Major Muslim Leaders Declare That Within SEVEN YEARS The Muslim Caliphate Will Be Established And Erdogan Will Be Caliph Of The Muslim World

Justice and Development Party (AKP) Aydın Efeler branch member Suat Ünal resigned on Saturday, after mounting reactions to the post, including from opposition parties.

Its time we put this puzzle together, especially when all these major Muslim figures are discussing that the Caliphate is to emerge in seven years from now. It could even be quicker as we see reported this morning that Erdogan’s new caliphate presidential system will be taken to a referendum in early April, just two months from now.

“Allah will complete the divine light” says Suat Ünal, a board member of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), on Saturday, couple days ago.

Ünal was not messing around. He was referring to Erdoğan’s appointment as “Caliph” who is Allah’s “divine light” which he posted a photo with “Allah” hovering over Erdogan who is depicted as a cherub.

He even spilled the beans and leaked the date: “2023”, which is earlier than what has been declared by others “2024”.

So why 2023-2024? Westerners do not know the Hadith. Muslim theological sources explain this calculation:

“The Islamic Caliphate fell at the hands of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1924 and in the Hadith, prophet Muhammad states “Allah will, on the new years of every one hundred years, will send to the Umma (Muslim World) one who will re-arise to renew its religion” (Abu Daud, 4/178)

One can also find this Hadith in the most reputable of Muslim sources including even the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

The Muslim Brotherhood who have been working very closely with Erdogan are proud to claim the initiation of the century struggle when Egyptian Hassan Al-Banna began this revival right after the fall of the Ottomans.

So 2023-2024 is a century after the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate, when the West wounded its head.

So it must be after 100 years. They are bound by it.

After that, some analysts even give 3.5 years until the Mahdi appears:

Caliphate fell, 1924 + 100 = 2024 or close to it, to 2027, which will be the time Mahdi appears.

سقوط الخلافة 1924 + 100 = 2024 او قريب منه الى 2027 هو زمن ظهور المهدي

And the Turkish leadership are not shy about all this. Ünal shared all this in a message he posted on social media stating:

“Erdoğan will be Caliph after he gets his new presidential status. Even the rooms at Aksaray [Presidential Palace] are ready. The Islamic Union will be established … 2023. Allah will complete the divine light.”

But there is a crackdown now. This is to remain a ‘hush-hush’ issue. Ünal was forced to resign on Saturday for simply repeating what has been already circulating from couple years ago, when pro-Erdoğan columnist Abdurahman Dilipak at a conference in Toronto in 2015 said:

The caliphate has arrived at the Turkish Parliament. The government has been doing what is needed. If Tayyip Erdoğan switches to a presidential system, he will probably appoint counselors to Muslim territories, to the territories faithful to the caliph. He will also create representative offices of the Islamic Union in Beştepe [the Presidential Palace in Ankara]”

“Islamic Union” “Divine Light”? These are some serious declarations which we will analyze shortly.

Then you had Fatih Nurullah Efendi, the leader of the Uşşaki sect who said in a speech broadcast by Nurani TV in October 2016 that the Republic of Turkey, which was established in 1920, has ended and that the second Ottoman Empire has become a reality:

“The leader of the second Ottoman Empire is Tayyip Bey [President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan]. He is our first sultan”

“Ottoman Empire”? They laughed us off when we first predicted this decades ago.

This guy, Efendi, also claimed that the new state that has been rising after a 100-year hiatus (referring to the Republic of Turkey) will be a continuation of the state established in Medina (Saudi Arabia) by the Prophet Muhammad, except he wants it to be 2020, three years from now.

This was also leaked by Mustafa Ataş on March 28, 2016 and AKP Aydın provincial chairman İsmail Hakkı Eser was quoted as saying that he and party sympathizers love Erdoğan so much they think of him “like a second prophet” and Deputy Health Minister Agah Kafkas once said: “When we lay the foundation of a [facility], we also provide the date of its opening. This is the sunnah (Muhammad’s mandate)— Muslim practices based on the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad — of Tayyip Erdoğan.”

Erdoğan is “like a prophet”?

Not a single government official or supporter have publicly objected to the statements.

And then you have AKP Bursa deputy Hüseyin Şahin who said that “touching Erdoğan is a form of prayer,” while AKP Düzce deputy Fevai Arslan said that “Erdoğan has all the attributes of God himself”.

Who is this Erdoğan that touching him is “divine”? And how do we analyze all these references for a westerner who simply wants to understand what is happening from a biblical prophetic perspective?

“The Islamic Union” that Abdurahman Dilipak spoke of seems like “the league” which Ezekiel spoke about.

Erdoğan himself even confirms. Last year said at the closing ceremony of the Turkish-Arab Higher Education Congress in Istanbul on April 28, that he was saddened by people using the words “Turk” and “Arab” and “Arab League” and prefers they use “Muslim League” or “Muslim Union”. He in fact told the Arab league to their face:

“Will there be a Turkish League in response to this the Arab league? Why should there be such a league? You say the OIC on one hand, and the Arab League on the other hand. What kind of a ‘league’ is this? Why do we call one “the Organization of Islamic Cooperation” (OIC) but call the other the “Arab League”? Arabs don’t have supremacy over non-Arabs, nor do non-Arabs have supremacy over Arabs. Supremacy only [comes] through surrendering to Allah.

This is the “core issue” said Erdoğan.

Was Ezekiel 30:5 messing around when Ezekiel spoke of this “league” giving the exact nations involved:

Cush, and Libya, and Lydia [Turkey], and all the mingled people, and Kub, and the men of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword.

The lay person including even western scholars read “mingled people” and they do not understand what all this entails. The Hebrew plainly says:

כּוּשׁ וּפוּט וְלוּד וְכָל-הָעֶרֶב וְכוּב, וּבְנֵי אֶרֶץ הַבְּרִית

Transliteration: Kush wa-Phut wa-Lud wa-kul ha-Arab wa-Kub wa-Bani eretz ha-beret

A typical westerner reads the verse and go like this: okay Walid, “Kush” is Sudan and Somalia, I got it, “Phut” is Libya, “Lud” is Turkey and “ha-Arab” are some “mingled people” and Kub … well no one knows who “Kub” is.

So they skip and only get half the truth. “Ha-Arab” mingled people is literally “The -Arabs”. This “Ha-Arab” “the Arab” And “Kub” is a place near Mecca (see map below) and “Bani eretz ha-beret” is literally, “the whole land coming in league“.

Qub copy

وادي قوب, الباحة, منطقة الباحة, السعودية Wadi Kub around hundred miles south of Mecca

The construct from an eastern perspective really starts from the end. What the verse is saying is this;

listen up, it will be all these mingled people from all over the land. They will come in a league; Arabs, Meccan, the dark Sudanese and Somalians, the Turkic peoples (Uzbeks, Gergez, Tadjiks, Bosnians, Albanians …), all the North Africans (Tunisians, Algerians, Libyans, Moroccans and Mauritanians).

But there is more to these statements than just forming the “league” which Ezekiel prophesied about. This Suat Ünal says that “Allah will complete the divine light”.

“Divine Light”? This is some serious description for a political figure like Erdogan.

In Islam, especially Sufi Islam, this “divine light,” stems from when Muhammad gained the title of “luminous” and “moon light” after the Battle of Tabuk when Muhammad appeared emerging from the Wada’ valley. His appearance sparked the first Muslim hymn Tala’a Al-Badru A’layna (“Here arose the moon upon us”) and is when the Muslim date system (Hijrah) began.

We wrote about this last year regarding Revelation 12’s “the Woman” and now they are already disclosing it.

In the Ottoman imagery, it depicts Muhammad’s titles stemming directly from Allah who is also described as this light:

“the Light of the heavens and the earth… The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star…luminous…Light upon Light!” (Q 24:35).

The imagery spills right out of Scripture regarding Lucifer, the morning star and the star (referred to as “he” a living being) that fell from heaven in Apocalypse 9 as poisoning the waters (nations).

This “divine light” is prophetically “The moon,” which Christ as well as John spoke about and the woman (the Ark) of Revelation 11-12 comes to stomp under her feet.

This is the rising of the kingdom of the moon in contrast to “the sun” (the west).

Muhammad took such titles and was depicted as the badr (full moon) and “the sun” when the Ansar (residents of Madinah) sang greeting Muhammad upon his arrival at Madinah to welcome him. The Sufi Muslims of Turkey already sing it for the elevated elated Erdogan which westerners rarely see or watch:

Erdogan, in the video above is sucking up the “hymn of hymns” all dedicated to him as they sang:

“The full moon (badr) rose over us from the valley of Wada. We ought to be thankful. You are the sun. You are the full moon. You are light upon light. You are the lamp of the star. You are my spring O messenger”.

And now Erdogan has become this “divine light”.

Muhammad gained such glorified titles as Al-Siraj Al-Muneer, literally “the Luminous Lamp” which transfers to Erdogan and the last Caliph as in Quran 33:45-46, where Muhammad became the “illuminating lamp”:

“O Prophet, indeed We have sent you as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And one who invites to Allah, by His permission, and an illuminating lamp.”

This ‘light’ is on their emblems, Islam’s theology was etched in the main image of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.


All this is stolen from the transendant light emanating from behind the Woman of Revelation 12, Islam had the radiating sun with its transcendent “light upon light” emanating from behind the crescent image (who is Muhammad) and a star (who is also Muhammad) which within it is the glowing lamp (Tughra) which is also Muhammad inside the morning star (which is also Muhammad).

And now Erdogan himself has become this “divine light”.

This is some major declaration from an Islamic perspective.

It is for this reason, I believe, that Revelation 12 sends a message to what is about to erupt in few years from now, “the crescent” and even “the full moon” (Badr) is stopped by the woman of Genesis 3:15.


Apocalypse 12 never said “crescent” but “moon”. Yet both are descriptions of Muhammad and Mahdi. He is depicted as Badr (full moon) and crescent.

And this image in the Tughra is “Nūr Muhammad (“Light of Muhammad”) is a term central to later Sufi (Turkey) and Shī`ī (Iran) belief.

These are the main composites of the beast of Apocalypse 13 “the leopard” (Greece/Asia Minor) and “the bear” (Persia). The Ottoman emblem appeals to these specific two. These transformed the Sultan into a spiritual, luminous being even beyond Wahhabi theology to a godly status, especially since they call him “light upon light” a title that only belongs to Allah himself in the Quran.

It is for this reason that Erdogan is called “divine light” and that “touching Erdoğan is a form of prayer”.

This is some serious blasphemy according to the Wahhabist Saudis, which will further rip and shred the relationship between the two nations.

For one to rise to the pinnacle in Islam (as Erdogan is trying to do), the multitudes must proclaim him or someone who follows after him as  Mahdi.

This makes that person as if he was deity in Sufi Islam. This is why the Douay-Rheims Bible had the perfect description:

Who opposeth and is lifted up above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God. (2 Thess 2:4)

Islam’s last Caliph or Mahdi would never plainly say “I am God”. This is why there is this “if” in 2 Thessalonians 2 “as if he were God”.

This is a crucial clue. Whether Muhammad or Mahdi, these are “lifted up” “above all” “as if he were God” and is why the “woman” must bring it down.

The “Woman” simply reverses what was reversed.

God declares that it is the “woman” Who is “clothed with the sun” of Rev. 12:1 Who stomps the Muslim image.

Islam, this kingdom of “the moon” therefore receives defeat by stomping on Islam’s Al-Siraj Al-Muneer (the glowing lamp) is major; it is one of Allah’s 99 names which are also transferred to Muhammad (even the Mahdi) as the very reflection of Allah’s light:

“The moon reflects the sun. The Messenger [Muhammad] ﷺ is al-Siraj al-Munir – a lamp radiating light. He reflects the beauty and majesty of the One who sent him.” (Muslim Judicial Council, Saudi Arabia)

And by this, I, Walid Shoebat, born in the Shepherd’s Fields (the land of the Shepherds) in Bethlehem to relate to you my fellow brethren what I see and understand.