Major Leader Of The Catholic Church Declares: Priests can give blessings to homosexual unions

By Theodore Shoebat

A major leader of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, has stated that giving blessings to homosexual unions is up to the individual priest. In one interview, Karin Wendlinger asked Marx: “So you really could imagine a way to bless homosexual couples in the Catholic Church?” to which Marx said:

Yes, however there are no general solutions. That would not be right, I think. It’s about pastoral care for individual cases, and that applies in other areas as well, which we can not regulate, where we have no sets of rules. That does not mean that nothing happens.

But I really have to leave that to the pastor on the ground, and the individual under pastoral care. There you can discuss things, as is currently being debated, and consider: How can a pastoral worker deal with it? However I really would emphatically leave that to the particular, individual case at hand, and not demand any sets of rules again – there are things that can not be regulated.

This story, as sad and disturbing as it is, is not surprising. Given the condition of the Church today, how it has been overrun by sodomites, and how it has become so weak in its response against the sodomite infiltration, this story is really nothing to marvel at. It is but another evidence as to how the Church has been being invaded by the armies of Sodom. St. Paul wrote to the Church of Rome, warning about the sodomites, affirming that “those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.” (Romans 1:32) But, the Church has, to such a horrid extent, decided to ignore the words of the holy Apostle.

Look at what St. Paul writes: the sodomite is not the only one deemed “worthy of death,” but also those approve of the sodomites. Those who express favor for the evils of Sodom, are as well citizens of Sodom. This cardinal, by answering the question with “Yes” at the beginning of his response, is but a reflection as to how deep this disease has decayed the body of the Church. Christendom is dead, but like Lazarus, it will be brought back to life through a miracle.

I told people, years ago, how to fix this problem. I told them about Operation Whip, about how we must confront these evil priests, and nobody, and I mean nobody, wanted to do it. I confronted one of these sodomite priests, Msgr. Michael Yarbrough, back in 2015, and most of the response I got was a bunch of acrimonious talk about how I was wrong because, because I went to a mass that Yarbrough was conducting.

I am sure there were a lot of people who got enraged at Christ when overturned the tables in Temple during the Passover, the holiest day for the Jews.

I sent the video over to Church Militant TV (a Catholic TV station that is suppose to promote fighting for the faith), headed by Michael Voris, and what did they tell me? They told me that they don’t want to air the video because they don’t want to encourage others to emulate what I did.

Almost all of the conservative media outlets that we were familiar with, have bowed down to Sodom. The whole Western world is being polarized, not by Islam, but by the sodomite agenda. Like a torrent of shadows, all of the political and theological media establishments, even those that claim to be for “family values,” are promoting the religion of Sodom and Gomorrah, advancing the most diabolical things, homosexuality and pedophilia.

We had thought that the Catholic conservative establishment, Church Militant TV — which presents itself as a place “where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed,” had been the last media outlet for true Catholic activism. But, even Church Militant — with its name “Militant” denoting combat against Satan and all of his wiles — has bowed down to the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah. They are now promoting one of the trending sodomites of our time, Milo Yiannopoulos.

So, we decided that we are going to confront Michael Voris. Theodore Shoebat called him, he answered, and they argued it out:

Just yesterday, Church Militant TV posted an interview between Milo and America magazine. Supposedly, so the story goes, Milo interviewed with America magazine which then reneged from publishing it. Church Militant, to further aid Milo, published this interview, which is utterly diabolical. Prefacing the interview, Church Militant writes in regards to Milo:

we [Milo and Church Militant] are on the same page with regard to the unchanging teachings of the Church and opposing Catholics who would try to change Christ’s teachings to make them more comfortable.

We took a snapshot of this post by Church Militant, and underlined this sentence:

So, according to Church Militant TV and its leader, Michael Voris, Milo, this sodomite who promotes pedophilia, eugenics and homosexuality, is someone who upholds the teachings of the Church. Milo is a major promoter of pedophilia who participated in pedophile parties in Hollywood. To quote Milo:

“The relationships with those with older men have helped those young boys discover who they are. And give them security and safety, provide them with love and reliable and sort of a rock. Where they can’t speak to their parents.”

To expose this further, Milo, someone who promotes Hitlerian sodomite eugenics, is on “the same page” with Church Militant and Michael Voris. Milo, the eugenist sodomite of the right-wing, writes: “gay men are smarter. we test higher for IQ than our heterosexual counterparts. Intelligence allows us to ‘transcend’ our evolutionary programming”.

Voris’ excuse is that Church Militant was simply posting an interview that America magazine refused to publish. But so what? There is no context, in which presenting the work of a pedophile, sodomite and eugenist, is good.

Voris, and Church Militant, have revealed that, while they cover themselves with Catholicism, they are part of the sodomite satanic underworld that so pervades and controls the society.

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  • Brick

    Ted, I pray you are not frustrated or dishearten by what is going on in the Catholic Church and I would like to encourage you. I just began to re-read Isaiah today, and I remember read in the first six chapters there is a passage that the Lord spoken through Isaiah that He hated the offerings the priests were conducting because they only (in my own understanding) focused on the form without the essence. I think this is what you have encountered, evil demonic Catholic priests that think they can have the blessing simply by invoking the name of Jesus or ask the intercession of Mary without repentance and a changed life. Remember, not only you despise their behaviours, God also despise their behaviours because it is a direct insult to Him. At the same time let us remember that even though certain sins are worthy of death, it is not what God had desired. Repentance, turn away from sin and turn to God (and a holy life) is what He wanted. Death and destruction are the inevitable result when all the calls and warnings of the prophets encountered dumb ears and hardened hearts. But still, be strong and courageous. Remember that God has always kept a remnant of righteousness of His in the midst of all chaos. Right now, I would want to encourage you that even though the Sodomites had infiltrated the Catholic Church, there are still a good number, if not many, faithful Catholics who will not bow down to Baal.

    • Ignatius

      I’m sure there are many catholic priests that holy men no doubt.

      and we must expose these liars because what their are doing is an abomination to God and are really hurting the church

    • paulette barrow


      • Brick

        Do you ever ask your brethren or fellow believers to pray for you? Think about it.

        • paulette barrow


          • Brick

            You don’t think the Holy Spirit intercedes? Are those brethren who passed away alive or dead? Please think carefully before you answer.

          • Ignatius

            This article I found will help you with your ignorance if you take your time to read it

            Friday, August 18, 2006
            Intercession and Mediation
            Over at Phatmass, someone asked a two-part question about how we are to reconcile 1 Tim 2:5 (“there is one mediator between God and men”) and the intercession of the saints. His words will be in silver.
            – – –
            Can someone explain what Jesus meant when He said, “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus?” This is always the verse that Protestants use when arguing against the practice of praying to Mary and the saints. I understand why we can pray to the saints in heaven, I’m just having trouble explaining what this particular verse means and when considering this verse, we can call Mary the Mediatrix of all graces.
            The very fact that they use this argument shows that they misunderstand what mediation is. Ask yourself, “What is the ‘mediation’ of Christ? In what sense is Jesus the ‘mediator’ between God and man?” A mediator is one who speaks or acts on behalf of another, or one who brings estranged parties to agreement. That is essentially what Jesus does. He reconciled man to the Lord “once for all” because we could not, and he continues to mediate by communicating the Lord’s graces to man. No Christian (as far as I know) would disagree with this.

            Now, if this is indeed how we understand the mediatorship of Jesus, why do Protestants use this verse to refute praying to the saints? The saints do not perform the function of Christ. They are not mediators. They do not atone for our sin.

            When we pray to the saints, we are soliciting their prayers. We hope to capitalize on their wisdom and virtue, which creates perfect prayers to the Lord. “The prayer of the righteous availeth much” (Jas 5:16, KJV). Likewise, “The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer” (1 Pet 3:12). Even when we say things like “St. Joseph, help me to be a good father” or “St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle” we know that they answer our prayers not by their own power, but either by the power that the Lord gives them, or by the Lord himself answering the prayers of the saints. Essentially, the saints are more like intercessors than mediators.

            What is an intercessor? a few definitions:

            Intercession: A form of the prayer of petition made to God on behalf of others, whether living or departed. –Catholic Dictionary

            INTERCESSION. Entreaty in favor of another person; hence mediation. In biblical language, “there is only one mediator between God and mankind, himself a man, Christ Jesus, who sacrificed himself as a ransom for them all” (I Timothy 2:5-6). The Blessed Virgin, Mediatrix of all graces, the angels, saints in heaven, souls in purgatory, and the faithful on earth intercede for mankind by their merits and prayers. –Pocket Catholic Dictionary

            intercession: The going between two parties in order to plead before one on behalf of the other. In ecclesiastical usage the office of Mediator belongs primarily to Jesus Christ (Timothy 1; Hebrews 7). The Blessed Mother, Mediatrix of all Graces, the angels, the blessed in Heaven, the souls in Purgatory and the faithful on earth can intercede for us sinners by their prayers and merits. –1910 New Catholic Dictionary

            See the difference? It is an important one. Also, read New Advent’s article on Intercession. It does an excellent job of explaining the difference between “mediation” and “intercession”

            I had one Catholic tell me that Mary and the saints mediate between us and Jesus and that Jesus mediates between us and God. Is that true?
            This is true, but I don’t find it helpful in apologetics. They will simply respond by saying that since the curtain of the temple has been torn down by Jesus’ death on the cross, we have direct access to the Lord. Of course, there is a response to that argument too, but don’t get into it unless you have to.

            The saints in heaven and on earth participate in what is called “subordinate mediation.” Thankfully, this is nowhere nearly as heretical as it sounds. Ask yourself this: What is going on in these verses?

            Rom 11:13-14
            13 Now I am speaking to you Gentiles. Inasmuch then as I am an apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my ministry
            14 in order to make my fellow Jews jealous, and thus save some of them.

            1 Cor 7:16 Wife, how do you know whether you will save your husband? Husband, how do you know whether you will save your wife?

            1 Cor 9:22 To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.

            1 Tim 4:16 Take heed to yourself and to your teaching; hold to that, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers.

            Jas 5:20 let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.

            Jude 1:22-23
            22 And convince some, who doubt;
            23 save some, by snatching them out of the fire; on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.what we have here are men saving other men.

            Your opponent must reconcile these verses with his constant cry that “Jesus is our only Savior! He is the one mediator between God and man!” We clearly see here that men can save, so this can only mean that there must be some legitimate way in which the saints participate in our salvation without usurping the role of Christ. This legitimate way is “subordinate mediation.”

            By “subordinate” we mean that it is secondary and instrumental, vs. the work of Christ, which is primary and efficient. In other words, it is ultimately Christ who saves all, but he also chooses to use men as instruments to bring about the salvation of others. So, for instance, when you compel someone to be baptized, Jesus saves that man, but, in a sense, you have saved him too.

            It’s all about the Lord working for good with those who love him (Rom 8:28).

            I hope that helps.

          • paulette barrow

            @LG,Thanks but no i wont read it because he whom the Son sets free is free indeed,God set me free from the Catholic religion along time ago

          • Ignatius

            The choice is yours

      • Ignatius

        What’s with that stupid argument from Protestants all the time everywhere “Mary is not intercessor Jesus is”

        Jesus is our Mediator and everyone else that are in God’s grace can be intercessors but never a mediator because that only Jesus can be

        But Protestants are so ignorant that don’t even know the difference between one and the other.

        A Protestant trying to teach scriptures to a catholic is like child trying to teach his parents

        • paulette barrow

          @i,Also Im not a protestant,Im a born again believer a child of the most high king,get delivered and set free

          • Ignatius

            Every single person that believes in Christ but is not catholic or Orthodox is a Protestant because they don’t have apostolic succession and their protest is against The Church

            Before 1520 there was no Protestantism

  • Ignatius

    We need more people like you Theodore
    Great job

  • susan

    Part of the story was the claim that this Priest no longer participated directly in mass. As the film clearly shows, he IS directly participating. There were many lies and cover ups. But the saddest of all was the indifference of the parishioners. They knew and they were fine with a sodomite priest. Is it no wonder the church will follow her Lord into His death and tomb?

    • DeusLoVult

      Did the story of Christ end in a tomb or an empty grave? And God walking in a garden again, as on the first day of Creation. The conclusion of the Gospels was not an ending, but a beginning. The beginning of the Church. And the Church has endured through far more than this and still she endures today. She faces nothing new in the Modern age. Just the same old mistakes being repeated with a different language. If there is anything we must remember, it is this. All the trends of the world will fade away into memory. Undoubtedly, they will be replaced by yet more evils from the past, in yet a different language, but such is the nature of the worldly mind. It cannot make up its mind at all. I do not know precisely what the future is, but I do know this. The Church will be there to confront it. Alive and well. Perhaps resurrected anew. For “Christendom has had a series of revolutions and in each one of them Christianity has died. Christianity has died many times and risen again; for it had a God who knew the way out of the grave.” – G. K. Chesterton.

      • susan

        “Did the story of Christ end in a tomb or an empty grave?”

        What about the clouds? So many men claim to have the keys to end time prophecy…. Why does the bible describe two very different messiahs?

  • ChristianAmericanCrusader

    Thank God the Catholic Church absolutely NEVER has or will give blessings to ‘same sex’ unions, which is totally impossible. This was discussed on the Terry & Jesse Show the other day as they did an excellent job breaking everything down detail. People can listen to the link below:

  • Joan Simpson

    In every denomination there are those who are determined to try to make sin acceptable. Just as in every denomination there are many seeking to live holy lives.
    This is what Paul knew was possible. It depends if the ‘sinner’ wants to live in accordance with God’s ways or seeks to find excuses to remain as they are.
    …..nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God….. 1 Corinthians 6.
    Paul says in the past tense that some of the Corinthians had been homosexuals but no longer were. People can change with the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Thot: Do we feel the same way about thieves or drunkards etc, or do we just reserve it for the homosexuals?

    • susan

      Which is easier to imagine you might do, Joan? Become a drunkard? A thief? Or a lesbian/sodomite/chicken fu$&er. It seems as if there’s a greater barrier spiritually, that must be crossed in order to engage in the more abominable sins than in the lesser sins. It’s frightening. Maybe that’s why so few seem able to make their way back to God. Instead they want to change the society and the church to accept homosexuality and not the other way around…demonic ally there’s already a toehold.

      • Joan Simpson

        I expect many will not agree with me. That’s ok. I don’t expect you all to agree with me, just that there is another way to look at the problem and that’s the way to look at it I have chosen.
        I suppose it all depends on how badly you (not personally!) are tempted. I come from a family where many of the members are overweight – some grossly obese. Some would call that a sin, others a weakness. It depends the company you keep what it is called in that company. The same with drinkers. (not my family) we recognise the addictive nature and how difficult it is to break free and stay free.
        All glory to God, I have never been tempted to be a drunkard or a thief. The underlying causes often need to be explored and repented of and then healed by the power of God.
        I see the same with homosexuals. What caused it? Is it something God wants to heal? I’m sure he does – for he tells us it was while we were still sinners that Christi died for us.
        The next part is true also and I’m sure it’s a story which could be told in many places across the world.
        I know a young lady who was badly beaten and sexually abused by male members of her family when she was young. Looking for love she moved in with the first man who showed an interest in her. He soon changed to beat her and raped her too. She got pregnant and had the baby adopted for she knew the man was not a suitable father and she was ill equipped to bring up a child. Glory to God she never had an abortion.
        She started coming to church after this and seemed to be making progress in her walk with God.
        Shortly after this she told us she was a man trapped in a woman’s body and entered into a relationship with another woman we have never met.
        What should I do as a Christian? Do I add to the abuse her life has been filled with and cut her off?
        It is easy to see why she thinks being a man is a safer choice than being a woman. Men were the source of all her pain. She has cut herself off from us at church, not because anyone pointed the finger at her, but I believe it’s because she now knows she has gone the wrong way and at this moment in time cannot choose the right way to go.
        Will she ever come back to be healed of her past? I don’t know, but what I do know is that it will take love to see her turn her life round. No amount of finger pointing or disgust will make her change her ways. It will take the love of God to do that and there is not a sin he cannot deal with.
        There is the possibility of redemption right up till the point of death.
        The woman at the well, with her past 5 husbands and cohabiting with a sixth was so ashamed of her life she came late to the well for water so she wouldn’t meet anyone. Jesus was there and he changed her life completely and through her testimony Jesus stayed for 2 days to teach the people of her village.
        I believe Jesus can do this for all trapped in sexual sin. They can find the ‘living water’ the woman at the well found.
        Whether they do or not is not something given to us to know. I therefore would want to err on the side of mercy. I would try to put myself in the shoes of those so badly abused they only can find peace in the wrong gender identity. When introduced to Jesus, through many tears they can discover how deep his love is, how healing his mercy is and how wonderful it is to belong to the gender assigned at conception.
        The Scripture also tell us that mercy triumphs over judgment.

        • susan

          Thank you Joan. I enjoyed reading your reply. It’s more than sad, her tragic life….And finally she found the love and support of the Christian community and of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ but then chose to believe the lie that she was a man trapped in a female body. Perhaps she sought counseling from a “counselor” who agreed she was really a man? And then she enters into a sexual relationship with a woman? She throws away eternity with her Lord for a few seasons of worldly pleasure? At times it seems tragic that God gave us free will to choose other people or other possessions over Him but He permits it. I know you’ll keep praying for her to return just as the prodigal son did. :). Jesus tells us to always pray. And i was wondering if she was under some demonic influence…she definitely needs blessed objects, oil and holy water near her person and home.

  • Methusalem

    Just unbelievable! Western nations are lead by Sodomites; the state, the schools, the courts, the churches are under their control.

    The name Marx always mean trouble. This guy removed his pectoral Cross at Temple Mount in 2016. What a wicked individual!

  • ace

    My security keeps notifying me of a blocked attack on this page for several days now…

    • susan

      That is very strange. Constantine can no longer blog here either. I miss the links and commentary he was able to provide us through his daily research.

    • Grandmere

      Me too. .

      • susan

        Uh-oh. 🙁

        • Higlac

          What we need to do is see which firms (the antivirus and malware preventers) are involved with this, then check with others that are NOT attacking this Webpage.

          [So far, Panda has been good with me on this matter; whereas there has been at least one case of Norton making trouble on this score…]

          • susan

            Thank you!

  • susan

    If you hadn’t filmed the actions of the priest and congregation then no one would have believed it possible.

    I believe the third secret has more to do with what has happened and is happening within the church and our times. The sanctuary light in the lower choir was extinguished; Our Lady of Good Success explained the five reasons for this, which all pertain to the crisis in the church and society in the 20th century.

    It’s hard now to see what might have happened had Russia been consecrated to our Mother’s immaculate heart. Perhaps the crisis in Rome begun during Vatican 2 could have been averted because there would have been no communism and instead we would have had a pure and holy Russian pope? One who would detected and overthrown the smoke of satan?

    Now i wait…

  • susan

    They did it through humor and the mouths of the movie stars…through the scripts. And now they’ll enforce it through laws and the ability to buy or sell.

  • 1Bobby8

    Why isn’t this Cardinal ex-communicated, or at least reprimanded? I put the blame on the doorsteps of Pope Francis, the anti-pope.
    “By some fissure, the smoke of Satan has entered the Temple of God.” ~ Pope Paul VI (29th of June 1972)

    • susan

      You know what saddens me most? Is how the parishioners don’t seem to care… There’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and all they can think of is to complain that he was revealed to be so during mass!!! If a terrorist was getting ready to detonate his auicide vest, would they care if mass was interrupted then? Or if a missile was about to strike the church, would they want to be informed of it after mass? Or if the building was on fire? Would they want mass to be interrupted so they could flee and thereby save their lives? Then why don’t they consider a wolf in sheep’s clothing—who is capable of leading a soul into hell by his evil counsel—just as dangerous?!? Just as worthy to be warned of during mass??? I’m sure there were people who criticized Jesus for using a whip to drive out the money changers. They probably used the same arguments. Where was the outrage against the betrayal of this Priest? He was a money changer! A sodomite! He denied the teachings of Christ! Why don’t they read what the Saints wrote about such Priests and their flocks? Why didn’t Jesus choose His apostles from the Priests of His day? Is it any wonder that the church of today is falling away? Salt and light. The church was to be salt and light to a dying world. Now there’s no incense. No wine …no shared cup. The excuses are many…Gluten free wafers. Electric tabernacle light and electric candles. No statues. No stained glass. No vocations prayers. No mention of feast days or saints. No suffering in purgatory. We all go to heaven. I know why I’m a Catholic. But I’m no longer sure if the priests and lay people know why they are.

  • paulette barrow


  • Slack Gigamon

    “Secular gaslighting” . . . The Irony of the Pope Decrying Fake News . . . In the end, what fake news breeds, like religion, is unnecessary uncertainty, a pernicious kind of epistemological gaslighting . . .

  • David W

    And the DAILY BEAST (properly named for a subsidiary of NEWSWEEK) celebrates transvestite children. The sodomites want our kids…

    “The Daily Beast is glamorizing a 10-year-old boy for leading the “drag kid movement.”
    In an article entitled, “RuPaul Loves ‘Drag Kid’ Desmond. You Will Too. Fiercely.” The Beast normalizes Desmond Napoles’ journey to drag queen prominence, along with his influence on “other LGBTQ kids.”

    Napoles’ parents say as early as five they cultivated their son’s interest in drag – which is when a male dresses up as a female – by taking him to a Gay Pride parade. They compare it to parents encouraging a child’s interest in a sport.

    “I mean we accepted it because we would rather he feel comfortable with himself,” Napoles’ mom told The Daily Beast. “If someone has such a deep interest, you’re just going to indulge them in it. Like if your kid was so crazy about football, you’d take them to the game.”