from Levitical law and surly still applies: 10%. Hypocrites.

This approach is nothing new. I was raised in Bethlehem and was baptized through fire. In the Palestinian institutions they promote a Palestinian Jesus fighting for social justice to only be crucified by Jews. He is depicted artistically as surrounded with barbed wire in Palestinian refuge camps; according to them, Jesus is a Palestinian revolutionist.


This can be found everywhere in Palestinian propaganda. Yasser Arafat, for example, even though a Muslim who denounced the Crucifixion as false, would find it fitting to tell crowds:

“You are aware of the…disgust…all the Holy Sepulchre fathers feel for the descendants of the crucifiers of our Lord Jesus…crucifiers of your people…Jewish conquerors of the Holy Land of Palestine.”(35)

Had the homosexual Arafat denounced Islam and believed in the crucified Lord Jesus Christ? No, but he was entitled to do Taqyia, Kitman and Muruna (concealing ones true faith) – Islam allows bending the truth including denial of Islamic edicts or even cursing the prophet of Islam in order to gain concessions:

“After the conquest of the city of Khaybar by the Muslims, the Prophet was approached by Hajjaj Ibn`Aalat and told: ‘O Prophet of Allah: I have in Mecca some excess wealth and some relatives, and I would like to have them back; am I excused if I bad-mouth you to escape perse- cution?’ The Prophet excused him and said: ‘Say whatever you have to say.’”(36)


Christian dogma insists that for one to be Christian one must believe in The Crucifixion, not a Crucifixion. Muslims believe that Judas Iscariot was crucified in place of Jesus – a revolutionist promoting a revolutionary social gospel – all void of the historic Jesus. True Christian believers always argue that one cannot be a believer in a crucifixion as a figment of someone’s imagination. Can a Muslim rob the title of a Jew or be an alcoholic who never drank a drop of liquor? Such is the mixing of fact with fiction and the production of oxymoronic labels. In the Muslim view, such absurdities exist – Abraham and Jesus after all were not Jews but Muslims. In Nazism, the same cyanide was applied – Jesus was a National Socialist and with the homosexual agenda, Jesus was like them, a homosexual.

It’s a typical case of stolen identity; apply Jesus to any social or political revolution in which the promoter applies his thought to Jesus; he then himself becomes Jesus’ mouthpiece. If Hanan Ashrawi of the P.L.O calls Jesus a ‘Palestinian Revolutionist’, in reality it is she who is the revolutionist and by extension, the mouthpiece of God.

Homosexuals do the same thing. They say that God never punished Sodom for sodomy but for being unkind while they ignore that it was Jesus Who rained fire from the Father in heaven on Sodom. We find the same courageous-cowards growing even amongst claiming Christians today like Michael Brown, a Jew who denies that Jesus calls for the death-penalty for pedophiles.

Nazism of a different kind is reviving today by men with religious cloak just as it was during Nazi Germany.

If anything, the Nazi gospel was more of a mix of Paganism and Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s social gospel.

Hitler, in fact, was a social gospel activist:

“As Christ proclaimed ‘love one another’, so our call – ‘peoples’ community’, ‘public need before private need’, ‘communally-minded social consciousness’ – rings out through the German Fatherland! This call will echo throughout the world!”

Or as Goebbels put it: “We modern Germans are something like Christ Socialists.”(37)

Nothing changed. Hitler’s words sounds the same as Obama’s and almost every civil-rights activist.

What cowards like Michael Brown do is simple. The way to eat the sheep is for the wolf to dress up with the skin of his last victim.

How else can Nazism penetrate the pasture? Christian Nazism, if indeed one can call it that, was based on an idea that Germans with courage should sacrifice themselves for the cause, just as the “Aryan Jesus” did, when fighting against the Jewish establishment or the enemies of the Fuhrer. In other words, the Nazi now is Jesus, just as many in the neo-charismatic Christian of today who say that we must tolerate the homosexual.

These claim that whatever their mouths utter it is God who utters it. They always say: “the Lord told me to tell you …” In essence what they are saying “obey me“.

Likewise, the Muslim martyr gives his life for Muhammad’s cause. If only Jesus qualifies to give His life for sin, in the neo-charismatic, Muslim and Nazi view, they themselves, and through their sacrifice can now redeem sin.

Such is Lucifer’s proclamation “I am God”.

Positive Christianity, today amongst Palestinians or in the past, always held the idea of self-sacrifice in battle with little difference from Islamic martyrdom.

I came to America to later become Christian thinking that I escaped hell, yet, hell always follows us from the pit spreading out to every corner of the world as we see today.

Hitler youth boys at age 10 graduated into Young Folk where their oath was:

“In the presence of this blood banner, which represents our Fuhrer, I swear to devote all my energies and my strength to the savior of our country, Adolf Hitler. I am willing and ready to give up my life for him, so help me God.”(38)

Another Hitler youth rite of passage was:

“We affirm: The German people has been created by the will of God. All those who fight for the life of our people, and those who died, Carried out the will of God. Their deeds are to us holy obligation.” (39)

Had Nazi Germany been a typical Christian culture during Nazism, one would find parades with nativity scenes and school children singing Church hymns of Silent Night and such. The Nazis changed the famous hymnals, the original “Silent night” became:

“Silent Night! Holy Night! All is calm; all is bright, Only the Chancellor steadfast in fight, Watches o’er Germany by day and by night, Always caring for us.”(40)

The Nazis compare well with what we see in the U.S. today where literally any sign of Christmas in public which now lead to complaints, litigation, angry protests and threats. Every year the limitations get tighter and tighter spreading into the big liberal cities. And this phenomenon is not only carried out by the left, but by blind Messianic and Hebrew Roots who condemn any display of the Holy Family claiming it to be utterly pagan even including our celebration on December 25th of every year.

The Nazis too no longer wanted Christmas to be seen as a Christian holiday but wanted it to be identified as having its roots in a pre-Christian ‘Nordic’ celebration of the winter solstice. Although Christmas was celebrated all over the world, in Germany it came to be seen as a particularly German festival, full of survivals of a lost past tree cults and solstice fires that modern Germans could reconnect with through ‘Nordic’ Christmas trees, and the flickering drama of pagan bonfires and torchlight parades. (41)


Irmgard Hunt describes his life in the shadow of Hitler’s Alpine retreat on the Obersalzburg, recalling such efforts:

“The word weihnacht (holy night) may have come from pagan times but had for ages stood for the blessing brought by the birth of Jesus. The Nazis, however, began to promote a different name for the holiday, calling it Julfest (Yuletide) or Rauhnacht (Rough Night) to emphasize a neo-pagan, Germanic concept that focused on the winter solstice, the harsh, dark times that required forbearance and strength, followed by the long-awaited return of the Sun.” (42)

Then there were the great state-orchestrated celebrations that took place across the country, employing “fire and light to symbolize the revival of ancient ‘Nordic’ rituals and the ‘national rebirth’ of the German community”, evocations of the pre-Christian past in which Hitler Youth brigades re-enacted ‘solstice rituals’, Storm Troopers gathered about blazing bonfires to swear ‘oaths of fire’ and torchlight parades through city streets were a common sight.(43)

They were encouraged to avoid kitschy Christmas decorations and to buy specially handcrafted objects of a more völkisch nature. One 1939 guide to creating the perfect Nazi home gushed over carved wooden Christmas tree stands and sounded more like a neo-pagan theme than a Bible verse:

“Such a tree stand changes the festival, since it is a family heirloom that, however simple it may be, makes an impression. The wreaths symbolize the closed circle of our lives and of time, of the year and the months; the spokes symbolize the seasons.” (44)

Mothers and children were encouraged to make their own decorations shaped like Sun Wheels, runes or fertility symbols, linking the everyday sphere with the mythologized past of the eternal ‘Nordic’ nation. (45)

Haters of Christianity always try to rob its symbols.


One of the notable organizers to try to replace Christianity in Germany was Jakob Wilhelm Hauer, founder of the German Faith Movement. Hauer wanted a new religion for Germany; mixed with Hinduism especially the ancient Bhagavad Gita as the language “eternal fate”, “eternal law,” “battle and tragedy” has its source in that text; and other elements such as “the Yogic tradition, pre-Christian Germanic beliefs, and German philosophical idealism.” (46)

Like the postmodern spirituality of today, the German Faith Movement was not without meta-narrative, it was also based on myth, in this case a focus on Germanic and Icelandic sagas. Even though this was supposed to be a new religion for Germany, it was, in reality very old, for a new philosophy generally means the praise of some old vice in practice.(47)

But didn’t Hauer use Christian elements in his ideas? Hauer after all used the example of Amos for a new prophet who will come to the world to deliver the people from hostile forces and give new hope to the future. But the truth is that Hauer was anti-Christian to the point that he wanted Germany to have “a new conception of God, not as one grasped by thought, but as the reality of inner experience”(48)

In his German Faith Movement’s journal Sigrune, it reads that

Jesus was a cowardly Jewish lout who had certain adventures during his years of indiscretion. He uprooted his disciples from blood and soil and, at the wedding at Cana, loutishly flared up at his own mother. At the very end he insulted the majesty of death in an obscene manner.”(49)

Hauer held Germany’s first Pagan wedding. Hauer’s sermon and call to worship was not “here in the sight of God” in “holy matrimony”, but like the homosexuals and liberals do:

“Oh Mother Earth, from whom all love proceeds! And oh Father Heaven, who blesses with His light and weather! And all good Powers of the Air! May you rule over this man and this woman until their destinies are fulfilled!”(50)

Meanwhile, German Protestants were gagged by Minister of Interior Dr. Wilhelm Frick and an effort was made to force all groups under a new German Protestant Constitution to be drawn up by Dr. Ludwig Müller, a onetime Army chaplain who was made Reichsbisch of by Chancellor Hitler.(51) Dr. Frick decreed that “[there shall be] no discussion of church policies” in public assemblies of three or more persons or by printed or written words. Only the Reichsbischof did Dr. Frick exempt from this gag, and to him all other Protestants were supposed to listen in obedient silence.(52)

The Jewish attorney Julie Seltzer Mandel, a woman whose grandmother was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, gained access to 148 bound volumes of rare documents – some marked “Top Secret” – compiled by the Office of Strategic Services (or O.S.S., the WWII forerunner to the CIA). After scouring the papers, she published the first installment of them in 2002, a 120-page O.S.S. report entitled The Nazi Master Plan: The Persecution of the Christian Churches. Reporting on these O.S.S. findings in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Edward Colimore wrote:

“The fragile, typewritten documents from the 1940s lay out the Nazi plan in grim detail: Take over the churches from within, using party sympathizers. Discredit, jail or kill Christian leaders. And re-indoctrinate the congregants. Give them a new faith – in Germany’s Third Reich.”

Such evil agenda is reviving at an alarming rate today. He then quotes Mandel:

“A lot of people will say, ‘I didn’t realize that they were trying to convert Christians to a Nazi philosophy.’ …They wanted to eliminate the Jews altogether, but they were also looking to eliminate Christianity.”(53)

Tyrannies hate Christianity with a passion. The infamous journalist of the 1930s Dorothy Thompson, who was expelled from Nazi Germany for exposing Nazi fascism, wrote that most

“of the leadership in the German Protestant revolt against the Nazifying of the church is German Nationalist, and the Nazi party has proceeded against these courageous Christians, arresting many of them, inflaming their congregations against them, insisting that they are traitors to the new Germany.”(54)

Today we ( are considered “traitors to true Christianity” by many prominent Christian leaders. Similar to the Islamic tyrannies of today, Nazi Germany had Christians “imprisoned for expressing religious beliefs.”(55) Stanley High in his 1934 essay The War On Religious Freedom writes that the arrests of “Protestants and Catholics started in January and have continued at a daily pace. Prof. Karl Adam, distinguished Catholic theologian of Tubingen, was dismissed for stating that for Christians, Jewish history must always remain unique since it gave Jesus Christ to the world. Non-uniformed rowdies broke into the home of Gerhard Jakobi, second in command of the opposition pastors, and beat him up with brass knuckles. Goring commanded his inspector of secret police, Dr. Diehls, to gather data on the opposition pastors.”(56)

Pagan weddings and forbidding Christians from speaking about the Bible in public is not right-wing conservatism but ‘puritanical’ leftism.

If we are to protect our schools from the repetition of tyrannies, we need to stop the continual brainwashing administered to American children by progressive advocates who teach that the Nazis were right wing evangelicals; Hitler was a Roman Catholic; and the settlers that came to America were evil white Christians while the Native Americans were noble peace loving people who didn’t want to do any harm to anyone, except for some head scalping here and there. Of course, that was in response to ‘white Christian oppression’.

Not to be outdone by middle schools and high schools, most professors in the history field teach that the founding fathers were evil old white men who oppressed Native Americans, women, and blacks.

The American Civil Liberties Union has urged the Supreme Court to uphold a federal appeals court ruling that public schools are constitutionally barred from linking patriotism and piety by reciting the phrase “under God” as part of the Pledge of Allegiance. The ACLU claims “government should not be asking impressionable school-children to affirm their allegiance to God at the same time that they are affirming their allegiance to the country,”(57)

False history dooms us to only repeat true history. To say that cowards show no courage is a myth. Cowards always show courage, but only when exposing the dead Hitler while always complimenting the living Hitler and at the same time labeling the ones who don’t with “HITLER“! Yet as history shows, the ones who “don’t submit” always triumph, like Christ, never in the beginning of the battle, but always in the end.



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          Their use of the rainbow is the ultimate blasphemy. The rainbow was given to us by God as a sign of his promise not to flood us all again. It was never intended to be used as a symbol of extreme sexual perversion and decadence.
          As you say – “they will regret it BIGLY!”

          • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

            NOTE that they use SIX colors, not seven. “SIX” is the Biblical number often associated with Sinful Man & the Fall. — hence, also “666.”
            There is nothing in Sin to be “proud” OF! And Pride, itself, is a sin. It is brokenness. It is Deception.
            Most homosexuals are spiritually “orphaned” from their families, or at least from one of their parents. When they can be brought to this awareness, they CAN see healing and wholeness. But many are too bitter against the “parent who failed them.” The root of bitterness is indeed pernicious.
            St Paul remarks that “some” of the Corinthians WERE of that sort, but had been healed. We can, & should, pray for them! .
            God WILL rescue as many as will accept His true Fatherly Love.

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      • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

        DAVE, WAKE UP! You are extraordinarily short on accuracy yourself! Re-read Genesis 18, for a start. Whatever sources you have drawn upon are grotesquely distorted, and not authentic; you have been fooled, alas.

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    Anyway, kudos again on a great article!… 🙂

    • Thanks Rod. False history dooms us to only repeat true history. To say that cowards show no courage is a myth. Cowards always show courage, but only when exposing the dead Hitler while always complimenting the living Hitler and at the same time labeling the ones who don’t with “HITLER“! Yet as history shows, the ones who “don’t submit” always triumph, like Christ, never in the beginning of the battle, but always in the end.

      • RodK1975

        “False history dooms us to only repeat true history.”

        That’s so true, Mr Shoebat, and what’s so sad is as people get dumber and know nothing about history, they believe the revisionist distortion of history. Liberalism is now so bad about revising history that there’s no choice but to repeat it because they whitewash the calamitous examples in history of the very things they stand for now. Hitler was clearly a leftist, the N*zis promoted vegetarianism and environmentalism while exterminating Jews and anyone that dared speak up against their barbarism. They were, of course, socialist and, as you’ve covered, they were into paganism and the occult, things that are praised by the left as being better than “Christianity”. So, we can see why the Left is so desperate to whitewash and revise history into their talking points. They so like to try to compare Trump to Hitler, when in reality, Hillary is far closer to Hitler than the Left wants to admit, scarily so…

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      Actually, Adolph was raised as a sort of European Adventist — which is one of the reasons he hated Jews so much.

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            Proper English spelling is “quean” for a male who takes on feminine characteristics.

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          • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

            Actually traces back to Anglo-Saxon, and to Indo-European roots.

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            From an etymological point, it makes sense, and it looks like a natural progression. That the degenerates are using it as part of their lingo is the weird thing, unless these heathens are trying to dig up ancient words for their own use.

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    We all need this sort of preaching 24/7:

  • Lay_monk

    Dear Walid, Ted, (and Fellow Readers),

    Almost immediately after reading the above article, I read the following in ‘The Catholic Catechism’ by Fr. John Hardon, solely because it’s where I’m up to in the book. It perfectly compliments everything you wrote above…enjoy (from pages 88-90):

    “In the mysterious plan of providence, evil spirits are meant to: serve a distinctive function toward mankind. Yet immediately we must distinguish between the purpose that the devil has, and the purpose of God.[1]

    The devil’s purpose is to seduce. He consciously and deliberately wants to lead
    people astray from their faithful service of the divine majesty. Consequently his intention is always malicious. Everything he does with respect to man is wantonly evil. His purpose is to harm man, spiritually and supernaturally, and, if possible, eternally.

    God’s purpose, on the other hand, is always good. He permits the devil to tempt us
    but not to harm us; rather the divine intention is that, by resisting the evil spirit, we might draw closer to God. God allows us to be tempted in order to try our loyalty by giving us the opportunity to show our faith and trust in God; to test our virtue by giving us the chance to grow because of the struggle that this costs; and to prove our fidelity by resisting the devil’s blandishments and thus more generously serving God.

    Against this common teaching of the faith, we are in a better position to assess some of the ascetical implications for the spiritual life. In each case, we shall briefly state a principle and then make an appropriate comment.

    1. “The devil is never permitted to tempt us beyond our strength.” This means that we always have enough grace to overcome the devil which, at root, means that we have the grace to pray for light to recognize the evil spirit and strength to resist his advances.

    2.”The devil is a consummate deceiver.” Three names for the evil spirit are regularly used in the Bible, and each has a profound revealed meaning. He is Satan (Hebrew, satan) because he is an “adversary,” especially one who plots against another. He is a demon (Greek, daimon) because he is a spiritual being possessed of extraordinary powers. He is a devil (Greek, diabolos) because he is a calumniator who then accuses those he had deceived by charging them with the sins they committed. Given his deceptive character, we should expect him to hide his real designs; hence the cardinal importance of shrewdness in identifying what may seem to be a divine inspiration but is actually a demonic instigation. The best protection here, on the witness of such masters as Augustine, is humility of mind, because the devil always poses intelligent reasons for what he urges people to do. Proud persons are no match for the devil.

    3. “The devil’s strategy is eminently logical.” He first approaches us with a suggestion in the imagination; this can grow into a specious reason in the mind; if dwelled on, it influences the will by motivating us to do something that is actually bad but apparently good. Thus deceit, hiding the real evil, falsehood, and cunning are basic to the devil’s technique. He never reveals his true intentions, but masks his purpose under various disguises. He adapts himself to people’s temperaments and character, even to their tastes. If they are meek and submissive, he tries to seduce them along self-effective lines. If they are bold and headstrong, he urges them to evil under an aggressive guise. If they are worldly and pleasure-seeking, he will enter their door with temptations of the flesh. If t hey are prayerful and spiritual-minded, he will appear “as an angel of light.” If they tend to be emotional, he adjusts his tactics to where his intended victims give least resistance to their passions. If they are intellectual, he will accommodate himself and tempt them t o pride and sins of the mind.

    4. “The devil uses human beings and human institutions as agents.” Here we must be careful to distinguish different ways in which the evil spirit can operate in or through people on earth.

    There are such things as possession, when the devil exerts his influence over a person by an inner control of his body; and obsession, when he attacks their bodies
    from the outside. The victim’s liberty of soul always remains intact. Although the Church’s ritual for exorcism mentions as probable (not certain) signs of possession certain phenomena like speaking or understanding an unknown language or showing strength above one’s natural capacity, it warns against concluding hastily that a person is possessed by the devil. Many so-called possessions (or obsessions) are no doubt to be attributed to illusion, hysteria, or fraud. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that these experiences occur.

    Completely different from possession or obsession is the devil’s capacity to so use people or human institutions that they become, in effect, instruments of a demonic
    will. Masters of the spiritual life intimate this when they describe how Satan “summons innumerable demons and scatters them, some to one city and some to another, throughout the whole world, so that no province, no state of life, no individual is overlooked. Consider the address he makes to them, how he goads them on to lay snares for men, to seek to chain them. First they are to tempt them to covet aches (as Satan is accustomed to do in most cases) that they may the more easily attain the empty honors of this world, and then come to overweening pride.” The devil’s strategy by which he can “chain” people to his will is to incite them to aches (whether material or otherwise) in order to obtain honor and human recognition, and thus to induce pride. “From these three steps the evil one leads to all other vices.”[2]

    This “enchainment” is a form of virtual slavery. Held in the devil’s shackles, a person (whether individually or corporately) becomes the unwitting tool of the powers of darkness.

    Satanism and demonology have suddenly become popular issues, as mounting literature on the subject testifies. They indicate, in a dramatic way, what Christians have always been told: “Be calm, but v vigilant, because your enemy the devil is prowling round like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand up to him, strong in faith and in the knowledge that your brothers all over the world are suffering the same things” (1 Pet. 5.8-9).

    The devil is very active in the world today, warns the Church, when she sadly admits that for many people it borders on superstition even to talk about the evil spirit as though he were anything else than a symbol. Yet, in our day as in the apostolic age, the devil is “the treacherous and cunning enchanter, who finds his way into us by way of the senses, the imagination, lust, and utopian logic.” Those who take him lightly or smile at his existence are the easiest prey of what the apostle called “the mystery of iniquity.”[3]

    1. Council of Trent, Decree on Original Sin: Denzinger 788 (1511).

    2.St. Ignatius Loyola, Spiritual Exercises, “The Two Standards.”

    3. Pope Paul VI, Address to General Audience, Nov. 15, 1972

    Copyright 1975 by John A. Hardon (1917-1999)

    And finally, although the New Testament did prophesy this universal “falling away” among Christians and Christian nations would occur:

    2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

    3 Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition,

    4 Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is
    worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as
    if he were God.

    Let’s not forget Christ’s declaration:

    Matthew 16:18

    18 And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my
    church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    When the man of sin is “formally unveiled” his arch nemesis will be Rome.

    Rome has not, and will not, fall. Christ declared “Peter” as the immovable rock of His universal Church, and Peter stands as Christ’s witness and testimony to the world for now and until the end of time.

    Do not be deceived faithful Catholics, hold fast! Sooner or later, the tide will turn back toward Catholic orthodoxy, and we will be joined by every faithful Christian (including new converts) of goodwill the world over…

    • Dacian

      “Yet, in our day as in the apostolic age, the devil is “the treacherous and cunning enchanter, who finds his way into us by way of the senses, the imagination, lust, and utopian logic.”

      Who would want to ever read the church’s catechesis,it just sounds soo uninspiring and boring!=)

      • Lay_monk

        Gold! Thanks for the hearty laugh! 😀

        Father Hardon’s book isn’t the official catechism of the Catholic Church. But it remains a highly regarded work on the Catholic faith. For your reference:

        “The Catholic Catechism is a major volume on the teachings of the Catholic Church written by John Hardon and published in 1975. It was written at the request of Pope Paul VI to counter the emergence of perceived rampant liberalism after the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

        The Catholic Catechism was a significant work in the sense that it essentially brought modern Vatican II Catholic teaching and faith into one book, unlike any other before, and was a precursor to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is the official codified teaching of the Catholic Church, written by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) and promulgated by Pope John Paul II in 1992.

        Hardon’s Catholic Catechism remains a standard work on Catholic orthodoxy even to this day.”


        God Bless

        • Dacian

          Aha!Thanks for the info Lay monk.

          • Lay_monk

            You’re most welcome Dacian.

            The official Catechism too is an excellent read. However rather than read it from cover to cover I’d advise the interested non-Catholic to specifically focus on the topics that interest him or her as they go. It’s not a book that needs to be read like a novel. It can just as easily be read topically.

            The other tip I’d share is that in the official Catechism some teachings are pastoral and others dogmatic, making it ambiguous in areas. I agree that this can be problematic. It crept in through the influence of protestantism. The term pastoral for Catholics prior to Vatican II according to Fr. Ripperger solely related to ceremonial matters for priests, such as how to administer the sacraments:

            Today its meaning has been protestantised causing much unnecessary confusion both inside and outside of the Church.

            I disagree with any and all who scream ‘apostasy’ because they aren’t pleased with a few of the Churches present pastoral directives and mass changes. That’s sensationalism and emotionalism at work, nothing more, which is of the devil.

            I’ll share with you a specific example to demonstrate what I mean. This is from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

            841 The Church’s relationship with the Muslims.”The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”330

            Now read this statement explained in context, remembering this is our official public Catechism (simply demonising Islam wouldn’t be productive for evangelising Muslims, and the secular media would have a field day with it blaming Catholics for any violence perpetuated against Muslims locally no matter how isolated, which would feed into the myths and hysteria about the Crusades, etc):


            In old the days it would’ve been a nightmare to navigate through these concerns. Today it takes a 2 minute google search to find quality sources of clarification.

            If the average Catholic followed the established truths of our faith, we’d have a fraction of the problems we have in the Western world today. I don’t blame Vatican II for the crisis in the Church. That’s a cop out. I blame the disobedience of Catholics both clergy and laity alike. Many love to obsess over Vatican II, not so many seek clarification when it comes to Vatican II. The real “crisis” in the Church stems from the 60’s sexual revolution more than anything. Our embrace of the sexual revolution has decimated Catholic orthodoxy in modern times from Church attendance to vocations and everything in between.

            Please don’t take these personal observations the wrong way:

            A) The tide will turn if Christ’s declaration to Peter is to be believed.

            Note: I find it astonishing how so many Christians can believe God chose to born a man, dye for our sins, resurrect from the dead, and then ascended into heaven… They can also believe in every documented miracle in the Bible, which includes raising people from the dead, parting the Red Sea, and walking on water. But they can’t under any circumstances believe in and obey Christ’s declaration to Peter. It’s baffling to me, to say the least. The rejection of Peter is an act of disobedience to God, there is no way around it. The same way as the greatest problem in the Catholic world since the sexual revolution has been ‘disobedience.’

            B) There are faithful Catholics among us who are standing fast in obedience and holding strong to the faith amidst this onslaught, and they’ll be ready to lead us when winter finally ends and it’s spring again.

            The moral of the story: Those who are sincerely committed to living in accordance with Christ’s will, seek reasons to be obedient. Those who don’t, seek reasons to be disobedient, wherever they might be found, Catholic or otherwise.

            God’s best to you.

          • Monk, a sort of statement, question combined. The Pope and Peter. The Pope is one bishop among many. Peter is the rock of which the Lord would build his church, to whom were given the keys of the kingdom. I agree. No problem with that. However, didn’t he use the keys by first addressing Jews, opening and inviting them to believe in the Lord and become members of His church. Then he did the same for gentiles. He used the keys. I’m not certain Peters responsibilities and seat are ongoing. By that I mean, I’m not so sure his seat is above the other apostles. The Lord breathed on all of them and gave them the same commission that what is loosed is loosed. Peter did not lead the Jerusalem council. James did. And who was next to the Lord at the last supper? It was John, not Peter. Peter leaned over and asked John to ask who would betray him. So while Peter held a prime position, I’m really not so sure this was passed on to all Popes (bishops) of Rome, that they are over all bishops. This has invited politics and earthy rulership into the life of the church. When Orthodox areas were under attack the Roman Catholic church would do nothing, apparently for political reasons. They could not find it in them to come to the defence of their Orthodox brothers. I’m having a bit of a problem with the claims of ultimate authority the Pope claims based on Peter.

          • Lay_monk

            Dear Craig,

            Firstly, I appreciate the sincerity of your question as well as your eagerness to uncover the truth on this important matter.

            Please put aside the historical accounts and perspectives of men for a moment…

            Can you show me a single example in Sacred Scripture from Acts onward where any other disciple is named before Peter or exercises authority over Peter?

            The following search tool makes this question easy to investigate:


            I’ve used the KJV for you on the assumption you are presently a Protestant. If you have another preferred Bible translation you can simply select it on the right hand Bible menu and press the “search’ button again.

            What is the universal Catechism of the Orthodox Church (as an entire body, including Russia and Greece, etc)?

            2 Timothy 4:3-4

            3 For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears:

            4 And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables.

            What is meant in this passage by “sound doctrine”?

            How can a sound doctrine exist without a universal head and magisterial authority of the Church?

            Next, I’ll refer you to some authoritative Vatican sources on the matter:



            I’m always happy to share the simple truth with sincere seekers Craig, along with authoritative sources that elaborate on these truths. But I do so with the understanding that the individual is a sincere seeker and is willing to put the ‘home work’ in for oneself.

            If a Southern Baptist has studied their confession of faith and the Catholic Catechism, and he or she is firmly committed to being a Southern Baptist, what’s the point in privately debating the matter when both have already made up their mind?

            God’s best to you.

            P.S. Another excellent source of information for teachings on Catholic orthodoxy is the following website:


            Some example pages related to your specific questions from this website are:




            There is more available on the subject of the Pope and Peter within these volumes.

            The top menu offers you access to each of the 5 volumes. Each volume comprises of question and answer style questions on the Catholic faith and related topics, and includes questions on the Papacy. The left side menu outlines the topics covered within each volume.

            The site is easy to navigate through and includes a search function to find specific key words…

          • Wow, that was a lot. I didn’t expect that much effort in a reply. I appreciate it. No, I’m not southern baptist. Actually I’ve sort of ‘divorced’ myself publicly from Protestantism. I didn’t do this because I don’t care about others or my neighbours. It was because I can’t stand the confusion any more, of each one being the interpreter of truth. I just believed there had to be a way to get back to the ancient church. there I would find the truth. And in this search in a short while I’ve learned some important things. I had believed the Calvin teaching that once saved, always saved. That one fell away with pain but rather easily. I don’t feel devastated by this because I know God does not wish to punish anyone eternally. I need to get myself right and I’m on a restricted schedule. I’m not a young guy. I don’t understand why baptism is not done immediately as seems to have been done in the first century. Instead one has to wait months until easter. What if I die before then? If baptism is needed? Anyway, thanks for your hard work and kindness in your response. I will read our links

          • Lay_monk


            You have been baptised into the Holy Trinity:


            You just haven’t formally joined the Catholic Church yet.

            I have already written a reply to this question but it’s been held for audit, and in hindsight, I forgot to factor in your Protestant baptism.

            I’ve added this extra response because I don’t want to leave you in suspense when it comes to life and death concerns!

            We also have a doctrine on “baptism of desire”. The thief on the cross with Christ who had no chance to be baptised supports this doctrine.

            God Bless

          • I was baptised years ago into the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What bothers me is who did it. It was the Watchtower Society. It’s probably the only thing they had right.

          • Lay_monk

            Just remain sincere in your journey, and continue to progress as best you can. I understand you feel like you’re in “limbo” right now, and it’s hard to feel secure in limbo. That’s why Christ has offered us the immovable rock of Peter to stand upon.

            I have heard priests will make exceptions for sincere seekers who have firmly resolved to become Catholic, and sometimes speed up the process for them.

            When it comes to concerns about your baptism, ask the priest at your local Parish for guidance. Your baptism should be valid.

            If you are looking for a more traditional stye Catholic Church, see if you can find an SSPX or FSSP Church in your area. Some Novus Ordo (English liturgy) Churches offer the Latin mass too if you check.

            Either way, as long as your Catholic Church is united to Rome, her sacraments are valid. As noted, this “falling away” has hit all of Christendom hard at this time, and the impact can also be seen at most local Catholic Parishes to varying degrees.

            What’s most important is that you live and embrace the faith in ‘obedience’ and focus on what’s in your control rather than what’s out of your control. Trust in God’s providence, grace and the sacraments of our Church.

            I’m excited for you! Soon enough you’ll be able to experience the fullness of Christ’s grace through the sacraments of His Church, namely the Eucharist and Confession! Once you’ve experienced them, you won’t be able to live without them! 🙂

            God’s best to you.

          • I did forget to mention a response to one of your questions Monk. You asked: a single example in Sacred Scripture from Acts onward where any other disciple is named before Peter or exercises authority over Peter?
            Yes, the apostle Paul, not one of the twelve who had to oppose and correct Peter over his withdrawal from gentile believers because of Jewish believers, found in Galatians.

          • Lay_monk

            Hi Craig,

            Excellent work…

            That’s still an insufficient answer however. To ‘correct’ someone and to act as an ‘authority’ over them isn’t the same thing. Say I worked for a law firm, and my boss made an error I respectfully corrected him on during a legal proceeding. Would that then make me the boss of the law firm simply because I ‘corrected’ him on a technicality?

            Acknowledging Paul once ‘corrected’ Peter on a matter of the faith, doesn’t establish that Paul exercised ‘authority’ over Peter. In the real world leadership is sometimes messy, mistakes happen. The Catholic world is no different ‘except’ when it comes to matters of declaring Infallible dogmas. Once infallibility is declared the arguments cease because the doctrine has been defined through the grace of protection of the Holy Spirit. That’s another topic altogether.

            Let’s take another look at this Galatians story you cited:

            “Finally some non-Catholics claim that Paul did not recognize our first pope’s authority. To illustrate this, they cite the following passage:

            [W]hen Cephas [Peter] came to Antioch I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned. For before certain men came from James, he ate with the Gentiles; but when they came he drew back and separated himself, fearing the circumcision party. And with him the rest of the Jews acted insincerely, so that even Barnabas was carried away by their insincerity. But when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel, I said to Cephas before them all, “If you, though a Jew, live like a Gentile and not like a Jew, how can you compel the Gentiles to live like Jews?” (Gal 2:11-14)”

            Peter knew that Christians were not bound by Jewish dietary laws and, therefore, he did not follow them because he ate with Gentiles. But when Jewish converts entered the scene, it seems Peter went back to observing those laws so as not to offend the converts. This was problematic because the Gentile Christians sensed a separation from their religious leader. Paul did well to correct Peter, and such fraternal correction was not disrespectful toward Peter’s office.

            Fraternal correction is an act of charity—even in relation to a pope, for popes are sinners!

            Scripture shows ample evidence that Paul readily submitted to the authority of Peter’s office. Consider Galatians 2, which took place about 17 years into Paul’s missionary ministry after his conversion (cf.
            Gal 1:18, 2:1): “I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, taking Titus along with me. I went up by revelation; and I laid before them (but privately before those who were of repute) the gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, lest somehow I should be running or had run in vain” (Gal 2:1-2).

            It seems from this passage that Paul wanted to be certain that his own teaching was in conformity with the teaching of Peter and the apostles. Indeed, although Paul considered himself an apostle, he considered himself least among them: “Last of all, as to one untimely born, [Jesus] appeared also to me. For I am the least of the apostles, unfit to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God” (1 Cor 15:8-9).

            Paul Was Catholic to the Core

            Ultimately, scriptural evidence proves that Paul embraced Catholic teaching and discipline, and he fully submitted to Peter’s authority. In fact, like the spirit of ecumenism emphasized by Vatican II and Lumen Gentium, Paul, too, rejected division and exhorted Catholic unity: “I appeal to you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no dissensions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment” (1 Cor 1:10).

            Let us pray for Christian unity through the conversion of all Christians to the fullness of the faith which subsists only in the Catholic Church.


    • Thank you Lay Monk. Your article describes how I was in the devil’s grip. I thank Christ daily He got me out of it.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Evil seems for me to boil the frog very slowly until all the flesh ceases to resist. The world was horrified at the murder of six million Jews and conscience was singed, now the death of 100 million in five minutes is acceptable losses, the Khmer rouge would start children on torturing animals to death then graduated to people via games. People are plastic and can be shaped into evil. My father’s generation 1907-1972 would not accept my generation as fully human, half Khmer rouge and twenty five % lost and twenty five % human by DNA. The water is not only hot but comfortable.

  • I don’t have any favorite pope since I am relative new to Catholicism, but if I had to choose, it would be none other than Pope Pius V, the Pope who orchestrated the Holy League to defend Western Europe from the Turks. Pius V recognized the menace of Islam as spiritual warfare, and through skillful use of diplomacy was able to get the Kingdom of Spain, the Vassal States, Venice, and others to cobble together a fleet that would change history. Inserting himself as the head of the Holy League was a stroke of genius as it prevented animosity from dooming the mission from the start.

    We desperately need a pope like Pius V who rightfully understand the temper of our time, to issue a call for a major crusade, not just from Catholics, but from Orthodox as well.

    Great article by the Shoebat, as usual, as I learned a few new things about the evil of the hom*sexual movement and the ties in with N*zism to the Norse mythology and as well to Hinduism. No wonder Sufism is so damn attractive to many stupid Western governments and delusional folks who are enemies of the Gospel.

    • Great choice Trevor. You shall know them by their favorite Pope.

      • What’s amazing is how two Pius changed history. One defended western Europe and another saved many Jews.

    • Стефан Евгений

      Putin, called on others to join with him to battle ISIS. they all dragged their feet.
      On Thursday, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias visited the flagship of the Northern Fleet, the nuclear-powered battlecruiser TARKR 099 Pyotr Veliki, the world’s largest non-aviation warship. On 28 July 2012, a decree of the President of the Russian Federation awarded the Order of Nakhimov to the cruiser “for the courage, dedication, and professionalism shown by the ship company in performing its command assignments”. During his pastoral visit, he told sailors:

      The readiness of the Northern Fleet, which keeps the peace in Russia and abroad, depends largely on the spiritual strength and faith of its sailors; spiritual support of our forces is one of the key tasks of the Church. Those who take the military oath especially need spiritual help; we all believe that the sailors of the Northern Fleet will show full combat readiness if they have strong faith and strong spirit.

      Addressing the staff of the Northern Fleet after his arrival in Severomorsk, Vladyki Kirill emphasised:

      As we’re a nuclear power, spiritual healthiness in our personnel is key to maintaining the peace, both domestically and globally; it guarantees that they can carry out their duties, with all that such brings to the life of the Motherland. Maybe, one day, there may come a time that the outcome of a battle or a successful endeavour will depend precisely on the spiritual state of our soldiers.

      In turn, Vice-Admiral N A ‪Yevmenov, Commander of the Northern Fleet, told the patriarch:

      For all Orthodox, a word from our pastor and the Word of God mean a lot. Let’s take some examples… Admirals Ushakov and Nakhimov are holy names for every one of the Orthodox warriors under the flag of St Andrew the Apostle. Our grandfathers fought under this flag… under this flag, we go out to sea and carry out our service. The words, “All those who go to sea pray to God”… these aren’t empty words for us.

      18 August 2016

      Aleksei Mikheyev
      RIA Novosti

      • I cannot wait for the day when all the patriarchs and the pope stand by each other and pray together while soldiers of the cross fight the enemy.

        I can see it in my mind.

        • Стефан Евгений

          Only if he comes back home. and becomes Orthodox.

      • Kevin Nicholson

        “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.”
        Proverbs 27:17

        May the USA and Russia join in a Holy Crusade and destroy the Muslim Caliphate (Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia) in our lifetime.

        “He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!”
        Revelation 22:20

  • Michael Powell

    As I understand the scriptures, Sodom and Gomorrah was guilty of so much deeper debase being than surface issues like homosexuality. SIN is SIN, and homosexuality is just one manifestation of it.

    • Whatever you say Jack. Quick question since you are an expert on crap: is cow dung the same as dog’s?

      • Michael Powell

        Such as the text illustrates, a father giving up his children to this isn’t debase?

        • Ya sure, “homosexuality” is simply a “surface issue” and the sin of a kid stealing a cookie is the same as the surface sin of sodomy. Just brilliant don’t you think?

          • Michael Powell

            The LORD makes fools of the wise and wise of the fools. I love HIM for it.

          • Grandmere

            I think Michael is secretly addicted to fudge.

    • Ratliff

      But God calls it abomination…
      He doesn’t do it for just any sin. Fornication is a sin, but you won’t find the scripture where he calls it abomination.

      • Michael Powell

        You haven’t studied Leviticus have you?

        • Michael Powell

          Or Romans 1.

        • Ratliff

          Homosexuality is a surface issue?

          • Michael Powell

            And an abomination.

        • Ratliff

          You suggest all sin is the same, I (and many others here) know better. A child stealing a cookie is deserving of the same punishment as one committing an act of sodomy?

          As long as we’re throwing out non-sequitors, have you ever studied the circle of fifths?

          • Michael Powell

            First of all, none of us is as good as we’d like to think, none of us. Second of all, everyone, everyone, has bad in them. Everyone deserves GOD’s wrath; that’s MERCY. No one deserves what GOD did for us; that’s GRACE.

          • Ratliff

            There is none righteous; no, not one. Psalm 53:3

            I don’t call myself good at all; do you?

            Men don’t just HAVE bad in them, they ARE bad. You continue to avoid the subject YOU introduced (the idea that sin is sin, and one is not greater than another), and I’m bored with the tap dance.

  • Flame blue

    Well done Walid, a well researched lofty article. It gives truth and knowledge that can be used as a tool by us Christians to fight the good fight for our Lord.

    You spent a great deal of time, l would think, writing this lengthy article. Well done!

    • Actually Theo did most of it from his book For God or For Tyranny.

      • Flame blue

        Well done to Theo too!

  • Julie

    It was an Austrian bishop, who P Pius XII detested, that collaborated with the Nazis and many escaped to Austria after the war.

    Over 1,000 German Catholic priests were executed by the Nazis, and the majority of Catholics in Bavaria and other regions voted against the Nazis. The Protestants who voted in Hitler did not do so because of the beliefs of Naziism which has actually 6 constructs ( Roy Shoeman explains them), but rather Hitler spoke to their heart and made them believe Germany could become great again. After that it was all downhill.

    SS were known to be active homosexuals.

    Pius did more for the Jews than any other. went into the Vatican archives to find more ‘dirt’ on Pius, and then came out realizing he had done more for the Jews than anyone.

    • Thank you for making these points clear.

      • Julie

        I will find the name….

        • Julie LaBrecque

          FYI- Lawrence Feingold (Assoc of Hebrew Catholics) has new book out, just got last week, ‘Faith Comes From What Is Heard” An Introduction to Fundamental Theology.

  • Renato Steri

    A very good, well researched article that explains many aspects of little known history. Thank you for the insight

  • There you are Fr. Higgins. I was wondering where you were 🙂

    • Rev. Fr. Higgins

      Walid, I’m a supporter of all your work, and be assured I read everything that gets posted.

  • Just pray to be a busboy in heaven than a king on this vanishing earth. Thank you Lay Monk.

  • Dacian. You are becoming a familiar face. Lord bless you and keep you and shine His countenance upon you and give you peace.

    • Dacian

      Jesus bless you and your son.

  • Actually Theo did most of the research Isaac. I simply stole it since I own him 😉 It is mostly from his book For God or For Tyranny.

  • Thank you Two2trees.

  • mitman

    Amazing article Walid, brilliant work as usual!
    Hitler also said “I want to raise a generation of young people, devoid of a conscience, emperius, relentless and cruel”…does that sound like Christianity…its the opposite!!
    I believe he also said that he wanted to “rid the world of the two great scourges – The Pox and Christianity”

  • Michellemaria

    Great read and an eye-opener for sure. Also, today is the Feast of The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    • David W

      This Sunday we commemorate the Dormition of the Theotokos! Bless you and your family!!

      • Michellemaria

        Happy Feast Day this Sunday to you and all our Orthodox brothers and sisters!

  • RodK1975

    No problem, it can be a hard thing trying to make sense out of the senseless, which is Islam. There doesn’t seem to be any logic at all behind much of their practices and beliefs nor is there any consistency in how their laws are interpreted or they mete out their so called “justice”.

  • Grandmere

    Dacian, it so good that you know how to row. Kamau needs all the help he can get. Welcome aboard.

    • Dacian

      Yes Grandmere,i have my paddle.I will row,but i am week.Confession will surely make me strong again.Until then,i’ll do my

      • Kamau41

        Awesome…Welcome aboard Dacian.

        • Dacian

          Thanks man=)

    • Kamau41

      He would be a great help and addition.

  • Lay_monk

    I, like you, and all Christians of goodwill, sincerely pray for the formal reunification of Rome and Orthodox Christendom. We are stronger together than we are apart.

    When it’s all said and done however, the choice isn’t ours to make. That’s in the hands of the Orthodox Church fathers.

    My personal position is simple: The only cure for disobedience is obedience. That doesn’t mean I hold animosity toward our Orthodox brethren. I do not. I love and admire their faith and resolve, and care deeply for them as fellow Christians. They have been through hell and back having faced both Muslim and communist occupations, and endured.

    For whatever reason, despite all this, they still can’t stand the thought of submitting to Peter. Sooner or later, the tide will turn back in our favour though and Christendom will once again be whole.

    God’s best to you Juan.

    • filomena seiffert

      They have been tried by fire. Any organization need a head with advisers. Jesus chose Peter and confirmed him after His resurrection. Even in that passage where they paid the dues for the temple, Jesus tell Peter to go and catch a fish which he would find a coin an use it pay the temple dues for Jesus and Peter. why He did not include the other disciples? Hes was showing a partnership with Peter, like saying you will take my physical place as the shepherd. Yesterday the readings was about how narrow is the gate which take to life and few are the ones will enter trough it and the gate will be closed and many say; Lord we preach in your name, we spelled demons, The Lord will say I know you not. I am scared some times, when I meditate in that gospel

      • Lay_monk

        The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom dear Filomena.

  • Стефан Евгений

    Don’t forget St Alexander Schmorell…… Schmorell co-founded The White Rose.

    • Thank you. I will need to watch the movie again because I don’t know if they ever included the Christians background in the film.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Would you mind telling me again the name of your favorite incense and where you purchase it? Thanks in advance.

      • Стефан Евгений

        Sure It’s Evesham. and it is made by Anglican Monks. I have problems with the flowery kind most Orthodox use. the pure frankincense one is called Valle Crucis. a little bit goes a long way,

        • Julie LaBrecque

          Thanks – I have the info saved in my phone now.

          • Стефан Евгений

            2 or 3 lumps is all that is needed, so it may seem expensive it will last a long time.

  • filomena seiffert

    I did not know gay were so prevalent in the past. What a deviation of nature.It makes my head spin with outrage. How perverted is humanity.

  • Auke Feitsma

    History lesson taken. Thx for the lesson!!

  • Saxon Warrior

    The Nazis weren’t even Right Wing, they were Left Wing, but the political Left have hijacked another definition and twisted it to mean something else – liars that they are.

  • Saxon Warrior


    “The Fuhrer is deeply religious, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the Jewish race… Both [Judaism and Christianity] have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end, they will be destroyed. The Fuhrer is a convinced vegetarian, on principle. His arguments cannot be refuted on any serious basis. They are totally unanswerable.”

    Joseph Goebbels,
    Minister of Propaganda

  • James

    A fantastic article. I had no idea that homosexuality was so deep-rooted among the Nazis, Ernst Rohm I had heard about but not about Goring or any of the rest of it. Aside from supporting the gays which both Hitler and the present incumbents in charge of Germany do, both are also not only pro-Islam as a replacement to the Christian faith but both are for actively bringing in Turks.

  • Julie

    He needs to study Church history.

  • I brainwashed the kid to later on have him brainwash us 😉

  • What quote we wrote of Sanger are you refuting wicked woman? Show out quote before you belabor nonsense. As to Ezekiel 16, it stated the root of the problem. It is as if one says Nazism’s sin was superiority, but this does not assume that a holocaust didn’t happen. Lev clearly states that man laying with man and woman with woman is evil. Or is it perhaps you are guilty of these?

  • Thank you brother Anthony.

  • Julie

    If only he could return to his Catholic roots and get a better picture of the world scene.

    I was always told by foreigners it was not Americans, they liked them, but it was our foreign policy…always siding with the bad ones, the instigators.

  • Now that I accomplished mission one, I must focus on mission #2, to make peace between you and Raph Sebastian, my other friend. Blessed are the peacemakers. Now I need a good strategy and you being an intelligent Jew can help me out. How would I construct such a genius strategy 😉 that would convince the two to make peace?

    • Howard Moskowitz

      Thank you Walid
      Hi Raph
      First things first .. I apologize ..Mea culpa … for my written material that was not ethically correct. (Not the facts, the tone.. I make factual errors a lot)
      The friend of my friend is my friend
      So Let’s start again
      Tell me about yourself…
      I apologize for my huffy behavior
      If you and Walid are friends, then you are my friend
      I live in White Plains, NY. If you are up for breakfast, be my guest here, or in NYC if you get there
      i’m at [email protected]
      I’ll try to control my cynical humor.
      My goal in life is not to give other people aggravation, but to do G-d’s work, to help younger people, mentor, etc.
      Occasionally, I get involved in emotional topics, such as these.
      I get a little ‘meshuga’ when i’m debating…it’s a character flaw..maybe because I am sort of a writer I let the ‘game’ take over. And then the comments don’t come out from sincerity, but from playing the game. I want to put this into my memoirs, right now.
      This realization from Walid.
      Sorry for going on
      I actually experienced this ‘realization from others’ 51 years ago and 50 years ago. And it just occurred. I have to work on it. summarize…. please forgive me. You were probably picking up some not-so-nice aspects in my comments … not the facts .. but the tone. And thank you Raph and thank you Walid for allowing me to be your friend, and for giving me what we call in Hebrew, some ‘mussar’ … ethical feedback.
      [email protected]
      BTW…this not so good beginning will begin a set of friendships that I will come to value over the years (left…i’m 72)

  • skinnercitycyclist

    Most of the Nazis WERE Christians.

    • Dummy,

      The rules are that if you object, you need to show a quote from the article and then prove it wrong from real history. Now bugger off.

    • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

      PAST TENSE. The Germany of their fathers was a Christian country; likely they were baptized as babies, either Lutheran or Catholic. BUT They Were So NO LONGER, if they were actively Nazis. They were, in fact, occultists. They were interested in reviving an imagined German paganism.
      This is why they were so wild about Wagner’s operas!

  • Smith

    While the Lord does love us, he is also our judge. He makes it very clear that the sexually immoral will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Sometimes, to show true love, a father has to be stern and rough. He can forgive you but only if you repent and accept his son as your savior.

    It is a far greater showing of love to try and lead people to Christ, sometimes roughly, to prevent their second spiritual death. Always being nice and tolerant doesn’t always work and leads oftentimes to rebellion and apostasy.

  • Idiot,

    Germany is mainly Protestant and before you comment and sound like a moron, look up some history to see that Protestants are not “little sister” but opposition (like you) to Catholics. Next time you comment, try to quote from the article and then prove what was said is wrong by using real historians. You can’t and you won’t because you are an uneducated idiot and nothing more. Instead you belabor what the atheists say like Richard Dawkins that Hitler was “Christian”. What a moron and evil person full of the devil and doing the work of devils.

  • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

    Let us remember that Carl Jung, the pro-Nazi Swiss (!) psychobabblist, was the one who “let the jinn out of the bottle” on sodomy. He states in his autobiography, “Septem Sermones ad Mortuos” (Seven Sermons to the Dead), that his principle psych theories came to him “in a three-day seance in automatic writing.”
    In other words, it was dictated to him straight from hell.
    E. Michael Jones, PhD, writes of him also in “Degenerate Moderns” – about how the “leading lights” in the 20th Century used “Science” to mask their own depravity.
    Jung hated his father, a Zwinglian pastor, and was determined to undermine Christianity & destroy it. He did this by taking Christian terms, and loading them with NON-Christian meanings, to deceive people.

  • “Walid Shoebat never heard of the Catholic philosopher de Gobineau, his racial pseudoscience or his criticisms of Darwin, nor it seems Luther’s On the Jews and Their Lies.”

    Really? Have you googled my name with “The Jews and Their Lies”?

    You sound like Hitler marched with hordes of armies carrying crucifixes.

    Why not try to refute the historians we provided instead of adding your bones of contentions. I have no time for side tracking.

  • Why is it my job to approve comments written by people who are not worthy to be garbage men, to only have me pick up their garbage?

    Shame in you. In one comment you write:

    “What wimps. We are called to be militant – it is the Church Militant after all.”

    You call yourself “Church Militant”? Then to give a quote:

    “Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory.”

    And where is your source from? You never provided it. It comes from E. Christopher Reyes, a novice, a hater of Christianity:

    Can you show me a single historian who would approve of your incompetent amateur Reyes? He say:

    “For almost two thousand years Christians have maintained that Jesus was God incarnate, a sinless man, a man born of a virgin mother, a man who was the embodiment of perfection on earth, which is unflinchingly stated in their Christian Bibles, the New Testament, “[Jesus] Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth”

    And if you must agree with his quote you gave, you must also agree with this nonsense.

    Hitler was anti-Catholic. My sources?


Richard J. Evans; The Third Reich at War; Penguin Press; New York 2009, p. 547
    Michael Phayer; The Response of the German Catholic Church to National Socialism, published by Yad Vashem
Ian Kershaw; Hitler a Biography; 2008 Edn; WW Norton & Company; London p.661
Laurence Rees; The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler; Ebury Press; 2012; p135.
Alan Bullock; Hitler: a Study in Tyranny; HarperPerennial Edition 1991; p218″
William L. Shirer; The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich; Secker & Warburg; London; 1960; p. 240

    That plus the load of history I provided.
    Next time learn how to refute. That is, debunk the sources provided instead of making a lousy general claim trying to sound intelligent when in reality you are an ignoramus who just believes whatever book he picks up at a store.

  • Are you gonna play cat and mouse? Here is just one example of what you wrote:

    “Francisco Franco gave a eulogy to Hitler: “Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory.””

    REFERENCE PLEASE? Find the reference and provide it if truly you are honest. ITS FAKE. MADE UP.

    You are reading FAKE material.

  • We have a saying in Israel, that whoever compliments himself is usually a liar.

    ” read translations from the sea scrolls”

    Sea scrolls?

    Its Dead Sea Scrolls mr. expert.

  • Saxon Warrior

    If you believe scripture is fabricated, you’re not a Christian. Sorry!

  • So you want me to chase after the wind? You provide quotes from the works of one amateur named David Cement who is not even a historian (there are thousands of idiots who write supposed history and they do not quote historians) and then you provide the world leading holocaust denier David Irving?

    I told you, you need to refute the article written. In other words, quote what you believe we said wrong and then offer a refutation for each line by providing a real historian. You can’t and you won’t. I will not entertain or waste anymore time with this nonsense.

    If you want to denounce Pope Pius XII, try refuting this:

  • Higlac

    WOW, how many patent LIES I just read in that little piece of BLASPHEMY!!!!

    Pitiful pacifist FALSE “Christians” like you, “SafetyDave” are “dime a dozen” in all too many places, but they don’t make you any less ANTI-CHRISTIAN!!!! Remember what kind of a voice Jesus used when He Said “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees!”? Or when chasing the money-changers out of the Temple??

    And then to say “peace I offer you” as if you were God Himself???

    Be accursed, you Marxist PLANT!!!! Satan already has your soul in his grasp – and if I were Mr. Walid Shoebat, I wouldn’t allow one more word to be published on his Website. It’s you MARXISTS that are the bigots, racists and everything else!!!!

  • Keep in mind what is to be done here for a dialogue. I wrote an article, you are welcome to refute on the condition that proper refutation entails you quote the error and find an alternate historian You didn’t do that. Now that you ran out of amateur writers you present another carrot, Gunter Levy while failing to respond to the proper method. You said that Franco honored Hitler. I asked you to prove it. You didn’t. In fact, if I provide the historians who show how much Franco hated Hitler it will fill a book. Would you like me to do that?

    Instead of dialogue, you concluded all sorts of other issues here that do not even relate to the topics. For example, where in my article do I address the Talmud? No where. You simply side track to make the other side enter your comfort zone and the bone of your contentions.

    As you may well be aware of, I can bring several Popes to support my views on the Jews. Your man was fired by even Bishop Fellay fired Williamson who as it turned out is now schismatic and I guess this should be okay with you since he should support your views.

    Listen, the Jews are no angels. But neither are you or me for that matter. I do not approve of the Talmud. Never did and never will. My book is the Bible and not the Talmud sir. So I do not know what you are griping about or what for. You want to make Hitler a good Catholic? Go for it.

  • “God showed wrath on soddam and gamorah because of the Roman ORGIES”

    Anyone who reads this will laugh since Sodom was pre-Roman. You stand by your words, fine. Any idiot can stand behind his idiotic words which makes them closed to correction. Last you said you were an expert on the “Sea Scrolls” and did not even know its “Dead Sea Scrolls”.

    FAKE. Get lost.

  • Cobalt_Grey

    You have no right to even invoke the name of The Holy Spirit, liar.
    You are only fooling yourself when you say you don’t need forgiveness.

  • Cobalt_Grey


  • “Try reading some actual history.”

    Try quoting it.

  • Juan

    Russia is the only true Christian Empire, from Charlemagne to NATO is no real Christian Empire in the West. It’s a political fact with spiritual implications and noway an issue of clerics.

  • Juan

    Yes, Russian Empire (successor of Roman Empire) finished in 1917.

  • Look, sorry I called you a name, okay? But now as it seems according to you I just lost my salvation and now according to you I am “Muslim”. Now its insult for insult? According to your analogy, how is that “Christian”?