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Mentally Deranged Sodomite, Apostate, And Former Pop Singer Converts To Islam, Renames Herself “Martyrs”

Former Irish pop singer Sinead O’Connor is a mentally ill sodomite and apostate from the Catholic Faith. Recently, she announced that she completed her apostasy by converting to Islam according to a report: IRISH singer Sinead O’Connor has revealed she has renounced Catholicism and converted to Islam, taking the new name “Shuhada’ Davitt”. O’Connor, who […]

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Insurance Company Tells Sick Woman ‘We Will Not Pay For Your Medicine, But We Will Pay For Drugs To Kill Yourself’

“Assisted suicide” is an objective moral evil that as many warned would be used to justify eugenics in the name of profitability and political expediency. Those warnings were ignored and are now coming true as a sick woman in California was approved for medical treatment, but immediately following the passage of the state’s assisted suicide […]

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Christian “Minister” Says The Bible Is Wrong, Christians Can Practice Witchcraft If They Want To

Religious syncretism continues to grow in the Western world as people see religion not as an expression of absolute truth and the way that God desires to be worshiped, but as a collection of ideas one can associate with freely. This was recently expressed by a woman who claims to be both a minister and […]

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Attempt To Incite Nationalist Sentiments Exposes How The Entire “Migrant Army” On The US Border Is An Externally Funded Government Population Transfer By Lucrative Business Contracts To Drive Nationalism

Conservative-leaning media resources have pointed out that Mexican-registered trucks are helping to transport these “migrants” to the USA: Another image has shown up involving the Honduran Invasion Caravan, where a trucking business from Texas is actually helping mobilize the Honduran Caravan. With this image of a US trucking company transporting the Honduran Caravan to the […]

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satanist girls

Two Teenager Girls In Florida Plan To Ambush Small Children, Cut Them To Pieces And Drink Their Blood, And Declare Their Allegiance To Satan

By Theodore Shoebat Teenage girls in Florida contrived a sinister plan to ambush small children, to cut them up to pieces drink their blood. These girls had also declared their allegiance to Satan. As we read in one report from CNN: Two girls at a middle school in central Florida were waiting in a bathroom, […]

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