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It Is A Telling Thing That June Is the Month For The Sacred Heart And Sodomite Pride

Many have said that God has a sense of humor, and that in the ironic twists of life He makes His presence known. June is the month celebrating the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and also gay pride. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is very special, for because Christ is God, the Heart of Jesus is […]

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Sodomite Beats Her Lover With Bedpost For Accidentally Putting Her Weed Stash In The Washing Machine

Sodomites are known for their disproportionate use of violence and drug abuse when compared with the general population. In an incident out of Louisiana, a female sodomite beat her lover with a bedpost in a bout of rage after her lover accidentally put her weed stash in the washing machine according to a report: A […]

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Hindu Nationalist Terrorists Attack And Beat Couple In Their Home For Becoming Christians

The recent re-election of the BJP has empowered Hindu nationalists throughout India to continue their reign of terror against the Christian minority. A Hindu nationalist mob attacked and beat a couple in their home for converting to Christianity according to a report: On June 4, a Christian man and his wife were severely beaten by […]

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Oakland Decriminalizes The Use Of Magic Mushrooms

The decriminalization of drugs is a trend that has started to take hold over the last decade and is going to explode in the 2020. California is known to be on the forefront of many trends, good and bad, that take place in the US. During the 1960s, the city of San Francisco was known […]

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