Major Muslim Leaders Declare That Within SEVEN YEARS The Muslim Caliphate Will Be Established And Erdogan Will Be Caliph Of The Muslim World

Justice and Development Party (AKP) Aydın Efeler branch member Suat Ünal resigned on Saturday, after mounting reactions to the post, including from opposition parties.

Its time we put this puzzle together, especially when all these major Muslim figures are discussing that the Caliphate is to emerge in seven years from now. It could even be quicker as we see reported this morning that Erdogan’s new caliphate presidential system will be taken to a referendum in early April, just two months from now.

“Allah will complete the divine light” says Suat Ünal, a board member of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), on Saturday, couple days ago.

Ünal was not messing around. He was referring to Erdoğan’s appointment as “Caliph” who is Allah’s “divine light” which he posted a photo with “Allah” hovering over Erdogan who is depicted as a cherub.

He even spilled the beans and leaked the date: “2023”, which is earlier than what has been declared by others “2024”.

So why 2023-2024? Westerners do not know the Hadith. Muslim theological sources explain this calculation:

“The Islamic Caliphate fell at the hands of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1924 and in the Hadith, prophet Muhammad states “Allah will, on the new years of every one hundred years, will send to the Umma (Muslim World) one who will re-arise to renew its religion” (Abu Daud, 4/178)

One can also find this Hadith in the most reputable of Muslim sources including even the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

The Muslim Brotherhood who have been working very closely with Erdogan are proud to claim the initiation of the century struggle when Egyptian Hassan Al-Banna began this revival right after the fall of the Ottomans.

So 2023-2024 is a century after the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate, when the West wounded its head.

So it must be after 100 years. They are bound by it.

After that, some analysts even give 3.5 years until the Mahdi appears:

Caliphate fell, 1924 + 100 = 2024 or close to it, to 2027, which will be the time Mahdi appears.

سقوط الخلافة 1924 + 100 = 2024 او قريب منه الى 2027 هو زمن ظهور المهدي

And the Turkish leadership are not shy about all this. Ünal shared all this in a message he posted on social media stating:

“Erdoğan will be Caliph after he gets his new presidential status. Even the rooms at Aksaray [Presidential Palace] are ready. The Islamic Union will be established … 2023. Allah will complete the divine light.”

But there is a crackdown now. This is to remain a ‘hush-hush’ issue. Ünal was forced to resign on Saturday for simply repeating what has been already circulating from couple years ago, when pro-Erdoğan columnist Abdurahman Dilipak at a conference in Toronto in 2015 said:

The caliphate has arrived at the Turkish Parliament. The government has been doing what is needed. If Tayyip Erdoğan switches to a presidential system, he will probably appoint counselors to Muslim territories, to the territories faithful to the caliph. He will also create representative offices of the Islamic Union in Beştepe [the Presidential Palace in Ankara]”

“Islamic Union” “Divine Light”? These are some serious declarations which we will analyze shortly.

Then you had Fatih Nurullah Efendi, the leader of the Uşşaki sect who said in a speech broadcast by Nurani TV in October 2016 that the Republic of Turkey, which was established in 1920, has ended and that the second Ottoman Empire has become a reality:

“The leader of the second Ottoman Empire is Tayyip Bey [President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan]. He is our first sultan”

“Ottoman Empire”? They laughed us off when we first predicted this decades ago.

This guy, Efendi, also claimed that the new state that has been rising after a 100-year hiatus (referring to the Republic of Turkey) will be a continuation of the state established in Medina (Saudi Arabia) by the Prophet Muhammad, except he wants it to be 2020, three years from now.

This was also leaked by Mustafa Ataş on March 28, 2016 and AKP Aydın provincial chairman İsmail Hakkı Eser was quoted as saying that he and party sympathizers love Erdoğan so much they think of him “like a second prophet” and Deputy Health Minister Agah Kafkas once said: “When we lay the foundation of a [facility], we also provide the date of its opening. This is the sunnah (Muhammad’s mandate)— Muslim practices based on the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad — of Tayyip Erdoğan.”

Erdoğan is “like a prophet”?

Not a single government official or supporter have publicly objected to the statements.

And then you have AKP Bursa deputy Hüseyin Şahin who said that “touching Erdoğan is a form of prayer,” while AKP Düzce deputy Fevai Arslan said that “Erdoğan has all the attributes of God himself”.

Who is this Erdoğan that touching him is “divine”? And how do we analyze all these references for a westerner who simply wants to understand what is happening from a biblical prophetic perspective?

“The Islamic Union” that Abdurahman Dilipak spoke of seems like “the league” which Ezekiel spoke about.

Erdoğan himself even confirms. Last year said at the closing ceremony of the Turkish-Arab Higher Education Congress in Istanbul on April 28, that he was saddened by people using the words “Turk” and “Arab” and “Arab League” and prefers they use “Muslim League” or “Muslim Union”. He in fact told the Arab league to their face:

“Will there be a Turkish League in response to this the Arab league? Why should there be such a league? You say the OIC on one hand, and the Arab League on the other hand. What kind of a ‘league’ is this? Why do we call one “the Organization of Islamic Cooperation” (OIC) but call the other the “Arab League”? Arabs don’t have supremacy over non-Arabs, nor do non-Arabs have supremacy over Arabs. Supremacy only [comes] through surrendering to Allah.

This is the “core issue” said Erdoğan.

Was Ezekiel 30:5 messing around when Ezekiel spoke of this “league” giving the exact nations involved:

Cush, and Libya, and Lydia [Turkey], and all the mingled people, and Kub, and the men of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword.

The lay person including even western scholars read “mingled people” and they do not understand what all this entails. The Hebrew plainly says:

כּוּשׁ וּפוּט וְלוּד וְכָל-הָעֶרֶב וְכוּב, וּבְנֵי אֶרֶץ הַבְּרִית

Transliteration: Kush wa-Phut wa-Lud wa-kul ha-Arab wa-Kub wa-Bani eretz ha-beret

A typical westerner reads the verse and go like this: okay Walid, “Kush” is Sudan and Somalia, I got it, “Phut” is Libya, “Lud” is Turkey and “ha-Arab” are some “mingled people” and Kub … well no one knows who “Kub” is.

So they skip and only get half the truth. “Ha-Arab” mingled people is literally “The -Arabs”. This “Ha-Arab” “the Arab” And “Kub” is a place near Mecca (see map below) and “Bani eretz ha-beret” is literally, “the whole land coming in league“.

Qub copy

وادي قوب, الباحة, منطقة الباحة, السعودية Wadi Kub around hundred miles south of Mecca

The construct from an eastern perspective really starts from the end. What the verse is saying is this;

listen up, it will be all these mingled people from all over the land. They will come in a league; Arabs, Meccan, the dark Sudanese and Somalians, the Turkic peoples (Uzbeks, Gergez, Tadjiks, Bosnians, Albanians …), all the North Africans (Tunisians, Algerians, Libyans, Moroccans and Mauritanians).

But there is more to these statements than just forming the “league” which Ezekiel prophesied about. This Suat Ünal says that “Allah will complete the divine light”.

“Divine Light”? This is some serious description for a political figure like Erdogan.

In Islam, especially Sufi Islam, this “divine light,” stems from when Muhammad gained the title of “luminous” and “moon light” after the Battle of Tabuk when Muhammad appeared emerging from the Wada’ valley. His appearance sparked the first Muslim hymn Tala’a Al-Badru A’layna (“Here arose the moon upon us”) and is when the Muslim date system (Hijrah) began.

We wrote about this last year regarding Revelation 12’s “the Woman” and now they are already disclosing it.

In the Ottoman imagery, it depicts Muhammad’s titles stemming directly from Allah who is also described as this light:

“the Light of the heavens and the earth… The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star…luminous…Light upon Light!” (Q 24:35).

The imagery spills right out of Scripture regarding Lucifer, the morning star and the star (referred to as “he” a living being) that fell from heaven in Apocalypse 9 as poisoning the waters (nations).

This “divine light” is prophetically “The moon,” which Christ as well as John spoke about and the woman (the Ark) of Revelation 11-12 comes to stomp under her feet.

This is the rising of the kingdom of the moon in contrast to “the sun” (the west).

Muhammad took such titles and was depicted as the badr (full moon) and “the sun” when the Ansar (residents of Madinah) sang greeting Muhammad upon his arrival at Madinah to welcome him. The Sufi Muslims of Turkey already sing it for the elevated elated Erdogan which westerners rarely see or watch:

Erdogan, in the video above is sucking up the “hymn of hymns” all dedicated to him as they sang:

“The full moon (badr) rose over us from the valley of Wada. We ought to be thankful. You are the sun. You are the full moon. You are light upon light. You are the lamp of the star. You are my spring O messenger”.

And now Erdogan has become this “divine light”.

Muhammad gained such glorified titles as Al-Siraj Al-Muneer, literally “the Luminous Lamp” which transfers to Erdogan and the last Caliph as in Quran 33:45-46, where Muhammad became the “illuminating lamp”:

“O Prophet, indeed We have sent you as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And one who invites to Allah, by His permission, and an illuminating lamp.”

This ‘light’ is on their emblems, Islam’s theology was etched in the main image of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.


All this is stolen from the transendant light emanating from behind the Woman of Revelation 12, Islam had the radiating sun with its transcendent “light upon light” emanating from behind the crescent image (who is Muhammad) and a star (who is also Muhammad) which within it is the glowing lamp (Tughra) which is also Muhammad inside the morning star (which is also Muhammad).

And now Erdogan himself has become this “divine light”.

This is some major declaration from an Islamic perspective.

It is for this reason, I believe, that Revelation 12 sends a message to what is about to erupt in few years from now, “the crescent” and even “the full moon” (Badr) is stopped by the woman of Genesis 3:15.


Apocalypse 12 never said “crescent” but “moon”. Yet both are descriptions of Muhammad and Mahdi. He is depicted as Badr (full moon) and crescent.

And this image in the Tughra is “Nūr Muhammad (“Light of Muhammad”) is a term central to later Sufi (Turkey) and Shī`ī (Iran) belief.

These are the main composites of the beast of Apocalypse 13 “the leopard” (Greece/Asia Minor) and “the bear” (Persia). The Ottoman emblem appeals to these specific two. These transformed the Sultan into a spiritual, luminous being even beyond Wahhabi theology to a godly status, especially since they call him “light upon light” a title that only belongs to Allah himself in the Quran.

It is for this reason that Erdogan is called “divine light” and that “touching Erdoğan is a form of prayer”.

This is some serious blasphemy according to the Wahhabist Saudis, which will further rip and shred the relationship between the two nations.

For one to rise to the pinnacle in Islam (as Erdogan is trying to do), the multitudes must proclaim him or someone who follows after him as  Mahdi.

This makes that person as if he was deity in Sufi Islam. This is why the Douay-Rheims Bible had the perfect description:

Who opposeth and is lifted up above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God. (2 Thess 2:4)

Islam’s last Caliph or Mahdi would never plainly say “I am God”. This is why there is this “if” in 2 Thessalonians 2 “as if he were God”.

This is a crucial clue. Whether Muhammad or Mahdi, these are “lifted up” “above all” “as if he were God” and is why the “woman” must bring it down.

The “Woman” simply reverses what was reversed.

God declares that it is the “woman” Who is “clothed with the sun” of Rev. 12:1 Who stomps the Muslim image.

Islam, this kingdom of “the moon” therefore receives defeat by stomping on Islam’s Al-Siraj Al-Muneer (the glowing lamp) is major; it is one of Allah’s 99 names which are also transferred to Muhammad (even the Mahdi) as the very reflection of Allah’s light:

“The moon reflects the sun. The Messenger [Muhammad] ﷺ is al-Siraj al-Munir – a lamp radiating light. He reflects the beauty and majesty of the One who sent him.” (Muslim Judicial Council, Saudi Arabia)

And by this, I, Walid Shoebat, born in the Shepherd’s Fields (the land of the Shepherds) in Bethlehem to relate to you my fellow brethren what I see and understand.

  • I have been tracking this referendum quite closely and this morning, the final hurdle has been cleared as Hurriyet Daily News reports here – – and this just continue to confirm that the Lord Himself pinpointed Turkey as the seat of Satan through John writing seven letters to the Church that are in Asia.

    The “alt-right” and perhaps the Kingdom Now movement will continue to align and join force with Islam to combat one group of people they hate – Trinitarian Christians.

    • The way I look at it Trevor is that if a group sways from doctrine and dogma, they will follow Antichrist. Racist? Antichrist. Hate Jews? Antichrist, want Palestinian state, Antichrist, Seven Mountain dominion crap, Antichrist, African roots Jews, Antichrist, Calvinism, Antichrist, Islamism, Antichrist, neo this and neo that and following this “isim” and that “isim” Antichrist.

      • Well said, well said.

      • Kamau41

        Perfectly said!

      • Brenda

        For those who were raised by secularist and do not know scripture but perhaps are interested , I’d also add to just pay attention to what they want to bring out in YOU.. is it love, forgiveness, betterment of mankind mixed in with yes some common sense protection? (or) do they want you to focus mainly on hatred type feelings of another given group, which is actually the easy road I think, because blame is the easy path too many are going on, Especially the rubbing salt in old woulds stuff, that is really getting old anymore.

    • Dan

      Test your link Trevor I couldn’t get it to work.

      • They took it down, it appears.

      • Check it out now. Apparently Disqus doesn’t like long link, and that was the problem.

        • Dan

          Thanks Trevor. I don’t have enough time in the day and wish I did to follow this stuff so I’m glad Shoebat’s doing it for me.
          I’ve been into eschatology for more than 4 decades and it’s shocking how theologians in the past got it so wrong by missing Islam? Surely Erdogan knows people think he’s the antichrist already so where does that leave us?
          I say we should stop guessing and go after him for who we think he is and pick up the pieces later if we’re wrong.
          I mean think about it? Theologians of the past would have given their 2 front teeth for this info. Let’s strike while the metals hot!
          I have to admit I’m not a Catholic but I’ve always believed and respected the fact the world may not have known Christianity had it not been for the Catholic Church. What is so strikingly different is the lens in which the Shoebats use to see the end times and I say that with anticipation because I’m seeing a different interpretation of eschatology. I always keep an open mind or try to.

          • “I’ve been into eschatology for more than 4 decades and it’s shocking how theologians in the past got it so wrong by missing Islam? ”

            Islam never crossed my radar and I’m only 35. It is through the Shoebat’s many discourses and personal research that convinced me.

            The reason why many got it wrong have more to do with prejudice and pride than authentic interpretations through the eyes of the Church.

            “Surely Erdogan knows people think he’s the antichrist already so where does that leave us?”

            We must exercise caution. As much as all signs point to him, we must wait for confirmation, such as seating himself in the Temple of God showing himself as God.

            “I say we should stop guessing and go after him for who we think he is and pick up the pieces later if we’re wrong.”

            Again, caution is warranted.

            “Theologians of the past would have given their 2 front teeth for this info. Let’s strike while the metals hot!”

            Would they? I don’t know. Perhaps some, such as Dr. Jack van Impe, who has written on his interpretation of the Book of Daniel has recently embraced the Islamic escathlogical view. Some won’t because of prejudice.

            “I have to admit I’m not a Catholic but I’ve always believed and respected the fact the world may not have known Christianity had it not been for the Catholic Church. ”

            You are in the danger of turning into a wise man. 🙂

            “What is so strikingly different is the lens in which the Shoebats use to see the end times and I say that with anticipation because I’m seeing a different interpretation of eschatology. I always keep an open mind or try to.”

            Indeed, the Shoebat have helped a great deal by teaching a Middle East-centric view and that has helped tremendously. At the same time, history as an indicator of the past helps us to see the possibilities of the future. Such as revival of a new National Socialist Party or Japan’s slow march to reviving militarism isn’t part of the end time view yet history is telling us it is.

            God bless.

          • Dan

            The reason why many got it wrong have more to do with prejudice and pride than authentic interpretations through the eyes of the Church.
            No, I’m afraid they were just wrong through no fault of their own. I’m not sure how prejudice would fit into this because everyone was saying basically the same thing including Mr.Van Impe who I enjoy too. I doubt anyone would let prejudice get in the way and thank you for using the word prejudice and not racism. No, Trevor, I believe people would not deny fact out of spite because remember the people who are lucky enough to make a living out of this would lose credibility ; quick. Hal Lindsey who’s been around longer ; is really the one who brought eschatology to the forefront with the ‘ Late Great Planet Earth’.
            His book There’s a New world Coming’ blew me away as a kid. Of course ole Hal has taken a back burner to more educated men and women on the subject now.

            You say we must exercise caution with Erdogan which is fine but how many more articles do you want to see like this one and by that I mean we’ve crossed a line already.
            I would rather the world start pointing fingers at Erdogan and in fact would love to see him suffer a head wound.

            You are in the danger of turning into a wise man. 🙂

            Is so I will become such a man by the grace of God. : )

            I’m non denominational and my openness to other points of view drive my brothers on the Evangelical spectrum Crazy! I’m surprised I don’t see more of them here but maybe I haven’t been here long enough?

            God Bless you as well Trevor and might I say from what I’ve seen you seem to know a thing or two yourself.

          • Kamau41

            Dan, the fact that you are here on this journey with us is a good sign that you want to be on the narrow road! Be encourage, remain with us and you will be just fine.

            God bless…

          • Dan

            Thanks Kamau41 ! With 2.2 billion the road may be narrow but if it is it must be a long one!

  • Alexander

    2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
    “…so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.”

    What are your thoughts on this verse, Walid? Do you think this guy will literally sit in a temple of God somewhere, or do you believe in the “Our body is a temple” thing?

  • Diana

    LOL “I wish I may, I wish I might…”

  • richinnameonly

    Well, we’ve been looking at 2023 for a little while now and it has been seeming that Erdogan was even getting a little ahead of schedule. So many people have thought that they were living in a time when they would actually see the “end”, but then it wasn’t meant to be. This time it looks like it may likely be here in less than ten years. Just sayin’.

    • Doc

      I’m always nervous about date-setting. We will have to wait and see.

      • BC

        Definitely agree on date setting for sure…but, the Bible says that nobody knows the ‘day’ nor the ‘hour’ of His 2nd coming (which is preceded by all the turmoil)….it doesn’t say the ‘week’ nor ‘month’ etc. ya….
        And, it also declares that we’ll be able to tell by ‘the Season’ (ripe fig)….so, imo, & what i argue with those I know over, is that ‘we should Definitely know at least the year (and possibly more…like at least 3 months or whatever?? maybe?).

        That’s how I see it anyway.

        • Taurnil Oronar

          I share a similar thinking. In the same way we can look at an apple at the start of fall and surmise, yep sometime next week and they will be ready. There is always that margin of error.

  • Nichole

    So it looks like the muslims think Erodgan is their Mahdi? Once they think their Mahdi has come back to life they are going on a killing spree like never before, correct? Or, am I mistaken?

  • Juan

    This is the real challenge, the real enemy of Jesuchrist, the pseudo-messianic leader of a luciferian cult obtaining power from Lucifer and from the masses.
    There isn’t a real problem in Serbia or in France but in Turkey.

  • BC


    What happens once Erdogan is officially recognized as the umma’s Caliph or whatever….More specifically, “what do muslims in non-Caliphate countries do, begin to do, etc.?”
    Is this like a green light, an order, or approval to “act out” & go martyr?

    If so, & with ALL the hoards this puke in office here & to our North have infected our Countries with (& IN SECRET…which seems just lawless)……well, “we’ve got some biness’ to take care of ya?”

    Or are we supposed to jump in line & wait for our turn in a grocery store, movie theatre, school, traffic jam, restaurant, mall, baggage claim, beach, hotel, carnival, etc., “mass shooting/stabbing/poisoning/etc.?”

    We need some new laws that outlaw SPECIFICS…..specifics in relation to the coming ‘demands, changes, government types, & so forth of “anti-Christ Inc.”

  • Kamau41

    ‘”The “Woman” simply reverses what was reversed”‘. As we continue to witness events unfold and conditions aligning in our days, all of the pieces of the puzzle continues to come together and fitting like a glove.

  • ezekiel22

    Interesting state of events you described here Mr. Shoebat. Things are moving pretty fast and I am very thankful for your perspective on things. I hate to say it but westerners really are not accurate when relating affairs or writings that come out of the Middle East. There are other events and people yet to appear on the scene but at least we should not be surprised.
    The agreement between Turkey and Israel concerning Jerusalem to me was of great significance. The importance of that event can and will color events soon to come.
    The back stabbing of Israel by our muslim in chief and John Kerry in their abstention in the Security Council lays open the excuses needed for the “Palestinians” to legally assault Israel in the eyes of the international community. Any response by Israel would create a huge response legally holding the muslim nations harmless. Moving our embassy to Jerusalem as you know will really tick off people. It seems that the world is indeed setting their eyes on Israel and Jerusalem once again. Sadly a lot of people will die during this whole process.
    An interesting side note. One of the sites I check out occasionally and a commenter that is reliable and has been a career in intelligence in Israel made mention that Palestinians in ten years will no longer be an issue. There was no mention of military actions since that would have been assumed. I thought it was curious considering all that is going on.

    I am also glad that your fellow writer Andrew Blaszad (sorry about the spelling ) is writing about the conversions of muslims in hostile territory. It reminds me of some truths. God is merciful and will give people chances before He brings judgement. He also provides an escape for His people. He also brings spiritual revival. The disturbing part is that a lot of people in the west are deaf and blind to what He is doing robbing themselves of blessings.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Wow – wow. I feel like I am miles away since this article was posted 10 hours ago – quite a bombshell for the world, a world though that is too busy chasing dreams and stuff to ever know that the ‘bomb’ is about to drop. Mother Mary, pray for us. If you aren’t already under her mantle, this article should prompt you to do so.

  • Leslie Woke

    Mr. Shoebat, this year makes it 70 years since Israel became a nation again. Will next year begin Daniel’s 70th week, Jacob’s trouble?

    • No. Next year will NOT be Jacob’s trouble. It will be just another year for the devil to set up and prepare for it.

    • Kamau41

      We are simply seeing the storm clouds brewing in the distance.

      • Thunder … clouds … take the sails down 41 lest they get ripped and row to the nearest little island … BATTLE SPEED 41 BATTLE SPEED

        • Kamau41

          Will do Sir.

  • And what do you disagree with brother Peter? When I open the comment section, I have a hundred or so Peters rain disagreements and I do not have an umbrella.

  • The Quran does not say a single word about the Mahdi.

  • Person A says his messiah comes in 2027.
    Person B reports what person A said and how this parallels with the beast. He never said that Erdogan was the beast.
    Person C comes along and blames person B for reporting falsities.

    • Dan

      Where does Putin and Russia fit in all of this? I keep seeing Russia will be consecrated but I don’t understand where you’re getting this from.


  • Perhaps you need to quote the author first and show the error he made.

  • “Who are you?”

    Just a voice crying in the wilderness, born in the land of the shepherds, flung into the land of the barbarians, while yearning for peace that someday I go back to that land, sit under an olive tree in peace.

    When I was about to turn 18, a giant iron beast swallowed me up from the land of the east where these wizards roamed and disgorged me so far west in a land where barbarians dwelt and were consumed with sport.

    They run to and fro in these arenas as if they were semi-savage gladiators shoving one another while the multitudes fancied their sports.

    But violence to me is not a game.

    It’s my reality.

    I was told never to tell the fans what I feel about their sport.

    I could never blend in, nor have I fully assimilated into any country; neither in the east where wizards roam or in the west where the naïve multitudes wandered as if they are lost in their sport and fairytales drinking away forbidden fruit, trying to forget their agony while time passes away at some lonely tavern watching pastime diversions on these Chrystal bulbs.

    Many others were consumed by the same Chrystal bulbs, looking for some purpose while others roam like the Bedouins, looking for better pastures, rummaging through wood hay and stubble filling their living quarters with things that perish.

    Many times as I wondered why was I tossed in a strange land watching these wandering naïve souls, until one day my eyes seized upon that one storybook they placed on these diminutive altars, which they inherited from a distant forefather whose dream was to preserve a nation.

    This book was arrayed in dust as it sat abandoned from decades of neglect.

    I blew the dust off the cover.

    I opened the book.

    Then I read “an oracle concerning the Desert by the Sea.” (Isaiah 21:1)

    It was a prophetic oracle against a cursed city called “Babylon”, “Dumah”, “Kedar” and “Arabia”.

    “The burden against Dumah” (Isaiah 21:11) “The burden against Arabia” (Isaiah 21:13)

    “Babylon is fallen, is fallen,” (Isaiah 21:9, Revelation 18:1-2)

    “All the glory of Kedar will fail” (Isaiah 21:16)

    There was no mention of any of the ancient cities of Babylon; no Babel, Erech, Accad and Sumer … These were all in the land of the sojourner, the man with the steed, the city of that virgin bride cloaked in black silk, decked with silver and gold.

    And for my predilection to read this book over the other, the giants said that they would sever my head as they severed the heads of thousand thousands before me.

    Yet even this peril was foretold in the book, which they forbade us to read.

    But I stood and confronted the wizards; these goliaths that carried swords in one hand and that book of fictions (Quran) they used for shield in the other telling them that their victories with the sword will be until all bow towards their image, but as long as there are a few who choose their scimitar blade over prostrating in submission to tyranny, that victory is for the slain; dying for something is better then dying of something.

    The book proclaimed warnings to the naïve multitudes foretelling these giants, the ones with the scimitars, coming to the city gates proclaiming ‘peace’ ‘peace’ ‘peace’.

    I began to shout from the rooftops. ‘The giants are coming’ ‘With Trojan horses they come to the city gates’ ‘they bring charmers, wizards and star gazers’ ‘they deceive by peace’.

    I am but a lone voice crying in the wilderness; a watchman on walls sounding a trumpet to naïve multitudes dazzled by charmers and the stargazers whose outcry of ‘he’s a liar’ ‘an impostor’ ‘an ant who never saw giants’ ‘there are no Trojan horses at the city gates’ while the naive slander with a sharp tongue saying that my declarations were ‘fiction’, that I need to be brought down from the walls and sent into banishment.

    So they sent the giants to bring me down, but their efforts were in vain.

    Now I do not know which of the giants will slay me. Will it be the Muslim giants. The homosexuals. The slandering racist supremacist Nazis. The heretics. All these ons of Belial.

    But the victory is for the slain. Abel was the victor, not Cain. Remember that.

    I see no olive trees outside my window. There is no where to find an olive tree to extend a branch of peace.

  • Ozlem,

    I quoted your people. The quotes are accurate, but your mad at the messenger.

    Screw Erdogan, including the Saudis and screw you, their apologist.

  • James, before you comment about me, show my quote.
    Before you show quotes consider the reader have read all of this and more.
    Before you instruct others, know whom you are instructing and why.
    Before you hail a storm at the author, know that they have no umbrella to cover them from all the other rain drops besides yours.

    These rules will help you in the long run.

    • James

      Sorry Walid, it was intended as more something to share than as a criticism, its just that I doubt there are so many people who “hate Jews” more dislike Judaism (for said reasons) and its certainly not the place of Christians to be hating anybody. It just seemed as apt a place as any to mention it.

      Do you think its possible that the Talmud could have inspired Muhammed to write the Koran?

      • James,

        I spent decades looking at how Jews see Christians and how Christians see Muslims and how Muslims see Jews and Christians. Now I see how Protestants see Catholics and how Catholics see Jews …

        Most are half blind. Instead of looking at Jews you need to look at your own FIRST.

        I even see Catholics I know stand on the confessionals probably to throw popcorn at the poor priest while forgetting I know they are racists and antisemites, a greater sin than their popcorn they want to throw at the priest.

        I confront them all the time about their holocaust denial and they are not even phased.

        They go round about spreading their lies as if they are doing saintly work never once confessing that what they do is mortal, not venial sin.

        I see girls lined up to take communion while abandoning the sacrament of marriage completely to seek worldly endeavors. They use Paul as an excuse.

        And now I see you.

        I see you quoting memes from websites you picked up without fully examining what you quote. Just picking up viruses and spreading them around without knowledge.

        But the problem is that you did not stop an think that the most hated two are Catholics and then the Jews.

        I could take one example of what you picked up and dropped here at my comment section: “Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child
        as long as the child is less than nine years old”

        But had you stopped to think. If you thought, spent some time and searched, you would ask yourself: where are all the Rabbis who are telling their congregants to go around and screw little kids? Can you show them to me? Name them? Point them out perhaps?

        No. You failed to do such a thing.

        Can you name them James?

        I have two religious Jews working for me. They spend their lives searching of all sorts of ways to Rescue Christians. Your people and mine.

        And here you come with this post of yours puncturing my inner soul.

        This is just one example of what anti-semites do which I know you are not one.

        Jews advocate sodomizing children below the age of nine?

        The Nazis of Germany quoted the same passages out of context.

        Why did you FAIL to quote Sanhedrin 54b in its entirety?

        “Sanhedrin, 55b-55a: “What is meant by this? – Rab said: Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that (2). What is the basis of their dispute?-Rab maintains that only he who is able to engage in sexual intercourse, may, as the passive subject of pederasty throw guilt (upon the actual offender); whilst he who is unable to engage in sexual intercourse cannot be a passive subject of pederasty (in that respect) (3). But Samuel maintains: Scriptures writes, (And thou shalt not lie with mankind) as with the lyings of a woman (4). It has been taught in accordance with Rab: Pederasty at the age of nine years and a day; (55a) (he) who commits bestiality, whether naturally or unnaturally: or a woman who causes herself to be bestially abused, whether naturally or unnaturally, is liable to punishment (5).”

        The above passage is argued to state that it is permissible for a jew to have sodomy with a boy less than nine years. Again, we run into the debacle on when a crime can be categorised as a sexual act and crime against God and not. Let me just point out that it would be fundamentally incoherent and, well, quite silly with any jewish law if the reviled act of sodomy would be permissible if done to their jewish pre-pupertal members but not those above that.

        The discussion in this Sanhedrin folio deals with the age issue and at which age a boy child is legally recognisable of having relations that have the full legal ramifications and judgements of sodomy. This whole discussion is closely related to an analysis on punishment for such action.

        When the passage stated that intercourse with a child of nine and a day is not the same as that with a child of nine, it is made within the context of what penalty is to be applied, and whether it is of a capital nature or not, as the Sanhedrin tractate deals with what offenses are liable of guilt for capital punishment.

        This quote used by Freedman involves two offenses of sodmony: active and passive. Now, the act of sodomy is by its definition prohibited, as seen for example in this footnote to Sanhedrin 54:

        ”I Kings XIV, 24. Just as abomination applies to sodomy in the latter verse, so it applies to it in the former too: thus it is as though the former verse read, There shall be no Sodomite of the sons of Israel: it is an abomination. And just as the abomination implicit here applies to both
        parties, so the abomination explicitly stated in Lev. XIII, 22 refers to both.”

        The above explains first of all that sodomy is prohibited, secondly it refers to active and passive participants, as also seen here in the same text:

        “From this we learn the formal prohibition for him who lies [with a male]: whence do we know a formal prohibition for the person who permits himself thus to be abused?”

        If the sodomite had committed the act with a consenting adult he would be guilty both of active sodomy in that he had sodomized another man and passive sodomy in allowing himself to be sodomized. Whereas, active sodomy would thus, of course, be to sodomize another person, from which the a adult who sodomizes a child is not exempt from (and which this Talmud passage does not contest his obvious guilt for active sodomy, though purporters of this material, like Michael A. Hoffman, are invited to prove me wrong). And so, passive sodomy would be to allow oneself to be sodomized by another, which is also the sin of sodomy, but it is PASSIVE sodomy rather than active sodomy you see. Now an adult who sodomizes a child is obviously guilty of active sodomy but he is not guilty of passive sodomy (allowing another person to sodomize him) since the child is not capable of actively sodomizing him.

        Hence, it deals with passive vs active sodomy, what age a person must be for guilt to be incurred in the sense of crime against God (note this is not the same as crime against man).

        Also, guilt is therefore not incureed on the boy, since by law he is by default innocent. The Talmud, in this case, defends the child, and does not condone the acts of the active participant. The adult is not exempt from charges of sodomy, it is just not considered passive or active sodomy on the behalf of the boy. So, the Rabbis in this folio clarify how they break this down into two basic kinds of sodomy: active sodomy vs passive sodomy. The former is to sodomize someone else, while the latter (passive sodomy) is to subject oneself to being sodomized.

        The argument goes into some detail in order to point out that while he who sodomizes a child below the age of nine is not exempt from active sodomy, he cannot be guilty of passive sodomy since the child is not capable of actively sodomizing him. Therefore this issue is a technical issue of whether or not the adult is guilty of one sin or two as the formentioned passage simply specifies how the man who sodomizes a child under the age of nine is not guilty of passive sodomy (i.e. allowing the child to sodomize him).

        In conclusion, none of the above given quotes provides a valid case that the Talmud adds legal sanction or support to acts of sodomy or intercourse with pre-pupertal children, on the contrary, in a time where there were few if any laws to regulate such encounters and deeds to officially non-sexual beings (i.e. children) the Talmud progressively added litigious measures to circumvent and end any occasional civil discrepencies on such matters as the Tanakh (Written Torah) dealt little if at all will laws pertaining to children. It is by this analysis that I sincerely doubt Freedman had, himself, studied the Talmud and jewish law or was even remotely aquainted with it, as opposed to just having regurgitated known anti-Talmud quotes in a seemingly automatic rejection and equally one dimensional quote-mining ”exposé” of it.

        Its like a Catholic hater picks on the Catechism without fully understanding it.

        I hated Jews more than anyone. Christ had me love them. Luther had me hate Catholics. Christ made me love them and even become one.

        • What you have written is the same thing I observe atheists do, they pick a verse than try to guilt Christians into shame for being a Christian through verse isolation.

          I had one Muslim try to challenge me via Twitter about the reality of the resurrection by isolating a passage from Luke where Thomas insisted on putting his fingers in the sides and scars where the nails held Christ, and I pointed out that he was verse isolating and then engaging in sophism. When he quoted a passage where it was said that allah caused an image of Jesus to be transferred to a poor victim, I immediately told him that it was borrowed from an earlier Gnostic source. After that, I blocked him on Twitter because it was useless trying to debate through Twitter.

          I have also seen some Jewish websites trying to paint the Catholic Church as anti-Semite by quoting verses from the Book of Acts, or from some Church Fathers and then argue that it proved that the Church hated the Jews.

          The problem, as you succinctly pointed out, is when one pull a verse way out of context, it becomes easier to argue a point that has nothing to do with the passage the verse is part of.

          I have also observed from reading someone such as St. Irenaeus or St. Athanasius whom they will quote at length what heretics says and then refute using the Scriptures and sound reasoning.

          • Ceirwyn

            Jews have a persecution complex, ignoring entirely that most of their history of suffering was self-inflicted by way of disobedience to God. Notice, they almost never focus on repairing their relationship to God.

          • And these are warning of examples to all of us.

          • Ceirwyn

            Indeed. One of the most important things for a Christian to learn to do in life is to reflect honestly on unpleasant situations in their life and ask God “Is it me causing this? Are you trying to teach me something?”. The faster you learn what God wants you to learn in a situation, the less you have to repeat unpleasant lessons.

            It’s the old man in us that wants to blame others for all misfortunes, just like Adam in the garden. Stopping the impulse to blame or take offense and instead directing it toward quiet reflection and prayer makes life much less frustrating.

            Of course, sometimes it really *isn’t* about you, but it’s surprising how often it is (at least in part).

        • James

          Thanks for your excellent reply Walid. You are right that I have taken those extracts from posts on the web, but none the less the blasphemy of the Talmud towards Our Lord and the Blessed Mother is something that every Catholic should feel infuriated by.

          Yes, there are wonderful people from all nationalities and all faiths (Jewish included), however the problem here is doctrinal. Its no one’s fault whatsoever to have been raised in a particular creed.

          The other thing that troubles me about Judaism is that according to Monsignor Dillon, Freemasonry is Jewish in origin and it was created to entice Christians away from the Christian faith, to overthrow its monarchies and create secular republics in their place. The ultimate objective being the elimination of our Christian faith. His work was blessed by Pope Leo XIII which is a pretty good seal of approval.

          “The Jewish connection with modern Freemasonry is an established
          fact everywhere manifested in its history. The Jewish
          formulas employed by Freemasonry, the Jewish traditions
          which run through its ceremonial, point to a Jewish origin, or
          to the work of Jewish contrivers . . . . Who knows but behind
          the Atheism and desire of gain which impels them to urge on
          Christians to persecute the Church and destroy it, there lies a
          hidden hope to reconstruct their Temple, and in the darkest
          depths of secret society plotting there lurks a deeper society still
          which looks to a return to the land of Judah and to the rebuilding
          of the Temple of Jerusalem?”

          (Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked p,10, PDF obtainable from )

          The great majority of the Jewish people will probably have no awareness of what is planned on the strategic level at the top of society, but if we consider the favouring of open borders of the masons and the many among the elite.

          The following has been attributed to St Paisios which is interesting if he really did say it
          “The rabbis know that the true Messiah has already come and that they crucified Him. They know this, and yet they are blinded by egoism and fanaticism.” (

          He also mentions that
          “Regarding Constantinople, it will be governed by Russians, Greeks, and Europeans. This storm will reach as far as Israel, and then the Jews will realize their mistakes”

          Also what is the “Synagogue of Satan” that we have been warned against?

          I have no idea if this Rabbi (Abe Finkelstein) is legit but if so he seems to reveal a lot quite candidly.

  • To answer your question is YES, they will. But no the ardent Wahhabi jurists who will also have their own following. These will resist Gog: Sheba Dedan …

  • Grandmere

    Oh come on “Ozlem”. We know that you are really Ibrahim Karagul. ROFL

    • One of our favorite nutcases to read who smooches Erdogan’s behind daily because he knows if he don’t, he will be kahoozed.

      • Grandmere

        Khazouked too.

        • I knew I spelled it wrong!

  • Grandmere

    What’s their hang up about palm trees? LOL

    • James

      Who knows… 😉

  • Kamau41

    Indeed….He knows how to always break things down so we can really understand what is happening around us so clearly.

  • Julie

    And yes, the original crescent moon on the tilma was silver but was painted black. Some recent source out there said the crescent moon was added, but this is not true.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Thanks for this info – one site that I frequent (spiritdaily) had asserted that the crescent moon was a later addition.

      • Julie

        I always read them with reservation. They get into images on trees, etc., making authentic look ridiculous.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Walid prefers the REAL version – the Catholic One – the one with a Godly number of books (73) versus a Johnny-come-lately edition missing 7 books for a demonic number of 66 books.

    • Indeed. But at times I use the other versions so long they are not in error. But the Catholic DR is my favorite because it was translated by a SAINT and not by some scholar who thinks he knows everything that pertains to God.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        All the ‘Turkish’ events as of late, are at the very least, intriguing, and at the most, earth-shattering. I can’t help but wonder if Erdogsn might ‘fit’ the profile given by St. Hildegard of the antichrist- or rather, does his mother fit the profile – a very ‘loose’ woman, familiar with the evil arts, becomes pregnant, later becomes chaste, only apparently though so as to intimidate St Mary.

        • I’d reserve more doubt than confidence since we do not know how many people are involved. What if Erdogan comes and goes or what if we have two people involved an Antichrist coming from Europe and a false prophet coming from Turkey … What if there are two people, Antichrist and a False prophet and Shoebat (me) is wrong or off here and there.

          I have corrected myself on issues before and still see that the possibilities of having made human errors should be taken into consideration.

          We really must just monitor wait and be watchful.

          • Kamau41

            “We really must just monitor wait and be watchful.” Indeed….That is a very wise and best approach to take and for us to constantly remember.

  • You make me smile brother Peter, I am indeed “prickly at times” and do understand our differences but would not mind we fellowship together in seeking all truth.

    Thanks for your kind reply. Wish that everyone else is as kind as you and wish I had your meekness, for you provoke me to jealousy.

  • Christendom,

    I have written on Free Masonry, its connect between Islam and Nazism. But take a look at the title of the article we wrote. Is it about this? No.

    The comment section has become a forum to discuss whatever is on someone’s mind. It is rather frustrating. I have many times contemplated getting rid of it for that reason. People rarely discuss what was written, perhaps they can disagree, offer new insights or anything relating to the topic.

    And then you have people who want to argue their bones of contentions whether it be their qualms with the Jews or their qualms with Catholics …

    If you were in my shoes you would understand, but you are one of many and I deal with the ‘many’ who love to get us bogged into all sorts of issues killing valuable time.

    Is this our objective?

    • Christendom

      I don’t remember reading an article from you that references freemasonry…ever. Your comment to James implied it was a conspiracy theory. That doesn’t mean you haven’t written any. I’m a relatively new person here compared to the years you’ve been publishing these articles.

      Trevor has been my chief educator on the ties between Islam and Freemasonry 🙂

      Okay Walid, you’ve had your vent. Here is a tissue for you ~

      Please take it as a peace offering 😉

      • “Trevor has been my chief educator on the ties between Islam and Freemasonry…”

        Say what? I don’t buy freemasonry conspiracy either.

        Here’s one article by Walid which mentions freemasonry.

        There’s several actually.

        • Christendom

          By that comment, I meant our discussions where you have spoken about Sufi Islam being used to infiltrate the West. We’ve discussed it both on the subject of religious syncretism. We also discussed how Muslims used Protestants and Catholic France to gain headway into the West.

          Did we specifically discuss the term Freemasonry? I don’t recall.

          I never accused Walid of never writing an article about Freemasonry or anything else for that matter, and merely noted I hadn’t recalled reading an article from him on the subject.

          There you go, Freemasonry is not a conspiracy theory. There are facts we can and do know about it. Walid himself has acknowledged this in the article you linked.

          I simply scratched off that comment as Walid having a bad day, that’s why I made lite of it 😉

          People who are easily offended are better off staying home because this place is a melting pot! 🙂

          And don’t get me wrong, this is Walid’s house and his rules. If he doesn’t want us posting links I’m happy to respect that.

          Websites who have forum/comment rules need to A) state them and b) enforce them.

          Thanks and God Bless

          • “Did we specifically discuss the term Freemasonry? I don’t recall.”

            The only link between Sufism and Freemasonry I will accept is the fact that Sufis are Freemason everyone’s in dread of.

            That’s it.

          • Christendom

            Freemasonry is linked to every world religion in that its syncretic. They recruit Christians, Muslims, Jews, everyone and anyone who serves their interests. The difference is that any Catholic who is initiated into Freemasonry is automatically excommunicated from the Church. They can of course hide their initiation and pose as Catholics, whether clergy or laity. What they cannot do is hide the truth from God Almighty Himself. So this means there is no such thing as a Catholic Freemason but there are some Freemasons posing as Catholics.

            Thanks for the clarification.

          • I will say this:

            Sufism is Freemasonry and Freemasonry is Sufism. Period.

            It’s why Walid exposed the fallacy provided by a Joel Richardson admiration of the founder of a Sufi order – Rumi – and why Walid proposed that the Antichrist is a Sufi.

            Here, even The Guardian provides more bullets for Walid’s arguments regarding the Antichrist being a Sufi.


            I have devoted academic research on Sufism and concluded that Sufism is the most deadly delusion that is already deceiving the world.

          • Christendom

            That’s what I meant from the start, Trevor. You were the first person I’d ever saw post this statement:

            “Sufism is Freemasonry and Freemasonry is Sufism.”

            Maybe the comment wasn’t directed at me personally at the time. Interestingly, this was already a possibility I’d been casually mulling over in my mind, largely thanks to Walid’s research.

            It’s a strong and credible theory. There is circumstantial evidence available that’s certainly worthy of our consideration and further investigation for those that way inclined.

            The Muslims have been masters at deflecting blame for centuries. Every evil in the world according to the average westerner before 9/11 was either a Catholic or a Jews fault, usually a Catholics! hahaha

            Since 9/11 more people have added Muslims into the mix but we’re so culturally divided today it doesn’t matter. Not to mention this new wave rising hatred toward Jews that we haven’t seen since WWII… The hatred of the Catholic Church was already permanently ingrained in the culture long ago.

            Awesome message, thanks brother. I really love reading your views and considering your sources on this topic on those rare occasions you indulge us.

            God Bless

          • Then we both are in agreement on all points.

            It’s no wonder Christ Himself said the Way is narrow, difficult which leads to life but the broad way is wide and leads to destruction.

            The hatred toward Catholics and Jews are intensifying, no doubt.

            It is, indeed, God’s war upon terror and we are on the winning team.

          • Christendom

            Amen to that!

  • Steven

    Doesn’t that mean he’ll come from a territory that was once part of the Assyrian empire?

    The Assyrian people don’t have a country now, so an Assyrian political figure would be hard to imagine as being the Antichrist; someone who “leads the nations”.

  • I hear you brother Peter,

    but here is the dilemma:

    While I love the American ‘red neck’ attitude towards the faith, he is not the same animal as the European Protestant/Evangelical of Germany most of whom supported Hitler. It was actually the Catholics who mostly resisted Hitler.

    Another issue is what you brought up: You say that you do not agree regarding “Mother Mary” that to you this issue is non-essential.

    The problem with this view is that EVERYTHING bible is essential. Every jot and every dot.

    In reality, it is the true Catholic who adheres more to Scripture, you have your “essentials what matters”.

    But John speaks of St. Mary coming down in Revelation 11-12. And if this is a “non essential” to you and She came down, you would miss the boat and reject this as “non-essential” and you might think “this is not from God” and miss the trip.

    She is not just an “incubator”. There is more to Mary. God chose her to be the Ark for God Himself.

    How would you reply to this:

    • Grace Ziem

      Which verses specifically are you referring to?

  • I have seen enough “if” and “but” which tells me the case is different from just “error”.

    “I am not blaming other websites just saying that I found the quotations from them.”

    James, mind if I asked how old are you? Just making sure here that I am not dealing with a kid because your excuses makes you sound like a teenager. .

    Then you jump right back into the mud:

    “With Sanhedrin 54b A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old. I still can’t find anything mentioned there against sex with a girl, even with Sanhedrin 55b-55a.”

    Here you go again quoting this rubbish again, back to the vomit. I already refuted it and will not spend any more time on it.

    “Likewise where anywhere in the passage is having sex with a child less than 9 years of age prohibited?”

    I gave it to you. Plus its time you do your own research James instead of going to pro-Nazi websites to cut and paste haphazardly. These quotes are made by pro-Nazi websites.

    Are you pro-Nazi? Do you believe in ultra-nationalism?

    “The above passage is argued to state that it is permissible for a jew to have sodomy with a boy less than nine years. ..”

    James, do me a favor, please waste your own time researching before writing such nonsense. Listen here, there are literally THOUSANDS of websites that make arguments against Catholics. I AVOID THEM like the plague. The same goes for JEWS. Yet you seem to be attracted to this stuff.

    “I am not adding any opinions”

    Sure your not. Give me a break.

    ” just quoting the text and what it says it says. Whether or not it may seem silly to us is irrelevant.”

    You are beginning to sound like a Protestant when he argues over biblical text that supports Catholicism.

    “The text seems very confusing and there are many others who find it strange too.”

    I like this “others who find it …” Its like a Protestant who says that “others” find the Eucharist mystery strange.

    “I have never said there were Rabbis or Jews encouraging sex with minors”

    The Talmud is a collection of ancient Rabbinic opinion. What it says is what Rabbis say.

    I am not too crazy about the Talmud either, its not my cup of tea, but if my previous comments to you proved useless to see your folly, I simply give up, move on.

    “solely that this is the impression given by the Talmud as my opening point …”

    The more I correct the more I dig a hole for myself to get more circular reasoning. I Refrain. I plead the fifth.

    “was what part of our scripture/dogma does it say to like Judaism?”

    Terrible question.

    Let me be frank, I worry about you going the wrong path where you start becoming ultra-nationalist more than I worry about your Talmud opinions.

    “I didn’t mention Jews themselves only their doctrine”

    Another line of nonsense. To lay a false charge on Jews for your faulty analysis is “mentioning the Jews”.

    You think that slandering unbelievers is lawful?

    “Any way as to the Talmud let’s agree to disagree.”

    The typical last line. You must be an American.

  • Actually brother Peter I had no intention of dueling or discussing what you are discussing here. I simply was speaking on Revelation 11-12 and wants your view. Thats all. No problem. Still friends.

  • You must be a master of the Arabic language Nasrani. How else would you have known this?

  • No need to apologize Marley. Its not the Quran that speaks of the Mahdi, its the Hadeeth. And its one person. The Caliph in the ends of days might also proclaim to be Mahdi and last Caliph.

  • Yes they do. But it will be their manufactured Jesus and not the True Jesus.

  • susan

    Oh, how i long for the “shepherds to rise…”

    Thank you for explaining how this caliphate and its “prophecies” play out in the end. And I love the song… words fail to relate the majesty and power that emanates forth. I’m going to find the verses someday, I hope.

  • Carlo,

    I can see how Al-Baghdadi was a suspect candidate when he first came out, but we have always stated he is not the man for several reasons especially that he does not get the support of the Muslim scholars, plus he is from the wrong spot. While Erdogan is a candidate for Antichrist, there is a chance he too might not be the man. All we can do is report things as they come and we shall wait and see. As to Skofiled, I read his work and he errs about the Dome of the Rock being the Abomination of desolation. Other than that, most of what he wrote is a good read.