Trump Retweets Videos Of Islamic Violence From British Nationalists, Now The Media Is Going Crazy. This Attention Is Only Going To Help Advance The Nationalist Cause

By Theodore Shoebat

Trump retweeted videos of Islamic violence from British nationalists, now the media is going crazy. But who is this going to benefit? The nationalists. This is the subject of my video:


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  • Joan Simpson

    On another website, similar to yours, I read information from a Dutch contributor. He said that immigrants in the Netherlands are known as immigrants until the third generation when they are known as ‘Dutch’.
    What the contributor said was that the video was of a Dutch boy, legally, but he was still a Muslim and the third generation immigrant. Thus the legally called Dutch boy, third generation immigrant, assaulted a disabled person.

    • Ceirwyn

      Makes sense as Dutch is an ethnic identity. All the these migrants will never be Dutch other than legally, since they hate the indigenous population are invaders and colonizers.