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Major American Economic Writer Says That America Will Likely Become A Socialist Nation

Thomas Sowell is a well-known writer and thinker in economic circles. Whether one agrees with his views or not, he has seen much, written prolifically, and influenced many people to think about major social and political issues. When he says something, especially about a major social issue, it is worth looking into. One of the […]

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Man Goes Out And Has Sex For The First Time, Then Goes And Stabs His Friend’s Mom To Death, Says He Did It To Prove He Is An “Alpha Male”

The terms “alpha male” and “beta male” have become charged phrases with the prominence of the “pick up artist” movement and the effects it has had on social relations between men and women. “Alpha males” are the men who are socially successful and enjoy romantic relationship as well as casual sex, while “beta males” are […]

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When Breitbart Publicly Turns On A Major Platform It Once Supported You Know That It Is Serious

President Trump was elected by the people at an interesting point in American history and in particular on many promises held closely by many people. The biggest of these was the immigration issue (something which we have pointed out is more complex and serious than how it is often presented), and far from alleviating the […]

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The Ukrainian Government Authorizes Nazi Party To Oversee Elections

By Theodore Shoebat Ukraine will be having its election on March 31st, 2019. If none of the candidates get an absolute majority, then a second vote (a run-off vote) will be held on April 21. But here is one thing that makes this election so bizarre (and truly this is a reflection of the inner […]

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Two Horrific Mass Graves Discovered In Iraq, Full Of Victims Slaughtered By Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat Two horrific mass graves, from 2007 and 2015, were discovered in Iraq, full of the bodies of the victims murdered by terrorists. As we read in a report from Kurdistan 24: Iraqi authorities on Thursday uncovered two mass graves in the province of Salahuddin containing the remains of victims believed to have […]

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