Saudi Arabia Goes To War Against Its Own Citizens In Desperate Attempt To Maintain Control As Turkey Silently Watches

Saudi Arabia is in trouble. Right now she is losing control over her own people and is engaging is a brutal crackdown attempting to retain control as unrest simmers according to a recent report:

The Saudi regime is in the midst of an extreme and brutal crackdown against its own citizenry in the country’s Eastern province – a situation now spiraling out of control with rising civilian deaths, entire neighborhoods turned to rubble, and new reports that water and electricity have been cut to the now completely besieged town of Al-Awamiya. Though local activists continue to upload shocking ground level videos to social media revealing that entire districts have been leveled, international and US media have remained largely silent.

Tensions have been simmering in the heavily Shia populated Qatif governate throughout the past year, especially after the January execution of prominent Shia cleric and Al-Awamiya native Nimr al-Nimr. Additionally, 14 Shia citizens, among them young Mujtaba al-Sweikat – a student enrolled at Western Michigan University – currently await execution upon the signature of King Salman. The torture and mass trial of the group, charged with “protest-related” crimes has further inflamed tensions in the region. Large protests against the Saudi monarchy and security services have been frequent in Qatif going all the way back to the start of the so-called “Arab Spring” – though major international media outlets have tended to ignore such protests occurring under US/UK friendly regimes.

This week, things have escalated dramatically as Saudi authorities have concentrated a barrage of fire on Awamiya’s four-hundred year old walled historic Al-Mosara neighborhood, including reported use of air power, heavy artillery, RPGs, snipers and armored assault vehicles in the area. Earlier this year the Saudi regime announced plans to demolish the neighborhood and hand it over to private developers in a kind of Saudi version of “eminent domain”; however, the presence of Shia militants hiding amidst its narrow roads and concealed alleyways appears the be the real motive for razing the district. Though sporadic fighting has occurred throughout the summer, the siege began in the last week of July when bulldozers and armored vehicles poured into the town to initiate demolition while security forces simultaneously attempted to root out Shia militants. Multiple Middle East based news outlets reported at least 5 civilians killed during the initial entry of Saudi forces – online activist accounts are now reporting many dozens slain since the start of the recent incursion. (source)

Just a few days ago, Walid discussed how Saudia Arabia is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. By her actions, she has formulated a Sunni-Shiite alliance between Turkey and Iran against herself:

And what do we see today? We see demands to exactly what we said a year ago. Qatar demands Mecca become international to all Muslims. Now its not only Iran demanding to boycott Mecca but also Qatar and tomorrow it will be Turkey uniting with Iran since Iran too is against Saudi Arabia.

Even Al-Azhar, the hub of Muslim scholarship par excellence in the Sunni (not Shiite) world is calling to boycott Arabia. This was done with participation of 200 senior Sunni scholars, emphasizing that Saudi Wahhabism is no longer “Sunni” since the Wahhabists anathematize the Ash’ari and the Sufi Muslims who with the Shiites make up a majority in the Muslim world. (source)

Saudi Arabia can crack down as hard as she wants, but she has already crossed the Rubicon at this point. Each attempt that she will make to stop an uprising will generate further uprisings while moving Turkey and Iran closer together and, most importantly, creating a power vacuum that Erdogan is positioned to take as soon as it is opened. That position would be to make Turkey the custodians of the Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina, and through this act it would restore to world status the Ottoman Empire, and Erdogan has ten thousand troops standing by in Qatar right now, where the uprising is taking place, to back him up.

When major empires die, they don’t revive again. Yet we are watching something that has never happened before in history, which is the revival of a major defeated in the form of the rebirth of the Ottoman menace. As we have warned, keep your eyes on Turkey, for indeed, just as Turkey is asking for the throne of satan back, the devil is once again going to make its seat in Turkey (Revelations 2:13-14).

Likewise, and as we have noted above, focus on the division not between Muslim sects, but between apostate Muslim sects or non-Muslim groups. This is because historically speaking, Muslims cannot and do not ever unite long term on anything except for when in means killing apostate Muslims or non-Muslims, and as soon as the deed is done they immediately go back to fighting against each other. Like flipping a switch on a light bulb, they reserve the worst of their atrocities for each other except when there is either a apostate or non-Muslim enemy to attack. This is another aspect to the Islamic temperament that we have discussed before as to why the Muslims are historically speaking so easy to control by outside forces for long periods, since they are more consumed with personal affairs between each other than even their own governance, and their conquerors lose control over them when usually after a long period of a lot of hatred has built up for them between different warring sides, traditional enemies will come together and fight against their colonizer for the purpose of driving him out or conquering him before resuming their previous conflicts.

The conflict scene between the “Campaign for Free Galilee” and the “Judean People’s Front” from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. The scene illustrates how the fighting between the groups is more serious than against their common enemy, and is a reflection of many Muslim-majority societies.

Right now there is tremendous division in the Muslim world over the wahhabis of Saudi Arabi, who are regarded by many Muslims as apostates. This explains the growing alliance between Turkey and Iran. They may hate each other and slaughter each other mercilessly for centuries, but in so far as it concerns a group they both condemn, they will ally with each other to destroy that group.

However, there is no “good” group in this just as there is no winner between National Socialism and Communism. Both are evil because their nature is evil, and likewise there is no winner between Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or Iran because all profess a religion that formally rejects Christ and therefore embraces the antichrist (1 John 2:2). There are no sides in this war except the side of Christ, and to do embrace any other side other than that of Christ is to ignore the clear warning of sacred scripture:

Do not give what is holy to dogs; and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under foot and turn and maul you.

Once the Ottomans are finished mauling Saudi Arabia, it is only a matter of time before they will seek to reconquer the rest of their “territories,” and in their minds, to finish the job that their ancestors started, which is ultimately the conquest of Rome and the destruction of Christianity. God will stop them ultimately, but it this is just the beginning, for as we have warned, the greatest persecution of Christians is not behind us, but ahead of us.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.



  • “The Saudi regime is in the midst of an extreme and brutal crackdown against its own citizenry in the country’s Eastern province…”

    Home of one of the largest Shiite population and oil rich. This will only tighten the noose on the monarch because Iran will not stand for it.

    • David W

      I even hear the occasional news of the Saudi bombing and blockade of Yemen (aided by the US and Britain?), as well as the cholera outbreak and food shortages. Can anyone confirm that Trump authorized up to $110 BILLION in military aid to the House of Saud?

      • Would not surprise me one bit if true. America’s policy of helping the Saudi is self-defeating in the long run.

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    Love the song at the end 🙂

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      Yes Jami. Ever since I started wearing the miraculous medal, my Holy Mother has been drawing closer and closer to me everyday. I love her. She is our hope.

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        You deserve this love. I wish you peace and joy.

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  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Yes, I can easily see the weak but wealthy Oil Sheikdoms reducing themselves once again to the status of vassals to Turkish or Persian Overlords, as long as they protect them from the poor Arab Muslim masses underneath them. But others, like the Saudis, cannot reduce themselves without being slaughtered in any case for their weakness, so they’ll become increasingly radical in their Wahhabi theology and favorable to the kind of people that spawned al-Qaida and ISIL. It will not end well for them.

  • AnthonyM

    Interesting Andrew, I had not heard of the fighting within Saudi Arabia. They seem to have no way forward but to continue with their same falsehoods of the past, until their destruction. There is life in Christ, but only to those who accept it.

    • Grandmere

      Most of their oil fields are in the eastern part of the peninsula. Oh so close to Iran.

  • Grandmere

    When they decided to sell shares in Aramco, I knew they were desperate.