The Ottoman Empire Is Rising Up, It Will Impale Christians Alive, And Major Tyranny Is Going To Spread Throughout The World


By Walid Shoebat

“Allah is greater than all tyrants” “Long live Erdogan” “Long live Turkey” “O Allah, Bismillah (in the name of Allah)” and “Allahu Akbar”.

This was the chants this trained ‘police force’ where repeating in this video:


But this chant was not in Turkey, where it belongs, it was in Jarablus Syria.

This is not a police force, but Turkish military puppet set up in Syria by Erdogan.

You might think “big deal” and comment “Bashar Al-Assad should dismantle it. Its time for Syria to take control”.

Stupid people have stupid opinions. And what will  Bashar al-Assad do? If he uses force to stop this intrusion, it gives the green light for Erdogan who is looking for any reason to enter by force. And if he does nothing? Syria will be taken over piece by piece as you see.

Either way, Isaiah 17’s prophecy “the destruction of Damascus” must be regarding a neo-Ottoman takeover of Syria. And from Syria, the gateway, Erdogan can enter the rest of the Middle East. This will take some time. Isaiah 17, many ignore, is in a setting where Christ is on earth.

The West answers this Islamization by turning to populism as the solution where ethnic pride will finally throw out the Muslim immigrant along with the Erdogan style Muslim expansionism.

But the devil is ahead of the game.

When Pope Francis warned on Saturday against populism, saying it could lead to the election of “saviours” like Adolf Hitler, people started to laugh at his remarks. They do not see the Pope as giving viable solutions to the problem of Muslim immigration.

The stupid thinks its a cage fight between Pope Francis and Trump where he picks Trump over the Pope.

Its not. The devil is holding both East and West in checkmate. He has both in a clutch, a neck choke where the only solution is to tap three times to surrender.

Few understood the Pope. “Of course, crises provoke fears and worries,” he said, but added that for him “the example of populism in the European sense of the word is Germany in 1933”. The pope added: “Germany … was looking for a leader, someone who would give her back her identity and there was a little man named Adolf Hitler who said ‘I can do it’.”

He wasn’t speaking about Trump. He was speaking about Europe and how its reacting to the Muslim immigration.

Tyranny works incrementally until all is consumed, and Syria is being Turkified incrementally by Islamists, who unlike the West, have lots and lots of patience which is repeated throughout the Quran.

What you see is the Turkification process of Syria. Actually it is the re-Turkification of what was lost after the fall of the Ottomans.

To understand this, one must learn some history. Without knowledge of history, we will continue to hear and read stupid comments and reactions.

Turkification was the transformation of entities, or cultures in historical Turkic states into the Ottoman Empire. It was a dual process (Turkification plus Islamization). Turkification generated the type of war mongers, which was ideal to be used by Nazi Germany, which it incorporated into its war machine. The Nazi war machine included Anatolian, Balkan, Caucasian and Middle Eastern Albanians, Arabs, Slavs and Iranic peoples (Iran is partially Turkified).

But it doesn’t stop in Syria. The re-Tukification process today is extending to Central Asia’s Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This is the biblical region of MeshechTubalGomer and Beth Togarmah, “in the far reaches of the north” as Isaiah 14:13 speaks of the regions of Antichrist.

The process extends from Kazakhstan to Cuba where Turkey are building thousands of mosques in between. All these Turkified peoples were happy to join the Nazis.

But this process doesn’t happen overnight. It incrementally fills the blimp with Islamist hydrogen, until the proper time comes to spark a massive explosion.

People who read daily headlines trying to understand today’s world simply do not get what is happening. In reality what we see growing globally is not just Turkification, but Nazification/Paganization/Luthernization (in Europe) by several populist movements. Populism stems from Japan to India all the way to Europe. It is Hinduization (In India) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it is Buddization in Japan with Shinzo Abe’s government.

The quick commenter doesn’t realize that the devil is way ahead of the ball game.

History is simply repeating. Turkification occurred during the Seljuk Empire. It involved intermarriages, religious conversion, linguistic shift, and interethnic relationships. Its the Ottoman melting pot which is parallel to the ancient hellenization, which the multiple layers of Daniel 2 speaks of, on the nature of the two materials (Iron and Clay). While the Bible says it is being “partly weak and partly strong” verse 43 adds another layer:

“And in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with pottery.”

“Mixed” and “combine” are actually the same words translated differently from the Aramaic “la Muta’arreb” which also literally means, “does not Arabize” as indicated by Ibin Ezra. This is where Islam attempts to generate a melting pot where Arabic becomes the common language through Islam. The majority ignore that a couple of words in scripture means volumes of history.

Hellenization is the historical spread of ancient Greek culture from the Mediterranean basin as far east as modern-day Pakistan. The buck ended when it came to God’s people at the time when among the Jews there was a sharp polarization between Hellenizers ‘mixing the faith with paganism’ and anti-Hellenizers ‘religious Jews’. This especially manifested during the rebellion of the Maccabees against Seleucid rule under Antiochus Epiphanies when Judas Maccabee led an army of Jewish dissidents to victory over the Seleucid dynasty was directed against Hellenizing Jews. This was a civil war amongst God’s people which will repeat in Europe.

This will be the case as we advance into the post-Christian global era, hearing that the solution to Islamization is “westernization” and “secularization” instead of “Christianization”.

With Christians asleep, the devil is ahead of the ballgame. Where else in the world do you have an every day occurrence where more than 2 million people cross between Europe and Asia across Istanbul’s Bosphorus waterway?

Istanbul is a transcontinental city—the literal bridge between Europe and Asia that represents a metaphorical bridge between East and West. During ancient Greece there was no distinction between Europe and Asia. All it was is this side of Greece or the other side of Greece, the very “Greece” which Christ in Zechariah 9 will come to combat.

What we see today is the outcome of a post-Christian era where this “East-West” boundary began to diminish. When Christianity was strong in Europe, it spread to Scandinavia and the Baltics and where the Ottoman Empire gradually lost its European possessions in the Balkans.

As modern post-Christian westernization became a global phenomenon, Turkey along with Russia being rejected by the west began to drift from the idea where Turkey is clinging to the newly independent states of the Caucasus and Central Asia, which split from Russia. These have linguistic and cultural links to Turkey. This became the new foreign policy priority for Ankara.

Today, under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is “drifting to the East”. But Turkey’s position between Europe and Asia will also continue to gain momentum regardless if the West claims that Turkey is not “European”. Turkey considers itself “European” “Middle Eastern” and “Caucasian” since during  the Ottoman Empire its capital was on the European part of Turkey and the Sultans gave themselves the title of Caesar Al-Rum (Caesar of Rome).

Today the argument is that mass migration from the Muslim world is fast-tracking the Islamization of Germany. There is a host of social disruptions, jihadist attacks and a migrant rape epidemic coupled with public health crisis and rising crime with a rush by German citizens to purchase weapons and even abandon Germany altogether.

Many European states are going the populist route to solve the problem.

But the Pope warns: “Hitler did not steal power” adding “he was elected by his people and then he destroyed his people.”

The Germans at that time also wanted to protect themselves with “walls and barbed wire so that others cannot take away their identity”, he said. “The case of Germany is classic,” he said, adding that Hitler gave them a “deformed identity and we know what it produced”.

So was the pope wrong? And who will win this ‘migration war’, Turkey or Germany? Keep in mind, only 10% of the migrants from the chaotic Iraq and Syria reached Europe with ten million more to come.

And to top it all, Turkey sent 970 imams to lead 900 mosques in Germany that are controlled by the Turkish Diyanet to prevent migrants from integrating. Germany’s Muslim population surpassed six million in 2016. Germany and France has the highest Muslim population in Western Europe.

We have a perception of misery rising in Germany as well as in France as result of this crisis.

So whats next? The outcome of things is usually foreseen by a “narrow” and not by a “wide gate” who are less educated on history. Pope Francis was speaking on a different level of understanding than the average Joe who simply thinks that if a rattlesnake bit his hide that someone can easily pull the fangs without repercussion.

You will continue to read all the reports on how “Erdogan will arrest more people,” “wants women to have at least three kids,” “the growing pressure on secular institutions,” “prohibition of alcohol,” “hijabization,” “women wearing shorts beaten on a public buses” …

And then you will continue to read about “women raped in Germany by Muslims,” “more bombings,” “people feeling like pins in a bowling alley lane as another truck runs over more people”  …

The stupid ‘wide gate’ comments under such stories with the typical “secular Turks need to rise and drain the Muslim swamp” or “Germans need to stand up and defend their women like real men” or that “drain the Muslim immigrant swamp in Germany” or “Trump will save us”.

The answers are always offering some magical figures to step up and do something.

Can Trump solve these problems? Lets see.

The wide gate does not consider that Turkey is one of Germany’s 20 most important trading partners where 6,500 German companies, more than any other country in the world, operate in Turkey. Ticking off Erdogan by draining Germany’s “Muslim swamp” will not be so easy. Turkey cannot wait till Germans start killing Muslim Turks and Syrians on the streets. This will be an instant support for Erdogan worship by Muslims from Pakistan all the way to the C.I.S. which will instantly catapult Erdogan to become not just Caliph, but Mahdi.

As for “secular Turks need rise and drain the Muslim swamp”, its too late. The devil is way ahead of the dumb post-Christian secularist and the kumbaya singing American Christian in a discotech church setup. Turkish MPs have just approved a constitutional reform package that would place remarkable executive powers in President Erdogan’s hands. The referendum is expected to take place in early April. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will become the sole executive head of state, with authority to choose his own cabinet ministers, enact laws, call elections, or declare states of emergency. His term in office would last five years, renewable once.

Under Erdogan, Turkey’s people too are experiencing all sorts of pain, where we can find essays on how life and freedom is diminishing under Erdogan’s presidency. And by next year, we will begin to see the first populist governments change the old hat in Europe with more future splits from the E.U praised by the dumb populous electing neo-fascists which the Pope warned about.

How is Trump going to solve all this?

The naive thinks that when a tyranny applies more torment, that this will cause revolution against the tyrant.

It actually works the opposite. People forget, during Ottoman control, people were khazouked (impaled) for four centuries and during the Nazi regime, people were shot on the streets and gassed by the millions. Neither Nazi Germany or the Ottoman Empire were brought down by revolt. This, expect to repeat and dwarf anything you have seen in the Holocaust of Jews and Polish Christians.

Reality is the opposite. Revolts are usually the method of tyrannies taking over somewhat a descent government, as we have seen in the French, Bolshevik and Arab Spring revolutions. The only way to remove such tyrannies are world wars.

Pain is not an enough driving force for change.

Brainwashing is the most powerful and effective instrument where idealism can make people do all sorts of things, including allowing someone to have sex with your young daughters or wife. Tyrannical governments can even brainwash kids in schools to turn in their own parents to the authority, kill one’s sister, brother, daughter, father or mother …Half of Turkey is brainwashed already.

The Pope wasn’t speaking about Trump. When it came to Trump, he was simply warning of Trump’s populist speech, which empowers a strand in Europe that the Pope sees as dangerous. He is correct. He speaks from history which always repeats.

It will take time for the masses to stop laughing. Eventually his remarks will come true and the crying miserable masses will be in too much pain to laugh at themselves.

It is not Trump’s intent that I worry about. Bush had good intentions when he invaded Iraq. When we said it was a bad idea, they laughed. Reagan had good intentions to combat communism in Afghanistan when his action created the Taliban. He also had good intention when he insisted “Gorbachev tare down that wall”.

It will only take time, another world war, when the West realizes that tearing down that wall was the biggest historic mistake and the beginning of a grand catastrophe. In the end, people will realize that they can’t rule. They should never rule. Ruling is a duty for the wise few.


  • Eric

    Very, very good sir. The foolish react, while the wise think. The wise think, examine, and ponder, waiting to make a judgement. The foolish simply react on reflex, and only hurt themselves, as well as others.

  • Kamau41

    Excellent Sir. Pope Francis nailed it simply warning the world, particularly the west, about the dangers of the rising populist movement. Those who are wise and have their eyes wide open, cannot refute what he says as this goes along of what you and Theodore continue to warn us about. All the dots perfectly connect.

    What you said here beautifully sums it all up: ‘”The outcome of things is usually foreseen by a “narrow” and not by a “wide gate” who are less educated on history.”‘

  • susan

    So many gems in there, Walid. And it seems like the Pope hardly ever gets honest reporting from the press either. I’m glad you cleared things up for us tonite. “In the end, people will realize that they can’t rule. They should never rule. Ruling is a duty for the wise few.”

    • Paul

      He is bringing together his understanding of sociology and eschatology (of Muslims & Christians)…
      A cousin sister was asking if it is good idea to major in two subjects like science and law for example …
      People say these days you have to educated in at least two disciplines and able to combine them to max effect if your work is to be worth something…

      • susan

        Oh. 🙂

        • Grandmere

          I didn’t know my plumber had to be an electrician too.

          • susan

            Lol. 😀

  • You said it best once, it was Christendom who created the Sykes-Picot and now it is gone. The Sykes-Picot mortally wounded the Ottoman beast. It’s being revived.

    Only a world war will stop it. History repeats because nobody, especially westerns, like history except those who studies it for a living or turning to history to understand today to predict tomorrow.

    • Doc

      The west does not understand the middle east either.

    • Constantine, you were right. Turkey has no intention of handing over al-Bab. It’s all about “Turkey national security” damn it.

      That would be akin to USA invading mexico and not handing it back to a corrupt Mexican government.

  • Tom_mcewen

    I am not too worried about European leaders, they are held back by the barb wire stuck in their skin by the welfare mene and it’s resulting bankruptcy. They are all exhausted, panting on their knees as Islam walks over them. Now the left in America has a demon on its back. Since 1948 America and Russia has two cocked revolvers against each other’s head now the revolvers lay in the table, but now the left wants to fire that revolver into Putin’s Russian head. Orthodox Russia has driven them mad. Russia has always been a defense against Turkey and the left has been friends with Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Trump is in power and I can believe that the devil may hate him. Things are going to be difficult. We will have a calm sun for 40 years much means not global warming but a mini ice age, short growing seasons, arab pirates, false money, invaders, lack of hard men, sounds like the fall of Rome to me. I hope that everyone knows the dark ages was caused by pirates. It is the Chinese curse in 3D and sorround sound.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      Well the devil likes no one, not even those who follow him though he does take delight in their deception but I get your point about Trump.

      As for Russia. I have said before elsewhere the days of the US picking an opposite side just to be a thorn in Russia’s side and vice versa are in my opinion nearing an end. I don’t know when that will happen nor do I think when it does it will be sitting around the campfire singing songs kind of thing but much of the adversarialism will be reduced.

      I am not familiar with the pirates vis-a-vis dark ages theory.

      • Tom_mcewen

        All civilization with a future begin at a river, to move any heavy objects or grain to feed a population, a ship is the cheapest means, to move a large stone structure, you build a ship with a larger freeboard and the water displacement will support the load. Ships are complex machines, very expense to construct, but saves on labor and the need for an extensive road system. All ancient civilizations up to the steam engine was based on the one quarter horse power human arm. The Roman roads were military roads, not primary trade roads. To travel on roads, about an average of 30 miles could be covered in 10 hours a ship was faster then a walking man and the energy was free, minus the wear and tear on sheets and lines. A ship could do 4 knots an hour for 24 hours, each day piling up distance with a load not possible on land. The Roman empire was a sea empire. To go across land was slow, Rome’s trade was by ship. Rome was the stomach and North Africa was the bread basket and food came by ship. There was a naval rebellion in south west Spain which opened up the Mediterranean to pirates who cut the grain to Rome, famine, civil war, plague, invasion and the fall. Sea trade continued but was smaller, around 700 AD the pirates ventured out from the Mediterranean to raid all of Europe’s rivers. This cut what was trade support serving the still existing Roman divided but shared memory by 80% which cut the legs of communication, isolating Europe into a death spin of cultural decline. It showed the recovery by centuries. Forcing trade into difficult and inefficient land travel for protection. A theory of why Africa didn’t develop is there are few rivers south of Egypt. The plague of pirates was still operating up 1803.

  • magaforever

    “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will become the sole executive head of state, with authority to choose his own cabinet ministers, enact laws, call elections, or declare states of emergency. His term in office would last five years, renewable once.” …until he is officially declared sultan of their new piece of crap empire..or maybe he will make way for their stupid piece of crap “mahdi”

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You never cease to amaze – another thought-provoking article exposing the hidden genie in the bottle – lest we forget, Lucifer is jack of all trades.

    • Kamau41

      Totally agree. His articles just keeps getting better and better everytime.

  • RodK1975

    No one can “do” anything about this except play out their part. The die is cast, the stage is set and everything is written already. Some people in power may be able to mitigate the collateral damage a bit but saving this and stopping that is impossible. All we can do is to live our lives as Christ-like as possible, do the right thing because it is the right thing to do and also, so what we can to help get the Gospel to as many people as possible. In other words, “be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”

    • Grandmere

      Head nits nail! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • RodK1975

        You’re too kind… 😉

    • Kamau41

      Spot on. Very well said all around!

    • Kevin Nicholson

      Abraham and Moses debated with God and had some impact on judgement…

      • RodK1975

        That’s true… and that’s what I’m saying… Abraham interceded for Lot, but Sodom and Gomorrah were still burned to a crisp…

        The secular world can’t stop God’s plan or Will from being done…

        • Kevin Nicholson

          Amen…and His church accomplishes His will.

  • Not yet. We shall wait and see.

  • Rjk

    If it’s not populism and fighting back than just bow down to Islam. One or the other.

  • Actually I have brother Marcelo, in my book God’s War on Terror. I also have mentioned in some articles:

    • Phil aka Felipe

      Walid, speaking of God’s War on Terror, is there anything in there that you would revise? Thanks.

      This was a great article, BTW.

      • Yes. I would have broadened my interpretations more on Europe and included non-Muslim nations as well.

        • Phil aka Felipe

          That’s okay. You are broadening them here. That’s what is so nice about technology and having a blog; you can expand and broaden as events unfold.

          I would encourage anyone reading this to obtain a copy of God’s War on Terror for a great overview and primer.

        • Marcelo Salles

          Very nice article. Thank you very much! I’ll also buy your book as soon as I can to learn more about.

  • Grandmere

    Walid, This is one of your best! There was not one word, not one comma, not one period that was not spot on. Nailed down. This was close to perfection. I wont waste your time quoting to you from your own work. I will only say that this was inspired by the Holy Spirit. God bless you, brother and thank you so very much for all you do.

    • susan

      Walid is burning hot as a laser. One of these days he’s going to go nuclear. 😀

      • Kamau41

        He certainly is and I believe soon enough he will be. He’s far more on fire than I have ever seen him since being on his blog.

  • Good point. He is already picking on China which means he could be taking the side of Japan:

  • Grandmere

    Dear Noname Concience, I can hardly wait. I mean, dang! I might have to go clean out a closet for a couple of hours.

    • Craig A. Mouldey

      You have a closet? I totally forgot they existed.

      • Grandmere

        Yeah. Got some old baggage in there too. Need to lug it down to the confessional.

  • Grandmere

    Anthony, I love it. A former Muslim from Cairo converts and takes the name Mark Christian. That made my heart soar! Thanks so much.

  • Dan

    I have to admit reading the articles on here about Erdogan possibly being the AC was interesting to say the least. However, after seeing how the Turkish parliament is fighting over Erdogan’s attempts to gain more control ( I mean they’re literally throwing punches in parliament ) I have my doubts now about Turkey ; at least for the time being.

    • Grandmere

      Oh Dan, those little tussles in the Turkish Parliament can’t hold a candle to some of the shootouts at the Ole Falafel Stand.

      • How quickly some Americans forget that Congress used to have men duke it out, and I think there was a pistol duel involved at least once.

        • Dan

          I wouldn’t be surprised if congress still gets heated in the 21st century.

          • Good. We need real men, not limp-wristed men who cannot stand up without being told to stand up.

        • David W

          Who could forget Aaron Burr?

          • Grandmere

            He killed my darling, Alex! May he rot in Hell.

          • That’s the one!

      • Kamau41

        They sure can’t. Nothing new.

      • Dan

        Oh, I know the fighting isn’t unusual but I was under the impression the country was all in for Erdogan and they’re not.
        However, if Trump moves the embassy maybe that’ll bring them all together.
        I was hoping the atmosphere in Turkey was more AC’ish and instead it’s more three stooge’ish

        • Grandmere

          He actually had a little trouble getting the votes he needed to implement the new presidential scheme. The Parliament has three factions.

          • Correct on all counts.

            Erdogan is one cunning, scheming man.

  • Grandmere

    The Chants were sublime. Thanks ever so much. XO

    • AnthonyM

      You’re so welcome.

  • Here…listened to this last night and felt instant peace.

    Orthodox hymn to Holy Mary, Mother of God.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    In North America, I’m not very concerned about what is called populism which really appears to be nationalism and a move back to traditional values. The ones I am concerned about are these mindless, communistic drones such as the ‘women’s march’ in Washington. All they have is to repeat the slanderous, fake news charges, to cuss at those who dare question them, and go about attacking people and destroying things. Those who voted for Trump don’t want any part of the world that has been advance in the west for decades. Trumps themes of bringing businesses back home, an end to meddling in other countries, putting his own people first and respecting that other nations should do the same for their people is what these supporters want. Such supporters have shown no inclination to do vile things to others. That type of conduct comes from those freaks on the left. I have to believe, in answer to the question of what Trump will do to solve the Muslim invasion of Europe, is that he will do nothing because it is not up to us to get tangled up in the affairs of other countries. Unless something is a real threat to his own countrymen, isn’t this what God ordained government is suppose to do? Protect it’s people. To punish evil and reward good?

    • Craig, you get the “Typical American” award for the year. We talk on foreign policy and you play the record of domestic issues.

      • Craig A. Mouldey

        I’m not so sure that was a compliment, but I’m not American at any rate. I did make a comment on one foreign policy issue you raised. How will Trump handle the influx of Muslims overseas. If I take him at his word he will stay out of it. He intends to steer the country away from meddling in other countries business.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    The home is looking for you – you were due back 24 hours ago, you’re overdue for your Haldol.

  • Dr T

    My point was that President Trump may side with Islamist dictator Erdogan especially because he has to protect his Trump Towers in Istanbul and other investments.

  • “do you who was inviting and supporting so call illegal immigration in Europe?”

    Yes. The Pope.

    “What religion is accepting preaches foreign faith in their own churches?”

    Yes. The Pope.

    “What organization helped, helping and will help illegal immigration in Europe?”

    Yes. The Pope.

    “Have you ever heard about so call black pope?”

    Yes it a conspiracy made by the Pope.

    “In terms of Turkey war in Syria, from my perspective, Turkey will do nothing that it would not have a permission already from Russia.”

    Naaaa, they get their permission from the Pope.

    “Whole carnage in Lybia, Egypt, Syria etc”

    Yep, that was the Pope too.

    ” is work by your secret government(deep state) don’t you see it?”

    No man, its the Pope.

    “Do you know how and who created ISIS-daes?”

    Yes its the Pope.

    “Do you know who so call Obama really was and what politics – strategics were applying at time of his rein?”

    The Pope put Obama in office.

    “Sometimes your blindness is so high that I can’ t believe that you really do not see it.”

    Dang. It must be the Pope that blinded me.

    “I can here write down a lot of arguments where you are wrong and where you are right as well,”

    How am I doing so far with my answers? Do I get a smiley?

    “do you know why that happens in Europe so vastly in medieval?”

    Yes I do. The Pope screwed things up man.

    Best regards

    The devil

    • Grandmere

      Thank goodness you got here. I decided to clean out a closet while I waited. By the time you got here I was about to start on the garage. Whew!

    • Tom_mcewen

      The Swiss Guard is only 110 men a reinforced company and they have intimidated over 110 nations with standing armies of millions of men into abject fear and trembling and the leaders into craven cowards. What a way to go Catholic Church and the Commander in Chief(temporal) and Chief Minister (Spiritual). What mighty soldiers to defeat the whole world armed only with Halberd.

  • John Duly

    U should stick to speaking about crazy muzlems. TRUMP is one of those rare leaders you speak of who will set the US back on track, Liberalism is the real enemy.

    • “U should stick to speaking about crazy muzlems. ”

      You dropped the first amendment to prove your own created amendment?

      “TRUMP is one of those rare leaders you speak of who will set the US back on track, Liberalism is the real enemy.”

      Will Trump bring back Christian ethics? Abolish homosexuality? Bring fire from heaven down on all these anti-Christian heretics?

  • Kkdgrace

    Many “Christian” churches- all over the world- have gone BEYOND too far in “accommodating” a belief system antithical to our core doctrines. I don’t know if the following is a good “fit” as a comment for your article. I decided to post anyway because my jaw is still on the floor, seeing how this church has admonished a minister who objected to a Muslim prayer denying the Sonship of our Lord- WHILE CELEBRATING THE EUCHARIST!

    • susan

      Dang. It’s worse over there than I thought. We’re into the betrayals of each other now.
      Thank you for the video link.

    • Grandmere

      This is the reason the Anglican bishops of the Global South established the Anglican Mission in England to plant orthodox parishes.

  • S. Yoder

    Good information. I just come to the opposite conclusion. Based on Dan. 9:26,27 and the history of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope is the antichrist/mahdi and Erdogan is the false prophet/muslim jesus. We definitely agree on the two characters, just different roles. Keep up the good Lord’s work.

  • “Abolish homosexuality? That is like abolishing big feet.”

    Not exactly.

    “If someone is born with a big foot you can’t change that.”

    Indeed, but if that foot is stuck up your rectum, we can help.

  • If Muhammad according to you makes true prophecies, then should you convert to Islam?