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Glory to God: Rescue Christians Has secured the Release From Prison, A Victim of the False Blasphemy Charges.

PRESS RELEASE Usman Masih, was falsely accused of committing Blasphemy on 25th May 2016 in Punjab Pakistan, was released from prison on Friday February 16th 2018 by Judge Muhammad Moeen Khokhar, in Ferozewala, a town in Punjab Pakistan. The Judge announced the acquittal of all charges connected to the Blasphemy Laws based on the fact […]

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Message to Israel: There were Jews who collaborated with the Nazis to slaughter their own fellow Jews

By Theodore Shoebat Poland and Israel are at it again, over the Holocaust. Last month Israel and Poland had a spat over some Israeli official’s insistence on using the term “Polish death camps,” words that enraged Polish people, understandably since the Nazis did indeed slaughter millions of Poles during the Holocaust. Now there is more […]

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