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Germany Continues The Transition Of Her Nationalist Plans After She Declares That “Domestic Problems” Are Going To Cause A Decline In “Tax Revenue”

Germany has recently declared that years of high tax revenue are over, citing as the cause “domestic problems” according to a report: Finance Minister Olaf Scholz says Germany will have to say goodbye to the tax revenue windfalls it has been accustomed to. International and domestic problems are acting as a drag on Germany’s economic […]

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(FILES) This file photo taken on July 20, 2016 shows an armed French soldier of the 35th RAP (35e regiment d'artillerie parachutiste), part of Operation Sentinelle, patrolling under at the Eiffel tower in Paris.
A man arrested at the Eiffel Tower brandishing a knife has told investigators he wanted to attack a soldier, a source close to the case told AFP on August 6, 2017. The incident happened late on Saturday night. / AFP PHOTO / ALAIN JOCARD

New Report Reveals That Almost All Of The Terrorist Attacks In France Were Done By People Already Known By The French Government

By Theodore Shoebat  A new report reveals that almost all of the terrorist attacks in France were done by people already known by the French government. According to NBC: The vast majority of terror attacks in France were carried out by Islamic radicals who had been known to police or intelligence services, according to a […]

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coptic church

Policeman Dies Trying To Diffuse Bomb Outside Of Christian Church In Egypt

Christians have continued to come under increasing attack in Egypt for their faith. In a recent incident, a policeman has died while attempting to diffuse a bomb placed by a church according to a report: A policeman has been killed trying to defuse a bomb outside a Coptic Christian church in Egypt, security officials say. […]

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Okinawa base view

US Military Holds First Ever Missile Drill On Okinawa

A century ago, the US famously took the island of Okinawa from the Japanese Empire, and since then it has been a US military base. Now, as the world inches closer to war and tensions intensify between the US and China, the small island directly in range of mainland China and the key cities of […]

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daniel taylor mcdonalds

Crazed Man Attacks McDonalds Employee Over A Straw, Then Demands That She Be Arrested

A man was arrested after he attacked a McDonald’s employee over a straw, and then demanded that she be arrested according to a report: Brenda Biandudi doesn’t normally go to fast food chains, but it was New Year’s Eve and she needed somewhere to use the restroom and buy a drink. So Biandudi stopped Monday […]

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ISIS Now Saying They Want To Use “Wild Animals” To Attack And Kill Infidels

According to a report ISIS is not looking at using “attack animals” to “kill infidels” throughout the world and especially in the West: An ISIS-allied media group is pushing lone jihadists to launch attacks employing unique methods including poisonous snakes, electrocution and ferocious animals. The al-Ansar Media Foundation message, spelled out over the backdrop of […]

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