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Report Reveals That Trump Is Backing Saudi Arabia’s Atrocious War In Yemen

By Theodore Shoebat A report, just recently presented to the New York Times, reveals that the US military is backing Saudi Arabia’s atrocious war against Yemen. As the New York Times reports: For years, the American military has sought to distance itself from a brutal civil war in Yemen, where Saudi-led forces are battling rebels […]

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Homosexuals Furious After LGBT Hookup App Allows Users To Block People Who Have HIV From Their Searches

Some LGBT “activists” are upset after the gay hookup app “Taimi,” which means “tame me”, allows its users to block people from their searches who report being infected with HIV if they want to: Taimi was developed by a group of anonymous tech guys from Silicon Valley who set out to create “the safest gay […]

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Victory For Christian Couple Barred By Canadian Government For Adopting A Child Because The Oppose The LGBT, Courts Rule In Favor Of The Couple

In November 2017, reported that the government of Canada refused a Christian couple to adopt a child because the oppose homosexuality. The Canadian courts have now ruled in favor of the family, saying they can adopt- An evangelical Christian couple in Alberta, Canada, had an earlier ban preventing them from adopting children because of […]

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Austrian Man Murders Prostitute, Guts Her Organs And Disposes Of The Body, When Caught He Tells Police ‘I Am A Cannibal And I Saved Her Entrails So I Could Eat Them Later’

To make matters worse, the man was released two years ago from a 32-year prison sentence for raping his ex-girlfriend and biting her nipple off: A man arrested on suspicion of killing a woman whose torso was found floating in a lake in Austria has told police he hacked up her body and saved her […]

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Witnesses In Syria Declare: The “Chemical Attack” Which Assad Is Accused Of Was Fake And Staged

By Theodore Shoebat New revelations have shown that witnesses who were in Douma, Syria, have said that the “chemical attack” which Bashar al-Assad is being accused of, was staged and fake. As we read in one report from RT: As the reputation of the controversial militant-linked White Helmets continues to crumble, even the US State […]

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Disney Cancels Long-Running Christian Music Event While It Continues To Bend Over For The LGBT

In April 2018, Disney announced that it would make rainbow-colored “mickey mouse ears” to celebrate sodomite behavior. We reported on the incident. Curiously, Disney now has announced that it will cancel a Christian music festival that has been in operation for the past 35 years: After 35 years, Walt Disney World has announced that it […]

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